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“Then I’ll go first, no one should stop me? It’s okay, I will still give a bullet for half a million dollars, as much as you want, does anyone want it?” Shidao Lee smiled and said, this kind of compassion Heart, irritated everyone present!

They were all trained by Karen Lee personally, and they would protect Chuck Cannon to the death! At this time, Shidao Lee actually wanted to kill Young Master! Within five days!

This is torturing the young master! !

“Go to you!”

A bloody man charged up, Shidao Lee sneered at the corner of his mouth, bang! A bullet came from a place mercilessly at the moment this big man moved!

Puff! The blood came out!

The big man fell to the ground in a cold sweat, in extreme pain, and he was shot in the leg.

Shidao Lee glanced at him and waved his hand unhappily, “Don’t rubbish like you let out and waste my half-million dollars, Chuck Cannon, enjoy the last five days.”

Shidao Lee is leaving!

“Master, let us kill him! We are not afraid of death!!”

“Yes, Master, we are not afraid of death!!”

These people around Chuck Cannon roared one after another!

Chuck Cannon looked at them and he could see the black rose outside. It was possible to shoot ten bullets in one second. How could more than one hundred people be hit by this black rose with bare hands?

A gun is a gun, and a human body can never hold it.

“Young Master.” Betty’s face was pale, she was shot and it hurt, but it didn’t matter, she had to protect Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon shook his head. If she couldn’t fight like this, she might be half-dead or injured in an instant.

Chuck Cannon could feel that the gun outside was so cold.

“Really smart, Black Rose’s marksmanship is unparalleled in the world! No one is an opponent! Anyone of you moves, bullets will be shot into your body! Can you hold it? Hehe,” Shidao Lee smiled and walked outside.


He turned his head and stopped because there was a gunshot outside.

Chuck Cannon heard it, Betty heard it, and everyone else heard it too, all silent! !

Shidao Lee narrowed his eyes. Outside, on the wall where Black Rose was standing just now, there was a bullet mark!

Someone just attacked Black Rose with a gun?

Shidao Lee felt cold, who is this person? If Black Rose can suffer, this person is definitely not an ordinary person. Is Karen Lee back? Impossible, she is still in the United States and has no time to come over!

So who is this person?


Another bullet hit the place of the black rose, and the blue eyes of the black rose shot a cold light. This person actually found out where she was, which was a bit interesting.

She stood up, pulled the trigger, and the bullet hit another place!


The bullet hit the wall, and the black rose’s blue eyes stared because the person on the other side was also a woman.

With a gun in her hand, she is very calm.

Black Rose became interested, this woman is a little capable, and she can actually make a few moves with herself.


A bullet hit the wall next to Shidao Lee. The bullet shot out fly ash. Shidao Lee didn’t even jump his eyes. He turned to look, “Oh, who did I was thinking it was? It turned out to be you. It’s been a long time since I saw you. Beautiful,”

This woman is Logan!

That’s right, it was her. She knew Shidao Lee’s movements, and even more about what he wanted to do, so she came here, and she was truly armed!

When Chuck Cannon saw the outside, he was moved in his heart. When did Aunt Logan come over?

Could it be that Logan has been here, but she didn’t know it?

Betty was also surprised, why did Logan come?

“Such a good game, I think I want to participate too,” Logan said.

“Hehe, you want to participate, how do you participate?” Shidao Lee smiled slightly, indifferently.

“You give Chuck Cannon five days, I also give you five days, if I killed you, is this game fun?” Logan’s beautiful eyes appeared coldly.

“Play with me? Huh? Is this a joke?” Shidao Lee smiled naturally.

He knew Logan’s strength, and he couldn’t deal with her himself!

“No, five days’ time, today doesn’t count, you can go back and rest now,” Logan said.

Shidao Lee frowned, “Black Rose, half a million dollars a bullet, I didn’t restrain you.”


When a bullet was shot out, Logan squatted down a long time ago, and the bullet was shot empty. She pointed the muzzle to Black Rose, and the two of them shot like this.

This is a real gun battle, a hundred times more dangerous than the movie!

In a blink of an eye, the two-shot each other more than ten rounds.

The people outside have been dumbfounded, what is this sound? Set off firecrackers? ?

After paying the money and getting the jade bracelet, Kristen walked out. She was about to drive away. Suddenly she saw a woman in the corner who was beaten up. Isn’t this the lady who just bid with her?

Kristen felt a little funny, and her mood suddenly improved a lot. This kind of person should be controlled like this.

Kristen was about to leave when she heard the gunshot suddenly, she was stunned. What happened?

Logan was very serious. The black rose’s marksmanship was so powerful that she was completely unable to do so.

Shidao Lee smiled.

“Master, we…” Someone seized this opportunity to take action against Shidao Lee, Chuck Cannon wanted to speak, thinking it was an opportunity.

Chuck Cannon asked them to shoot, but the gun rang again. Someone was shot and fell to the ground with pain and grunting. Chuck Cannon stared at the black rose outside. This woman was too powerful. She immediately made people stop. This black rose will seize the opportunity. Fire a dark gun.

Shidao Lee calmly said, “Logan, if you want to play games with me, I can accompany you!”

Stop the gunfight!

“You can’t stay with me. You’ll die in five days.” Logan was a kind of outburst of cold. Shidao Lee treated Chuck Cannon like this, she wanted to kill him now, but Black Rose’s gun was pointed at Chuck at the same time. Strategy!

If she fired herself, then Black Rose would shoot Chuck Cannon as well. If it was herself, she would bet, but this involved Chuck Cannon, she didn’t dare to bet.

“Then wait and see!” Shidao Lee smiled, “Black Rose, I invite you to drink, let’s go!”

Black Rose stared at Logan and said in English, “Don’t mess around, or I will kill you first!”

Logan didn’t move.

“Don’t worry, she’s not willing to kill me, let’s go! After drinking today, then you have to work, remember, five days.” Shidao Lee walked outside, Chuck Cannon stared at him!

Shidao Lee left safely, as did Black Rose.

Chuck Cannon asked the people who were shot to go for treatment first. They do not need to go to the hospital. They have a professional team of doctors.

Chuck Cannon had to ask people to take out the bullets from Betty immediately, and Logan brought up a box with a gun inside.

“Aunt Logan.” Chuck Cannon was moved to the extreme. He couldn’t wait to hug Logan, but there were too many people, she herself should not want to.

“Chuck, are you okay?” Logan cared.

“It’s okay, but Sister Li.” Chuck Cannon saw that Betty’s blood was flowing so much. Logan immediately took out the dagger and gave Betty a needle. First, Betty was anaesthetized, and then Logan took out the bullet for Betty. Thanks for the tedious process. , But Logan was too proficient, and she finished quickly, bandaging Betty.

Betty’s face recovered a bit, at least it didn’t hurt so much.

“Chuck, Betty will protect you, so be careful.” Logan carried the box. She was going to follow Shidao Lee. Otherwise, it would be difficult to kill him in five days. If you kill Shidao Lee soon, then Chuck, the policy is safe, Logan must take the risk for Chuck Cannon.

Just for him.

“Aunt Logan, what are you going to do?” Chuck Cannon took Logan and didn’t let her go. Logan’s expression was serious. Logan smiled slightly, “I’m going to kill, Chuck, you want to stay with me. Won’t you let me go.”

“Don’t go, it’s dangerous!” Chuck Cannon would definitely not let him. How could a dangerous person like Shidao Lee be so easy to kill? It is not that Chuck Cannon doesn’t believe Logan, but he is worried about Logan.

If Logan is in trouble, then Chuck Cannon will be guilty for a lifetime.

“Chuck, be good, I’ll kill Shidao Lee, Chuck, you will be safe,” Logan said softly. Chuck is really like that, a simple good boy. Not willing to be yourself?

“Aunt Logan, don’t leave now,” Chuck Cannon felt that Logan had to do this, so she had to take a long-term view, otherwise it would be easy for something to happen.

“Well, anyway, the game won’t start until tomorrow. I haven’t played a game for a long time, but Chuck, you can rest assured that I will protect your safety by playing the game,” Logan smiled slightly, very charming.

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