Chapter 39 – 40: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 39: She doesn’t deserve to be in my good graces.

When Kerry went downstairs, John immediately brought a glass of water over and respectfully said, “Dr. Han is very excellent. Mrs. Ye will be okay. You don’t need to worry too much about her.”

Kerry took it and drank the water in one gulp. Suddenly he frowned, “Did I say I was worried about that woman? She’s just a plaything that I paid for.”

John shook his head and laughed, “Obviously, you care about her. Why do you deny it?”

“I care about her?” Kerry darkened, “No, I don’t care about her at all.”

If he cared for Venus, the only reason was that he was afraid she would die and then he couldn’t find Tianye Mu.

John didn’t say anything, just sighed. Then he noticed a man standing at the door. The person was Hao Nangong.

“Hello, Mr. Nangong.” John immediately raised his voice. Then he said to Kerry, “He is at the door.”

Kerry immediately looked towards the door. Hao Nangong walked in with a smile, “I’m not disturbing you, right?”

Kerry gave him a sidelong glance, “If I say you are bothering me, will you leave immediately?”

Hao Nangong smiled and shook his head, walking over to the couch across from Kerry and sitting down, “I’m afraid I won’t.”

“Then why did you ask me?” Kerry laughed.

John left. He was to prepare the tea. The two men looked at each other. Kerry narrowed his eyes and asked, “You don’t come here to visit me, do you?”

He still clearly remembered the scene when Hao Nangong hugged Venus.

Hao laughed lightly. He and Kerry have been friends for years. The two of them understand each other well.

He said, “Of course not. I just want to know how you will deal with that woman.”

“Are you here to see if she’s dead? Or are you trying to save her?” Kerry asked rhetorically. He was a little angry when he thought that Hao was interested in Venus.

“Is there a difference between the two questions?” Hao smiled, “I’m just a little curious about your real purpose of marring Venus.”

“It’s nothing to be curious about. No matter what my purpose is, she’s my wife now. You’d better stay away from her” Kerry said baldly.

“I’ve never known that you care so much about a woman. I come here because I am curious about what you did to her, and now I’m even more curious.” Hao laughed, “With so many women around me, do you think I still need a woman?”

Hao Nangong is a famous playboy in Sky city. He always changes his girlfriend like changing clothes. As his good friend, Kerry knows him well. Hearing him say this, Kerry felt much better. A woman like Venus Mu didn’t deserve Hao’s interest in her.

“What did I do to her? She doesn’t deserve to be in my good graces. I wouldn’t have married her if it wasn’t for finding Tianye Mu.” said Kerry.

Now Dr. Han was treating Venus. He suddenly remembered that she hugged Zihang Lyu when she was at the Mu family villa.

“This woman is a bitch. She has a lover before marriage and wants to date another man after marriage.” said Kerry angrily.

Hao was surprised at Kerry’s attitude when he was talking about Venus. He was disdainful and despicable towards her. When he talked about Venus, it was if he was saying something disgusting.

“What happened to her?” Hao asked.

“Why do you care so much about her?” Kerry narrowed his eyes and said.

Chapter 40: Unsatisfactory married life

Hao Nangong was puzzled at first, and then he waved his hand. “My concern is not for her but for you. It seems that your married life isn’t harmonious.” He laughed

“It’s none of your business.” Kerry frowned. “My marriage to her is only temporary. The person I really want to marry is…” Kerry stopped.

As Kerry said, he suddenly thought of the night half a month ago. The woman he’d met in room 1026 of the CK International Hotel. She lost her virginity to him, and then she left in a hurry.

But the woman left a design. He must have frightened her. Kerry would find her and make it up to her.

Kerry didn’t finish his words. Hao wondered what he was going to say. He hadn’t heard that Kerry liked or wanted some woman. But his tone indicated that he had a woman he liked, and that woman wasn’t Venus.

Thinking about it, Hao asked, “You meet a woman you like?”

Kerry frowned. After thinking about it, he said, “I don’t know if I like her, but I want her.”

Hao didn’t understand the difference between wanting her and liking her, but he was glad the woman wasn’t Venus.

“Who is she? Do I know her?” Hao asked hurriedly.

Kerry was silent and shook his head.

Hao was a little impatient. “What do you mean? We’ve been friends for years. Why can’t you tell me?” He said

Kerry looked up at him, thinking of that night. “Actually, I don’t know who she is.”

“Why?” Hao was confused, “What do you mean?”

Just at this moment, Henry Zhang walked in from outside. As soon as he saw Kerry, he immediately went forward and said, “Mr. Ye, I’ve sent people to search for her in various universities in Sky city for the past few days. I haven’t found her yet. But I have the target area.”

Kerry didn’t speck and nodded.

“Who are you looking for?” Hao asked.

Suddenly, Hao thought of the woman Kerry had just told him about, the one he missed but didn’t know who she was.

“Are you looking for that woman?” He asked again.

“Yes.” Kerry nodded.

Then Kerry told Hao what happened that day. Only he didn’t tell Hao the time, place and the reason why he suddenly appeared in that woman’s room.

Hao understood at once, and he immediately replied, “Don’t worry. As your friend, I’ll definitely help you find the woman you miss.”

Then he said to Henry, “You send that design to my email address. I can help you find her. I’m very familiar with the colleges in Sky City. More than half of my girlfriends are from there. I might find her easily.”

“Girlfriends? I guess he should call them sexual partners.” Kerry thought.

“Okay, I know.” Henry said after hearing Hao’s words.

Hao nodded in satisfaction. He was in a very bad mood after seeing Venus being taken away by Kerry, but now he felt better.

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