Chuck Cannon saw Kristen and was attracted by her back. Chuck Cannon remembered the lingering in the car that day.

Chuck Cannon’s mind is full of images of that day.

“Master,” Betty said.

She knew Kristen, but Chuck Cannon just watched it. Why did he still laugh? Betty was smart and immediately thought of the relationship between Chuck Cannon and Kristen.

After all, at that time, Kristen wanted Chuck Cannon to kneel down and apologize.

“En.” Chuck Cannon came back to his senses. What kind of party is this party? Why is Kristen also here?

Two people walked inside.

After all, it is the first time that Chuck Cannon has participated in this kind of party. Except for those who are full of high-ranking officials and rich second generations, the other Chuck Cannon doesn’t know the rules, and Betty is explaining it, of course, mainly talking about Li Shidao.

How can she say that Chuck Cannon came here, but he was not attending the party, he came to see Li Shidao!

Kristen entered and attracted the attention of the audience. At this moment, she was the focus!

Her dress really reveals her perfect body shape to the extreme, and the concave-convex curve makes people think about it at a glance.

Chuck Cannon kept watching. To be honest, Chuck Cannon missed her a bit.

With Kristen in the toilet, Chuck Cannon was more stunned, but with Kristen in the car, Chuck Cannon was stunned and crazy.

These are all memories. In that way, I was able to obtain Kristen, and Chuck Cannon felt it was a dream when he thought of it.

It’s just that they have turned their faces with each other now.

“Master, let’s sit there,” Betty said. Chuck Cannon followed Betty.

If Kristen is the focus of the audience, although Betty can’t match it, she sports all the year-round. Her curvaceous beauty is different from Kristen, and she also has fatal temptation.

After the two of them sat down, Chuck Cannon could feel the enviable gaze of many men. The local tyrants present had never seen a woman, but they were still relatively rare to see beautiful women such as Kristen and Betty in body shapes.

Betty turned a blind eye to this gaze, her beautiful eyes were full of vigilance, and only Chuck Cannon’s safety was in her eyes.

Someone went to talk to Kristen. Those who can come here are rich people. Of course, the way to talk to her is different. Chuck Cannon looked at Kristen from a distance and saw that she didn’t speak to any man. This was a rejection of everything. , Chuck Cannon was relieved.

Personality is one reason, but will it have its own reasons? After all, what happened between himself and her, she took the initiative at the time, and she was committed, Chuck Cannon can naturally see this!

Chuck Cannon was a little bit happy, but also helpless, Kristen must be hating him very much.

Chuck Cannon was too irresponsible to know what he said at the time, and it was normal for Kristen to be angry.

Actually, I regretted it a bit, but what’s the use of regret? Everything happened. Chuck Cannon sighed. After seeing a man approaching Kristen, Kristen actually spoke. The two seemed to have a good conversation. Chuck Cannon was a little unhappy.

Kristen is hurt in her heart, will she find someone to vent? Chuck Cannon couldn’t help it thinking about it, and stood up and walked over there.

“Master!” Betty stood up, what is this going for?

“Sister Li, I’m going to meet someone.” Chuck Cannon wanted Betty to wait here.

“Well, be careful, Li Shidao is here,” Betty saw who Chuck Cannon was going to see.

Chuck Cannon walked over.

When he walked in front of Kristen, Kristen was shocked for a moment, and then his beautiful eyes quickly cooled down.

“President Kristen, do you know this person?” It was Kristen’s classmate who spoke. On this occasion, there are not many opportunities to meet old classmates. When the two were in university, the relationship was still good.

He just saw Kristen come in with surprise. He was attracted by Kristen’s actions in that moment, he recognized Kristen, so he wanted to have something with Kristen at this opportunity.

After all, meeting old classmates is nothing more than those things.

He smiled when he came to talk just now, because Kristen recognized himself at a glance, so today he has a chance.

But Chuck Cannon’s appearance made him a little annoyed, but seeing Chuck Cannon at such a young age, he was relieved again. How to say, as a classmate, he still knows that a superb woman like Kristen only likes a mature and temperament man!

This can be seen from the fact that she recognized herself at a glance, maybe she had a crush on him when she was in college.

Then I have a great opportunity. This little boy who appeared is probably still in college, and it is impossible to compete with me.

There is no doubt about it, so just keep the man’s demeanour.

“I don’t know,” Kristen said.

“You don’t know, then please leave this friend,” the classmate smiled. Whether he knew him or not, it didn’t matter anymore, as long as Kristen said this sentence.

“We don’t know each other?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“We know?” Kristen cast a glance at Chuck Cannon and said lightly.

Chuck Cannon was silent, and took Kristen and walked to the bathroom. Betty, who had been watching here, was astonished. What is this master?

“Let me go!!” Kristen struggled to shake off Chuck Cannon.

“We don’t know each other?” Chuck Cannon asked again.

“I don’t know.” Kristen was decisive.

“What was it in the car that day?” Chuck Cannon stared at her.

“Nothing counts.” Kristen struggled back and Chuck Cannon pulled her back.

Kristen frowned, “Let me go!”

“I was wrong that day, I shouldn’t say that,” Chuck Cannon compromised.

“Count you wrong? What does it mean to count you wrong?” Kristen’s beautiful eyes were full of coldness. She had forced herself to forget that day. She forced herself to think that it was a dream and a nightmare.

She hasn’t had any dreams related to Chuck Cannon in the past few days. She thinks she has withdrawn, but Chuck Cannon unexpectedly reappeared.

“I’m wrong, I shouldn’t tell you that, and I left afterwards,” Chuck Cannon was gentle. He had been resisting this and felt sorry for Yvette, but at this time, things have happened, so the only thing to do It’s not about getting rid of the relationship and escaping like last time, but facing it.

“Stop talking, let me go!” Kristen said coldly.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to let go, the guilt in his heart came out, and he didn’t want to let her go at all, but instead held on tighter.

“Let me go, you hurt me,” Kristen scolded.

Chuck Cannon sighed, ready to let go.

“Hey, let her go!” Kristen’s classmate came over. He was so annoyed that he actually took away his prey in front of him?

How is this possible? This kind of thing cannot happen to him.

Chuck Cannon frowned, “I won’t let her go,”

Chuck Cannon pulled Kristen behind, and Kristen struggled hard, but Chuck Cannon’s hand was just like that. She felt the hand hurt, but Chuck Cannon didn’t let it go.

“You won’t let her go, then you think about it clearly,” he walked over, clenched his fists, he thought he usually learns boxing, there is no problem in hitting three or four people, this kid is looking for death!

“Think clearly.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

The man sneered, “President Kristen, don’t worry, I will teach this kid a lesson.”

He walked over relaxedly, Kristen was annoyed, “Chuck Cannon still doesn’t let me go, right?”

“I won’t let you go.” Chuck Cannon was still holding Kristen with one hand, so he wanted a hand to this man?

Kristen struggled, but Chuck Cannon still grasped tighter.

This man taunted, actually one hand, what did you put you on? The champion?

He slammed his fist and smashed it, and he would win with a punch. He was hitting Chuck Cannon’s face with this punch, and Chuck Cannon must be beaten to bleed.

But Chuck Cannon glanced at him, raised his hand and slapped it on the man’s cheek. The man hummed, closed his eyes, and slumped to the ground.

Kristen was stunned, solved it with a punch?

She knew that when her classmate was on the basketball team when she was in college, she heard that he was still learning boxing, but he didn’t know how to fight?

Chuck Cannon turned his head, “Which classmate is this?”

This kind of person can just fight ordinary people, how could it be Chuck Cannon’s opponent who has learned to fight?

A punch that stuns him is considered a shame to him.

“What’s your business? Let me go!” Kristen struggled, but Chuck Cannon looked at her, his eyes became a little tender, Kristen was wary, “What do you want to do?”

Chuck Cannon kissed her, Kristen’s eyes widened, and after struggling back, he slapped Chuck Cannon and slapped, “What do you think of me?”

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