Chapter 387 – 388: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 387: Your father will be fine

“Sir! Sir!” The Butler Mei called out as he walked. Kris Chen frowned. He was refining pills. If he stopped now, these herbs would be wasted.

“What’s the matter?” Kris shouted, “I’m taking a shower. Let’s talk later!”

Outside the door, Butler Mei was so anxious that he stamped his feet. He shouted to the inside, “hurry up. Come to me as soon as you finish!”

Then he walked away.

Kris frowned and sped up the pill refining.

Twenty minutes later, there were six Concentration Pill he finished, each with seven auspicious clouds.

Kris swallowed one pill immediately, and he instantly recovered a lot.

In just a few minutes, Kris had recovered all his energy, and his mind was still expanding. It was not until two thousand meters that the pesticide effect was exhausted.

In the Mud Pill Palace, the little man of the Divine Spiritual Power’s body became more and more solid, and some special textures appeared on his body, which had never been seen on the earth. Kris was very curious, wondering if this change was good or bad!

Without thinking too much, Kris swallowed four magical pills in one breath.


After the pesticide effect dissolved, the little man in the Mud Pill Palace showed a happy expression on his face.

The Divine Spiritual Power continued to expand. Two thousand and five hundred meters, three thousand meters, three thousand and five hundred meters… It didn’t stop until it reached five thousand meters.

At this time, the body the little man of Divine Spiritual Power had grown more and completely recovered. Because of the different world rules, his Divine Spiritual Power, had been compressed to the extreme.

Divine Spiritual Power, the silver lines on the body became clearer and clearer, and his features became more vivid. His mouth seemed to be mumbling something, which was extremely magical.

After taking back his mind, Kris strode out of the room to look for Butler Mei.

Tiangang Yuan had gone out to the lord’s house. Xuefei Yuan and Yujie had also changed their clothes.

“Why hasn’t Sir come yet?” The Butler asked anxiously.

Xuefei didn’t say anything. Although she didn’t have a good impression of Kris, she wouldn’t let him wait for death here.

“Butler Mei, what’s the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?” Kris trotted over, panting with sweat on his forehead.

In fact, he was just pretending. In the eyes of Xuefei Yuan, he was just a little monk who could only practice Henglian Martial Art.

“Sir, you and Lady leave house recently.”

“Why?” Kris was stunned.

“Don’t ask so many questions. Anyway, you just need to follow Lady.”

Then he looked at Xuefei and said, “Lady, I won’t go with you. I have to stay here and wait for him to come back!”

“Butler Mei!” Xuefei was also moved. She grew up with the help of the Butler, so she had a deep feeling for him. “How about you go with me?”

“I appreciate your kindness, Lady.”

Butler Mei sighed, “I was born in Yuan family. I have to die here.”

Hearing this, Yujie couldn’t help crying.

“No, what happened?” Kris frowned. He had a bad feeling that it had something to do with his killing of Kang Ning. Was Yuan family involved?

It shouldn’t be. He didn’t do it until Tiangang left!

Yujie cried and said, “The young Lord is dead. The lord called Master to his house!”

As expected, he had simplified the matter. Kris looked serious. It was he who caused all this. He should be responsible for it.

“Well, it’s useless to tell him!” Xuefei said in a coarse voice, “Let’s go down the tunnel!”

Then she led the way. Yujie wiped her tears and followed them.

“Sir, go.” Said Butler Mei.

Kris nodded and followed her.

He was confident that he could handle it!

The tunnel was quite spacious. He followed the two women for a long time. When a ladder appeared in front of him, he knew that it should be the end.

The three of them walked out of the tunnel one after another. Outside, the stars were bright, and three moon were emitting a strange light.

“You can leave now.”

As soon as she walked out of the tunnel, Xuefei said to Kris.

“Where am I going?”

“I don’t care. Anyway, don’t come back.” Xuefei took out a bag of spiritual stone from her storing ring and threw it in front of Kris, “These are enough for you to live for a long time. Go!”

Kris smiled. He picked up the bag and opened it. There were more than 20 Medium Spiritual Stone in it. It was the annual income of an ordinary family in Wuwei city.

“Well, you are quite generous!” Kris threw them back directly. “No, thanks. I have been living well in Yuan family these days. My wounds are almost healed.”

Xuefei frowned, “what do you mean? Not enough?”

“Twenty Medium Spiritual Stones are indeed not much.” Kris said indifferently.

Xuefei clenched her teeth and took out another bag of Spiritual Stone, “Fifty Medium Spiritual stones. It should be enough for you to live for two years. Take the money and get out of here!”

She had never treated Kris as her husband, or else she wouldn’t have shown her ugly face all the time.

Kris smiled. In his storage ring, there were hundreds of Highest Grade Stone. He didn’t care such poor Medium Spiritual Stones.

Although the two of them were using each other, it was undeniable that he was protected by Yuan family when he was in the most difficult time. Otherwise, he couldn’t recover so soon.

“Well, you can rest here. Your father will be fine.” After saying that, Kris didn’t explain too much. He turned around and left.

“Hey, where are you going?” Yujie shouted.

“Stop shouting. Are you afraid that others don’t know we are here?” Xuefei sneered, “He must run for his life!”

Even so, he didn’t take away the stone on the ground. She shook her head with a sneer and said, “For a little bit of ridiculous self-esteem, he doesn’t even take away the Medium Spiritual Stone.”

When the surge of beasts came, the price of commodities in Wuwei City soared, and it was difficult to live without these stones.

Unless he went to hunt beasts outside the city. But as a good-for-nothing, he couldn’t even get out of the city gate.

Yujie shrank her head and said, “Lady, isn’t it appropriate to let him go like this?”

Xuefei glared at her, “If you don’t want to leave, you can get him back!”

Yes, she admitted that Kris was good-looking, but no matter how good-looking he was, it couldn’t cover up the fact that he was a monk.

Yujie couldn’t help but feel pity in her heart. In fact, the Sir and the lady were a perfect match.

After Kris left, he flew into the air.

He moved very fast and soon came to the sky above the lord’s house.

He used the Divine Spiritual Power to look and soon found Tiangang.

At this time, in the main hall of the lord’s house, Tiangang stood there, cupped his hands and said, “The lord, Tiangang is here!”

“Tiangang, how dare you come here alone!”

With a murderous look on his face, Tianxiong Ning released the momentum of a master at the Pill-Condensation Stage.

The momentum was so strong that it seemed to want to press Tiangang down on his knees.

He gritted his teeth and his muscles were trembling. It was impossible for him to kneel down!

“My Lord, I have no regrets in my heart. Why don’t I dare to come?” Tiangang raised his head fearlessly.

Tianxiong sneered, “Do you know why I asked you to come here?”

“I know!” Under great pressure, Tiangang said word by word, “I feel sorry for what happened to the young lord, but it has nothing to do with me. I just received the bad news when I returned my home!”

“My lord is fair and righteous. I believe you will find out the truth!”

Chapter 388: Rush to the lord’s mansion

“Tiangang Yuan, do you admit your crime!?”


With flames burning in his eyes, Tianxiong Ning smashed the table in front of him.

“I don’t know!” Tiangang was scared stiff. But he gritted his teeth and said, “I’m innocent!”

“Great! ” Tianxiong couldn’t hold back his anger any more. “Guards, handcuff Tiangang, torture him, and sent soldiers to arrest all the members of all Yuan family members!”

“My lord, you can’t do this. I’m innocent. The young lord’s death has nothing to do with me!” As soon as he finished speaking, dozens of guards came in. They were all fierce, and each of them was in middle period of the Back-to-self stage!

Tiangang was desperate. They were too powerful. Even if he sent a signal to let the ten futu come in, it would be useless. Perhaps they would die here.

He suppressed the anger in his heart and decided to give up struggling. The only gratified thing was that Xuefei Yuan had escaped.

“Tianxiong, you wrong good people, which made Wuwei City’s people panic and disappoint. Once the surge of beasts comes, you will suffer a lot!” Tiangang yelled at Tianxiong.

Tianxiong put his hands on the throne, and the servants had changed a new table. His fingers tapped on it, making rhythmic sounds.

Although he was angry, he was not stupid. “Does Kang Ning’s death really have nothing to do with him?”

“My lord, it’s not that simple. Even if Tiangang is not the one who killed the young lord, he must have something to do with it!” The military counsellor walked out from the side, cupped his hands and said, “last time when we borrowed the army, Tiangang had a grudge against us. The surge of beasts is coming. Who knows if he will stab us in the back? After all, he is in charge of city patrol. If he open the gate, the consequences will be unimaginable! “

Hearing what the counsellor’s words, he dispelled the hesitation in his heart and became serious.

No matter whether the death of Kang Ning had anything to do with Tiangang or not, he must die!

“Keep searching. Find out and arrest all the soldiers who guarded the city in the daytime and the people who entered the city!”

“Yes, my lord!”

In a secret alley outside the lord’s mansion.

The ten futu were crouching in the dark. Tu Yan asked anxiously, “Why haven’t master come out?”

The others were also worried. Was there really something wrong?

“Don’t worry. Our master will send us a signal if anything happens.” Tieshan was also anxious, but he looked calm.

Just then, the gate of the lord’s mansion opened. Tu Yan was overjoyed and said, “Master comes out!”

However, it wasn’t Tiangang, but a group of soldiers.

Just as everyone was confused, Tieshan’s face changed greatly. “Our master is in danger!”

His words shocked everyone.

When the soldiers gathered, the leading riding officer drew out his sword. “Let’s go. We can’t let go of a member of Yuan family!”

“Son of a bitch! How dare these bastards want to to attack Yuan family!” Tu Yan was a short tempered and loyal man. At that time, he couldn’t help but pull out two big axes on his waist and rushed out directly.

Before Tieshan could stop him, he had already rushed over.

“Go to hell!”

The officer in the lead was just at the middle period of the return-to-nature stage. How could he resist Tu Yan who was at the Back-to-self stage.

The two huge axes fell from the sky and directly split the officer and the horse in half! His internal organs and intestines were all over the ground!

All the soldiers were stunned by the sudden change. Tu Yan waved his axe and slashed at the crowd like a whirlwind.

Tieshan rushed over with the rest of Futusand shouted angrily, “Tianxiong Ning, if you don’t let go of our master today, we will make a big mess in the your mansion!”

It didn’t take long for hundreds of soldiers to be killed.

Outside the lord’s mansion, blood was flowing like a river.

After killing a group of people, the ten futus of Yuan family directly entered the lord’s mansion. There were thousands of soldiers inside, including the military officer at the return-to-nature stage. Thousands of people surrounded them.

At this time, their Inner Energy gradually dried up.

“Yuan family is rebellious. Kill them all!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Thousands of elite soldiers roared.

Tu Yan waved the huge axe with all his strength and said, “Let go of our master! Otherwise, I will kill all of you!”

“Ten Brother, stop. We have to save our energy!” Tieshan was the calmest.

“Second Brother, Third Brother, you two attack from the East, Fourth and fifth Brother, you two attack the south, Six and Seventh Brother…”

Tieshan arranged the operation plan in a low voice. This rescue was definitely not going to work. They had to find a way and escape from Wuwei city.

He couldn’t risk the lives of all his ten brothers here.

Of course, this was just his thought, and no one else knew.

“Ten, follow me. Then we carve a path!” Tieshan said in a low voice.

“Yes, Big Brother!” After a short rest, he had recovered a lot of energy.


Tieshan shouted. They instantly used their most powerful moves!

The Inner Energy swept across the ground, freezing the ground, burning it, and splitting it by the wind…

“It’s now, ten!”

Tu Yan jumped high, and the two halves of the huge axe in his hands emitted golden light.


Two rays of murderous white golden energy shot out, directly splitting open a gap of dozens of meters long and several meters wide from the encirclement.

Under this blow, dozens of soldiers were killed directly.

“Guys, come with me!” Tieshan shouted and took the lead to get out of the gap. The others also followed him.

The lord mansion was very large. Noticing that something was wrong, Tu Yan immediately asked, “Brother, are you taking the wrong way? This is the way out!”

Tieshan took a look at him and said, “We can’t save our master. The lord mansion is heavily guarded. The real masters haven’t come out yet. Let’s retreat first and then think of a way to rescue our master!”

“What?” Yan Tu was shocked and quickly stopped. “No, absolutely not. We killed so many people in the mansion today, and even if I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s already a big mistake. Tianxiong will never let go of our master. If we leave like this, our master won’t survive tonight!”

Hearing that, the other eight people also slowed down, “Bro, we can’t go!”

Looking at them, Tieshan was furious, “Why are you so stubborn?”

“We have done our best. We have done enough for Yuan family these years. There is no need to risk our lives! Even if our master knows it, he won’t blame us!”

Tieshan’s words moved them a little. Which was more important, life and loyalty?

“I think you are just afraid of death!” Tu Yan gasped, “Yuan family has provided us with the best resources these years. Otherwise, we won’t become what we are today. You can go. I’ll rescue master, and I’m not a coward!”

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