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“The next auction is the famous oil painting “Life”, a famous oil painting master…” The beauty auction drill introduced excitedly. She has seen the momentum of the competition just now!

The value of this oil painting is much higher than the jade bracelet just now, but the jade bracelet just now sold for a sky-high price of 400 million!

This oil painting will definitely be even higher!

It may be 500 million, or even 7.8 billion, which may be the highest price ever sold by a host in her auction career!

“The starting price of this work is 30 million! Each time the price increase is not less than 3 million! Please start!” the beauty auctioneer said excitedly.

The lady laughed at Kristen and Chuck Cannon, holding up the sign, “50 million! Are you two still following?”

The ridiculous voice sounded at the scene.

The audience was surprised!

This lady is on the bar with these two men!

Kristen’s eyes are closed, and she doesn’t like any oil paintings. Why is she doing this?

She would not shoot things that she didn’t like so much just to fight for her breath.

Besides, she just breathed out.

But Chuck Cannon didn’t have a voice either. Is this not shooting? Ignore the provocation of the lady? This doesn’t seem to be his character, Kristen hummed lightly, just don’t care about it, whether you shoot or not, what’s up to you?

“Um… Is there any price increase?” The beauty auctioneer was dumbfounded because no one increased the price.

The price of the lady is in a silent state.

This is a cold spot!

This oil painting is particularly good, so how could such a cold field appear?

These people generally know the character of this lady, and basically what she is after will be shot to the end. Of course, these people are too lazy to fight with this lady.

The beauty auctioneer can’t understand, what kind of situation is this? “Um, fifty million, is there any price increase?”

The lady laughed, especially at Chuck Cannon, don’t you have money? Sure enough, I didn’t have much money. I guess it was just a pretence, right?

Others are also curious, why are Kristen and Chuck Cannon who were bidding with the lady just now? Why didn’t you bid?

“Master, this can actually be shot.” Betty reminded that this oil painting can be shot, but in fact, it has some value. If Karen Lee is there, she will definitely take this oil painting.

Chuck Cannon nodded and raised the sign in his hand, “Sixty million!”

Kristen opened her beautiful eyes, what are you taking? Do you like oil painting??

The lady disdain, “80 million!”

“Ninety million!” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

“One hundred million!!” The lady snorted coldly, a little angry. In addition to her vindictiveness, she really liked this oil painting and must be photographed! Never give in!

“Wow, wonderful, it’s 100 million again.”

“Yes, everyone who came here today is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!”

Everyone at the scene was talking about the bidding at this price too fast!

The beauty auctioneer was excited, and this scene reappeared.

“Bid! Why don’t you bid, continue to bid with me!” The lady disdain, do you have this ability?

Chuck Cannon glanced at her and asked Betty next to him how much this value was. Chuck Cannon didn’t want to take a picture that was too valuable to be worth it.

“Master, two hundred million will be about the same,” Betty assessed.

Chuck Cannon nodded, too lazy to keep calling, and directly raised his card, “Two hundred million!”

The audience was in an uproar!

“Who is this young man?”

“I don’t know, but the asking price is fierce! Directly doubled!”

The people present were all rich, but there were only a handful of people who could do this on the spot to raise the price by 100 million!

How can Chuck Cannon look too strange? Many people want to know who Chuck Cannon’s parents are.

Kristen hummed, “What are you doing? Addicted? Whatever you want,”

The lady had an ugly face. She stared at Chuck Cannon. She wanted to kill someone. She felt hot, and Chuck Cannon slapped her severely.

“What? The gentleman at table No. 9 has 200 million, 200 million!!” The beautiful auctioneer screamed excitedly!

The price is very high!

“Two hundred million once! Is there a higher price than this gentleman?” The beauty auctioneer was active.

The whole audience is watching the lady. Among these people, I am afraid that only this lady has this wealth to bid, right?

“Three hundred million!” The lady gritted her teeth, she stared at Chuck Cannon with vicious eyes! Call again! If you dare to call it once, I will let you take a picture of this rubbish!

Chuck Cannon glanced at her and shrugged, “This painting belongs to you.”


The audience was in an uproar again! Stop shooting? Kristen was stunned.

The crows were silent, everyone was staring at Chuck Cannon, this lady almost burst into flames, it was damned!

“Are you sick?” The lady couldn’t help cursing. Is this yin herself?

“You say one more thing?” Betty frowned, stood up and stared at her, saying that to her master?

“You are sick, he is also sick, you are all silly pens, I just said, what can you do with me? What, do you want to come and beat me? Do you have the courage?” The lady disdain, she does not believe in could Betty came over and beat her in front of so many people, she dares!!

Betty walked through the crowd and walked over. The lady sneered, raising her hand and hitting Betty, “F**k you!”

But how could such a person be Betty’s opponent?

When she raised her hand, she was slapped and stunned by Betty.


The crisp voice echoed on the scene!

“Ah?!” The lady screamed and fell to the ground, shocking the audience!

Hit someone on the spot!

Betty turned around and came back. There was no muddle-headedness in this process. She walked back, very elegant.

After sitting down, Chuck Cannon looked at Betty. He didn’t expect Betty to hit someone like this, but it was nothing, a trivial matter.

In the corner, Shidao Lee sneered.

The beauty auctioneer was dumbfounded. How did she think that such a thing would happen at auction? Such beating, a beauty auctioneer had never encountered before, “You, how do you beat people?”

“She has a cheap mouth and scolds my young master,” Betty said.

“But, you can’t hit people either! This is…” The beauty auctioneer was anxious, and there was a security guard on the scene. This kind of thing could not happen, and it disturbed the auction order.

“I just hit,” Betty said lightly.

“This can’t work. She took this oil painting, and you stunned her, then…” The beauty auctioneer was serious.

“Then let my master take the picture,” Betty said.

Chuck Cannon has no objection.

The beautiful auctioneer frowned. What did she use to discuss with the backstage people? After more than ten seconds, the matter seemed to be resolved. She said, “Yes, but the dispute between you and lady has nothing to do with us.”

This must be clearly stated, otherwise, the dispute will continue to affect the company.

“Yes,” Betty said, calling at the same time. Three people came in quickly and carried the lady out. The people at the scene looked at each other. What are they going to do?

“You continue, my young master will pay after the auction is over,” Betty said.

The beauty auctioneer hesitated and continued, Betty asked, “Master, this woman, do you want to teach her a lesson?”

“Here.” Chuck Cannon nodded. It wasn’t this woman who was bidding, so the price could not reach that level. She must be taught a lesson!

The auction will continue!

Shidao Lee sneered at Chuck Cannon…


In the car, the man slapped the lady on the face. The lady woke up screaming. She was horrified to see a person in the car. Where was she?

“What are you doing?” The lady panicked, but these men punched and kicked her, and the lady fainted in wailing. She was thinking, who did she offend??

Beat her like this?


The water rushed to the lady’s face, and she woke up, “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, who are you?”

She has forgotten what happened just now, what happened? I seemed to be knocked out by Betty just now, and then appeared here? ? So which means Betty asked someone to beat her?

The lady suddenly became angry!


The man opened his bow from left to right and continued to fight. The lady screamed, “Don’t fight,”

But these men did not stop, hitting until the lady fainted again and turned into a pig’s head.

The auction ended under the introduction of the beautiful auctioneer. Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. Just now Kristen did not continue to shoot anything, and there was no one. Chuck Cannon thought that she should be more heartbroken. After all, she used 400 million.

At the end of the auction, Chuck Cannon stood up and turned his head to stare at Shidao Lee. Today, let you look good!

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