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Chapter 39 – 40: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 39: The Audi car

Doris Lee moved aside shyly to let Colin Ward in.

“Take a seat.” Colin glanced at Doris and moved his eyes away quickly.

Blushing, she sat down on the couch.

Colin put his trembling hands on the beautiful neck of hers, and next second, he felt the smooth skin.

He took a deep breath and tried his best to pull himself out of the dirty thoughts and focus on the massage.

Doris did not notice the reaction of Colin though because she was resisting the touch of Colin as well.

Five minutes later, Colin stopped and asked: “Do you need anywhere else to be massaged?”

“N…no…” Doris buried her head low and mumbled.

“Okay then. You have a good rest.” Colin fled in a hurry.

Hearing the sound of the door closed, Doris finally raised her head, and all the exhaustion was gone because right now, all she could feel was the sweetness Colin brought to her.

Outside the door, Colin was annoyed by himself, “You stupid pussy, you were going to get laid! And what the hell was that? Have a good rest? What’s wrong with you? Are you room service or something?”

He sighed.

Never mind. There was no need to hurry for these things.

The second morning, in the office of Colin Ward.

“I’m busy!” It was the sound of Eva Gray.

Colin was calling his mother-in-law, but hearing the impatient voice, he was not angry, “Eva, I’m just saying that I bought you guys an Audi car. Today’s the day to pick it up.”

“Alright alright…Huh?” Eva was playing mahjong and did not pay attention, but next second she realized what her son-in-law said, “You what?”

“A car. I bought you an Audi car.” Colin smiled and repeated.

Eva was processing his words for three seconds before yelling through the phone, “Is this supposed to be fun? Huh? Just get back to your work and stop daydreaming, okay?”

Colin sighed slightly, “I’m serious, Eva. Just go to the car dealership and ask.”

Yet no matter what he said, Eva Gray just did not buy it. For two years, this son-in-law of hers never pleased her, so even he already bought a car and two villas, Eva still did not believe Colin was rich.

“Cut the crap!” Eva hung up.

Colin Ward: “…”

It seemed that his mother-in-law was hard to be pleased.

Eva just hung up the phone, the women that playing mahjong with her started to laugh.

“Wow, was that Colin? What’s the matter? Was he borrowing money from you?”

“Nah, it can’t be that. He can always ask Doris for money, right?”

Hearing the sarcasm, Eva was more annoyed, “Let’s just keep on playing!”

“But I heard that he bought you a vehicle, Right?”

“For real? What vehicle? A bicycle?”

“You’re being impolite. Maybe it’s a Benz or BMW!”

“Audi! It’s an Audi custom car!” Eva could not hold it anymore.

“Wow! Audi!”

“My oh my! It must be expensive!”

“Ain’t he told you to pick it up? Come on! Let’s see!” They all knew Colin Ward was a loser, so they wanted to make fun of that.

While having been caught into this embarrassing situation, Eva Gray regretted saying that immediately, but if she did not go to the dealership, those mean women would humiliate her even harder, so the only thing she could do right now was praying that the useless son-in-law of hers really bought her a car.

It did not even have to be a fancy car. Just a regular car would do.

They got to the dealership quickly, and seeing them, the receptionist came over at once.

“Ladies, may I help?” The receptionist girl asked politely.

Eva did not answer, but the three companions urged, “Go on, tell her you’re picking the car. The Audi custom car.”

“Yeah, tell the girl.”

“Go on, Eva. Tell her.”

The receptionist heard their conversation and understood, “May I ask who’s the one picking the car? That Audi over there.”

She was told earlier that someone was going to pick up that car today.

Eva Gray had no response again, while the woman next to her pushed her to the girl and said: “She’s the one! Her son-in-law bought that car for her!”

“What’s wrong with you!” Eva was pissed off and was about to lose it, “I didn’t…”

“I’m so sorry, Ma’am. I didn’t recognize you.” Before she could finish, the receptionist spoke, “This way please.”


The three women were stunned.

So was Eva Gray.

The four of them followed the girl to the Audi custom car.

“You…you sure that’s the car?” One of them asked in disbelief.

“Ma’am, ” The receptionist turned to Eva and asked, “May I know the full name of the customer who told you to pick up the car?”

Hearing her question, everyone looked at Eva.

“Colin, Colin Ward. He told me he ordered it yesterday.”

“Then that’s the one for sure.” The receptionist replied to her in a smile.


That loser son-in-law of Eva bought her an Audi custom car!

Different from the astonished look of the three women, Eva was so excited.

“Oops, it seemed he really bought me that car.” She turned to the girl and asked, “Honey, I know little about cars, can you tell me how much is it?”

“Over two million, Ma’am.”

“Two million, huh? Well, that’s quite acceptable.” Eva said as she glanced at the expression of these women. “But I thought a Maserati for Doris was enough, who would have known he bought me one more, alas.”

“A MASERATI!?” These women were completely shocked.

“Yeah! That was a birthday present for my daughter. Not to mention the villa he bought us in Lanbo port!”


“Tell me about it. That kid, he said as the parents of Doris, we deserved the best house, so he bought us a villa in Lanbo port, you know?”


These three women were so shocked that they could barely talk.

While holding the key handed from the receptionist, Eva Gray was finally pleased!

Chapter 40: Tint Chen

Inside the meeting room of the Marquis group.

“The companies we invested are doing great jobs. Though the profit now is not significant, we expect…”

“For last month, we were ranked tenth in the whole province…”

“According to preliminary statistics, the amounts of the companies we can purchase at the next stage are plenty. Including Dongyue, Xinxi, Hongyuan…”

After the executives finished reporting, they all turned to Colin Ward.

“Excellent!” Colin opened his eyes sleepily and yawned, “You’re all doing great. Just stick to your plan!”


Nina White was almost speechless because she was expecting Colin could be more serious about the business.

But what was he doing?

Did he treat the reports as lullabies?

While Colin just left for his office after finishing his summarizing, leaving the executives in the meeting room.

Buzz buzz…

He picked up the phone, and it was Doris Lee, “Colin! Shit happened!”

Later, Colin hung up and called Nina at once, “My office, now!”

She came.

“Did someone mentioned Xinxi during the report?” He asked immediately.

“Yes, Xinxi is a company that got potentials, but because of the lack of cash flow, the management can no longer be maintained. Lately, we’re discussing the acquisition with them.”

Hearing the explanation of Nina, Colin was lost in his thoughts.

Doris told him that the new project in Lishi company met a lot of troubles recently, and at the beginning, Doris could still handle them easily, but still, shit happened.

It was Xinxi.

For no reason, Xinxi started to compete with Lishi on price, and moreover they hired people to spread rumors online. They said the materials Lishi used were poisonous, and that almost destroyed the reputation of Lishi. Not to mention the sales.

Colin found it strange.

Xinxi itself was facing a crisis, but instead of solving problems, they launched a frontal attack on Lishi.

“Alright, thanks for your explanation.” Colin left Nina in his office and got to find Doris for details at once.

He did not care about the living or death of Lishi, but Doris Lee was now in charge of the project he invested in. If it went down, Doris would be accused by the Lee family, and let alone the one billion dollars he invested.

Colin was in a hurry and did not pay much attention to the road, while just after getting out of the building, he bumped into a young man.

He apologized at once, “I’m s…”

“Use your fucking eyes, Bro! Look at my suit! It creased because of you blind motherfucker!”

Hearing the swear, Colin frowned and looked to the young man. He was wearing a nice suit and got a regular appearance, with an annoying, arrogant attitude.

The young man glared at Colin with disdainful eyes, especially when he saw the cheap clothes Colin wore, and he turned to the securities at the door, “Hey! That’s how you do your jobs? You are working for a huge company! A peasant like this fellow over here was not supposed to go in!”

Yet the securities did not do anything after his clamor, which made him angrier.

“I’m talking to you! Get your ass over here or I’ll get both of you fired!”

“Sorry, sir, please keep your voice down.” One of the securities replied to him with a poker face and the other stood still, ignoring him.

Seeing this, Colin gave them a thumb-up in his mind.

The young man was going to lose it again, but an elder one came from behind and spoke to him, “Tint, what are you doing here?”

He looked behind and saw the elder man and was even angrier, “That peasant here hit me, and I asked these two goddamn securities to kick him out, but they just ignored me! ”

The elder man glanced at the securities and Colin, “Don’t waste energy on these low lives, you can ask your sister to throw them out later. ”

“You’re right!” Tint Chen pointed to them and threatened, “I’ll ask my sister to kick all three asses of you out!”

“Your sister? Who’s she?” Colin was curious.

“Who the fuck you think you are to know my sister’s name!”

“Alright, I’ll wait.” Colin shrugged.

The elder man cut in and told Tint, “Ignore them. Let’s go to your sister.”

“Stop them. Don’t let them in.” Colin spoke to the securities.

“You fucker! What did you say!?” Tint Chen pointed at Colin with his finger.

While the securities were hesitating because they did not want to offend those they could not and lose their jobs.

Seeing their difficulties, Colin comforted them, “Just do it. Trust me.”

Finally, securities bit the bullet and blocked the door.

“Goddamn it!” Tint felt he would burst with anger and shame, “You motherfuckers! I’m going to call my sister right now!”

Colin just stood there and watched him dialing the number and finishing the call quickly.

“I’ll burn your asses!”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ll see.” Colin sneered.

A couple of minutes later, Nina White came to the door.

“Nina! Over here!” Tint saw Nina in a second.

Nina saw Tint Chen and her fiance were with Colin Ward, and she frowned, while the securities were now scared because every employee in Marquis knew that Nina was the most powerful person here except for the chairman.

Colin saw Nina as well, and he narrowed his eyes slightly.

So, it was Nina White.

“Nina!” Tint opened his mouth to yell before Nina could get close, “Kick this peasant out and fire these two stupid securities!”

“Fire them? Who gives you the power to do that?” Colin asked him drily.

“My sister! Nina White! The assistant to the chairman! Do you have any idea what position that is, you little shit? She can fire anyone she wants!”

Hearing his words, Nina was mad as a wet hen.

As she thought, Colin turned to her, “Is that so? Nina?”

Nina got cold sweat broke out all over her body, “It depends on the individual performance and the audit of the personnel…”

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