Chapter 39: Taking pictures – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband


All those present bursts into an uproar. What’s going on? Why did she slap Hai Su instead of thanking him for revealing the true colors of Kris Chen? There was a bit of doubt in everyone’s eyes, and they couldn’t figure out what’s going on.

The female secretary standing next to Hai was startled. She hurriedly held the arm of Hai and said, affably, “Mr. Su, are you OK?”

Then he stared at Mina Li and said, “Why you beat him up?”

“What’s wrong with that? I just want to beat people like you who speak crazy words,” Mina stared at Hai and said coldly.

Mina is not an easy woman to talk to. At that moment, she had restored her previous shrewdness. Hai and his secretary were subdued by a slap and two sentences of her.

People around them were dumbfounded.

“This beautiful woman has a strong personality.”

“She is a little pepper.”

“No, she is a devil pepper.”

Mina stealthily saw Kris’s reaction from the corner of her eyes when everyone was talking in a low voice.

After seeing that Kris smiled with slightly upturned corners of his mouth, Mina took more bullets.

“Who are you? How dare you speak ill of Mr. Chen? Why don’t you piss a puddle to look at your reflection?”

Mr. Chen?

After hearing what Mina called Kris, Hai was shocked. He didn’t know what’s going on.

Mina’s anger subsided a lot when Hai didn’t say anything after being scolded by her. She then turned around and walked to the car. “Mr. Chen, did I do something wrong?” Mina said with a sweet smile.

“No, you did a good job,” Kris said with a smile.

Mina was very happy to be praised by Kris. She bowed to Kris and said, “Mr. Chen, thank you for bringing me here. Can I leave now?”

“Yes, go ahead,” Kris nodded his head and said.

Mina then said, “OK” quickly. After saying goodbye to Kris, Mina turned to walk towards the pedestrian street in the confused eyes of everyone.

As the beauty left, nothing was interesting to see, and the crowd left too.

At that moment, Hai regained his composure. He touched his swollen cheek, and he was very angry. He stared at Kris and said savagely, “Kris, so you are not depended on a rich woman, but in a relationship with a mistress.”

“What the hell is going on with the car? Has Mary Su taken advantage of her position to embezzle the company fund?”

After hearing Hai’s words, Kris could not help laughing out loud. When a man is brainless to a certain degree, there is no hope that he can recover.

Why Shizhen Li didn’t record in Compendium of Materia Medica that there is no way to treat a brainless man.

“It’s none of your business where my car came from. It has nothing to do with the Su family.” Kris said. Kris stepped on the accelerator and left chicly when he saw the way was clear.

“Bah! Bah! Bah! Kris, I‘ll get you for that!” Hai shouted in the direction where Kris left after he ate a mouthful of the exhaust.

Kris went back to the CEO’s office of Huanyu Group.

After Kris returned to the company, he texted Mary to tell her that he would not come back home tonight as he had to do something in the company.

Mary didn’t ask more and replied: “I know.”

After sending the message, Kris called Xue Mi in and asked her some questions. Kris took a rest in the restroom after knowing that there was nothing to deal with from the time being.

When he woke up, he saw the wooden box on the bedside table.

He patted his head and remembered that it was the birthday gift that Heqiu Zhao had given him several days before.

He took the wooden box and opened it. At the moment when the box was opened, a faint fragrance escaped from it.

There was a black pill in the box.

“Fuck, why Heqiu gave such a thing to me?”

“What’s it used for?”

“Is it for lovemaking?”

Kris was puzzled and called Heqiu.

“Mr. Chen, what can I do for you?” Heqiu said reverently when the phone got through.

“No, I just want to ask what the pill you gave me for my birthday is used for.”

“Hey-hey, Mr. Chen, it’s a good thing. I got it from a master. It’s said that it can not only strengthen the body but also prolong your life…” Heqiu said.

“Okay, I got it. Take your time.” Kris crumpled his temples and said.

After hanging up the phone, Kris stared at the pill and hesitated.

“Should I eat it or not?”

“It seems to be quite a strong pill according to what Heqiu said.”

“He wouldn’t hurt me.”

Kris picked up the pill and swallowed it directly when he thought of that.

Kris regretted not long after he swallowed the pill.

For he felt as if a fire were burning in his lower abdomen, and the fire was burning more and more fierce, spreading from his lower abdomen to his limbs.

At the same time, a burning pain quickly spread through the body.

Kris could not help rolling on the ground. Finally, darkness came over his eyes, and he fainted.

When he woke up on the ground, he found that his clothes were wet and the burning pain in his body was gone.

“Fuck, Heqiu must have been cheated. The effect of it is so big that it must be a fake product. Fortunately, I’m fine. It’s the best out of the worst.”

When Kris has rejoiced in secret at such a stroke of luck, his phone rang.

Kris picked up his phone and found that it was a strange number. He frowned and got it through.

“Hello, is that Kris?”

A soft, warm female voice came. The voice was delightful to listen to, making people so delighted, just like bathing in the spring wind.

“Why does the voice sounds familiar?”

Kris couldn’t remember where he had heard it before. “Who’s that, please?” He asked.

“Sorry, I forget to say who I am. My name is Xiaorou Xu.”

Xiaorou Xu?

There was a beauty as gentle as a jade emerged in Kris’s mind.

“What’s up?” Kris asked.

“Well, I need your favor. Several days ago, when the old lady of the Su family was celebrating her 70th birthday, you sent a wooden box and the Longevity Painting of Song Dynasty, right? I hate to ask you this, but can you please let me take some pictures?” Xiaorou said embarrassedly.

Kris stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that Xiaorou said such a request. “The people of the Su family threw them away as garbage that day. How could Miss Xu be interested in these two things?” Kris said with a smile.

“They are too ignorant. The box was carved by Youxiao Zhu himself, the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and the painting was handed down from the Song Dynasty. They are both precious.” Xiaorou said softly.

Kris nodded and asked, “How would you like to take pictures?”

“You said, yes? That’s great.” Xiaorou said happily. Xiaorou thought Kris would refuse. After all, the box and the painting were very precious. If they are put in a museum, they are the most precious treasure of the museum.

Xiaorou thought for a while and said, “How about this? If it is convenient for you, come to Treasure House in Westwind Road. My family owns this antique shop, which has special rooms for shooting antiques.”

Twenty minutes later, Kris arrived at the Treasure House with the box and painting.

When Kris entered the door of Treasure House, he saw Xiaorou was there waiting for him.

She was wearing a plain long dress with her hair held high in a pin. She was very beautiful.

“Kris, there you are!”

The moment Kris came in, Xiaorou came up with a smile.

When she saw the box in Kris’s hands, her beautiful eyes were flickering with excitement.

Jun Yang is in charge of the Treasure House. He stood beside Xiaorou and was very surprised.

“Is she the sensible, reserved young lady, I know? Why is she so excited to see this kid?”

Jun looked at Kris and found that his clothes were booth goods. How shabby he is!

“Manager Yang, he is Kris Chen of Su family. There’s something we need to talk about inside. You look after the store. Just call me if you need me.” Xiaorou said.

Then she held Kris’s hand and went to the adytum.

“Fuck, the young lady actually took his hand and went in. It’s amazing.”

There was a startled look in Jun’s face. Then he murmured, “The young lady said he is Kris Chen of Su family. Isn’t he the incompetent live-in son-in-law of Su family?”

Jun’s expression turned from startled to stunned. He wondered what there was to be said between the young lady and such a man.

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