Chapter 391: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 391 She Needed to Pay for This

Looking at the tears in Yiyao Duan’ s eyes, Jingyan Ye felt sorry for her and held her in his arms.

“Yiyao, cry. Don’t hold it back. If you’re sad, just cry it out…” He didn’t want to see her pretend to be strong.

Yiyao finally released, crying out. In Jingyan’ s arms, she was whimpering.

Gradually, she cried louder and louder. Indeed, it was not easy for her to accept this all.

Outside the door, Jun Duan stood against the wall. He suddenly felt that he was not a good father, for he never really cared about her daughter’s real thoughts. And he was never in her shoes.

He could see Yiyao relied on Jingyan a lot. Although it was hard for others to sense her emotions, he could feel that Jingyan was different, from some details.

He walked out of the ward and closed the door. He saw Dr. Zhao coming.

Making a gesture to him, he whispered, “Let them stay for a while, please.”

When Yiyao let out all her emotions, he could go and check her.

Dr. Zhao was a young man, so he immediately understood. When he turned around, he invited Jun Duan, “How about coming to my office?”

Ziying Duan’ s father was having a meeting at the hotel when he received the police’ s phone call. The day before, Ziying suddenly asked him to change a hotel, and before he figured out the reason, he was transferred to this hotel and never saw her again.

He was having the meeting when a sharp knock on the door interrupted him.

He opened the door unhappily, but when he saw that it was the police, he was confused. After a while, he asked, “Hello, sir. May I help you?”

They were just having a meeting and that’s not illegal, he thought to himself.

The policeman showed his identification to him, “Mr. Duan, please come with us.”

Ziying’ s father, however, didn’t do as they asked. But the employees behind him were already gossiping, “Sir may I ask why?”

“Ziying Duan is your daughter, right?”


“That’s right. Please come with us.” The police got serious.

When he heard his daughter’s name, he knew something was happening. Giving instructions to the people behind him, he dismissed the meeting. Then he followed the police to leave.

On the way, he was worried about his daughter, “Sir, anything happened to Ziying?”

The police officer driving the car looked back at him with contempt, “What can happen to her? It’s good if she didn’t get others killed.”

“Huh?” This greatly shocked him, “How could Ziying… Sir, is there any mistake?”

The police officer snorted, no longer answering him. He was struggling all the way. Finally, he arrived at the police station.


As soon as the door of the interrogation room was opened, Ziying was squatting on the ground, and the moment she looked up, she saw his father appearing at the door. She was so excited that she wanted to stand up.

However, she was sitting on a chair with handcuffs, and just as soon as she tried to stand up, she sat back down.

“Ziying!” When he saw Ziying sitting in the interrogation room, he finally realized her daughter was in trouble.

“What happened? What’s going on?”

As soon as Ziying saw her father, she burst into tears and couldn’t say anything at all. How could she answer her father’s question?

The police officer who brought him in frowned, “I’ll tell you later. Mr. Duan, please tell your daughter to cooperate with us to make a statement, otherwise it will be unfavored for her.”

“Good, good, sir. We will cooperate!” He was assuring the police officers.

Holding Ziying’ s hand, he asked softly, “Ziying, what happened? Tell everything to the police, OK? I don’t want you to be accused.”

Staring at her father, she choked, and tears kept coming out, “Dad, I…I…”

She did not know where to start and she did not tell him anything about this. The whole thing was just a whim and she just did this.

What she never expected was that she would make Yiyao have an abortion. In the end, she escaped to the rooftop, which was completely insane.

After all, it was his own daughter, so he knew she had done something wrong. He changed into a more serious manner, “What exactly did you do?”

Thinking the police told him that she almost got someone killed, he was wondering it was true or not.

Since she didn’t answer, the police put the interrogation record on the table and sat opposite them, “Since you don’t want to say, then I ask, you answer, OK?”

He looked up at Ziying, “When did you kidnap Yiyao Duan?”

“Kidnap?” Her father looked at Ziying in disbelief, “How could you do such a thing?”


Ziying bowed her head, not daring to look at her father, “I really love Jingyan and I can’t stand the fact that he was going to marry another woman, so I…”

“So you kidnapped that woman to threaten him?”


“Ziying! How can you…”

He was so angry that he was gasping. Seeing that his high blood pressure was about to get high, Ziying cried out, “Dad, take it easy, I know I ‘ve done something wrong, but please, don’t hurt yourself.”

Her father tried to calm down. He poked her forehead, “Why don’t you think about it? Even if you could get him in this way, do you think it’s love? Don’t you remember what I’ve taught to you?”

Ziying, with tears running down, was unable to answer him. At this moment, the entire interrogation room echoed her crying.

“All right, all right. What are you doing here? Cry or tell me the truth?” The police officer stared at them with no patience. It was annoying enough to be assigned to do such a boring thing. What’s worse, it’s a woman.

If the man didn’t tell, he could beat him to make him tell. But a woman, what could he do?

After he said this, Ziying lowered down her voice. He breathed in relief and continued to ask, “Did you make Yiyao have an abortion on purpose?”

“No, it wasn’t me!” Hearing this charge, she shook her head to deny.

“It must be the two men. They wanted to rape Yiyao, so it must be them.”

The policeman looked up and gave her a look, “But they said it was you who did it. You paid them to do it, and you were the one who dragged Yiyao upstairs.”

“It’s not me! I didn’t do it.” Ziying kept shaking her head. She didn’t even dare to kill an ant, let alone a person.

Ziying’ s father defended her, “Sir, I believe she didn’t do it. Although she made a silly mistake for love, she was not that kind of person to kill someone.”

The police did not continue to ask more, so he put away the interrogation record, “Well, we need to know more details until Yiyao Duan gets better. Then we can take the statement. Mr. Duan, you are allowed to leave now.”

He was confused, so he asked, “Thank you, sir. What about my daughter?”

“She?” The police officer stopped and looked back, “She can’t leave, what if she runs away?”

“Dad, I don’t want to stay here.” As soon as she heard the policeman say so, Ziying was eager to get up from the chair.

Ziying’ s father was also anxious to hear so. Holding the policeman’s wrist, he stopped him from leaving.

“Sir, can you let my daughter go back with me? She will have a hard time in the prison. I promise, I won’t let her escape. Please, I promise!”

The policeman turned around, “What? Not used to it? You think it’s a hotel? Who will get used to it? You’ll get used to it after a longer stay!”

He waved his hand and explained, “I didn’t mean that. It’s just that she’s still young and it’s too difficult to let her stay here all of a sudden!”

“Since you know the consequences, you shouldn’t have done something like that!”

The policeman was eager to leave and after letting Ziying’ s father leave the room, he just locked the door.

“Eh? Sir, there’s nothing inside, so how can my daughter sleep? Besides, her hands are still handcuffed and will she just sit there and sleep like that?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” The police officer didn’t take a look at him, “When you leave, we will arrange everything.”

He stood there for a long time, but he had to leave in the end. Getting out of the station, instead of returning back to the hotel, he got to know the location of the hospital where Jingyan and Yiyao were. He wanted to talk to them.


It took Jingyan a long time to get Yiyao into bed. She had suppressed herself for too long and had been crying for an hour before she gradually calmed down.

After tucking her in, he heard someone knocking at the door. Jingyan frowned and walked to open the door.

What Jingyan saw was Ziying’ s father’s old and tired face. This made Jingyan surprise, “Mr. Duan, why are you here?”

“Jingyan, I’m begging you…” He was about to kneel down when he saw Jingyan.

Jingyan wanted to pick him up, “Mr. Duan, please don’t.”

In fact, he was angry inside, but he knew nothing, so he could not vent to him.

“Then can you forgive Ziying?” Mr. Duan was begging, with expectation in the eyes.

“I’m sorry…” When he just finished his words, Jingyan immediately apologized. The pain of losing his baby hurt him so much that it was impossible for him to forgive Ziying!

“Jingyan!” Mr. Duan was furious. He was groveling to him, but why was he still so stubborn?

Jingyan was not intimidated by his anger at all, “Mr. Duan, I know you love your daughter, but please try to understand me. I just lost my child…”

Mr. Duan held his hand for a moment, “The child…really?”

Jingyan just stared at him. He didn’t say anything, but Mr. Duan could know the answer from his expression.

“Ziying didn’t mean to do it and she is now very sorry. Really, Jingyan, believe me, she has been very sorry…”

Mr. Duan said a lot and even he himself did not know exactly what he was saying, but he was shaking and he had to find some words to calm down.

His own daughter killed someone, anyway. And she would be charged. Only by getting Jingyan’ s forgiveness, she could see some hope.

Jingyan rubbed his forehead and he remembered the scene in the operating room, bloody red.

“I’m sorry.” He coldly lowered his voice and stepped back to the ward, “Mr. Duan, if that’s what you want to say, I’ll close the door first. Yiyao needs to rest.”

When Mr. Duan came back to his senses, Jingyan was not there. A door separated them.

He stood in the doorway for a long time and didn’t come back to his senses until he was tapped on the shoulder.

“Sir, may I help you?”

Dr. Zhao smiled at him gently, following him was a man with a straight back, and both of them had doubts in their eyes.

“Do you know Yiyao?” Jun Duan frowned. The man in front of him looked about the same age as himself, so what could be his relationship with Yiyao?

Mr. Duan shook his head, “I don’t know her. I was just passing by and was thinking about something, so I stopped.”

Then he turned around and left in the opposite direction, but he stumbled a little bit. Fortunately, the hospital’s floor was smooth, otherwise, he would definitely fall down.

After Mr. Duan left, Dr. Zhao knocked the door. Jingyan, sitting inside, was tracing Yiyao’ s eyes. Hearing the knocks, he felt annoyed.

“I told you, I will not forgive her, please don’t…”

Jingyan was pissed off and wanted to tell Mr. Duan to leave. But when he opened the door, he found it was not Mr. Duan, so he stopped.

“Jingyan, what’s going on? Forgive?” Jun Duan heard that, so he asked.

Jingyan knew he had said something wrong, and it was not the time to explain, so he changed the topic and asked Dr. Zhao, “Does she need a checkup?”

Dr. Zhao nodded, “To see if her wounds open up.”

“Come in.”

Jingyan made enough room for him to come to Yiyao’ s bed. At this time, Yiyao moved her body and looked Dr. Zhao in the eyes.

For a moment, she didn’t know where she was, for she couldn’t hear anything. She turned her head to look for Jingyan.

“I’m here.” Jingyan saw she was restless, so he went forward to hold her hand.

Feeling the warmth from his hand, Yiyao was relieved.

Dr. Zhao put on the disposable gloves and nodded at Jingyan, “I’m going to remove the bandages.”

Taking a look at Yiyao, he saw she was calm, so he said, “Well, let’s start.”

The bandage was covered with blood. Dr. Zhao frowned after just one glance. The wound had opened up and it looked very painful. How could she endure it for so long and look as if nothing had happened?

Some of the blood was dry, so that the bandage attached to the flesh. Dr. Zhao was careful, but he couldn’t avoid making her hurt.

Dr. Zhao heard Yiyao taking a deep breath, but she looked as normal. Dr. zhao, anyway, tried to be gentler.

Jingyan, watching there, could feel the pain. But if Dr. Zhao didn’t do so, the wound would get worse, so he coughed and said nothing.

It took a long time to remove the bandages and the wound was bloody and fleshy. Dr. Zhao felt a little tricky, “Maybe I need to take her to the operating room to re-stitch it.”

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