Chapter 390: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 390 Questioning… They Lost The Baby

Jingyan Ye rushed out of the car. When he saw a car pulling over, he frowned. Looking up at the abandoned building, he seemed to see someone on the rooftop.

He took a look at it again and ran into the building. Jun Duan, behind him, also noticed it after getting got out of the car, so he then followed Jingyan to the rooftop.

On the rooftop, Ziying Duan was a bit panicked, “What’s going on? Did you guys hit her?”

“No!” The big men were also confused. They didn’t even touch her, so how could there be so much blood?

Ziying suddenly thought about something and she was sure it’s the reason why she bled so much.

“It’s impossible. Impossible. How can she be so weak?” Ziying shook her head. She had heard that she was pregnant, but she hadn’t treated her that violently, so how could she bleed?

When she was still wondering, Jingyan and Jun Duan had already appeared at the rooftop, and what caught their eyes was Yiyao lying on the ground with blood oozing out from her body.

“Yiyao!” When Jingyan saw this, he took a few steps forward, but after seeing the knife in Ziying’ s hand, he stopped.

“Jingyan, stay there.” Ziying’ s knife got a little closer to Yiyao’ s neck.

Jun Duan stopped Jingyan when he saw Ziying in such a state, “Don’t hurt her and we will just stay here!”

Ziying raised her head and looked at Jingyan with pity, “Jingyan, nice to see you.”

When she was in the hotel, she sensed that Jingyan was looking for her, so she immediately left the hotel. But now he came here, she felt relived.

Jingyan were full of anxiety, and he kept staring at Yiyao, for the blood was getting more and more, but Jingyan couldn’t do anything.

Jun Duan behind him was even more furious, for Yiyao’ s clothes were ripped, making her skin exposed to the air. He glared at Ziying.

“What did you do to her?”

But Ziying kept staring at Jingyan. Seeing that his eyes was always fixed on Yiyao, she was very reluctant to accept this and said to one big man, “Come here.”

“Me?” That big man pointed at himself, with an incredulous expression.

She only said it’s about kidnapping, but she didn’t say the hostage thing and there was a high probability that he would need to kill her. At this moment, he wanted to give up.

Ziying found he was hesitating and snorted, “If you don’t come now, none of us will get away. I’m afraid you can’t get the rest of the money.”

The two big men looked at each other, and finally compromised. They went up, squatting beside Ziying and took the knife.

At this moment, Jingyan suddenly appeared in front Ziying.

People there were all bewildered, for they didn’t know when Jingyan started moving from the stairway to them.

After all, Jun Duan was a soldier, so he immediately knew what he was going to do. Taking a few steps forward, he knocked down the big men.


Before Ziying could react, Jingyan had already run down the stairs with Yiyao in his arms. She wanted to chase him, but she was stopped by Jun Duan.

Jun Duan took a look at Ziying and then left them there and immediately followed Jingyan. Before they came, they had already called the police and they believed that the police would come here soon, so he didn’t have to worry too much.

“Yiyao, Yiyao?” With the lifeless Yiyao in his arms, he repeatedly called her name as he ran.

But no matter how many times he called, Yiyao never responded to him, and his hands were with her blood.

Putting her into the car, Jingyan drove the car as fast as he could, without stopping at the red lights all the way. When the roadside traffic police saw this, they immediately sent several police cars to follow him.

Soon, they arrived at the hospital, and Yiyao finally opened her eyes because of the bumps.

“Yiyao, you’re awake!” Jingyan looked at Yiyao in his arms opening her eyes, he was happy. But in the next second, he began to worry.

“Hmm?” Yiyao was delirious and her clothes were messy. She had no strength to say anything to Jingyan.

With her dazed eyes open, she only saw Jingyan’ s mouth opening and closing, but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. When she came to her senses, she felt a searing pain inside her body.

“Hold on and we’ll get to the hospital soon.” Jingyan saw she was unfocused, like she was going to pass out immediately, so he tried to keep speaking to her.

But Yiyao couldn’t hear him and her eyelids were heavy. She wanted to close her eyes and have a good sleep.

After putting her down at the hospital bed, he rushed to the emergency room, but he was stopped. Seeing that Yiyao didn’t wake up again, he couldn’t care about anything else and insisted on following her in.

“Sir, you can’t go in, sir!”

Several nurses were stopping Jingyan. Staring at this tall and strong man in front of them, they knew they couldn’t stop him.

“Let me in.”

Jingyan pushed them away and was about to step inside when a voice came out from the inside, “If you don’t want her to die, don’t get in my way.”

Jingyan stopped. It was the surgeon, so Jngyan was wondering whether he should stop.

The surgeon, an extremely young man, saw Jingyan in sadness, shook his head and sighed. Then he said to the nurse, “Forget it. Take him to change the asepsis clothes.”

Jingyan didn’t expect him to agree, so he froze for a moment and hurriedly walked out. Passing by the nurses guarding at the door, he found they were also surprised, as if they had never seen Dr. Zhao agree such a thing.

Following the nurses and changing into the asepsis clothes, the surgery inside was about to begin.

Seeing Yiyao’ s condition, Dr. Zhao frowned, “What’s going on? What happened?”

Only to see blood and meat there, it was hard to judge who she was from her face. The shirt on her body had been redressed, but it was sure that she had cried.

“Is she alright?” Jingyan was eager to know this. He didn’t know her condition and the tears and blood on her shirt made him heart break.

Dr. Zhao ignored him and seriously began to examine Yiyao’ s body. He then told Jingyan, “The baby, I’m afraid…”

Jingyan felt it’s the end of the world. If they lost the baby, what about Yiyao?

He thought of this and pointed to the unconscious Yiyao lying on the bed and asked, “How is she?”

“She is fine, but she has lost too much blood and needs a blood transfusion.”

Only then did Jingyan relieve. He nodded and asked the doctor, “What should we do then?”

“Abortion, otherwise it will be a stillborn. The longer it stays inside her, the more dangerous she will be.”

Jingyan choked with sorrow. Although he did not say how much he loved this child, he always looked forward to his born, but now everything had changed.

He watched Dr. Zhao took it out of Yiyao’ s belly and put it on a plate. It was a bloody mess, but after he walked over to see it, he found the baby was about to take shape, with limbs ready to come out.

Lying on the bed, Yiyao could feel nothing, but she was crying.

Dr. Zhao sighed and carefully stitched her belly. He turned back, seeing Jingyan stand there in a daze, with sadness and sorrow on his face.

After the surgeon finished everything, the nurse came with a blood bag. Dr. Zhao patted Jingyan’ s shoulder, “Take her into the ward.”

In the ward, Jingyan stayed with Yiyao. He blinked once in a long time, so his eyes were bloodshot.

Yiyao slowly opened her eyes, as soon as her senses came back, she woke up with the pain in her belly. That kind of pain made her a little scared, so she reached out to touch her wound.

But she was held by Jingyan and he said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t touch it. It’ll get infected.”

Yiyao couldn’t hear what he said and insisted on breaking free from his hand. Helplessly, Jingyan put her hand into his arms.

“Yiyao, don’t be like this, we’ll have a child later!”

“Hum…” Yiyao opened her mouth but what she made was some murmurs.

“What do you want?”

Only then did Jingyan notice that something was wrong with her, so he checked Yiyao’ s ears, “Where are your hearing aids?”

Yiyao shook her head, for she couldn’t hear what he was saying, but she got his words from his mouth.

“They!” Jingyan clenched his fist. How dare they do this to her?

They not only made Yiyao suffer all the humiliation, but also made them lose the child. Jingyan needed a revenge, for sure.

Jingyan put Yiyao’ s head in his arms, comforting, “It’s okay. It’s good that you can’t hear, so there won’t be so much to make you sad.”

In his arms, Yiyao felt the vibrations in his chest, suddenly feeling incomparably safe.

In fact, even if he didn’t let her touch her belly, she knew that the child was not there. On the operation, she was not unconscious. If there was no anesthetic, she was afraid that she would sit up and refuse the operation.

But now, everything was too late. With the child lost, her heart had become empty. After living for so long, she had never been so desperate.

Her heart was calm like a puddle of stagnant water. Yiyao put one hand on her heart, finding it was still beating. She surprisingly didn’t feel a trace of sadness, for her heart had turned into a stone.

Jingyan, of course, sensed Yiyao’ s weirdness, so he held her tighter.

There were footsteps at the door, and Jun Duan came in. He directly ignored Jingyan and walked to Yiyao with much concern.

“Hey, baby girl, how are you doing?”

Yiyao raised her head and tried her best to show a smile to Jun Duan. But in Jun Duan’s eyes, it was even worse than crying.

“Say something. What’s going on?” Jun Duan stomped. When they went there, there was so much blood, so how could she be fine?

“Uncle, let’s go out and talk.” Jingyan put Yiyao back under the blanket and took Jun Duan out.

Jun Duan originally hesitated, but after glancing back at Yiyao who had her eyes closed, he knew that she was now weak and fragile, so he didn’t say anything and walked out with Jingyan.

“How’s it going?”

After closing the door, Jingyan was facing his direct question. He was really too worried about Yiyao, so he wanted to know the answer.

“Uncle…” Jingyan called out, ready to tell him, “I should tell you one thing. Yiyao is pregnant and it’s been two or three months…”

“What?” Jun Duan couldn’t help but interrupt him. They actually didn’t tell him!

“It’s like this. This time they kidnapped Yiyao and maybe they were rude and made Yiyao fall down, causing the child…”

Then Jingyan stopped. After a while, he finished the sentence, “We lost the child.”

“No more?” Jun Duan repeated. When he figured out what he was saying, he was trembling in anger.

It was her daughter and how could she be so miserable?

Just now, he felt Ziying was pitiful, so he let her go. But he didn’t expect that they would do such a shitty thing. “I shouldn’t let them go. I need to find her now.”

Jun Duan rolled up his sleeves and headed back. After several steps, he was dragged back by Jingyan.

“They’ve already been taken to the police station and there’s plenty of time for us to find them. Now it has to be a priority to calm Yiyao down.”

Jingyan took a glance at the ward, “She’s too bored now. I’m afraid she might do something stupid.”

Jun Duan sighed. He knew his daughter, as well as her temper. She had been like this from her childhood and she would be even more silent when she met something. Even her closest ones didn’t know what she was thinking.

Jingyan closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, suddenly thinking of something, “By the way, uncle, do you know what happened to Yiyao’ s ears?”

“Ears?” It had been a long time since Yiyao mentioned it, so he thought she almost recovered. Could her hearing get worse?

“In a mission, Yiyao got her ear hurt because of the bomb to protect her subordinates, resulting in hearing loss.”

“Bomb?” Jingyan frowned. Knowing the cause, it would be much easier to cure. He needed to contact Louis as soon as possible.

Now that the baby was gone, Yiyao would definitely have a hard time recovering. If she had another ear surgery now, it was impossible for her to handle.

“Pa!” The sound of a heavy thing falling on the ground came, along with the sound of Yiyao’ s suffocating.

“Yiyao!” Jingyan knew it was not good, so he pushed open the door.

Once he entered, he saw Yiyao lying on the floor with tears in her eyes.

“How are you?”

Jingyan took several steps forward to check Yiyao’ s wounds, but her belly was oozing blood. He picked her up and pressed the call button on the wall several times.

Yiyao frowned and held back her tears. She just lifted the blanket to check her wound, but she didn’t see the wound, so she still had some hope.

But she couldn’t sit up, so she could only tilt her head. But when she finally saw the wound, most of her body was already out of the bed, and she fell to the ground with only a slight movement.

Pain! The whole body hurt! The pain was about to tear her apart…

But the pain couldn’t be compared with the pain inside her!

Since she learned that she had a child, she had been looking forward to his arrival day and night. At that moment, she thought she was the happiest girl in the world.

But now, she would never see her baby. He had gone before he had a chance to see the world.

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