Chapter 389 – 390: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 389: Kill the brothers for glory

“I’m not leaving, either!” “You can’t forget your roots. If I die, so what? I’ll be a hero again after 18 years anyway.”

“Exactly, tenth brother is right. If we escape, we’ll lose our dignity, too…”

Tu Yan’s words were recognized by others.

They were all firm and unyeilding men; loyalty and righteousness were deep in their hearts.

“You… You…”

Tieshan was speechless, why did they still choose to die knowing there’s no way to survive?

Ants value their own lives, let alone human beings?

If they chose to die, then so be it. Anyway, he wouldn’t die along with them!

Tieshan gritted his teeth and was about to leave!

Right at this time, a majestic pressure fell from the sky and covered them in an instant.

Everyone’s hairs all stood up in an instant, as if an enemy was coming.

Then a middle-aged man with a dignified face fell from the sky with a long sword!

It was no one else; it was Tianxiong Ning.

“Flying with the sword, is he a strong man in the Pill Condensation Stage?”

Tieshan was shocked and retreated to the back of the others.

It’s said that the strong man in the Primal Spirit State which was above the Pill Condensation Stage could take the enemy’s head from thousands of miles away. This extraordinary capability was really terrifying.

In the dark, Kris’s eyes brightened. He also saw the sword flying!

Wasn’t that amazing?

He had to acquire the skill! He thought.

Although Kris could fly without a sword, who wouldn’t have a heart to be a sword fairy?

After he learned how to fly with the sword, he would only have to say, “Come here, sword!”

He felt thrilled even thinking about it.

“You rebellious rats of Yuan family, do you think you can get away easily with killing so many people of mine?”

Tianxiong said murderously.

With ten armed people breaking into the city Lord’s house, it could be said that Tiangang Yuan deserved his name of a rebel!

“Go ahead and kill us, why so much bullshit?”

Tu took up two big axes and glared at Tianxiong. “If you are wise enough, let the master of our house go. Otherwise, I will cut off your stupid head with the axe in my hand.”

Tianxiong showed a calm face, and the long sword shrank into an ordinary sword.

He held the handle of the sword and waved it gently. A red sword spirit flew out. Tu’s face changed greatly, and he waved his axes which gave out two streams of rough spirit.

But what he didn’t expect was that the two flashes of rough spirit met Tianxiong’s sword spirit and disappeared directly. The hot waves of air came to his face.

Tu tried his best to raise the axes to parry, but the axes got sliced by the sword from the middle.

The remaining sword spirit went through the thick axes and directly opened a ferocious and terrifying wound on Tu’s body. His bones and beating viscera could even be seen.


Tu flew backwards and spat blood!

How… How could this be possible? He was too strong to be true, wasn’t he?

At the time when the people were shocked, the garrison of the city Lord’s house rushed over and surrounded them!

Tu spat three mouthful of blood, and swallowed the healing Pills in the storing Ring given by Tianxiong.

The overwhelming power of the medicine instantly spread, and the wound soon stopped bleeding.

It was the second time he had been rifled. If it should happen again, he would not be so lucky as this time.

Tu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stood up from the ground.

“Well, I’ll give you a chance to survive. Kneel on the ground, kowtow and confess your mistakes, and then go to encircle Yuan’s mansion. I’ll let bygones be bygones, and I’ll let you be the guards of the city Lord’s house!”

“Damn you! Who do you think you are?”

Tu spat blood and said, “Being a dog of someone like you, I have no face to see my ancestors when I die!”

“You are dying but you are still playing cool.”

Tianxiong sneered, “Well then, go to hell!”

As soon as the words fell, a spear came out from their backs.

With the whistling sound, before people realized what happened, a long spear stuck into the three people’s body. Deep red blood drops dropped on the floor from the sharp point of the spear with broken visceral pieces hanging.

Tu was shocked, and his anger overruled his reason. His eyes became red, “Third brother, forth brother, fifth brother!”

“Tieshan, you son of a bitch, you betraying, ungrateful greedy coward! You betrayed us!”

Tu screamed, picked up the weapons scattering on the ground and attacked Tieshan frantically.

The wound that hadn’t grown well was thus broken again and blood started to spray out.

He didn’t care. His brothers, who had been going though ups and downs with him for decades, were killed by their big brother. How could he bear it!

Tieshan sneered and pulled out the long spear, which directly pierced the hearts of the three people, and even God could not save them!

“Tieshan, you son of a bitch, damn you!”

The second brother burst out crying and smashed the big hammer toward Tieshan.


The weapons collided and sparks were splashing!

A huge force rebound directly caused second brother to fly backwards.

“You… How come you still have so much strength? It’s impossible!”

“Are you… Are you…”

“Yes, I have retained my strength. I have already broken through to the Later period of the Back-to-self stage since a few months ago!”

Tieshan sneered, “It was you who kept fight just now. I was just watching the show.”

“Why are you doing this?”

The second brother said with great heartache.

“Give me another ten years, I can definitely break through the Pill Condensation Stage. Why do I have to die here?”

Tieshan released his icy spirit and said, “Die! You fools!”

The second brother was exhausted. At the moment, he couldn’t stop Tieshan at all. Hundreds of strong ice cones pierced his body and left a lot of holes.

“Second brother!”

“Tieshan, you scum bag, I will let you suffer when I become a ghost!”

Finishing saying that, his eyes lost lights. Second brother fell on the ground weakly.

“Hahaha… Interesting, just so interesting!”

Tianxiong laughed, “Well, those who know what’s right are heroes. As long as you kill all these people, I’ll let bygones be bygones, and I’ll make you a general guarding the city!”

“Thank you, Lord. I’ll die for you!”

Tieshan was overjoyed. The remaining five were exhausted. How could they be his opponents.

Long sword sweeping, ice cones pierced their bodies and blood spattered. Tu watched his brothers fall in front of him one by one, but there’s nothing he could do.

“Tieshan, I’ll kill you a thousand times…”

“Ha ha ha… Blame yourself! your are so reckless! Your so-called loyalty kill the brothers!”

Tieshan looked like a madman. “I have been serving the Yuan Family all my life. Why do you want to force me to be loyal? I just want to survive. Is it wrong that I want to live?”

Tieshan was more ruthless this time, and soon there were only he and Tu left.

Tu’s chest moved up and down violently, and the wound on his chest cracked. Magical as the Healing Pills were, it had lost its power in the process of healing and breaking again and again.

Tu lay down on the ground, with a pale face, “What I regret most in my life is that I didn’t see through your disguise. Betraying our master is an act of unfaithfulness; betraying your brothers is betraying our brotherhood; and killing brothers is an act of inhumanity. Heaven will not let you get away since you are unfaithful, unkind and unjust! “

Tieshan laughed as if he had heard some funny jokes from Tu. “Have you ever heard a saying that good people don’t live long, and bad people live for thousands of years. If God had eyes, why would there be so many bad people in the world?”

After saying that, he raised the long spear with dripping blood, and held it against Tu’s neck. “Tenth brother, of the ten brothers, we are the most alike in temperaments, and only you would listen to me. The remaining eight people respect me as an elder brother on the surface, but they look down on me in private.”

“I really don’t want to kill you. I can ask the city Lord for mercy. You kneel down and confess to the city Lord. Then follow me to encircle Yuan’s mansion. The city Lord is broad-minded and will certainly forget the past.”


Tu spat on Tieshan’s face. “Be a man! Why have you chosen to be a dog? If your mother knows your doings now, she would climb out of the coffin and scold you for being an unfilial son!”

Tieshan’s face turned purple. “Since you want to die so much, I’ll help you!”

“Ha ha ha, come on, you hypocrite. I just hate that I can’t kill you in person to avenge the brothers!”

Tu used all his strength to roar, “God, don’t let this scum go, or I’ll never rest in peace…”


Tieshan raised his spear and was about to stab Tu’s head with one strike. Right at this moment, he suddenly stopped and rolled his eyes, like a dead fish.

“Bang Bang!”

The spear dropped on the floor and Tieshan fell forward, breathless!

The sudden change made everyone confused.

Tianxiong was greatly. What in the world was going on?

That’s weird!

A guard came to check, only to find that Tieshan was dead.

He died in the same way that Kang Ning died.

“Is it God’s punishment that took his life?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. There are so many injustices in the world. God doesn’t have enough time to take care of them all.”

The soldiers whispered and uneasiness spread through the crowd.

The unknown was the most terrible!

“All quiet!”

Seeing the soldiers get panicked, Tianxiong hummed coldly, “Who is hiding in the dark; get your ass out of there quickly!”

When he said this, his hand holding the handle of the sword turned white.

Obviously, he was not calm at this time, either!

Chapter 390: A hero should kill

“Ha ha ha, the Senior who is hiding in the dark, don’t come out!”

Tu Yan laughed loudly, “Kill all these dogs! Don’t give them a chance to attack us.”

It’s highly likely that the man in the dark killed Kang Ning secretly and the Yuan Family was thus implicated.

However, Tu didn’t hate him. What Kang had done arose a lot of anger and resentment. Since Tiangang Yuan became a city patrol envoy, he had been wanting to chop Kang’s head off with his sword several times.

If it had not been for the Yuan Family, Kang would have died already.

But even so, the Yuan Family still carried a lot of blame for Kang.

T here must be more people who scold the Yuan Family than those who praise it.

“It’s better to kill this damn Tianxiong, and get rid of the evil for the people. The people of Wuwei City had long suffered from him.”

In Wuwei City, Tianxiong was fiercer than beasts!

Tianxiong’s fierce temperament made his whole body shudder, and he made a wind at the guard beside him. Then the guard trembled all over, and there was panic in his eyes.

He knew exactly that Tianxiong wanted him to kill Tu for him. but… the person in the dark seemed to have some demon skills, and he could kill people without being noticed. If he attacked Tu, it’s possible that the man in the dark would attack him.

“Do it, now!”

Tianxiong’s voice kept ringing in his brain. When he looked at the pair of brutal eyes, the guard was scared to death.

His family was still under Tianxiong’s surveillance, if he didn’t follow his order, then his family would be implicated!

A stream of determination flashed through the guard’s eyes. He took out the long sword, quietly raised it and chopped towards Tu.


As soon as the long sword in his hand was raised, it was knocked down to the ground. His eyes turned over like the dead fish’s eyes, and he fell to the ground weakly, breathless.


This scene once again shocked the soldiers, and everyone was haunted with a sense of fear for death.

They all stepped back, afraid to be the next target!

Tianxiong’s pupils shrank. He didn’t feel any fluctuation of fairy aura, nor did he feel the movement and stillness when martial skills were performed. Everything was so quiet and in peace.

Whoever he was, he must have used the forbidden method of incantation. Or that person’s status was higher than his.

Damn it, why did he provoke this terrible thing?

The killing in his heart turned into fear.

In Devil Land, the strong would eat the weak with no mercy.

Secretly, Kris Chen sighed that the Knife of Divine Spiritual Power was really a good weapon to use, and it could kill people invisibly.

He looked at Tu who was lying on the floor, knowing that Tu was going to die if he kept watching and doing nothing.

Strange to say, he was quite angry when Tu gave him a hard time that day.

But today, seeing that Tu would rather die than surrender, Kris was impressed about his loyalty and courage.

This reminded him of Tianba Li!

How’s everything going with him on the earth?

The world was too cold and dark; with such a good virtue, Tu was indeed one of a kind. The whole incident began because of him, so he should also be the one to end it.

“Tianxiong, do you really want to see me? Well, as you wish.”

The voice suddenly came and the people were so surprised. There was panic in their eyes.

Tianxiong held the Genuine Yang Sword in his hand, and felt confident in his heart.

At this time, in the sky on the right, a man with a mask came down slowly.

He came down from above, as if there were ladders in the air.


Everyone took a cold breath!

Walking in the void, what kind of Stage is this?

Tianxiong was in a big shock. Walking in the air like walking on the ground, although he could remain still in the air, he absolutely could not do it so easily like Kris.

This showed that the Stage of the visitor must be higher than that of him!

Tianxiong didn’t dare to act rashly, and he didn’t even dare to point his sword at Kris, for fear that his move would cause displeasure to Kris.

Wearing a mask and a black suit, Kris walked to Tu step by step.

“Senior… You…”

Tu’s face was pale and he was worried.

“Don’t talk!”

Kris took out a Healing Pill from the storing Ring with nine propitious clouds on, and threw it into Tu’s mouth.


A steady stream of power spread in his body to repair the injured viscera and wounds.

This medicine was really powerful, only after a few minutes, Tu’s wound stopped deteriorating.

“Lie down and rest for a while, and then leave the rest to me. With me here, no one could hurt you!”

Said Kris in a slightly hoarse voice.

“Thank you, Senior!”

“Mate, why do you stand out for the Yuan Family?”

Tianxiong knew it clearly that the mysterious masked man in front of him must have something to do with the Yuan Family, and Kang was definitely killed by him.

But he didn’t dare to attack because he was not sure of it.

“Just cut the crap!”

Kris sneered, “I’m not here to talk with you. Just take the Family Head of the Yuan Family out. Otherwise, don’t blame me for my ruthlessness!”

If Tianxiong flinched in front of so many people, he would be too embarrassed to be the city lord!

“What if I don’t?” he said stiffly.

“That’s easy. Just let me kill you!”

Kris was too lazy to talk nonsense. In fact, he would like to fight.

Tianxiong was of the Pill-Condensation Stage. He would like to see how it was compared to the Heaven-human-oneness stage of the earth!

This time, instead of using the Knife of Divine Spiritual Power, he summoned The dagger: kill Qin.

Seeing the weapons in Kris’s hand, Tianxiong’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light.

Kris didn’t choose the method that killed people in an invisible way It was either because the method was limited or it might consume a lot of energy.

Tianxiong thought that he had guessed the truth, so he had more confidence.

“I don’t care who you are. If you are with the Yuan Family, you have committed the crime of treason.”

Tianxiong added in a loud voice, “Tell me, Did you kill my son Kang Ning?”

Kris was really annoyed. If he wanted to fight, then just fight! What were all those nonsense about!

“Yes, I killed him. Come and take revenge on me, if you can!”

Kris was impatient!

Hearing the words, Tianxiong’s face turned dark, and his fierce murderous spirit was boiling again. “I appreciate your courage. Go get him!”

On hearing the order, thousands of soldiers rushed over!

“Huge-crowd strategy, want to exhaust me?”

Kris was fearless and aggressive.

The dagger: kill Qin shook in his hand. It had been silent for too long.

It even forgot when it last drank blood.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you kill as you want in a short moment!”


Kris used the floating skill and rushed into the crowd directly. Instead of using the precious Fairy Aura, he fought with them with his pure physical strength!

The dagger: kill Qin killed the enemies one by one, and the boundless resentment was absorbed by the dagger: kill Qin.

The dagger: kill Qin was glowing red lights. It could be enhanced infinitely as long as it absorbed enough resentment!

“Kill, kill, kill! A real man should kill! “

“Immortality lies in killing.”

Kris was like a ghost reaping people’s lives in the crowd!

Whether the Innate-Power Stage, The return-to-nature stage or the Back-to-self Stage couldn’t defeat him at all.

He intentionally wanted to test the strength of his body, so he showed many weak points on purpose. Long dagger, sword and axe were chopped on his back, chest and even neck, but he was still unhurt!

Tianxiong hid behind the weapons and watched the scene. He was greatly shocked. This… how strong was Kris’s body! Even weapons couldn’t hurt him!

How powerful the Henglian Martial Art was!

No, we should say, it’s pure physical strength!

He couldn’t help but think of a group of special practitioners, the Physical Practicers!

The Physical Practicers only practiced the body instead of the spirit. Their bodies were comparable to precious tools, spiritual tools, and even some of them are comparable to Taoist tools!

One punch and one kick could contain great power!

At this time, Kris was alone. By virtue of his physical body, he unarmed the soldiers and guards of the city Lord’s house. Only during a cup of tea’s time, hundreds of lives were taken by him!

When Kris sang the murderer’s song, Tianxiong was more shocked.

“Once there was a tough guy; he valued justice; he killed people in a blink of an eye and he weighed lighter than a feather!”

“He was a hero; he killed people like killing ants. He was everywhere; and he was praised for his swords!”

With each word coming out, The dagger: kill Qin would take one life!

No, if it went on like this, all his soldiers would be killed by Kris!

He clenched his teeth and read a sword formula. The Genuine Yang Sword soared several times in an instant. The body of the sword was filled with the intense Genuine Energy, and the surrounding air was roasted and twisted by high temperature.


The Genuine Yang Sword flew quietly into the crowd. In order not to let Kris sense it, he even killed his own soldiers in front of the Genuine Yang Sword.

“Puff, puff, puff…!”

The Genuine Yang Sword stabbed one soldier after another, getting closer and closer to Kris.

However, Kris was really immersed in the pleasure of killing people at this time, and did not notice the danger quietly coming!

Tianxiong was overjoyed. However strong Kris’s physical strength was, there was no possibility of resisting the power of the Genuine Yang Sword, which was a Divine Weapon!

Just as the Genuine Yang Sword was about to hit Kris, he suddenly turned around with madness in his eyes.

His Divine Spiritual Power had already firmly locked Tianxiong, and his every move was under the surveillance of Kris.

He wanted to test how powerful his body was!


Tianxiong was ecstatic, but the next second, he was stunned!

“No, it’s impossible; it’s absolutely impossible!”

Tianxiong shook his head and couldn’t believe what he saw!

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