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Chapter 386: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 386 Nothing Is as Important as You

“No. I’ll make it up to you, but this car…” Chuxue Ye said.

“Can a car be more important than a human?” The man said.

As soon as the man said that, the old woman on the ground began to moan weakly. She was lying limp on the ground, breathing hard.

“Mother, What’s the matter with you?” The man said. Then the man knelt on the ground immediately and looked anxiously at the old woman.

Being kept back by the crowd, Chuxue could only watch their movements anxiously but unable to do anything. “She must go to the hospital now. If you don’t have money, pawn my car first.” Chuxue said.

Chuxue held up the car keys and handed them to the man. In a split second, the man took the keys.

Chuxue watched the man reluctantly as he walked to the car. “Drive carefully and don’t break my car. I’ll redeem it.” Chuxue said.

As if he hadn’t heard what Chuxue said, the man just opened the door rudely and tried to get in.

“Wait!” A man stepped out of the crowd and said. Then he reached out and pulled the man back from the door of the car.

Chuxue felt the voice sounded familiar and she looked up with others at the direction where the voice came. She saw Zhao Nangong, pulling the man, is looking at her with a smile.

“Chuxue, here I am!” Zhao said.

“What are you doing here?” Chuxue said in surprise. “How can I meet him everywhere? But today he came at the right time. I don’t have to pawn my car.” Chuxue breathed a sigh of relief secretly and thought.

“Chuxue, what happened? Why did you give this guy your car keys?” Zhao said.

Zhao’s presence relieved Chuxue. After hesitating for a while, Chuxue said, “I didn’t see the road ahead clearly and I bumped into someone.”

“Bumping into someone?” Zhao said in surprise. After looking around, Zhao seemed to know what happened. He pointed to the old woman on the ground and said, “Did you bump into her?”

“Yes.” Chuxue said helplessly. “Isn’t that obvious? Can’t you see it?” Chuxue thought.

“Then why did you give him your car?” Zhao asked.

Chuxue didn’t know how to explain it to make Zhao understand, so she moved her lips and asked, “Well, Zhao, do you have money?”

“What makes you ask?” Zhao was stunned and said, “Is there anything you want to buy?”

“As I bumped into someone, I have to compensate for them.” Chuxue said. “He seems past hope. Why is he still thinking of going shopping at this hour?” Chuxue thought.

“Oh, how much money do you need?” Zhao scratched his head and said. Then taking this opportunity, the man pulled by Zhao got rid of Zhao’s hand.

“Come back! Turn in the car keys” Zhao said. Then Zhao turned around to pull the man back and take the keys out of the man’s hand.

After getting the keys, Zhao walked up Chuxue to claim credit for himself, saying, “Chuxue, Here are your car keys.”

Chuxue took the car keys without a word. People around Chuxue and Zhao were already disgruntled and dished out criticism to them.

Seeing the situation is against them, the one who came first shouted, “You bumped into someone and you don’t want to make a compensation. Do you even want to attack us?”

What the man said excited the people around. The crowd all blamed Zhao, and Chuxue was overwhelmed.

Zhao and Chuxue were jostled together. Chuxue’s head began to ache and she whispered in Zhao’s ear, “I’d rather you hadn’t come here. I was about to solve it, but now it’s like this.”

After hearing what Chuxue said, Zhao felt a little wronged. “Chuxue, I didn’t mean it.” Zhao said.

“Stop yelling! Just tell me how money do you want.” Zhao roared.

Seeing Zhao talk like that, the crowd knew he is rich. They stopped talking and turned their eyes to the old woman’s son.

As Zhao said that suddenly, the man couldn’t figure out a reasonable number for a short while. He lingered for a long time without saying a word.

“Just say it, or we will leave.” Zhao said. As Zhao said, he took Chuxue’s hand naturally.

Seeing Zhao and Chuxue were about to leave, the man stopped them and said, “Wait!”

“As my mother was injured like that, you should give me half a million yuan at least.” The man said.

He didn’t figure out how much money he wanted and he just blurted it out. After hearing what the man said, the crowd couldn’t help gasp. The crowd didn’t think Zhao would agree to give him so much money.

Zhao, however, waved his hand and said, “It’s just half a million yuan. Why it took you so long to say it?”

Then Zhao took a bank card from his pocket and handed it to the man. “There is at least one million yuan in this card. The password is the last six digits of the card number.” Zhao said.

The man couldn’t believe it when he got the card. “He gave me twice as much money as I asked. How could such a good thing happen to me?” The man thought.

“How can I make sure there is so much money in this card?” The man said.

Zhao pointed to the ATM at the corner across the street and said, “Just go there and look it up. We will wait here for you. With so many people watching, we can’t escape.”

Seeing Zhao say that sincerely, the man walked past the crowd half believingly. The crowd were curious about how much money is in the card, so they made way for the man coincidentally.

Zhao didn’t pay much attention to the crowd. He fixed his eyes on Chuxue. Seeing Chuxue was anxious, Zhao said, “Don’t worry. There is enough money in the card.”

“Who cares about that?” Chuxue gave Zhao an angry stare and said. “They only asked for half a million yuan, but you gave them a million yuan. You are really a typical sucker.” Chuxue thought.

“Then what are you worried about?” Zhao said confusedly. “Now that everything is settled, shouldn’t you be happy?” Zhao thought.

“You don’t understand me.” Chuxue said. Chuxue turned away from Zhao and did not want to speak to him again.

It wasn’t long before the man came running back with the card. He looked a little excited, but he was still trying to control himself.

The man bowed in gratitude before he reached Zhao, saying, “Thank you, sir.”

“How much is in the card?” Asked a person in the crowd. Many people gathered around the man at once. People wondered if there’s a million yuan in it. But judging from the facial expression of the man, the crowd knew there is a million yuan in it.

The man nodded and said excitedly, “There is indeed one million yuan in the card.”

“Are you sure? Did you see it clearly?” Someone asked.

The man nodded his head and said, “I’m sure. I counted it several times, and there are seven digits.”

The crowd were all excited. Zhao dragged Chuxue out of the crowd stealthily.

“Why are you dragging me?” Chuxue said. She tried to get her wrist out of Zhao’s hand.

Zhao quickly reached out his hand and covered Chuxue’s mouth. “Keep it down. Let’s get to the car first.” Zhao whispered in Chuxue’s ear.

Chuxue was stunned. Feeling the breath of Zhao in her ear, Chuxue’s heart beat fast. In a moment, they were in Chuxue’s car.

Zhao reached out his hand and waved it in front of Chuxue to let her come to her sense. “Give me the car keys.” Zhao said.

“Ah?” Chuxue looked at Zhao dully and said, “What on earth do you want to do?”

“We’re running out of time!” Zhao said. As Chuxue didn’t give the keys to Zhao, he had to grab the keys. He pressed the key and locked the doors of the car.

“Zhao Nangong! What do you want to do?” Chuxue stared at Zhao angrily and said, “You’d better give me an explanation.”

“See.” Zhao said. Instead of explaining, Zhao pointed out the window.

Chuxue looked at the direction where Zhao pointed doubtfully. Outside, there was chaos. Hundreds of people stared at each other.

After a few seconds, they started beating each other up. They were swearing at each other, but Chuxue couldn’t hear it clearly through the car window.

Chuxue was about to roll down the window when Zhao stopped her.

Zhao smiled at her and explained, “The people outside are fighting for the bank card. Don’t open the window, or you’ll get hurt.”

“Why do they fight for the bank card?” Chuxue asked confusedly.

“How could they not envy such a large sum of money? And I saw a lot of people in the crowd looking at the man who holds the card. They must be in on it and they all want to keep the million yuan to themselves.” Zhao said.

“Ah? How’s that possible?” Chuxue said inconceivably. “If they know each other, why did they pretend they don’t?” Chuxue thought.

“Besides, it’s safe to say that you didn’t hit the old woman at all. I don’t think she’s hurt.” Zhao said.

“How’s that possible?” Chuxue couldn’t stand Zhao’s incredulity and said, “How pitiful that old woman is! She must have suffered internal injuries.”

Seeing Chuxue was angry, Zhao gave in immediately and said, “I’m just guessing. Don’t be angry.”

When Chuxue and Zhao were talking, an old woman appeared from the crowd. “Ouch, it hurts. Are you going to trample me to death? It would be better if we split the money equally.” The old woman said.

The old woman who appeared from the crowd was none other than the woman who kept saying Chuxue had bumped into her. At that moment, she was full of vigour and avoiding being accidentally injured by others.

Chuxue rubbed her eyes and looked at the old woman in disbelief, saying, “It’s impossible. How could she…”

Zhao shook his head and sighed, “You don’t often go out alone, and you don’t know how lunatic those scammers are. I saw through their trick at a glance.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?” Chuxue said angrily, “And you gave them a million yuan for nothing. You are a nuisance.”

“That’s because I’m afraid you’ll get hurt.” Zhao mumbled. He didn’t dare speak too loudly

“Besides, I don’t care about the money. Chuxue is all I care about.” Zhao thought.

Then Zhao said to Chuxue with a smile on his face, “Don’t worry, Chuxue. The million yuan had already been transferred when we got on the car. When they get the card, there will be no money in it.”

After saying that, Zhao held his head erect. He looked as if he had done something great. Chuxue gave Zhao an angry stare and didn’t answer him.

In the crowd…

“Oh, don’t hit me. You should go to ask the sucker for some more money rather than fight for the one million yuan.”

“That’s right. Where is the sucker?”

“Yes. He must be rich.”

Outside the car the fighting was raging. Seeing the attention is about to be transferred to them, Zhao climbed to the driving seat and said, “Chuxue, fasten your seat belt.”

After saying that, Zhao started the car. The people scattered as the car started. By the time they realized it, the car had gone away.


Dressed in the new wedding dress, Yiyao Duan walked out of the dressing room.

Jingyan Ye was talking with the designer when he heard the footsteps. He immediately turned his head and saw that Yiyao is lowering her head uneasily. With the white wedding dress, Yiyao’s looked more fairer.

“How does it look?” Yiyao asked after Jingyan had remained silent for a long time.

“It looks good on you.” Jingyan said.

Jingyan approached her step by step and finally took her hand. “Yiyao, you are so beautiful.” Jingyan said.

Yiyao is a reserved person, and Jingyan’s praise made her even more shy.

Then Jingyan looked at the high heels on her feet and frowned, saying, “But…”

“What’s the matter?” Yiyao asked.

“You can’t wear high heels.” Jingyan said.

Yiyao was suddenly enlightened. “High heels are bad for the fetus. How could I forget about it?” Yiyao thought.

Yiyao was about to sit down and take off her heels when the designer came over and stopped her. “As the wedding dress has a long hemline, you can’t take off the heels.”

“Well…” Yiyao said. “One asked me to take off the heels, and the other asked me not. What should I do?” Yiyao thought.

After hearing what the designer said, Jingyan said, “She can wear other shoes. If it doesn’t work, just make another new wedding dress.”

“But the wedding day is near, there is no time…” Yiyao said.

The designer shook her head and said, “If time is pressed, I’m afraid I can’t take the order. There is no point in making a dress that is not perfect.”

“There’s always another way, but she can’t wear heels anyway.” Jingyan said. Jingyan still did not compromise. He would not turn his back on anything that would harm Yiyao’s health.

Yiyao had no other choice but take off the heels. “Anyway, the skirt is so long that no one can see the shoes I wear.” Yiyao said.

“No. The dress I design has to match the best accessories, or I’d rather have it in the closet forever.” The designer said.

Yiyao looked at Jingyan helplessly. She was really between a rock and a hard place.

“I thought I was just trying on a dress, but I didn’t expect it to be like this, and there would be disputes.” Yiyao thought.

Yiyao shook Jingyan’s hand and said, “Why don’t we promise her first?”

As they could take the dress away first, they’ll have the final say on how they want to match the dress. But Jingyan did not understand that and stubbornly shook his head, saying, “No.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to sell this wedding dress.” The designer bowed and said.

Yiyao was a little embarrassed. With her hands by her sides, Yiyao said, “I’ll go and change the dress.”

“Wait!” Jingyan said. Jingyan was sitting on the sofa, calm and at ease, but Yiyao knew he was really angry from his incisive eyes.

“I’ll take it. How much do you want?” Jingyan said.

“It has nothing to do with money. That’s my principle.” The designer said. The designer was also angry, but years of cultivation told her not to be angry.

Jingyan sneered and said, “Just tell me how much money do you want.”

“I think you misunderstood me. I can’t sell you this dress.” The designer said.

Yiyao stood awkwardly between them. “I’d better change the dress first.” Yiyao said.

Standing between them two, Yiyao felt she was like a lamb. Even though they were talking about the dress she’s wearing, she felt that…

At the thought of that, Yiyao hurried into the dressing room ignoring the piercing gaze of Jingyan. She looked down and saw the high-heeled shoes on her feet and sighed helplessly. “It’s the fault of the heels.” Yiyao thought.

Before long, Yiyao walked out of the dressing room with the dress. As the designer was waiting for her outside the dressing room, Yiyao handed the dress to her. “Thanks for the trouble.” Yiyao said.

The designer looked bad, but she didn’t say anything when she saw Yiyao’s attitude is so good.

Yiyao was about to look for Jingyan when she turned her head and saw that he was on her side. “Let’s go.” Yiyao said.

However, Jingyan didn’t want to leave. He looked at the designer and asked, “Are you sure you’re not going to sell it to us?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I have the right to be responsible for my design.” The designer said in a way neither humble nor pushy.

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