Chapter 391 – 392: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 391: Tianxiong Was Crashed

Genuine Yang Sword was put in front of Kris Chen, and sparks flied everywhere.

The poignant sword point could not even stab in a little bit of Kris.

Even Genuine Yang Sword of Medium Spiritual Fairy Weapon could not stab in Kris. Then it meant that Kris’ body was as powerful as Superior Spiritual Fairy Weapon?

There was a spirit in each spiritual fairy weapon, and a flamingo was sealed in Genuine Yang Sword.

Howls of flamingo came and fire raged the Genuine Yang Sword. It seemed Kris was going to be burned.

However, Kris waved The dagger: Kill Qin and split Genuine Yang Sword from the middle.

The sword was ruined and the spirit was dispersed. Genuine Yang Sword was Tianxiong Ning’s natal spiritual Fairy Weapon. Tianxiong spit out a mouthful blood once Genuine Yang Sword was ruined. Surely he was badly hurt.

Horror filled his eyes. Half of his Kungfu needed to rely on his sword, now his sword was ruined, how could he win Kris?

And the short sword of Kris easily cut his Genuine Yang Sword, it must be a top-level weapon.

And now Kris also knew the strength of his body.

Even Genuine Yang Sword of Medium Spiritual Fairy Weapon could not stab in Kris’ skin. Then it meant that Kris’ body was as powerful as Superior Spiritual Fairy Weapon, even Supreme Spiritual Fairy Weapon.

Tu Yan was stroke and he could not even believe what he saw.

Kris resisted a Medium Spiritual Fairy Weapon with his body, could a Practitioner do that?

The soldiers around were scared, they were afraid of Kris now seeing his Kungfu.

“I will spare you if you put down your weapons.”

Kris enjoyed the killing to the full. These soldiers were just following instructions. And the chief culprit was Tianxiong.

Beast Tide was coming soon and Wuwei City still needed these soldiers to guard.

He was not a goddess, but he would not kill any innocent people.

“Crash, crash.”

How dared they resist anymore? They threw their weapons one after another. And they divided into two parts.

“You, you guys pick up your weapons.”

Tianxiong was furious seeing that. He got an Inferior Spiritual Fairy Weapon and killed another two people. And the people around him was afraid of him even more.

At this time, a man in the crowd shouted “get out of the way quickly.”

As his words fell, soldiers began to step back and made more room to isolated Tianxiong.

“You are renegades, you shall die.”

Tianxiong knew he would have no chance if he did not try his best now.

His momentum boomed suddenly. One thousand and eight hundred acupuncture points were connected, and countless fairy aura of the world was absorbed.

At Middle period, he got through one thousand and eight hundred acupuncture points all together. And fifth class of acupuncture points were connected. It didn’t mean that he did not want to connect the acupuncture points of first class, but he didn’t own that kind of capability.

The higher of the acupuncture points, the harder it was to make breakthrough. And it would need quantity of resources. Tianxiong used the whole Wuwei City to supply himself but he just got through One thousand and eight hundred acupuncture points .

One of the reason was his gift limits. But it was also told that the higher stage he was, the more difficult it was to get improved.

The speed to absorb the fairy aura of the world was faster than Kris’.

The practice system of Devil Land surely should not be overlooked. Kris didn’t think the practice system of Devil Land formed by aeon was worse than it of the Earth.

He looked at Tianxiong with bright eyes. As the City Lord of Wuwei City, would he master supreme Kungfu?

Kris was excited thinking of this.

His idea changed and a hundred feet high giant appeared at his back. The giant had three heads and six arms. He sometimes cried, sometimes laughed or got angry.

He was holding a Demon-Conquering Club, Diamond ring, pagoda and other weapons.

He was the embodiment of the Super Demon.

With Kris’ strength was increased sharply, his illusion of Demon was getting life-like. Even the muscle could be seen clearly.

All the people were shocked when he turned to the Super Demon.

The magic state of the world?

Tianxiong was furious, he did not believe that even this person knew the magic state of the world. It supposed only super masters of major schools would knew this kind of secrets.

How could this kind of people came to the remote city like Wuwei City?

Tiaxiong almost bit his teeth. He was furious but at he same time, he had to adjust his mood to fight with Kris.

If he did not try, he would die for sure. If he fight with Kris, he might have a chance to live.

He hated Kang Ning so much now. He was annoyed that Kang Ning made him provoke such a tough guy.

“You are courting death.”

Tianxiong’s momentum was collected to the highest. A giant sword made of fairy aura suspended over people’s heads. And the sword momentum was sill collecting.

He learned it from a sword tomb long ago so it did not have a name.

But it was mighty because it had no limits.

As long as your Genuine Energy was sufficient, you could enhance it without limitation.

He killed the powerful practitioner of pill-concentration Later period by this before. And that man was destroyed without scream.

Though Kris was powerful, he was confident that the sword could cut his magic world.

That sword carried heavy sword momentum, and Kris smelt a little danger.

Though he was sure that no one was hi adversary, he was not at the top of his Kungfu now. And he could not let Tianxiong collect fairy aura anymore.

At this time, Tianxiong grinned hideously. Genuine Energy of his one thousand and eight hundred acupuncture points was infused to his spiritual sword now. It was the first time for him to fully play it after he made breakthrough Pill-concentration Middle period.

He did not even know how powerful was it.

The amazing sword momentum made people terrified.

Kris glanced at it. Just by this movement,Heaven-human-oneness stage could not do it.

“Court for death.”

Tianxiong put his hands together before his chest and splashed forward suddenly.

Several meters-sword carried matchless momentum to the Devil.


Kris said coldly. At this time, Devil whose eyes were closed before opened his eyes. His six reddish eyes were full of coldness and indifference.

A giant hand came and grasped the fairy sword.


The powerful energy seismic waves was so strong that many people flied out because of it. And some lower practiced soldier were wounded. And they split mouthful blood and they were in coma later.

Even Tu Yan who was in Back-to-self stage felt dizzy because of the waves.

It’s so powerful, so powerful.

Could that be reached by human force?

He didn’t expect that Tianxiong was so strong. They would die for sure if the mysterious person in front of them did not help them.

What was ridiculous was they thought they could occupy the house of City Lord, they overestimated their strength.

“No, how could that be?”

The fairy sword was gained by Devil easily and it was like scratching the giant when the Sword Energy was slapped on the giant.

“His power is great. Others would die for sure.”

Kris who was on the stage of Heaven-human-oneness stage would probably die after this stroke, but it was a pity that he was at the stage of Primal Spirit Field now. After the bath of thunder and void, Kris already got rid of human body.

“Crash him.”

He smiled and he suddenly grasped the sword.

“Bang bang.” the sword was crashed then it dispersed in the air.


Tianxiong was beat so that he split blood. He eyes were dull. He could not believe what he saw.

Before, as long as he used this movement, his enemies would die no matter how powerful were they. But today it was cracked by Kris so easily.

“Who are you on earth?”

At this moment, he turned to Kris and horror filled his eyes.

“I’m just a passerby. I would not fight back if your son did not do things too over.”

Kris did not lie, it was caused by Kang Ning.

He planed to make a living outside Yuan Family after the beast tide.

But he didn’t expect that Kang Ning forced others to buy or sell. That’s why he fought back.

“Master, sorry for offending you. I failed to recognize you.”

Dignity now was not important at all compare to life.

“Please forgive me. I can give you anything you want as long as you spare me. Rights, wealth, resources, you can get everything from me.”

It’s okay his son die, it’s also okay his soldiers die. What’s the matter even if he lost face today in front of Kris?

He could have another son without this one, and he could recruit soldiers when the current ones died. He could gain face again after hard work on practicing.

But he would have nothing if he died.

“Master, don’t believe him. He was full of cunning tricks. He has no good ideas.”

Tu Yan tried to stand up and he stared at Tianxiong angrily “Son of bitch, you will surely die today.”

His brothers died in vain if Tianxiong was alive today.

Kris sneered and said “Rights, wealth, resources? Do I need to get this from you? Are you giving in charity?”

As he was talking, a giant hand grabbed him at a fast speed and with a slight pinch, Tianxiong was crashed. His blood was spilled everywhere.

He waved and a storage ring fell in his hand. As the City Lord of Wuwei City, he must have quantity good things.

He had better check them when he went back for too many people were here now.

The soldiers looked at Kris astonishingly. They never expected that Tianxiong who was a powerful chief over two decades in Wuwei City was crashed so easily. He did not even have a whole body left.

Tu Yan laughed seeing this. Then he cried suddenly “Brothers, Tianxiong died finally. You can close your eyes in death.”

As his words fell, he bent his knees in front of Kris. Then he said “Master, no words can express my thinks to your great kindness. I will do everything for you in the future as long as you need me.”

Chapter 392: Sword fetus

“Get up now!”

With a wave of Kris ‘s hand, Tu Yan was lifted up by a gentle force.

He turned his eyes to the troop of the City Lord and said to them, “Go and bring me Tiangang Yuan here. From now on, the City Lord will be replaced by him temporarily. And you will be his soldiers, understand?”


Since Kris could easily defeat the City Lord , no one In this city was his rival now.

“Okay, remember your promise. If someone eats his word, he will be seriously punished.”

After leaving a harsh word, Kris flew away.

He didn’t return to Yuan Mansion, but flew straight to the warehouse!

Since he had came to here, how could him go back empty-handed?

There are two soldiers outside the warehouse. They were beaten into a faint by a movement of Kris. This warehouse is blessed by formations. Then Kris used Divine Spiritual Power to destroy the energy lock that Tianxiong Ning left in the door.

Damn, it was so big!

The space in this house was hundreds of cubic meters, which was definitely the first class storage place.

What excites Kris the most was those rare treasures, rare elixir, and books about inner power techniques.

When the door opened slowly, the whole warehouse was softly lit up by the night pearl therein.

Although the house was well-decorated, there was nothing valuable else left there.

Just as Kris was a little disappointed, a slight sound caught his attention.

Since his breaking through the Heaven-human-oneness stage, Kris’s six senses had been greatly enhanced, and no disturbances could escape his eyes.

It seemed to be the sound of footsteps!

Someone was coming!

Since the City Lord was killed, who would come in at this time?

Kris was a little curious, so he retreated to a relatively hidden corner, and released Divine Spiritual Power to locate the target.

A thin middle-aged man with a beard sneaked out of the side door of the central district.

Was there a secret door in this warehouse?

Since this man could come in secretly, there must be more secret in this house.

Shaking the mud off his body, Prof. Guan showed a lingering fear on his face, “

He could not believe that Tianxiong was actually killed by Kris. When did such a master come in Wuwei City? He had to give signal to the Supreme Beast in a secret way.

When the thought came to him, the skin on his body was suddenly chapped, his nose and mouth became sharp, and a big bag bulged on his back, and then the whole person squatted like an old man.

Kris was a little shocked, this man was just like a monster!

How could monsters that transformed into human stay in Wuwei City?

In terms of its appearance, it looked more like a pangolin!

While he concealed his breath, his face suddenly became dignified. His pointed nose sniffed in the air, and his small eyes were full of doubts.

“No, how could it smell like a stranger?”

Prof. Guan showed its ten claws, which were sharp enough just like ten swords, and looked around vigilantly!

Suddenly, he shouted at the direction of Kris, “Come out, I found you!”

Kris shook his head for he had forgotten to hide his breath when he came in, and therefore, he was discovered by this sensitive monster.

It was not easy to for a monster to transform into a human. Maybe it was a monster of the Supreme Beast level.

Kris took it seriously.

Summoning the dagger: Kill Qin, he condenses the knife of Divine Spiritual Power. As long as there was something wrong with this guy, he would zoom in directly.

When Prof. Guan saw Kris, he was messed up.

“God damn it, it is the one who killed Tianxiong!”

He was panicked, since Tianxiong was not his opponent, he might be killed within a second!


Within a blink, Prof. Guan knelt directly on the ground and beg for mercy, “Show some mercy, my lord.”

Kris was dumbfounded. What happened? Why would this guy directly knelt down and begged for mercy?

Guan Prof. Guan knew that human practitioners wanted to kill monsters like themselves and then quickly, especially their monster pills and scales are rare treasures.

Krisis too strong in the world of law, and he can’t escape.

He regrets it so badly now that he has nothing to do with the treasury. Isn’t this self-inflicted?

Kris did not speak anything, but waved the dagger: Kill Qin directly above his head. The dagger: Kill Qin was full of grievances. As the blade became sharper and sharper, Prof. Guan felt that his skin was about to be pierced.

“Spare my life, master, I will serve you, and I am willing to do everything for you!”

This was the first time that Kris had seen such a monster who was greedy for life and fear of death.

Prof. Guan sighed and explained everything.

“I am Prof. Guan, the staff under the seat of the Bear King. Why I am here is to earn the trust of Tianxiong, and get the key of the formation center of the intrepid city so as to open the formation and let the Bear King lead his army into the city.”

Kris didn’t give any order, but Prof. Guan said everything about himself.

For example, he was now a monster in the middle period of the Beast King, and it is his talent to transform into a human appearance!

He was not a monster that was good at fighting, what he learned were all the skills of escape, say, he could dig holes and escape in several seconds!

Kris felt like laughing at that how scared of death this guy was.

If he dug holes and escaped just now, Kris was unsure that if he could take it down quickly, as the monster was at least at the stage of the Supreme Beast. Without complete certainty, Kris would not give the ace.

But now they didn’t need to have a big fight.

“Hand over the origin of your soul and recognize me as your master!”

Prof. Guan did as what Kris ordered because he did not have the stereotyped idea that monsters would never be slaves.

With his the soul origin, Kris could now decide the life and death of Prof. Guan.

“So, why did you run into the warehouse?”

Kris asked.

“Your master, I have stayed with Tianxiong for decades, and I knew that he had a sword fetus in the warehouse. So I sneaked in this time just to take the sword fetus away and gave it to the Bear King!

Sword fetus?

Kris was taken aback. Sword fetus was a rare treasure. Once it was successfully cultivated, it would be at least a Taoist weapon.

No wonder he felt a sense of danger when he came in just now. It seems that it is not!

“Go getting me that sword fetus!”

“Yes, master, just a moment please!”

The status of Prof. Guan had changed very quickly. As he had been a twenty-fifth slave for more than ten years, he didn’t care his status so much.

To live was the only matter for him.

He showed his sharp claws and dived directly into the ground. Kris’s Divine Spiritual Power extended downwards with him.

Prof. Guan didn’t stopped until his extending for hundreds of meters.

No one could have thought of a sword fetus hidden hundreds of meters underground.

Soon, Prof. Guan came up with a palm-sized sword in his hand.

“Boom, boom!”

Kris could even hear the heartbeat of the sword!

This was a sword fetus with earth attributes, and once you had it at your hand, you could feel the rich earth aura.

What excites most was that this sword was not even touched by anyone!

He would be the first master of it.

“Master, there is a spiritual cave under the City Lord’s mansion. As the sword fetus has absorbed the spiritual energy for several years in it, it is the time to shape the sword!”

Prof. Guan had have the thought that as this sword fetus fitted his attributes very well, he wanted to secretly take the sword fetus away for his own. It was a pity now as Kris became his master and obtain the sword.

Kris smiled and directly used Divine Spiritual Power to send lock of the sword fetus, and then forced a drop of blood from his fingertips into it.

The sword fetus that had absorbed the blood began to tremble, and Kris could feel the sword was sending out a pleasant message.

What a good sword fetus it was, full of spirituality!

Kris directly incorporated the sword fetus into his body and used his inner energy to accumulate it. When the sword fetus was born, it would be invincible!


Prof. Guan knelt on the ground quickly and sang songs for him.

“Okay, get up!”

Kris was in a good mood and said, “You should still stay in the City Lord’s Mansion and assist Tiangang. From today, Tiangang will be the new City Lord of Wuwei City!”

Tiangang was only a descendant of the middle period of the Back-to-self stage, and how could he be qualified to be the City Lord?

In any case, he was also a beast in the middle period of the Beast King, and he was definitely unwilling in the dept of his heart, “Master, you are supernatural and powerful, and the name of City Lord should only belong to you. I don’t think Tiangang can be a good City Lord!”

Kris glanced at him and said, “Don’t try to teach something.”

His cold eyes made Prof. Guan chill all over his body。

“Remember, do as what I say is ok.”

“Yes, master!”

Prof. Guan lowered his head and said.

“I won’t hide it from you that Tiangang had a very close relationship with me. But he didn’t know my true identity, so you should remember to cover my true identity!”

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