Chuck Cannon didn’t come to school on the first day. The classmates were talking about it. Lara was lost. Did something happen to Chuck Cannon? That’s why I didn’t come to school?

Why doesn’t WeChat always reply?

Lara felt that she didn’t want to study anymore. She wanted to call Chuck Cannon, but she was afraid that Chuck Cannon would not answer the phone. She supported her chin, giving her shape in front of her.

A classmate was peeking, Lara immediately became annoyed, “Looking at me! Get out!”

The whole class is really a pervert, do you think you are Chuck Cannon?? I will let you see?

She straightened her body angrily because the teacher came and she saw the empty seat in the corner, why didn’t Chuck Cannon come to class today?

She thought about saying hello after class, after all, she was specially invited to teach Chuck Cannon.

“Everyone, the class is now,” the teacher said.

Zelda Maine had the same doubt. She talked to Chuck Cannon yesterday and went back with him yesterday, but suddenly something happened to Chuck Cannon, so she couldn’t go back. Her mother called to ask about this.

Zelda Maine found a reason to be confused, but it was noon today. Does Chuck Cannon have time? Should I call him? Will this disturb him?

Zelda Maine sighed. At this time, the phone rang and she was helpless because it was her mother’s call again. She didn’t know what to say, but she had to answer it. Otherwise, her mother would keep calling like this. Sure enough, it was the mother’s question, asking why he couldn’t come.

“Mom, Chuck Cannon has something…no, no, I didn’t break up with him, well, just these few days, when Chuck Cannon is done, I will take him back, OK, I see…” Hang up the phone Zelda Maine’s eyes were darkened, she lay on the table weakly, “Chuck Cannon, what are you doing?”

It’s been three days. Chuck Cannon hasn’t gone to school for three days. Lara couldn’t contact him. The classmates talked a lot about whether Chuck Cannon didn’t study, because he was too rich to bother to study?

Some students asked if Chuck Cannon’s family went bankrupt and couldn’t afford to go to school anymore?

Anyway, there are various versions.

Lara is getting less and less thinking about going to school because Chuck Cannon is not there!

Du Xinye sneered. He also knew that Chuck Cannon hadn’t come to school these days. He was more happy. Did he feel ashamed of playing Ouyang Fei by himself? So he can’t come to school anymore?

It’s really a standard gnawing on the second generation of old and rich. See when your house can be finished!

You’d better squander it, squander all your money, then me, Du Xinye will put you at my feet!

He smiled coldly and started a new goal. After all, there are four school flowers in the school. After reading Ouyang Fei, there are three other school flowers waiting for him!

During these three days, Chuck Cannon at the hotel lived like a year every day, and all the personnel protected him around the clock, but the black rose hadn’t appeared for three days. What was the plan of the female killer?

Anyway, Chuck Cannon couldn’t figure it out, so he could only stay in the presidential suite every day, not going anywhere, to see how you kill me!

Yvette already knew Chuck Cannon’s situation and stayed with Chuck Cannon day and night. She wanted to protect her husband.

Logan is the same as Black Rose. The enemy doesn’t move. She doesn’t move. If Black Rose appears, then solving Black Rose is also a way to protect Chuck Cannon.

Anyway, she stayed in the hotel for three days, she didn’t sleep much, and neither did Betty.

“Husband, are you afraid?” Yvette was comforting, Chuck Cannon calmly made her feel distressed, this Shidao Lee is too disgusting.

“Not afraid,” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly. In fact, Yvette listened to his own words for three days and what he asked her to do, she did.

Actually, this kind of life is very enjoyable.

Chuck Cannon hugged Yvette, and she blushed and worried, “Husband, you have to restrain yourself. When the black rose comes, how can you run with your legs?”

Chuck Cannon had only this way to decompress anyway, otherwise, he would really collapse. He really doesn’t know when a bullet in the dark came out and killed him.

What do you think Chuck Cannon can do? It’s dying, you have to enjoy it!

“Husband, you’re bad, okay,” Yvette took a breath, preparing to do something, suddenly Chuck Cannon heard a knock on the door, “Master!”

“Come?” Chuck Cannon was out of interest, Yvette was also very nervous!

She knows that this black rose is very powerful, the world’s number one female killer. It feels scary to think about it.

Chuck Cannon went to open the door, Betty and Logan came in, Betty said hurriedly, “Master, Black Rose is here.”

“How did she come?” Chuck Cannon was shocked because more than a hundred people were already patrolling and protecting his mother’s hotel. It would be difficult for a mosquito to fly in. How did she get in?

“I just found out that in the parking lot, some of our people died. The black rose came up from the sewer. The smallest drawing of this hotel, the black rose may have been obtained in these three days.” Betty was very annoyed, she forgot that this hotel was bought by Karen Lee. Although she redesigned and remodelled many places, there are always missing places. However, this place was found by Black Rose and she took advantage of the loopholes.

Chuck Cannon understands, but there is nothing to panic.

“Master, this Black Rose’s method is very strong. Once in a 300-person assembly army, she killed a mercenary leader, and she can come up. There is her method! Just be careful, since Black Rose is below, Then we should go to the top floor, and I will take you away, Young Master!” There is a helicopter on the top floor, you can take Chuck Cannon out of here, and at the same time inform the airport to take over, you can take Chuck Cannon to the United States immediately.

“Good.” Chuck Cannon had no objection.

“Aunt Logan, let’s go together.” Chuck Cannon said, but Logan smiled softly, “No, I will go down and stop her, otherwise she will do something special.”

Logan knows the character of Black Rose. She doesn’t stop if she doesn’t have a goal but will do everything to achieve her goal. She doesn’t think that Black Rose will be honest.

“It’s too dangerous.” Chuck Cannon was worried. Logan was really speechless. She was so touched by Chuck Cannon that she was so kind to herself. Last time she was caught by Yvette’s Grandpa. Logan stabbed herself a few times. Took risk for him.

“It’s not dangerous, I can pair with her. Don’t worry, you can follow Betty with peace of mind. I will be fine if you go upstairs,” Logan said.

“Master, let’s go up and take you to a safe place. I will come and help Ms. Logan,” Betty was also anxious. If she delays like this, it will be a little more dangerous.

Must leave quickly! Because Black rose is terrifying!

“Don’t worry, I can feel at ease if you leave,” Logan smiled.

Chuck Cannon sighed, his fighting strength was too bad, and he had never come into contact with this sniper rifle, so he couldn’t help at all. He knew himself well, but Chuck Cannon was very reluctant to let Logan take risks again.

“Go up, I have to fight her.” Logan urged.

Chuck Cannon sighed, “Well, Aunt Logan, be careful. If I survive this time, I will definitely not want you to protect me, I will protect you!”

Chuck Cannon’s eyes are brilliant!

Only by strengthening yourself can you prevent others from hurting and keep yourself alive!

“Okay,” Logan was happy in her heart. Chuck Cannon would really be cute and happy, and protect herself forever? This feeling might be good!

After all, Logan had never let a man protect her before, and she certainly didn’t want other men, but if Chuck Cannon protected her, she will be willing.

Chuck Cannon reluctantly went upstairs with Yvette and Betty. Logan’s eyes became cold at first glance, “Black Rose if you dare to pluck even a hair, I will let you die!”

She went out and opened the long box she was carrying. It contained a gun and a lot of bullets. She was holding the gun in one hand, with enough bullets and magazines, and she went downstairs.

It is true that the people in the hotel are nervous. Suddenly a person appears. Everyone will be scared. Fortunately, these people are trained by Karen Lee and have excellent psychological quality. They immediately arrange for people to exclude every place. We must find this person. come out!

Suddenly, there was a sound downstairs, and then a gunshot, “She is here, I can see her…”


The voice stopped, Logan’s beautiful eyes shot murderous, Black Rose, this time I, Logan, will kill you. To eliminate future troubles!!

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