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Chapter 388: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 388 Will You Come to My Wedding?

“Jingyan is going to get married, but I’m not the bride.”

Ziying looked helpless, she still dreamed that Jingyan would marry her someday in the future. The woman he loved was her but not Yiyao.

But now he was going to marry that woman! Although she didn’t believe this, she knew that she might have no chance anymore.

“He doesn’t belong to you, listen to my words. I’ll find a better man for you!”

Mr. Duan caressed Ziying’s hair, she was very outraged now.

Then, Ziying shook her head in his arms and said, “Dad, it’s hard for me to forget him for I love him so much.”

Hearing this, Mr. Duan was anxious, “He is going to get married, you can do nothing.”

“No, since he is not married yet, everything is possible.”

“What do you want to do?” Mr. Duan knew her well, he understood her thought by merely a glance.

“You are my only daughter, please don’t do anything silly!”

Ziying clenched her fist, as if she didn’t hear her father’s words, then she said, “I have to seize my love and I won’t resigned to it.”


After investigating for a few days, Jingyan found that the designer almost had no weakness. She was a very self-disciplined person, so it was only two days before the wedding that he found out her weaknesses.

Her mother was seriously ill, he could tell it from the door of the ward even though he was not a doctor.

Originally, he could do nothing, since she had a weakness now, he could take advantage of this opportunity.

Her mother was particularly fond of listening to music, especially the song of an old singer. However, that singer hadn’t sung for years.

Her dream was to hear the live of that singer. However, the singer was too old to sing in public.

Fortunately, Kerry knew the singer, and Jingyan tried his best to invite her to sing for the old patient.

Jingyan drove to the hospital. When they arrived, the designer hadn’t come yet, so they started to prepare for the performance.

“Who are you?” The old patient stared at Jingyan fearlessly.

Jingyan checked the stereo without raising his head and answered, “I’m here to help you.”

An hour later, the designer arrived. As soon as she saw Jingyan, she suddenly grew sullen and asked, “Why are you here?”

“That’s not important, what matters most is the purpose of my presence.” Then he walked out and invited Yiyao and the old singer to the ward.

“You …… you are ……” The patient was very excited that she couldn’t speak fluently. Her idol was standing in front of her!

The old singer quickly went over and held her hand, “Just lie on the bed, I come here to sing for you.”

“Is this true?” The patient couldn’t believe it and turned to look at the designer, “Daughter, give me a pinch and see whether I’m dreaming or not.”

“Mom, it’s true, you’re not dreaming!” Seeing that her mother was happy, the designer smiled as well.

“No, just give a pinch, I can’t believe it!”

Thus, the designer gave her a light pinch and said, “How is it, is it a dream?”

After feeling the pain on her hands, the patient smiled happily, “It’s true, it’s not a dream!”

The old singer was also touched by this scene. She took the microphone and cleared her throat and started singing.

Hearing the sound, people all walked out of their wards and gathered in the corridor. They wanted to know who was singing.

After singing a few songs, the old singer coughed and said apologetically, “Sorry, I catch a cold recently and can’t sing too much, but I’m really grateful for your appreciation. It’s my honor!”

“It’s okay, you should take care of yourself.” Although a bit reluctant, the patient bade a farewell to the singer.

Seeing this, Yiyao was a bit moved and leaned on Jingyan’s shoulder. When turning back, Jingyan found that she was crying.

“Is this touching?” Jingyan couldn’t understand it and asked.

“Of course, don’t you think so?” Yiyao wiped the tears with her hand and continued, “It is touching enough that one can see her idol after so many years.”

Jingyan said nothing. Then the singer walked out followed by the designer.

“Mr. Ye, thank you!” As soon as she walked out, she bowed at Jingyan.

“It’s a piece of cake.” Jingyan waved his hand, I just heard that there was a patient who kept singing in hospital. So I wanted to help her.

“Mr. Ye.” When Jingyan and Yiyao was about to leave, the designer suddenly asked, which made Jingyan felt a bit confused.

“I know your purpose and I don’t want to delay your wedding, it’s just that I’m a perfectionist, so I can’t let it go.”

“Well, then I’ll just say to the point, will you sell the wedding dress to us?”

“I ……” The designer looked back at her mother who was extremely happy and replied somewhat helpless, “Well, I can sell it to you.”

Jingyan had done her a big favour. Except the wedding dress, she could do nothing to repay him.

“Fine.” Jingyan opened the car door and asked Yiyao to get on.

It was until this moment that Yiyao realized it and quickly got on passenger’s seat.

Then, the singer also got on and so did the designer.

“What do you want?” The designer was a little annoyed and asked, “Just tell me when do you need it?”

“We’ll come to your studio this afternoon, just prepare the wedding dress for us.”

“That’s it?” The designer felt a little incredulous, she thought they would have some other demands.

“Yes.” Jingyan nodded gently.

The car kept parking there. The designer felt strange, when would they leave? After a while, all the people on the car stared at her. It was then she realized that and said, “I’m sorry.” Then she got off.

Jingyan nodded to her and then drove away. Since the wedding dress was prepared, all Yiyao needed to do was wait.

Yiyao held her phone, not knowing what to do. Jun was calling her. When she first decided to get married, she had called him, however, he didn’t like Jingyan and quickly hung up the phone before she could finish her words.

After hesitating for a while, she decided to call him again, and after waiting for a moment, he answered the phone.

“Hello?” Yiyao heard no voice, so she asked faintly, then she heard a cough.


“What?” Jun answered in a low voice, and didn’t say anything, it seemed that he was waiting for Yiyao.

Yiyao didn’t know what to say, after a while, she continued, “Dad, will you come to my wedding the day after tomorrow?”

Although she knew it was inappropriate to ask such a question for a father should attend his daughter’s wedding. However, since the groom was Jingyan, she could only ask like this.

Jun was silent for a long time. If it wasn’t for the occasional training sounds from the other side, Yiyao would have thought that he had hung up the phone.

She kept waiting and then Jun asked, “Have you made up your mind?”

“Well, I’m prepared for it.” Almost at the same time, Yiyao answered.

Since they decided to get married, there shouldn’t be any hesitation. She had missed a lot due to the ear disease. She loved Jingyan and he was willing to accept her. They would lead a happy life in the future.

“Well.” Jun sighed, “Since you are happy, I can do nothing, I’ll come tomorrow.”

“Thank you dad!” Yiyao was relieved, Jun’s blessing was the best present for her.

After hanging up the phone, she turned to look at Jingyan, then she smiled happily.

“Why are you so happy?” Jingyan thought Yiyao felt glad to see him, so he smiled as well.

Of course Yiyao knew what he was thinking, so she pouted and said, “Don’t be narcissistic, many things can make me happy!”

“Really?” Jingyan sat beside her, “So, just tell me.”

“Of course it’s the wedding.”

Yiyao said in a quick manner, and quickly stopped when she realized it.

Hearing this, Jingyan looked at her happily, “It’s definitely because of me.”

“No! I haven’t finished, why do you interrupt me?”

“Well, just continue.” Jingyan looked gently and waited her to finish the words.

Yiyao, however, got goosebumps. She knew that whatever she said, Jingyan would think it was because of him.

Of course he was not the reason for her father’s agreement. Jun didn’t like Jingyan, or they shouldn’t wait for so long.

“My dad agrees to come to our wedding.” Yiyao’s eyes were filled with shines. All those gloom disappeared.

Seeing that Yiyao was happy, Jingyan smiled as well, “That’s fine, when will he arrive? I’ll go pick him up.”

“Well, I’ll go.” Yiyao refused Jingyan directly, her father already didn’t like Jingyan, if he didn’t see her, then he would feel unhappy. That was not what she wanted.

“Fine, let’s go together.” Jingyan could do nothing but hugged her.

The next day, after dressing for a while, Yiyao got into Jingyan’s car. They received the phone call two hours ago when Jun boarded on the plane. He must be arrived soon.

It was better for them to wait at the airport.

When they arrived, Jingyan made a call to Jun, but the phone was still turned off.

“He must be on the plane now, let’s wait in the car.” Jingyan turned to Yiyao who was lying on the passenger seat.

Yiyao snorted, “Well, I want to take a snap, awake me when he arrives.”


Jingyan took off his jacket to cover he and caressed her hair.


Yiyao didn’t know how long she slept, but when Jingyan shook her up, she found many people walking out of the airport. Then she became anxious.

“God, why doesn’t dad call us?” Then she was about to open the door and got off. After seeing that Jingyan was still calm and relaxed, she asked a bit anxious, “What are you waiting for?”

Jingyan smiled and said calmly, “Uncle said he just got off the plane and is probably getting his luggage now, so we don’t need to be in a hurry.”

“You ……” Yiyao pointed at Jingyan and didn’t know what to say. How could he keep silent and make her feel anxious?

“All right, let’s go.” Seeing that, Yiyao was a bit sullen, Jingyan stopped joking and walked over to her.

From a distance, Yiyao saw a strong man walking out, she raised her head and was a bit excited. Then she quickly ran over and said, “Dad.”

Seeing Yiyao, Jun also felt excited and said, “You look thinner.”

Since Yiyao left the training ground without any reason, he hadn’t seen her for several months. Although he was not a helicopter parent, he still missed her.

Yiyao thought that Jun would be very angry, but to her amazement, Jun didn’t blame her at all. Her eyes became moist.

“Let’s go home first.” Seeing that Yiyao was about to cry, Jingyan quickly said.

Jun looked at Jingyan but said nothing, then he looked at Yiyao again and said, “Let’s go.”

Jingyan gave way for Jun and held Yiyao in his arms and said, “It’s the black car at the entrance.”

Jun didn’t turn back and just gave them a gesture. Then he walked ahead, although looked indifferent, he was actually moved.

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