Logan went downstairs with a gun. She was specially trained to survive in the dead. She had been to the Amazon and the primaeval forest. Her skills were accumulated.

Fighting is also accumulated by her between life and death, and the gun is the same!

If Logan’s goal is a killer, she will definitely not rank lower than Black Rose!

The last time she confronted Black Rose, she already knew the strength of Black Rose and thought she could kill Black Rose.

She took the gun downstairs and saw a corpse under a staircase. She was vigilant. This marksmanship is very strong, but why is it not like Black Rose?

Logan frowned, she stared around, suddenly, she pulled the trigger and shot a place!

The bullet hit a place and was shot out.

But a figure was forced to appear and ran downstairs at once, Logan chased it down!

In the stairs, there was the sound of gunshots continuously! Let the heart tremble!

Logan found the right time, aimed at this figure, and pulled the trigger!!



The figure fell to the ground. After the twitch, blood came out. Logan hurriedly walked over. She felt bad because she had fought against Black Rose. Why was it so bad this time?

Logan was useless for practical purposes, so she beat this person to death.

She turned the corpse over, and she was shocked. He was a man-like blonde woman, not Black Rose? Black Rose is the number one female killer and the most beautiful among the killers. How could it be like this?

“Tune the tiger away from the mountain?! Not good. Chuck!” Logan’s face turned pale. She immediately called Betty, but no one answered. Logan was anxious and ran up as fast as possible, “Chuck, Chuck, Don’t worry about it…”

“Master, hurry up,” Betty was anxious, she felt uneasy, but Logan had already stopped Black Rose. Logan should be able to stop her, why?

Chuck Cannon and Yvette ran out quickly. Because of Chuck Cannon, Yvette sent her mother and her mother’s bodyguards to other places a long time ago and waited a few days before returning.

When the three people arrived on the top floor, Betty would fly the plane. She ran over and started the plane, and the sound of the propeller rang.

“Master, hurry up!” Betty was anxious, Chuck Cannon and Yvette had already ran over, but suddenly, a bullet came over and hit the fuel tank of the plane.

Betty was shocked!

Chuck Cannon and Yvette stopped, and his heart sank because a woman in black appeared to the extreme. This woman in tights, blond hair and blue eyes was beautiful, ranking first in the world The female killer, Black Rose!

Chuck Cannon stared at her. Yvette’s eyes became cold. She walked up to Chuck Cannon, trying to block Chuck Cannon with her body, but why would Chuck Cannon let her do this? Chuck stayed with her, Yvette was anxious!

Betty is down!

“Black Rose, how much did Shidao Lee spend to invite you? Young Master and Mother will give you ten times, a hundred times!” Betty stared at her.

“I know that Karen Lee is rich and can give me so much money, but my rule is not that anyone has more money,” Black Rose said in a strange Chinese language.

“But you know, if you act on the young master today, then, President Li will find you and you will die miserably!”

“I don’t think so! Karen Lee can kill me, just like I killed her, I can’t kill it,” Black Rose shook her head, the sniper rifle in her hand glowing in the dark night.

“Don’t stop me, one of my bullets is precious.” Black Rose walked over and Betty stopped, “I won’t let you kill the young master.”

“But you don’t have any guns in your hand. None of you can say such things to me. There is no time to waste with you. Get out!” Black Rose said, Betty suddenly moved her hand and grabbed her gun.

Black Rose smiled slightly, “Karen Lee can’t kill me, let alone you, go away!”

Black Rose kicked her out. Betty was shot in the shoulder. She was weak. She didn’t escape this kick. She was kicked out for five or six meters and vomited blood when she fell to the ground.

Betty got up, Black Rose took a look at her, pointed the gun in her hand, and pulled the trigger!


A bullet came out and hit Betty. She backed away and fell to the ground motionless.

Chuck Cannon’s eyes widened, “Sister Li!”

Was Betty killed by a single shot? Blood, a lot of blood flowed out, at this moment, Chuck Cannon’s mind was full of anger!!

Black Rose continued to walk over, “Your cousin, spent 10 million dollars to let me kill you. I think the price is a bit high because you aren’t, but Shidao Lee has a request, I agreed, and that is to let you die. It’s a bit miserable, I should be able to meet my request, right?”

Black Rose said, with the gun in her hand facing Chuck Cannon!

The icy muzzle, with fiery spewing out of it, was the surplus temperature after killing Betty.

Chuck Cannon is not afraid, what is he afraid of? If this Black Rose will kill him, then his mother will avenge him!

“No!” Yvette had blood in her eyes. She stretched out her hand. This time of training has made her speed much faster, but she is still not enough to see the first killer Black Rose. Black Rose glanced at her and kicked it out.

Yvette firmly grasped her leg and took out the dagger, trying to stab her Black Rose to furrow her brow, flipped it and hit with a sniper rifle. Chuck Cannon stopped her, and her hand was interrupted.


Black Rose kicked Yvette away, and she raised her gun, “Reward you for a bullet?”

She reacted instinctively, but she remembered that Shidao Lee couldn’t kill Yvette. After a moment of hesitation, Chuck Cannon seized the opportunity, kicked her gun, and then rushed forward.

Black Rose frowned. This attack method was okay. There was a shadow of Karen Lee, but it was too far away. Black Rose kicked Chuck Cannon’s stomach. With the pain, Chuck Cannon held his stomach. Almost squatted down.

But squatting down is dead!

“You are too bad.” The gun in Black Rose’s hand hit Chuck Cannon’s head. It was a steel pipe. Chuck Cannon’s head was bleeding and he fell to the ground.

Black Rose took out her phone and gave Shidao Lee a video.

Connected, Shidao Lee smiled, “What happened?”

“Watch it for yourself!” Black Rose held the phone to Chuck Cannon, Yvette, and Betty who was motionless.

Shidao Lee laughed, “Sure enough, the number one killer is the number one killer, and you didn’t disappoint me!”

“of course!”

“Where is Logan? Don’t kill that woman.” Shidao Lee reminded him without seeing Logan.

“I see, now I’ll show you how miserable he is.” Black Rose put the phone in a place.

In the video, Shidao Lee is drinking red wine, ready to enjoy a good show!

Black Rose came over, and Chuck Cannon got up and attacked her. He attacked by all means of fighting, and Black Rose easily blocked it, “How come Karen Lee has a rubbish son like you? Too rubbish, too rubbish.”


The black rose slapped, Chuck Cannon’s face was numb and hot.

This strength gap is too big, Chuck Cannon feels like a primary school student, facing an adult, so powerless.

“Don’t hit my husband.” Yvette’s eyes were blood red, she rushed over, Black Rose glanced at her, and kicked again.

Yvette hid and slammed her fist on Black Rose. Black Rose sneered, “Attack skills are fine, but just this little strength?”

Yvette was shocked, but she used all her strength, why didn’t Black Rose have anything to do? How is this possible?


With another kick, Yvette fell out. She vomited blood and couldn’t get up.

“Come on, I want this woman.” Shidao Lee smiled slightly and reminded Black Rose.

“You really want a lot of women.” Black Rose said.

“Haha, I want you too, but you don’t want to.” Shidao Lee laughed, Black Rose is a standard American, her figure is excited by Shidao Lee, and Black Rose’s face is amazing!

It’s a pity that Shidao Lee chased her, but Black Rose was unwilling, and he was also jealous, so he didn’t force it.

“I don’t mind if people ask me to kill you,” Black Rose said.

“Haha, you go ahead and let me see how miserable Chuck Cannon is!” Shidao Lee laughed loudly, the vicious and hideous face on his face.

Black Rose ignored Shidao Lee. She walked up to Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon got up and punched her fist. Black Rose snorted coldly, kicked it out, and kicked Chuck Cannon into the air.

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