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Chapter 385 – 386: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 385: Kang Ning, the Young Lord of Wuwei City

Half an hour later, Kris arrived at the edge of the Shiwan Mountain. The woods here were dense, so he didn’t need to be afraid of being seen. And now it was getting late, the beast hunters returned to
Half an hour later, Kris arrived at the edge of the Shiwan Mountain. The woods here were dense, so he didn’t need to be afraid of being seen.

And now it was getting late, the beast hunters returned to the city. The Shiwan Mountain at night was a hundred times more dangerous than during the day, and no one from Wuwei City dared to stay in Shiwan Mountain at night.

Kris slowly landed on the ground. He was tired after flying such a long distance. Tonight, he should be able to recover his spirit and Divine Spiritual Power.

On his way back, he ran into many people. They were gathered in groups, each with blood on their faces. They didn’t dislike the blood on their faces and they felt honored instead, because it meant that they had returned home fully loaded. However not everyone was like that. Some unlucky beast hunters ran into the ferocious beasts and were attacked by them, suffering heavy casualties. Less than half of the hundreds of beast hunters had made it back alive.

Kris slowed down and listened to their conversation, which was one of the ways he got information quickly.

“I heard that the some hunters ran into a few large beasts eighty miles south of the Shiwan Mountain. There are dozens of beasts with greater intelligence and hundreds of beasts with intelligence.”

“I know this. Only a dozen of people escaped these beasts..”

“It’s too weird this year. Not so many beasts in previous years.”

“And this year the beast is more ferocious than ever.”

Kris took note of where they were talking about. He planned to go that place with Ironhead tomorrow.

“I ran into a strange thing today.” a middle-aged man said suddenly.

“What’s it?” the man beside him looked curiously at him.

“I picked up the beast’s body all day today.” the man lowered his voice and said.

“The beast skins and bones and teeth are all well preserved. I don’t know who only takes Beast Pill and left these.”

“You’re too lucky. Then you’re going to be rich.” “

The man smiled, “I’ve only gone fifty miles and I don’t dare to go any further, but I know there should be more there. What do you think about going there together tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ll come with you.” a few people laughed, and decided to go there tomorrow.

Kris was laughing at the side. Those animal bones and skins were the ones he had thrown away. He didn’t really want to throw those, but his Storing Ring was full of them. He all had to get a Storing Ring with more space.

Then he quickened his pace to the city gate. What he didn’t expect, however, was that many people were lining up to enter the city. He figured it would be dark by the time he got in line to get into the city.

He also thought of flying in, but the city had a magic layout, so he could be discovered easily.

He looked at his watch. After half an hour, the servants should be here to bring him food. If they found out he wasn’t there, something bad was going to happen.

Kris moved forward, wanting to see how quickly he could get into city.

“Hand over the treasure in the Storing Ring.” The guard order harshly.

The man gritted his teeth and said, “I won’t sell them to you. The price you’re offering is lower than Seven-Treasures House’s. Why do I sell my treasures to you?”

The general pulled out the riding crop at his waist and smacked the man hard, “This is a new rule from the City Lord’s Office. The beast skins and bones obtained from your hunting must be handed over to the city lord. This is also to prevent you from jacking up the price.”

His words were excuses. Wuwei City was very transparent about the pricing of their goods, so it was impossible for them to jack up the prices even if people wanted to.

The man in the back said indignantly, “We traded our lives for hunting these beasts. Why do we sell them to you at a low price?”

“We can’t sell them to you guys.”

They were hunting beasts within the Shiwan Mountain despite the danger, but an order from the City Lord’s office made them hand over their gains from hunting, of course they disagreed.

That general’s face darkened, “You all shut up. The one who doesn’t hand over gains from hunting is the one who wants to drive up the price. We will punish him severely.”

Kris sneered. Apparently, they forced these hunters to sell their gains from hunting. He didn’t expect there to be such thing in the Divine Demon Land

At this moment, a noble man came out from inside. He was holding a folding fan in his hand. He was not good-looking.

“Mr. Ling” When the city guard general saw him, he bowed to him.

This person was Kang Ning, the son of the Lord of Wuwei City.

“I hear noise over here, what’s going on?” Kang Ning asked.

“These unruly people refuse to hand over their gains from hunting.”

Kang’s face instantly sank, and a powerful aura emanated from his body, which showed he was in the Middle Period of the Back-to-Self Stage.

People were surprised. They heard that the Young Lord of Wuwei City was an idle dude, but they didn’t expect him to have such a high cultivation.

Most of these people were either at the innate-power stage or the return-to-nature stage, and very few of them were strong at the Back-to-self stage. Now their legs were trembling with fear as they felt Kang’s aura. However, the energy of Kang was extremely weak in Kris’s eyes.

“This is the rule I’ve set.” Kang snorted coldly and said to the city guard general, “Anyone who doesn’t sell their gains won’t be allowed to enter the city. I will not allow anyone to drive up the price.”

Hearing Kang’s words, those people present were worried. If they were not allowed to enter the city, they may die outside. At night, a large number of beasts would come out from Shiwan Mountain to feed. When they traveled in groups, people would definitely be eaten by these beasts.

“Mr. Ling, you can’t do that.”

“We never meant to drive up the price. Please let us in.”

“You dude. You’re going to ruin the city’s reputation. We want to see the lord of the city.” someone shouted.

Ning was clearly angry. He opened the fan in his hand and fiercely waved it, and then several silver needles flew out from the fan.

Those silver needles that were highly poisonous then pierced directly into that person’s throat. Then the person instantly melted into blood. Everyone was frightened by Kang’s cruelty right now.

“Go pick up his Storing Ring.” Kang coldly snorted.

The city guard general even went over and picked out the man’s Storing Ring, then wiped the blood on it with a handkerchief.

“I’ve already killed the person who wanted to drive the price up. You guys can enter the city after handing over the gains from hunting.” Kang looked at the crowd and said.

“If you don’t hand over your hunting goods, just get out of here!” The city guard general shouted to the man in front of him.

“I’ll hand over them.” the man nodded deferentially.

Kris’s face sank. “What a cruel young lord and overbearing city guard.”

Standing on the city wall, Tiangang Yuan was angry, but he couldn’t do anything. He just left.

When he left, Kris smiled coldly. If Tiangang had stayed on the city wall, he couldn’t teach this young lord a lesson. Now that he left, Kris wouldn’t have that much to worry about.

He gathered his Divine Spiritual Power and used it to attack Kang.

Kang stood there, shaking his fan lightly, proud. Suddenly his body stiffened. He stood there motionless and rolled his eyes. Then Kang leaned forward instantly.

Chapter 386: Call Tiangang Yuan to account

Everyone was stunned by this change, and the city-guard general was even more panicked. He shouted, “Young lord!”

Unfortunately, their young master was no longer able to respond to him. The defending general was frightened and flicked Kang Ning’s neck with his finger! Then he shouted sadly, “Young lord is dead. Go and inform the lord!”

Everyone under the city wall was dumbfounded.

He even killed someone just now. How could he die in a blink of an eye? Many people’s eyes were filled with horror. Since young master of the city had died at the city gate, how could they escape?

They would definitely be caught and tortured by the lord.

Sure enough, the city guard general drew out his long sword, pointed at the crowd, and shouted harshly, “Arrest them all. The murderer must be hiding inside!”

“It’s not us. We really…” When someone was about to beg for mercy, the defending general rolled his eyes and fell forward, the same as the death of Kang Ning.

“General, general!” The two captains hurried forward and found that the defending general was dead, which made everyone panic.

How… How could it be possible?

The two captains were sweating all over. They looked around in horror. “Who did That?! Come out quickly!” Before he could finish his words, they shivered all over, and fell down directly on the body of the city guard general.

After killing four people in a row, Kris Chen face turned a little pale. The soul of the Practitioner was much stronger than that of the beasts with intelligence. What’s more, he had flown a hundred miles in the void just now, and he really felt a little tired.

At this moment, everyone was in a panic. Kris, hiding in the crowd, shouted, “Everyone run into the city. When the lord arrives, we will going to die!”

These people came to their senses, and then everyone’s eyes showed a fierce look.

They couldn’t wait for the lord to come here. After all, the city Lord was a strong man at the Pill-Condensation Stage, and they couldn’t defeat him.

“Guys, rush in. kill them all!”

The defending troops were all in a mess, not daring to resist. When they entered Wuwei City, they passed by the corpse of Kang Ning and stepped heavily on it.

Kris also got into the city with the crowd.

By the time Tianxiong Ning arrived, looking at his son who was trampled into an inhuman shape on the ground, Tianxiong raised his head and shouted, “Who killed my son? I swear that I’ll chop you up into little bits.”

The momentum of the Pill-Condensation Stage burst out from his body. Thousands of city guards were pressed on the ground by this powerful momentum, and they even could not breathe.

Everyone looked at Tianxiong in shock. Was this the power of Pill-Condensation Stage? He was so powerful!

“Take the body back!”

Tianxiong called all the soldiers who guarded the city over and asked them in person. However, their answers were all the same, which could clear them.

“Lord, why didn’t you ask Tiangang Yuan to come here? I thought he was the most suspicious person!”

Hearing what his man said, Tianxiong ordered, “Go and ask Tiangang to come here!”


The news that Kang Ning was killed spread all over Wuwei city in an hour.

For a moment, there were different opinions.

It was said that the God was infuriated by the news that Kang Ning bought and sold by force, but it was too ridiculous and unreliable.

Another explanation was that among the people who entered the city at that time, there were great masters and powerful people. Kang Ning’s behavior irritated him, so he killed him in a mysterious way.

This explanation was much more credible.

When the people of Wuwei City heard that Kang Ning was killed, they all felt happy. He was a terribly bad person but the only son of the city Lord. Anyone who dared to offend him would be killed.

Although they were afraid of the beasts outside the city, they ranked Kang Ning in front of the beasts. It could be seen how much they hated him.

Not long after Tiangang returned home, he received the news that Kang Ning had been killed. Apart from shock, he was more worried.

If he focused on finding the murderer instead of resisting the surge of beasts, the people in the city would suffer.

At this time, the Butler Mei came in in panic. “Master, the men of the lord asked you to go there!”

With a wry smile, Tiangang said, “We can’t escaped but face it!”

The ten Futus were also there. Tieshan said, “Master, we’ll go with you!”

Tu Yan and others also echoed, “We’d like to do it with you.”

Tiangang shook his head and sighed, “You can’t go with me this time. If you go, I will die!”

Looking at him Tu Yan, Tiangang patted him on the shoulder and said, “I know you are loyal, but the strength of the lord is not something we can contend with!”

“The day before when we came to ask for help but be refused by them, they only thought that we assassinated Kang Ning with hatred. If I take you there, they will only think that I’m threatening the lord.”

A trace of weariness flashed through Tiangang’s eyes. “And as soon as I left, Kang Ning died. What a coincidence!”

Tiangang even wondered if someone who had a grudge against Yuan family had done it and framed them.

The others kept silent.

Tieshan gritted his teeth, “Master, please take the signal flare. If you are in danger, release it immediately. We’ll hide in the dark and directly rush into the house of the lord to save you!”

“Please agree!”

The other nine people all knelt on the ground, including the Butler, “Master, even if you don’t think about yourself, please think about the Lady!”

“You… Well, alright!”

Tiangang was deeply touched by their words.

Because the people from the lord’ house came too suddenly, Tiangang didn’t have time to prepare. He hurriedly asked the butler to inform Xuefei Yuan to leave overnight in disguise.

Yuan family was a first-class family in Wuwei city. How could they not have routes to retreat.

Thanks to the tradition of the fearless City, every family would dig out a cellar. Yuan family had already prepared dozens of cellars in every place of the city. Unless they turned the city upside down, it was impossible to find them.

“What? I’m not leaving!”

Looking at the Butler, Xuefei bit her l**s and said, “I’m the Lady of Yuan family. I’ll never leave Yuan family in the lurch!”

The butler was very anxious, “Lady, you must leave now. If master is OK, he will definitely pick you up.”

“If you stay at home, he will only worry about you. Isn’t it making trouble?”

Yujie also persuaded, “Miss, let’s go quickly. Don’t let master worry!”

Xuefei looked at the clothes she was changing, and tears fell, “Okay, I’ll go!”

Seeing that lady yuan agreed, the Butler also breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I’ll leave first. We’ll leave from the tunnel in half an hour.”

The Butler Mei left in a hurry. He had to inform Kris that once something bad happened to Tiangang, he would have to rely on him to revive Yuan family.

So he had to run away as well!

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