Chapter 384: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 384 Pregnant Women Need to Eat More

She ate the apple very slowly to avoid Venus peeling another one for her.

These days, she had been fed like an eating machine. As soon as she finished eating, she was asked to eat other food again.

Venus sat beside her. She did nothing but just waited for her to finish the apple in her hand and then continued to give her something else to eat.

Jingyan went to send out invitations with his father. Yiyao could only grind time waiting for him to return.

“Mom, I’m going out for a while!” Chuxue came out from her room.

“Where are you going?” Venus asked casually.

“As a bridesmaid, I need a dress. I went through my closet several times and couldn’t find anything that fit.”

She didn’t finish, but Venus already knew what she meant.

Then Chuxue was happily preparing to go out when she saw Yiyao looking at her supplicatingly.

She looked at her suspiciously. Yiyao gave her a wink and then Chuxue understood her intention.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet?” Venus put the last piece of apple peel in her hand into the trash can and looked up to see Chuxue still standing in the living room.

Chuxue scratched her head, “I want Yiyao to accompany me. After all, it’s her wedding.”

“You pick bridesmaid dress. Why should she go with you?”

“She needs to pick out a wedding dress too.” Chuxue made up an excuse, and then she glanced towards Yiyao. Seeing her face full of expectation, she couldn’t help but sympathize with the pregnant woman.

“Jingyan will prepare the wedding dress. You don’t need to worry about this.” said Venus.

Then Venus looked back at Yiyao and said gently, “You’ve eaten almost all of your apples. Finish this one too.”

Yiyao’s smile froze. She really couldn’t eat any more, but Venus had already handed her the apple, so she had to take it.

“Mom, I read that pregnant women need to do some exercise. It’s not good for Yiyao’s health to sit on the couch all the time.”

Chuxue thought for a long time before coming up with such an excuse. If this reason didn’t work, then she really didn’t know how to convince her mother to let Yiyao go out with her.

Once Yiyao heard it, she thought this reason was reasonable. She hurriedly said, “Mrs. Ye, Chuxue has a point. I can’t stay inside all the time. I have to go out to get some fresh air.”

Venus thought she had a point and had to compromise.

“Okay then, be careful.”

Yiyao smiled at Chuxue. She stood up slowly, and Chuxue rushed to her to help her.

“Chuxue, you have to take good care of Yiyao.” Venus instructed as they walked to the door.

“Okay, mother. I will.” Chuxue said.

After Yiyao and Chuxue left, they both breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

“My mom has become nagging. Is she going through menopause?” Chuxue muttered.

Yiyao didn’t hear her whispering to herself. The two of them got into the car and soon arrived at a well-known clothing design store.

“I don’t like pearls, so don’t sew on them. The hemline shouldn’t be too long either, just to the knee ……” Chuxue told the costume designer.

Yiyao didn’t pay much attention to the fashion industry, but she thought this person looked familiar.

After the instruction, Chuxue clapped her hands. Seeing that Yiyao was listening very carefully, she said, “Yiyao, next time you can come back here with my brother. Let the designer make a unique wedding dress for you then.”

Yiyao nodded her head. She didn’t have any requirements for a wedding dress. As long as she was with Jingyan, she wouldn’t care too much about the wedding.

Yiyao didn’t expect Chuxue to pick out her clothes so quickly. She didn’t want to go back so early.

She turned her head and saw a large shopping mall across the street.

“I see there’s a mall, why don’t we go for a stroll?” said she.

“We need to get back early.” Chuxue said. The mall was most crowded and she was afraid something might happen.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful myself. I’ve been in the army before, I won’t get hurt.” Yiyao continued.

Chuxue saw that she was so insistent, so she couldn’t say no again. In fact, she also wanted to stroll around.

“Then …… we’ll just stroll around for a little while.” said Chuxue.

Yiyao nodded. Now the time was early. She wanted be back when Jingyan was back, so she can be with him.

The two of them went straight to the clothing section. Chuxue happily tried on clothes, while Yiyao just walked around inside.

“Yiyao, how do I look in this dress?” Chuxue turned around in front of Yiyao. The pleated skirt fluttered with the wind.

Yiyao walked around her. “Well, you look good.”

She didn’t say it perfunctorily, but she really thought she looked good in it. Chuxue was tall and slim. She looked like a princess when she put on the dress.

“But I think there is something wrong with this dress.” Chuxue turned around in front of the mirror several times and thought the dress looked strange.

“Maybe the size is a bit big and it doesn’t fit you well.”Yiyao put her hand on her chin and said with a frown.

“I’ll go get you a smaller size.” The salesgirl followed behind them, heard their conversation and immediately said.

With that, she had turned around and went to the counter where the dress was placed. In a short while, she came over with a small size dress. “Try this on!”

Chuxue took the dress and went into the fitting room. Then Yiyao was left alone again in the store. She followed the salesgirl’s directions to sit on the sofa, drinking tea and waiting for Chuxue to come out.

Shopping was indeed physical work. They had only been shopping for half an hour, but now Yiyao was feeling a little tired.

“Welcome, Miss.”

Yiyao was about to drink tea when the voice of the salesgirl suddenly rang out from the door. She looked up and saw Ziying.

Likewise, Ziying saw her as soon as she entered. She gave her a cold glare.

She had actually seen Yiyao and Chuxue in the mall, but she wanted to wait for Chuxue to enter the fitting room before appearing.

“Miss Duan, what a coincidence.” said Ziying. Then she took a few steps and walked up to Yiyao. She stared at her for a while, “Doesn’t Jingyan accompany you?”

“I ……”

“You don’t need to explain. I understand it all. Men are always tired of the old and fascinated by the new.”

Yiyao was going to say that she was accompanying Chuxue. When she heard Ziying interrupt her, she understood that she was deliberately trying to fight.

She then coldly said, “Sine you understand it, that’s good.”

Ziying laughed lightly, “Of course I understand. I have long understood. It’s just that you’re still obsessed with it.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I should do.” Yiyao finished and was ready to leave. She prepared to wait for Chuxue at the fitting room door, but was stopped by Ziying.

“I heard that you were pregnant. Now it seems that you seem to be fatter than before.” Ziying glanced at the direction of the fitting room. They had a few racks of clothes next to them, so once Chuxue came out, she wouldn’t see what they were doing so quickly.

Thinking about it, she had an evil idea. Today she must make Yiyao miscarry so that Jingyan would not marry her.

Yiyao knew what she was thinking from the malicious look in her eyes. She smiled and looked at Ziying, waiting for her next move.

As expected, they didn’t stare at each other for long before Ziying took a step closer to her. Seeing this, the waitress hurriedly ducked aside to avoid getting herself involved.

“You think you can marry Jingyan just because you’re pregnant? I will not allow you to marry him.”

Looking at Ziying’s face which somewhat resembled her own became so fierce, she felt that Ziying was pathetic.

“So, what do you want to do?” Yiyao asked her rhetorically.

This time, Ziying did not reply. She pushed her towards the wall with all her strength.

But although Yiyao was pregnant, she was more than capable of dealing with a girl.

She side-stepped Ziying’s hand and grabbed her hand quickly, making Ziying unable to move.

“You … rude woman!” Ziying was angry. She held back the pain in her hand.

“The surveillance just caught you trying to hurt me. Can you explain what you just did?”

“I ….. you …..?” Ziying stammered.

“Yiyao, where are you?” Chuxue came out of the fitting room wearing. Since she didn’t see Yiyao, she hurriedly shouted out.

Seeing that she was anxious, the salesgirl pointed out a direction to her. She followed that direction and went in.

When she looked up, she saw that Yiyao was tugging Ziying’s arm. She was a little confused, “What are you guys doing?”

“Chuxue, you’re just in time. Look at her, she ……” Ziying saw Chuxue and hurriedly became good-natured.

Chuxue didn’t expect to run into her here. She said, “Yiyao, please let go of her hand.”

Yiyao also didn’t want to do anything to her, but just wanted to warn her. She also didn’t want her good mood to be ruined by her, so she let go of Ziying.

When they saw Ziying, neither Yiyao nor Chuxue was in the mood to continue shopping. They hurriedly checked out and prepared to leave, but Ziying also followed them.

“Chuxue, is Jingyan home?” She asked intimately as she took a few steps forward and put her arm around Chuxue.

Chuxue didn’t know what to say back to her. She had clearly told her to stop pestering her brother, but she still wouldn’t listen. She continued to follow them.

When they reached the parking lot, Yiyao went into the car first, while Chuxue was pulled by Ziying and had to smile. “We’re going back. You should go back early too.”

“No, I want to go back with you.” Ziying glanced at the passenger side and let go of Chuxue’s hand to prepare to open the car door.

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