Chapter 392: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 392 Cancel the Wedding

“Then go to the operating room!” Jingyan Ye replied without the least hesitation.

He had always been serious about Yiyao Duan’s health issues. Now that she couldn’t hear anything, Jingyan had to make the decision for her.

“Good.” Dr. Zhao didn’t want to waste time and immediately informed the nurse to prepare the utensils for the operation, pushing Yiyao into the operating room.

With the experience from the last time, Jingyan entered the operating room successfully. Upon seeing him, the nurses didn’t even stop him, but directly took out a set of clothes for him, asked him to change the clothes and then followed him into the operating room.

Lying on the bed, Yiyao stared at the ceiling, eyes wide open. It was in the same place where she lost her baby without knowing anything.

“Yiyao, don’t be afraid! I’m here with you!” Jingyan thought she was afraid of the operation, so he held her hand tightly, trying to give her support. Her hand was ice-cold.

Yiyao still didn’t move and didn’t even blink her eyes, just letting him hold her hand. The light shed by incandescent bulbs on the ceiling pricked her eyes, but mysteriously, she was actually feeling nice.

Jingyan was keep a close watch on all her actions and wanted to give her a hug, but because of her wounds, he nipped that idea in the bud.

“Give me the anesthetic.” After everything was ready, Dr. Zhao said to the assistant behind him. The assistant found a glass bottle instantly and handed it to him.

Dr. Zhao opened the bottle and was about to suck the liquid into the syringe. Seeing this, Yiyao immediately turned greatly excited, losing control.

She pulled her hand out of Jingyan’s hand, waving in the air, trying to snatch that syringe. But her stomach hurt so much that she couldn’t sit down, so she could only waved her arms as hard as she could.

Jingyan didn’t understand what was going on, but he also panicked watching Yiyao’s movements.

“Yiyao, what’s wrong? What happened? Tell me!”

Seeing Jingyan, Yiyao hastily pulled his wrist, stared at him with anxious look, and then pointed to the anesthetic.

“You don’t want the anesthetic?” Jingyan was puzzled and shocked.

Yiyao kept nodding as she read Jingyan’s lips in the light.

“Why?” It must be very painful without anesthesia, the cracked wound still need to be stitched up with needles. Such a pain, even an adult man who is used to getting injured, won’t be able to endure it, how can she ……

Yiyao couldn’t explain to him. She couldn’t hear the sound, couldn’t hear what she was saying. She thought she had made herself clear, but all others heard were some meaningless syllables.

She could only looked pleadingly at Jingyan and kept shaking her head at him.

Last time, she lost her baby in a coma, she felt no pain, which hurt her heart so badly that she could hardly breathe.

An infant of flesh was pulled away from her body. It should be very painful, and she wanted to experience that feeling instead of feeling nothing; and the baby just disappeared as if it had never been there.

“Yiyao ……” Jingyan choked with sobs, “Why are you doing this ……”

Yiyao didn’t want to retreat, staring at Jingyan firmly. Jingyan glared at her for a long time, shook his head and compromised, “Forget it. Let’s do what you want, we won’t use the anesthetic.”

After saying that, he handed her his hand, “If it hurts, just bite my hand.”

Since she wants to feel the pain, he will accompany her!

Dr. Zhao, who hadn’t worked long at the hospital, had never heard such a requirement. He hesitated for a moment.

“Have you really decided?”

“Let’s do it.” Jingyan nodded, freeing another hand to rub Yiyao’s hair gently.

Dr. Zhao shook his head and kept silent, thinking this kind of thing could only be seen in TV drama. This couple must be crazy!

But as a doctor, he couldn’t refuse their requirement. He could only take out the suture needle and take a deep breath. An operation without anesthetic did not only bring the patient extreme pain, but also required a high psychological quality of the doctor.

He must sew up the wound as fast as he could to prevent the patient from suffering more pains.

Yiyao grimaced and trembled as the needle went in. That pain was so traumatic. Nothing could stop the pain unless she had been injected the anesthetic.

“Yiyao, how are you?” Jingyan’s fingers were pinched and deformed, being squeezed by her. Yet he was not in the mood to pay attention to his pain.

Yiyao looked up and forced a smile at Jingyan. Dr. Zhao also noticed their movements and decided to speed up sewing.

There was a gush of blood in Jingyan’s hand, but he didn’t pull out. Sweat dripped from Yiyao’s face, he wiped it for her with another hand.

Yiyao’s eyes suddenly filled with tears. It was far more painful than she had imagined.

She wondered if her baby had been sentient already? Was he feeling the same pain?

In the twinkling of an eye, the operation had come to an end. Dr. Zhao withdrew the needle, took off his gloves, wiped the sweat from his head and breathed a long sigh of relief, “It’s finally over.”

At this moment, Yiyao was already soaked with sweat, like she was brought out of the water. Her clothes were also washed by her sweat.

Her eyes were half-open. She was afraid she would have passed out if the operation continued.

“Now you can’t move around. You have to stay in the ward for ten days. You will be discharged after recovery.”

Dr. Zhao instructed the nurse to push her out of the operating room. He walked to the door, stopped and deliberately instructed to Yiyao and Jingyan, “Don’t mess around anymore. Though she is safe now, no one can survive if this kind of thing happens a few more times!”

“I got it.” Jingyan raised his head weakly, he also sweated a lot, but much less than Yiyao.

His thumb was pinched and bloodied by Yiyao, he tried to move and found he couldn’t.

The nurse pushed them back and looked at them in terror. In their opinions, these two people were both nuts.

Who in their right mind would require this? No anesthetic during the operation.


The Ye family.

Jingyan Ye and Yiyao Duan had not been home for two days.

Early in the morning, Venus Mu was waiting in the living room and tried to get in touch with Jingyan, whose phone was turned off.

“How’s it going?” Kerry Ye flipped through the newspaper, but couldn’t read a single word.

“It’s still off, what the hell happened to them? Today is the wedding day, at least they should inform us what happened!”

Venus was so agitated, like an ant on a hot pan. Not knowing what to do, she said to Kerry “Stop reading the newspaper! Do something! “

Kerry put down the newspaper, walked over to bring Venus to the sofa, “Now there’s nothing we can do. Apparently, the wedding must be postponed. It won’t be possible for today.”

“Fine.” Venus looked upset, “I’m so worried. What happened to them ……”


Chuxue Ye happened to walk out of her room at this time. Standing on the stairway, she turned around to present her dress, “What do you think?”

Venus gave her a look, not in the mood to comment on her dress. Kerry tipped her a wink, but Chuxue didn’t notice.

She ran up to Venus and turned around again, “Mom, look!”

“Ah? Where are Jingyan and Yiyao? No, they’re getting married today, I should call her sister-in-law!”

Chuxue was muttering to herself, repeating, ”Sister-in law, my sister-in-law.”

She then covered her face and said, “Oops, it’s odd! I’m not used to this.”

“Mom, where are my brother and sister-in-law?”

“Stop! Stop bothering me!” Venus turned her head in annoyance and said in an impatient tone.

Chuxue asked in injured tone, “What are you talking about? Am I bothering you? Shouldn’t I concern about them? I’m the bridesmaid! “

“The bride and the groom are nowhere to be found, whose wedding are you going to attend?”

“What are you saying?” Chuxue was confused, “Where did they go?”

“I don’t know.” Venus was already annoyed, hearing her jabbering in her ear, she got more angry.

Seeing that Venus wasn’t willing to talk with her, Chuxue turned to Kerry, “Dad, tell me! What’s going on?”

Kerry shook his head, “They left the day before yesterday and haven’t come back.”

“How come?” She still remembered Jingyan said he was going to pick up Yiyao’s father that day. How come they haven’t come back by now?

Even if Yiyao’s father didn’t support their marriage, they should have come back!

“I’ll go call him!” Chuxue said, lifting her dress and turning around to go upstairs.

Venus said, “It’s useless, his phone is off.”

“How could this happen!”

“Okay, let’s go to the wedding venue. Now that they have disappeared, we need to be the host and receive the guests.” Kerry stood up, turned back into the bedroom. A few minutes later, he came back to the living room, wearing a formal suit.

He was tall and strong, his face had become more sharp-featured through the years. When he stared at Venus with his deep eyes, Venus was stunned by his charm.

Venus lowered her head and secretly complained, “How could this man still look so good? He’s not young anymore!”

“Go change your clothes.” Kerry walked to Venus and ruffled her hair softly.

Venus answered in a low voice, went into the bedroom. The time she spent was a little longer than Kerry.

When Venus appeared in the living room wearing a tailor-made dress with her hair coiled up over her head, both Kerry and Chuxue were amazed by how marvelous she was.

“Wow, mom, you’re so beautiful!” Chuxue rarely saw Venus dressed up like this. So many beautiful clothes were rejected by Kerry as he thought they were too revealing.

This time, if not for Jingyan’s wedding, she’s afraid that she won’t see her mom dressing like this. But …… she was so pretty!

Kerry also nodded pleasantly. Venus wasn’t out of shape due to staying comfortably at home, but instead there was a sense of aristocratic languor, adding a few more charm.

“Let’s go then!”

Venus was not interfered by their stares. All she was thinking was getting to the venue quickly and finishing the wedding stuff first.

Sensing that both of them were being ignored, Kerry and Chuxue exchanged a helpless look. Chuxue spread her hands while Kerry twitched his mouth, both followed Venus resignedly.

The venue.

Although it was not time yet, the guests had basically arrived. Time passed, but the newlyweds hadn’t shown up. Someone had already sensed that something was wrong, couldn’t help but start whispering.

“Why hasn’t they come yet?”

“It’s not right. It’s almost time, even if the bride and groom hasn’t arrived, the people of the Ye family should have arrived!”

“Is there something wrong?”

“What happened?”

“You guys might not know it, this isn’t Jingyan Ye’s first wedding. Just a few months ago, there was another wedding in the Capital City. I am close to the Ye family, so I was invited. Guess what happened?”

A large-bellied man was lying on the arm-chair, gloating over the affair he knew. He deliberately paused for a moment.

“What happened?” The people who were eavesdropping hastily gathered in a group to ask the man.

“A woman under the stage stopped the wedding and took the bridegroom away, so that wedding was destroyed.”

“Wow! Really?”

“Yes! I heard that the bride today is the woman who took Jingyan away that day! So maybe today’s wedding will also be interrupted!”

“Ah? So, the eldest son of the Ye family is a philanderer!”

The crowd kept discussing. They were deeply affected by the rumors, believing that Jingyan was a playboy.

The women around also heard their discussion. They were no longer envious of this luxurious wedding, but scoffed at it. No matter how extravagant it was, the bride could be changed at a venture.

In a moment, the venue descended into chaos.

At this time, Kerry and Venus came in. Seeing this, they were both perplexed.

After asking Yulin Mu, they finally knew what was going on.

Kerry took the microphone, walked up to the stage, swept a glance at the guests. Some people had quickly caught on, shut up immediately, waiting for Kerry to speak.

Kerry coughed twice. “I’m curious what you all are talking about? Can anyone tell me?”

Hearing Kerry’s voice, everyone stopped talking, but no one dared to stand up and answer.

Kerry paused for a moment and continued, “You are right. The wedding is cancelled.”

“Wow ……”

The venue, which was silent just now, immediately was seething again. This time, Kerry did not interrupt them, standing quietly on the stage and waiting for them to stop.

Venus, seeing how solemn and cool he was, also walked up to hold his hand.

The warmth of her hand comforted Kerry. He turned to look into Venus’s eyes and was calming down.

The surrounding chatter was quieting down, Kerry tightened his grip on Venus’s hand, “Whatever your speculation is, hold it in your heart, if I hear any bad word about my son ……”

His ran his eyes over the crowd sharply. The light of the venue hit exactly where they were standing, the crowd could not help shivering.

Venus also held his hand tightly and shook her head at him slightly.

Kerry showed a reassuring smile to respond her and continued, “You can have you own conjecture, but don’t let me know.”

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