Kristen came out with such a slap. Fortunately, he was on the toilet side, so no one saw it, but Betty did.

She frowned. She saw Chuck Cannon and Kristen. She felt that it was normal. The young master’s mother was so rich, so for the young master, women must be easy to touch.

It’s just that Betty doesn’t know exactly when Kristen and Young Master are together.

Looking at this situation, Kristen is rejecting Master??

When Kristen slapped him just now, Betty was very angry and wanted to rush over. She also wanted to slap Kristen, but she stopped.

How did she get past this situation?

“What do you think of me? You come here when someone comes to talk to me? What are you doing? Why do you come here? Can’t I have my own life?” Kristen broke out.

Why? That day, you disassociated yourself, turned your face, and come back today? I just want to be called by you?

Chuck Cannon was silent. He admitted that he shouldn’t do that day, at least he had to stay for a while, but he left at that time.

Kristen made such a big initiative, how much sacrifice was it for Kristen’s character?

At that time, Kristen must be sad and broken.

“Kristen…” Chuck Cannon said.

“What do you want to ask? Ask me if I took medicine? I tell you, you can rest assured, I took it and took it when I go back. I cleaned your disgusting things! There will be nothing left. Are you satisfied? Can you let it go?” Kristen said coldly.

Chuck Cannon sighed, “Kristen.”

Sure enough, it turned his face, and it was irreversible.

“Don’t call me, since you said that in the car that day, you and I have been strangers, let go!” Kristen stared at Chuck Cannon.

“Anyway, I’m sorry I still have to say the three words.”

“It’s no use, the two of us don’t know each other anymore,”

Chuck Cannon sighed, “You don’t know? I also saved you twice.”

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to mention this, but Kristen said that he didn’t know him.

“Yes, you saved me twice, so what do you want to do? Get me on again? Come on. Go to the car, open the house, whatever you want, even if you go to the toilet now, I will do whatever you want,” Kristen’s eyes are red Up.

Chuck Cannon’s words hurt her again, she was very sad.

Kristen lost control of her emotions, and Chuck Cannon knew that he had said the wrong thing again. .

Chuck Cannon let go, and Kristen stared at Chuck Cannon, “No more?”

Chuck Cannon sighed.

“You said it yourself,”

Kristen said coldly and walked directly to her seat. She sat down and took a sip of wine.

Closed beautiful eyes and refused to start a conversation!

Chuck Cannon came back, he was a little depressed.

“Master, are you okay?” Betty is concerned, why can’t she tell Chuck Cannon is in a bad mood?

“It’s okay,” Chuck Cannon sighed and kept looking at Kristen.

Betty didn’t speak, she wanted to comfort Chuck Cannon, but she didn’t know what to say, so it was better to be silent.

Next, the party started. The number of people on the scene remained at about a hundred. Chuck Cannon still didn’t see Shidao Lee. Where is this person?

Chuck Cannon thinks Shidao Lee is very mysterious, what exactly does he want to do?

“Master, this is a charity auction party. Master, if you have any fancy, you can shoot it.” Betty knew about the party, so Shidao Lee came to auction things?

It might be.

“En.” Chuck Cannon participated in this kind of party for the first time. He had no money before, so he couldn’t touch this at all!

Chuck Cannon scanned the surroundings and suddenly saw a person in the corner, wearing a suit with a faint smile on his face. Chuck Cannon quickly realized that between his eyebrows, this man looked a bit like his own mother, so nothing suspicious, this person is Shidao Lee!

“Sister Li, that person,” Chuck Cannon pointed at him.

Betty also saw it, “Well, this person is Shidao Lee!”

“Are our people here?” Chuck Cannon asked, this person is still so calm, but how to say, he must be prepared, Chuck Cannon feels that he must be cautious, otherwise, he might be overcast by this person.

“Here, Master, as long as you say a word, you can rush in now,” Betty said.

This is really a matter of Chuck Cannon, just let the party stop.

“He was too calm,” Chuck Cannon saw. This Shidao Lee is still smiling at himself, what does this person want to do?

“I think so too, young master, you have to be careful, and wait until the party is over,” Betty was wary. The smile of Shidao Lee made her feel uneasy.

It feels weird.

“En.” Be careful, what are so many people afraid of?

But being not afraid of going back is not afraid, and being cautious is also necessary at the same time.

At the beginning of the auction party, a beautiful auctioneer appeared and introduced the auction items. Chuck Cannon looked curious. After all, Chuck Cannon never appeared on such occasions. What kind of oil paintings, jade bracelets, and antiques were auctioned? Chuck Cannon looked fresh, and of course, he would not shoot these things.

Chuck Cannon’s appreciation ability is limited, and it is not time to play these things, so he didn’t shoot any of them.

“Master, you didn’t like it?” Betty asked in a low voice.

There are millions, thousands of things, whatever the master wants.

“No, I don’t like it very much,” Chuck Cannon shook his head and Betty smiled, “Master doesn’t like these.”

It’s true, but Kristen has also raised it a few times. She has taken a fancy to a jade bracelet, but the price is relatively high. Other ladies have also taken a fancy to it. They are competing with Kristen, and they have taken more than 3 million.

Chuck Cannon glanced at Kristen and thought Kristen was very cute, because she was angry and directly quoted five million.

But a graceful lady snorted coldly, quoting 8 million!

It was a little uproar.

This bracelet is not worth the price, more than 2 million yuan, but it actually sold 8 million. This is obviously not bad money bidding in grudge!

Kristen frowned. Of course, she knew that this bracelet was not worth so much money. But she liked it and liked it very much, so she took it, but this lady also liked it and raised the price to 8 million, Kristen felt angry!

“Wow, the third table bid 8 million, is there a price higher than 8 million? Is there any more!” the beautiful auctioneer exclaimed.

The price exceeded her expectations too much!

Kristen didn’t want to fight anymore, it wasn’t worth it, she didn’t hold up the sign anymore, but she felt a mocking look from this lady.

“Okay, eight million once, eight million twice, eight million three…” The beauty auctioneer screamed.

The lady’s mocking gaze made Kristen too upset. She raised the sign, “Ten million!”

The audience was surprised and a little uproar. Ten million is nothing, but ten million to buy a jade bracelet is really a waste of local tyrants.

However, they were even more surprised that Kristen made a bid, and at the same time one of them held up the sign, and they have not seen this person make a move!

Who is this guy?

Many people looked back and found that it was a young man who was bidding. Kristen frowned. She looked back and found that this person was Chuck Cannon!

What are you doing? !

“Wow, the man at table 9 joined the battle group. It’s so intense!” The beautiful auctioneer was in an active atmosphere!

“Both of them bid 10 million, then…” the beautiful auctioneer said deliberately, and the contradiction between the two must be intensified, so the auction price will be even more.

“Twelve million!”

Kristen and Chuck Cannon spoke in unison!

The people at the party are weird, they are in good agreement!

Kristen stared at Chuck Cannon, what are you going to do?

The lady is very angry, twelve million? ? In a trivial matter, she held up the sign, “Fifteen million!!!”


The expressions of all the local tyrants present changed.

15 million to buy a jade bracelet? This is what a local tyrant can do!

“Wow, no wonder, this is Mei Zhao, the boss of Huaxian Company,”

“Is that her? I heard that her company made a lot of money last year.”

“It’s her, that’s why she is such a tyrant.”

“Hehe, then these two people must be defeated, this beauty Zhao has a wealth of money, and it can cost 20 million.”

“I think it is. If you have to fight with Zhao Meili, then you have to lose.”

There was a lot of discussion on the scene, and they were optimistic that this lady could take this jade bracelet. After all, this lady should be considered the richest in the audience, right? Who else has more money than her?

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