Chuck Cannon saw Shidao Lee, and he was still laughing.

This kind of laughter is so disgusting for Chuck Cannon, this person threatens Yvette, and Chuck Cannon will never let him go!

“Sister Li, tell everyone to prepare to come in, I want him to pierce his wings and escape!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“Yes, master!” Betty took out her mobile phone and instructed the people outside. These people are the elite of the family. Karen Lee personally trained them. All of them are well-trained. As long as Chuck Cannon gives an order, they will definitely In ten seconds, all rushed in!

The phone is still in communication, and people outside are waiting for Chuck Cannon’s order!

Betty was like a big enemy. Shidao Lee was extremely powerful. Betty hadn’t seen it before, but she felt that he should not be far behind Karen Lee.

Due to the end of the auction, many people started to leave, and a few people stopped here reluctantly.

Chuck Cannon’s staring gaze hit Shidao Lee!

The results are to be separated today!

“Everyone out!” Chuck Cannon said coldly, these slow people are too hindrance.

“What? Telling everyone to go out? Who do you think you are?” Some local tyrant scolded angrily!

In front of him, there is such a crazy person??

“I thought it would be great to take a picture, right?” Others were dissatisfied. Who are they? They were all invited. Are you an organizer and why should you let them out?

The people left at the scene were very angry, and they all pointed to Chuck Cannon. They are rich people, but they have never been driven out on such an occasion!

Kristen was surprised, why would Chuck Cannon let others out? What is he doing?

She came over, “What are you going to do?”

She didn’t say anything. Suddenly she heard footsteps, and many people in suits came in.

She was taken aback, what situation is this? Within a few seconds, hundreds of people came in!

The people who scolded Chuck Cannon just now stopped talking. People were afraid of death. They could see that this young man was a little capable.

“Don’t you go out yet?” Chuck Cannon’s voice sounded again.

These people walked out obediently, and some ran out.

The atmosphere at the scene solidified, Kristen was shocked, “What are you going to do?”

Chuck Cannon has been staring at a man. Is he going to fight? It must be!

“You too,” Chuck Cannon looked at her, his voice softened.

Kristen bit her lip, “whatever you want,”

She swayed her long legs and walked outside. With so many people, she had nothing to worry about. She was going to checkout.

“Such a big battle, it seems that you are very afraid of me,” Shidao Lee smiled slightly, his appearance was so calm, you know he is only one person! With so many people in the audience, he still doesn’t change his face!

Chuck Cannon walked over, Betty followed him, personal protection.

As Chuck Cannon approached, everyone also narrowed the encirclement and surrounded this Shidao Lee group. Most people were scared to pee, but Shidao Lee was still drinking and Chuck Cannon stared at him, even if he was as powerful as his mother. But it’s impossible. You have played more than a hundred well-trained people, right?

What’s more, there is still Betty!

Chuck Cannon sat in front of Shidao Lee. This man was about seven or eight years older than him, but that kind of calmness was really something that Chuck Cannon himself could not admit. This requires great strength!

“Play a game with you, dare you?” Shidao Lee smiled.

“I don’t like playing games, I like hitting people.” Chuck Cannon stared at him, and the people surrounding Shidao Lee immediately approached. This is the atmosphere of the surrounding!

“That’s well said, your hobbies are about the same as mine, and I too like hitting people,” Shidao Lee said.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to talk nonsense with him. Chuck Cannon was not interested in what games Shidao Lee said. He stood up and said, “Sister Li, give me a waste of him!”

“Yes, Master!” Betty puffed and tore the dress. This dress was too obstructive to her. It was a pair of perfect long legs.

Chuck Cannon went to the back office to swipe his card to check out, but Shidao Lee smiled, “Is it true that I am not prepared at all?”

Chuck Cannon stopped, and Betty was shocked when she found out, “Master!”

Betty blocked Chuck Cannon. Puff, a fiery bullet shot into Betty’s shoulder, Chuck Cannon was shocked, gun?

The blood spurted out, and Betty’s dress was dyed red. Betty scolded, “Everyone gathers around to protect the young master!”

Everyone at the scene approached Chuck Cannon and blocked Chuck Cannon with their bodies and hands.

Chuck Cannon was impatient and Betty was shot. If it wasn’t her just now, then it was definitely him who got shot.

“Sister Li, are you okay?” Chuck Cannon felt a fire in his heart. Where did Shidao Lee get the gun from?

But Chuck Cannon knows why he has been laughing.

“It’s okay, master, be careful, there are snipers!” Betty’s experience tells her that there are definitely snipers!

“Haha, you deserve to be Karen Lee’s confidant, yes, there is the world’s number one killer, Black Rose, beside me, why didn’t Karen Lee tell you?” Shidao Lee laughed.

Betty followed the trajectory of the gunshot, she saw it and found a beautiful blonde woman on the opposite side. She stood up grandly, and she had a sniper rifle in her hand.

“Master, be careful, this black rose is perfect!” Betty warned.

Of course, Chuck Cannon knows that if a gun is shot on a person, it is either dead or injured. He has seen it today.

“But Betty, you let me waste half a million dollars because a bullet of Black Rose is half a million dollars. I am going to give this half a million dollars to Chuck Cannon first. You enjoy it, forget it, but next time you don’t fight for Chuck Cannon, because if you fight, you will die.” Shidao Lee smiled.

Of course, Betty knows. This Black Rose is the number one killer. It costs 10 million dollars to find her to kill. Since her debut, she has only missed three times. Once she was the controller of a family in the United States, and the other was Karen Lee, Black Rose. Killing Karen Lee twice, both missed.

But unexpectedly, Black Rose actually followed Shidao Lee now!

“This game, Chuck Cannon, you play the best. You have to play if you don’t play it. I can’t help it!” Shidao Lee said with a sneer. He really felt boring when he came here. Come and walk around, I have to play games.

This is his pleasure.

“What do you want to play?” Chuck Cannon has no fear. This black rose marksmanship must be one thing, but at this time, what’s the use of fear?

“What do you play? Just play you will die within five days, what do you think?” Shidao Lee smiled slightly.

Chuck Cannon’s face was ugly. He didn’t have as good observation ability as Betty, and he didn’t find where the black rose in his mouth was. But if the black rose really puts a dark gun, there is nothing that can hide it.

“Do you dare to kill Young Master?” Betty was annoyed. This was her bottom line. At this time, Shidao Lee actually stepped on her bottom line and wanted to kill Young Master!

“If I won’t kill him, so what am I doing here?” Shidao Lee asked back.

“I won’t let you kill Young Master!” Betty said.

“I can’t help you, how about it, Chuck Cannon, is this game fun?” Shidao Lee couldn’t wait to see Chuck Cannon kneeling down and begging for mercy. It must be very interesting.

“If I haven’t died in five days.” Chuck Cannon asked he was still fearless if he could kill Shidao Lee in five days? Then you don’t have to die.

“This? Is this possible? I haven’t thought about it yet, and I don’t think so, so you will definitely die in five days. If you want to open it, it doesn’t count today. Let you live one more night. I treat you well. Right?!” Shidao Lee smiled slightly as if he was very kind.

Betty’s face is ugly. If this is the case, then Black Rose is so powerful, maybe tomorrow will find a place to take action against Chuck Cannon, how should Chuck Cannon hide? Black Rose’s guns were shot in a hundred shots, not to mention that she could not only use guns, but also all the ways to kill people, and Chuck Cannon was in danger when it came to capturing.

Karen Lee is not in China at this time, so how should she protect the young master?

Betty’s mind is full of this kind of thinking, and she can’t let the young master do anything if she died.

“Enjoy life. You don’t have a few days. How long you can live depends on the mood of Black Rose. She is in a good mood and allows you to live until the fifth day. In a bad mood, after tonight, tomorrow will make you dead. OK.” Shidao Lee smiled. He thought this game was very interesting. Why is Chuck Cannon not happy at all? There is really no game spirit, Shidao Lee laughed.

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