Chuck Cannon got up from the ground. This Black Rose was too powerful. He really felt like he was facing his mother. Is this woman the same strength as his own mother?

Chuck Cannon sighed. He knew himself well, knowing that he, who had just entered the fighting gate, could not be the opponent of Black Rose!

But you have to die with a backbone!

Chuck Cannon’s blood in his mouth and blood-red eyes were particularly calm.

Black Rose frowned. She felt that she had already kicked it a few times, but Chuck Cannon could still handle it? Physical fitness is not bad.

However, in front of her, Chuck Cannon is a child.

Yvette got up and ran to Chuck Cannon frantically. At this moment, she had no other thoughts. She thought that if she can survive today, she must exercise herself frantically, then make her strength stronger, then she can Protect, this man who grew up with her.

Yvette’s eyes were as fierce as the mother leopard!

But how could Black Rose see Yvette in her eyes?

She kicked out again!

At this moment, Chuck Cannon seized the opportunity and hugged the Black Rose fiercely. He was shocked. This Black Rose is a woman, so how come she has so much muscle around her body?

How much exercise does this woman usually go through?

Chuck Cannon exhausted all his strength and hugged her. Chuck Cannon couldn’t control the ability to break free. It’s no wonder that she was able to kick him into the air with one kick. This woman’s strength was too great.

Chuck Cannon succeeded, Yvette used her fighting moves to attack Black Rose!

Attack again!

“You are all rubbish,” Black Rose said coldly, “you!!!”

When she was about to kick her, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. She turned her head and saw that Chuck Cannon opened his mouth and bit her shoulder!

Did Karen Lee’s son use such rubbish?

Chuck Cannon had no choice. He was almost knocked out just now. He could only bite with his mouth. This was the most direct attack from Black Rose. Make her hurt, then her attack speed will slow down.

Sure enough, Chuck Cannon bit her, she had a painful expression on her face, and Chuck Cannon had blood in her mouth. This time he used all his strength to bite her shoulder, no, it should have been bleeding from the place near her neck, Chuck Cannon feels that he can take a bite of this piece of meat.

Yvette’s attack came, but Black Rose killed countless people. This pain was nothing to her. She glanced at Yvette and kicked her directly!

Yvette escaped, but Black Rose was so flexible that she still kicked Yvette!

This kick has a killing intent, especially heavy!

Yvette was kicked out for five or six meters. If she was an ordinary person, she would have fainted a long time ago, even if she had a bad physique, she would be kicked to death. But Yvette’s willpower was too strong and she got up when she falls down.

Black Rose frowned. At this time, she felt a little bit cruel. This woman, if given her time, might be on par with her.

If it was before, she would definitely strangle this kind of thing in the cradle, but Shidao Lee said that she couldn’t kill her.

Black Rose can only listen.

Seeing Yvette rushing over again, Black Rose flipped Chuck Cannon’s head, and threw Chuck Cannon to the ground.


Chuck Cannon felt like he fell from the second floor. He coughed violently and coughed and bleeds, but there was a piece of meat in his mouth, which was torn from the shoulder of Black Rose. Black Rose looked at her shoulder. At this moment, There was indescribable killing intent in her blue eyes!

Your body is so perfect, now you have been bitten off like this??

This is something that Black Rose absolutely cannot tolerate. She walked up to Chuck Cannon, grabbed Chuck Cannon, and slapped it down with one slap, but Chuck Cannon knew that Black Rose would do this. At this time, he was in pain all over his body, only his mouth was strong. He can only bite her hand with his mouth.

“court death!!”

Black Rose was fast and punched Chuck Cannon in the chest.


Chuck Cannon was about to vomit blood and fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

“Haha, yes, yes, continue to torture him!” In the video, Shidao Lee was holding a wine glass and admiring the scene where Chuck Cannon was beaten. He was so excited that this scene was very exciting!

He did not miss any of the pictures just now.

Very cool, Black Rose’s overwhelming strength, Shidao Lee felt that Chuck Cannon was tortured very well!

Black Rose En, she swayed her perfect long legs, walked in front of Chuck Cannon, and lifted her foot. Then, she would step on all Chuck Cannon’s ribs one foot after another!

Including the bones of the hands and feet, all have to be broken. Black Rose will accurately control the power so that all the bones of Chuck Cannon will be broken, but in the end, he will not die, making him painful and hopeless! Let Chuck Cannon just twist his body like an earthworm, and die in despair and pain!

Such a death can meet Shidao Lee’s requirements!

Black Rose lifted her foot, Yvette rushed over, Black Rose reached out and grabbed Yvette’s neck, “You want to protect him so desperately? Well, I will let you see how he died in my hands. !”

“No!” Yvette cried out in pain!

She was pinched by her neck, and she struggled with force, but it was of no use, because Black Rose’s hands were like a vise, and she watched Black Rose raise her foot, which would crush Chuck Cannon’s ribs!

Yvette wept in despair, “I’m sorry, husband, I can’t protect you, but I will avenge you, and then come down to accompany you.”

This kind of picture is in a good mood. Shidao Lee just wants to see this picture, so that his abnormal psychology will be satisfied!

If Chuck Cannon is dead, Yvette will follow him obediently, he won’t dislike Chuck Cannon for playing, he has to cherish it!

He couldn’t wait to stare at the screen, and in the next second, Chuck Cannon was about to scream heartbreakingly! Remember to scream louder! !


Shidao Lee ferocious!

Black Rose stepped hard on this foot, she can break a brick with one foot, and a person’s ribs can definitely break three or four with one foot!

He actually bit her shoulders and make her body imperfect, this is his end!!

But suddenly! Black Rose’s complexion has changed!!

Because of a bullet, She doesn’t know where it came from, with a bang! It hit Black Rose’s arm, and a bullet with blood came out of her arm.

Pain, her subconscious behaviour made her give up stepping on Chuck Cannon and pinching Yvette’s neck. She squatted down, rolled to the side, looking for cover!

She turned her head to look at the arm where she was shot. The blood dripped out like this. She frowned, raised the gun, and looked around with beautiful eyes.

I can’t find out where the shooting was. Humph, Logan, did you come up so soon?

Black Rose’s face is rather ugly. She has been a killer for so long. Only when she first debuted, she was shot, and then she didn’t have it. Until she met Karen Lee and assassinated Karen Lee twice, she was shot twice.

Now there are other people who can hit herself?

Chuck Cannon coughed violently. He got up and took Yvette who was also coughing aside. He had to find cover. Now it’s a gunfight!

In this kind of battle, even if you fight hard, you are still vulnerable!

“Wife.” Chuck Cannon felt distressed, and Yvette was hurt a lot more than him.

“I’m okay, husband,” Yvette hugged Chuck Cannon tightly. At this moment, she cried. She had just experienced the parting of life and death, and she didn’t want to try again.

Chuck Cannon has taken Yvette aside. He coughed and bleeds. The pain made Chuck Cannon determined that he must become a master of fighting!

I can never let myself be beaten so badly!

Absolutely not!!


As soon as Black Rose emerged from the cover, a bullet shot through the air. Black Rose squatted down immediately. The bullet missed her, but it made her feel dangerous!

She once again looked for the place where the bullet was shot, but this is the rooftop, not to mention unobstructed, but there is not much place to cover the body, so where is it?

When Black Rose was looking for it, suddenly the blue beautiful eyes appeared cold!

Because the sound of the propeller came from far away. In the dark night, a helicopter came towards this side. The rumbling sound went from far to near. The Black Rose stared at the helicopter. There was a person on it, holding it. Sniper rifle, cold in the eyes!!

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