Chapter 387: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 387 An Unexpected Compromise

To Yiyao Duan’s surprise, Jingyan Ye just nodded his head without saying anything more. Jingyan turned his head to Yiyao and said, “Let’s go.”

Yiyao was stunned. She had no idea why Jingyan, who was still insisting just now, left so kindly.

Yiyao glanced back at the dress. She likes that dress. Although she has been in the army, a woman’s nature is indelible.

This might be her only chance to wear the wedding dress in her lifetime. She was pleased with everything about the dress.

Yiyao sighed helplessly. “Since the designer didn’t want to sell it to me, I had no choice.” Yiyao thought.

Seeming to sense something, Jingyan turned his head. When he saw Yiyao is attached to the dress, Jingyan smiled and said, “I will get the dress. Let’s go home first.”

Yiyao did not hear what Jingyan said clearly, and she looked back at Jingyan with a confused face, saying, “Ah?” Jingyan just smiled and rubbed her hair.

“Let’s go.” Jingyan said.

Yiyao was puzzled, but seeing that Jingyan had no intention of going on, Yiyao didn’t say anything.


The silence in the car was stifling. Chuxue Ye kept looking out of the window until her eyes ached.

Chuxue didn’t know where to look at. Her eyes unconsciously moved to Zhao Nangong. Then she frowned. “Looking at him like this, he is a little handsome.” Chuxue thought.

Zhao’s back was erect, and he looked a little taller than usual. The more Chuxue looked at Zhao, the more pleasing she felt. And her previous prejudice against him was much less.

“Well…Chuxue.” Zhao said. Zhao moved his shoulders uncomfortably. He saw in the rearview mirror that Chuxue had been staring at him.

Zhao daren’t move and his back was sore. When he couldn’t stand it, he called Chuxue.

Chuxue was panic when she knew Zhao found she was looking at him, but she soon composed herself. After a cough, Chuxue said, “What do you want me to do?”

“Well…” Zhao said. “So I am to blame?” Zhao thought.

“Nothing. Where are we going?” Zhao said.

“My home.” Chuxue curled her lip and said. “It seemed that I was dazzled. When he speaks, he is as dull as ever.” Chuxue thought.

“OK.” Zhao lowered his head innocently and said. “So it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have asked such a simple question.” Zhao thought.

They did not speak again all the way. Zhao turned his head and wanted to talk to Chuxue several times, but he didn’t when he saw Chuxue’s uninterested.

After arriving at Ye’s villa, Chuxue opened the door of the car and got out of it first. Then she turned to say to Zhao, who was prepared to get out of the car, “By the way, don’t follow me. My parents may be at home.”

“My brother is going to get married soon, and I don’t want to kick up a dust because of me and Zhao. As Yiyao is pregnant, I shouldn’t bother her with these things anymore.” Chuxue thought.

“I…” Zhao said. Zhao wanted to refuse, but when he saw Chuxue’s firm eyes, he had to compromise. “OK.” Zhao said.

Zhao opened the door of the car silently and left with lonely steps. This is a neighborhood of villas, where almost everyone has a car. He couldn’t get a cab for hours if he just walks like that. He has to walk dozens of miles before he could reach the relatively busy places.

Seeing Zhao is pitiful, Chuxue’s heart softened and she called out to him.

“Zhao Nangong!” Chuxue said.

“What’s up?” Zhao turned his head surprisingly and said. But the smile on his face faded when he saw Chuxue’s expressionless look.

“What’s up, Chuxue?” Zhao said.

Chuxue ran her fingers through her bangs and pointed to the car, saying, “You can drive back in this car. It’s too far for you to go home.”

“Oh.” Zhao said. Zhao thought Chuxue had changed her mind, but it turned out that Chuxue just asked him to drive the car.

Taking the key from Chuxue’s hand, he opened the door and sat in. Then he started the car, turned the steering wheel, and went out of Chuxue’s sight.

Chuxue made a face at the car leaving far and far. “I kindly gave him the car, but he gave me a dirty look. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have given him the car. Just let him walk home.” Chuxue thought.

But at that moment, Zhao couldn’t help smile. He didn’t think it through just now, but when he recalled it carefully, he knew it’s a sign of Chuxue’s concern for him by asking him to drive the car back home.

Thinking like this, Zhao was in a good mood. Zhao put the pedal to the metal. The car was hurtling along the highway, leaving the other cars far behind. The speed of the car showed how happy he was.


When Chuxue walked into the villa, it was quiet. Chuxue breathed a sigh of relief. She was about to lift her feet and go upstairs when she looked up and saw Kerry standing at the staircase.

“Dad.” Chuxue said.

“Who is the man who sent you back just now?” Kerry asked. Kerry looked sharply at Chuxue, as if he wanted to see through her mind.

“He is my friend.” Chuxue said.

“Friend?” Kerry sneered and said, “Then why did you give him the anniversary gift I gave your mom? Who the hell is he?”

After hearing that, Chuxue was nervous. “It felt like when I was in middle school, I was suddenly caught by my father with a male classmate walking me home. But the strange thing is, I have passed the age of puppy love, and it’s not a big deal if I have a male friend. Besides, Zhao had his back to the window the whole time. The car blocked him just as he was walking back. Even if dad’s eyes are good, he wouldn’t have seen him from so far away.” Chuxue thought.

At the thought of that, Chuxue raised her head and said, “He is just an ordinary friend of mine. It is difficult to get a taxi here, so I let him drive the car back.”

“Really?” Kerry said. Kerry kept his eyes, as sharp as an eagle, on Chuxue.

“Of course.” Chuxue said.

“If that’s the case, why are you fearful?” Kerry asked. His eyes were deep and he seemed to see through everything.

“That’s because the way you look at me scares me. I’m not guilty of anything, but you make me doubt my life.” Chuxue said.

As Chuxue spoke, she walked up to Kerry to hold his arm. “Dad, we just met racketeers. But for my friend, I wouldn’t have returned home. Do you know how pitiful I am?” Chuxue said.

“Racketeers?” Kerry raised his eyebrows and said, “Who are they?”

“They’re organized.” Chuxue said.

As Chuxue spoke, she clapped her chest with a lingering fear. “At that time, I was surrounded by a group of people. They almost tore me into pieces.” Chuxue said.

Kerry turned his head to look at Chuxue. Seeing that Chuxue does not seem to be lying, Kerry nodded and said, “The boy seems to be helpful sometimes.”

“Who?” Chuxue asked reflexively. When she came to her senses, she realized she had said the wrong thing, so she covered her mouth immediately.

“Did my father see Zhao?” Chuxue thought.

“Who else can he be except for Zhao?” Kerry said. Kerry was amused when he saw the strange facial expression of Chuxue.

“Dad, you’ve known it.” Chuxue said.

“I knew it as soon as I saw you. You told me he is a friend of you. Why don’t I know you have such a friend?” Kerry said.

Chuxue stuck out her tongue at Kerry and said, “We really met on the road.”

Kerry nodded and said, “OK.”

“You can’t disbelieve me.” Chuxue said.

“I believe you.” Kerry said. “Why she’s like this before I blame her? When did she become so timid?” Kerry thought.

Besides, after so many things, Kerry’s impression of Zhao had changed. Zhao didn’t seem as bad as Kerry thought.

After hearing their voices, Venus walked out of the bedroom. At a glance, she saw Chuxue’s holding Kerry ‘s arm. “What are you talking about?” Venus asked.

“Nothing.” Chuxue waved her hands immediately and said. Chuxue winked desperately at Kerry without Venus’s knowledge.

Kerry nodded at her understandingly and said, “I just asked her where she has been and why she comes back so late.”

“Chuxue, you left earlier than us, but why you come back so late?” Venus asked. At the mention why Chuxue came back so late, Venus fell to the interest.

“Don’t mention it.” Chuxue said angrily with a grimace, “I just met racketeers. I almost gave them the gift dad gave you for the anniversary.”

“Oh? Just tell us what happened.” Venus looked at Chuxue curiously. There had been a lot of that in the news lately, but Venus hadn’t experienced it.

“Well…” Chuxue said. Chuxue was about to embellish the story and tell it to Venus when there came the sound of the key turning in the lock of the door.

They three looked at the door simultaneously and saw Jingyan and Yiyao.

“You’re back!” Venus said. Venus was interested in Chuxue’s story one second ago, but she forgot it when she saw Jingyan.

Chuxue curled her lip. “Why you just come back when I’m telling the story? No one listens to my story now.” Chuxue thought.

“Where is the wedding dress?” Venus took Yiyao’s hand and said. Venus was curious when she saw their empty hands.

“We didn’t bring it back.” Jingyan said. After saying that, he went straight to the sofa.

Venus took Yiyao to go to the sofa and asked Jingyan, “What happened? Why didn’t you bring it back?”

Jingyan rubbed his forehead and said, “There was some disagreement, and the designer didn’t want to sell it to us.”

“The designer didn’t want to sell it to you?” Venus said in surprise. “Is there really a designer who doesn’t want to sell the dress she designs when she is paid?” Venus thought.

Jingyan nodded and said, “Yes.”

Jingyan didn’t want to say much about it. After all, it’s a shameful thing.

Kerry, who has been silent, asked, “How much money does she want?”

“It has nothing to do with money.” Jingyan said.

“Really?” Kerry raised his eyebrows and asked, “Then why she doesn’t sell it to you?”

Jingyan opened his mouth, but he didn’t say the reason for a long time. Jingyan took a look at Yiyao, but he didn’t know where to start.

Yiyao’s hand was held by Venus. When she saw Jingyan is silent, she said, “Because I can’t wear high heels, and the designer requires me to wear heels to match the dress, we didn’t make a deal.”

“She is such a strange designer.” Kerry said with a frown. Then Kerry sank in thought.

“Then what should we do? How can you have a wedding without the dress?” Venus asked worriedly.

Time was running out. They have to do a lot of other things besides preparing for the wedding dress. It’s impossible for them to focus on this one thing alone. And it’s certainly too late to make a new dress again.

Jingyan threw his hands back and closed his eyes tiredly, saying, “I’ll try something else.”

Seeing they are worried, Chuxue said in disdain, “Can’t we force her to sell it to us? She’s not short of money, so let’s see what she’s short of. Then we can threaten her with what she needs.”

“That’s right.” Jingyan opened his eyes suddenly and said. It just happened to occur to him.

“Am I smart?” Chuxue raised her chin and said proudly.

Jingyan rolled his eyes and said helplessly, “Yes. You are the most intelligent person.”


When Ziying Duan went back to the hotel, she locked herself in her room. Ziying’s father knocked on the door for several times, but there was no response. With a sigh, he was ready to put down his hand and leave.

Suddenly, there was a sound of breaking glass in the room, followed by a crash of throwing objects.


Ziying threw everything on the table to the ground in her madness, and all the glass shattered to pieces.

“Ziying!” Ziying’s father knocked on the door worriedly and said, “What are you doing? Ziying.”

He didn’t know what was going on, and he couldn’t open the door, so he could only stand outside worrying.

“Dad, leave me alone.” Ziying said as she cried. Then she broke another glass and said, “I’m in a bad mood. Please leave me alone for a while.”

Ziying’s father didn’t leave. “Daughter, what happened? Just tell it to me. I can give you whatever you need. Don’t be angry.” Ziying’s father said.

“Dad, you don’t understand.” Ziying said. Big drops of tears fell on the quilt and were instantly absorbed into it. Ziying was choked with sobs and she was unable to utter a complete sentence.

“Daughter? Daughter?”

Ziying’s father called Ziying several times, but he didn’t hear Ziying’s reply. His heart skipped a beat and he called the hotel customer service staff immediately.

The customer service staff went upstairs soon and asked, “Sir, what can I do for you?”

“Come on, open the door. My daughter’s in there. Come on.” Ziying’s father said. Ziying’s father grabbed the customer service staff by the wrist and in a twinkling of an eye, the staff’s hand had been pinched out of a red mark.

However, the staff comforted Ziying’s father in a good-tempered way and said, “Sir, don’t worry. I’ll go and get the spare key for you now.”

“Then you go right now! Now!” Ziying’s father said.

In Ziying’s father’s roar, the customer service staff pulled his hand out of Ziying’s father’s. The staff rubbed the red mark on his wrist and sighed. “People in every walk of life can’t escape getting hurt.” The staff thought.

The staff turned to look at Ziying’s father and saw he is very anxious. Then the staff shook his head helplessly. “His daughter is so indocile. Even at her father’s age, she put on a show of bad temper.” The staff thought.

To save time, the staff asked his colleague by a walkie-talkie to bring the key upstairs. As soon as Ziying’s father got the key, he began to unlock the door.

“Daughter!” Ziying’s father said. Opening the door, Ziying’s father took a quick glance and saw Ziying huddle in the corner. Ziying’s father rushed to hug her.

“Just tell me what happened. Don’t do anything stupid.” Ziying’s father said.

“Dad…” Ziying said. Ziying was holding her knees when she heard her father’s voice. Then she looked up and saw her father is in front of her, so she reached out to hug his father.

“What should I do? Dad…” Ziying said.

“Just tell me what happened!” Ziying’s father said. Seeing Ziying is sad, Ziying’s father could not help feeling sad within himself.

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