Chapter 393 – 394: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 393: Yaoguang Mansion

“Copy that!”

The power released from Kris Chen was extremely mighty. Prof. Guan had only seen one person with such mighty force. That was Huang Xiong. No… Kris’ power was even stronger than Huang.

“I’ll go first and leave you to do the rest.”

After saying that, Kris strode out of the warehouse, leaving Prof. Guan alone.

At the same time, in the prison of City Lord’s Mansion.

Tiangang Yuan was full of blood, being whipped heavily. The jailers of the prison were ruthless, the whip they used was soaked in salt water, which made Tiangang suffer great pain.

“Tell us, how did the Young Lord get killed!”

“If you tell us now, maybe we can let you suffer less pain!”

“The City Lord has already sent his troops to besiege the Yuan’s Mansion. You will be able to reunite with your family soon. I heard that the eldest daughter of Yuan family is ugly, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but we can take a closer look later!”


Those jailers kept torturing Tiangang both physically and mentally.

With Kang Ning’s death, if they couldn’t get something useful from Tiangang, they would be the ones who were in trouble.

After all, they all knew how brutal Tianxiong Ning was.

“I am not guilty, Tianxiong Ning! You will be sent to Hell after dying miserably!”

Tiangang’s scapula was pierced through, which greatly restricted his power. He never expected this, as the Family Head of Yuan family, the ambassador of Wuwei City, he would fall into such a position today.

“How dare you!”

The leader of these jailers slammed the table, picked up a red-hot branding iron from the charcoal pot. With a grim smile on his face, he was about to press it on Tiangang’s face.


At this moment, an angry shouting came from behind. Tu Yan had arrived with his troops!

The jailer, startled by the sudden sound, turned around and was slapped abruptly.


He was shot away. Half of the teeth in his mouth disappeared.

“Family Head, I’m sorry for being late!”

Looking at Tiangang, whose bone was pierced through and nailed to the cross, Tu’s eyes turned red because of rage. He walked directly to the jailer, took out the long knife, and in an instant, the jailer’s head was cut off.


Blood was spurting out like a fountain. His face still looked frightened, falling on the ground.

All of the minor jailers sucked in a breath. Their faces were deathly pale.

The guards of the City Lord’s Mansion also didn’t dare to make a sound. Kris had acknowledged Tiangang’s identity as the new City Lord of Wuwei City. These damned jailers had been torturing the new City Lord like this, they deserved to die!

After killing the leader of them, Tu was still dissatisfied. He raised his knife again and killed another two younger jailers.

The rest of them fell to their knees in fear and begged for mercy, crying and shouting.

After dropping the bloodstained knife on the ground with a clang, Tu immediately went to unshackle Tiangang.

“Family Head, bear it for a little while, I’m going to pull this out.”

Tiangang had lost his consciousness. He nodded unconsciously without knowing what Tu was saying.


Tu suddenly pulled with strength. Tiangang cried out in pain.

Tu hurriedly took out the rest of the Healing Pills and poured them into Tiangang’s mouth.

The amazing pills instantly stopped the wounds from deteriorating.

Tu carried Tiangang on his back and left the prison.

Tens of thousands of miles away, in the Department of Life Registration, Yaoguang Mansion, where the life tablets of all the officers in Yaoguang Mansion were enshrined.

“Ka ka!”

At this moment, one of the jade tablets shattered, its inner light dimmed instantly.

An officer who was dozing under those tablets was awakened.

“Oh no! City Lord of Wuwei City’s life tablet shattered!”

The officer hurriedly ran out of the house, attracting the attention of other officers.

In an antique study, a middle-aged man in a blue robe was splashing ink with his brush, drawing a Chinese ink-painting.

“Your honor, something… something bad happened, the City Lord of Wuwei City is dead!”

Before the officer arrived, his voice had reached first.

This middle-aged man didn’t stop painting, but looked displeased by his noises, “No matter what it is, wait until I finish my painting.”

The officer cringed, knowing that he had violated the taboo, and stood by with his hands crossing together, not daring to make a sound.

An hour later, a beautiful landscape drawing was finished.

The middle-aged man put down the brush and asked, “What makes you so panic?”

“Your honor, Tianxiong Ning, the City Lord of Wuwei City is dead. Shall we send a new officer there?”

“Such a trivial matter. You shouldn’t bother me.”

The Governor of Yaoguang Mansion looked indifferent, as if Tianxiong’s death had nothing to do with him. Wuwei City was just an insignificant city of the hundreds of cities in Yaoguang. Wuwei City was close to Shiwan Mountain, with beast striking all year round. They couldn’t afford to pay taxes, and were subsidized by the Yaoguang Mansion every year. Wuwei City was simply unbearable for this ambitious man who was seeking for promotion.

“Never mind. When the beast’s strike passes, we’ll send someone else over to clean up the mess!”

“Yes, your honor!”

The officer wasn’t surprised by his attitude. Wuwei City was just a poor and remote town with numerous beasts. Who would like to work there?

“Forget it, let’s just wait until the beast’s strike passes. It will take two months at least, then I’ll arrange a unlucky wretch to go over!” The officer thought.

After the officer left, the Governor of Yaoguang Mansion sneered, “This time, you should be able to have a good meal!”


Wuwei City, Yuan’s Mansion.

Chamberlain of the Yuan family, Mr. Mei, was guarding at the entrance of Yuan’s Mansion with hundreds of his family workers. He looked determined, he would defend the Yuan family with his life.

Generally, there was a steady stream of pedestrians on the wide street, but today, no one dare to go out, not even a dog.

Just then, the sound of footsteps came, and Mr. Mei’s face turned pale, “They’re coming.”

“Everyone! Get ready! Up!”


Hundreds of long spears were raised up. These spears were so sharp that they seemed to pierce through the darkness.

Everyone was ready for the upcoming tough fight with fortitude and prowess.

Born and raised by the Yuan family, they vowed to live and die together with the Yuan family.

“Open the door, Mr. Mei! Open the door, open the door!”

Tu’s voice gradually came nearer.

It was… It was the voice of Tu Yan!

Mr. Mei looked confused, the sound was getting nearer and nearer. Tu, who was carrying Tiangang on his back, rushed over urgently.

Behind him were thousands of soldiers from the City Lord’s Mansion, who were also carrying nine corpses.

“Let’s go!”

Mr. Mei didn’t have time to figure out who these people were. Thinking that these people might be chasing after Tu, he asked his men to aim the spears at the soldiers from the City Lord’s Mansion.

“No no, stop it! Mr. Mei, put down the weapons, they are friends, not enemies!”

Tu shouted, knowing that Mr. Mei had mistaken their identities.

Mr. Mei was more puzzled. But suddenly, he saw Tiangang who had passed out on Tu’s back. He went forward to check him in a hurry.

“Mr. Yan, what happened? Is Family Head…”

“He is fine, he passed out because of his injuries. I’ve already given him the Healing Pills, He’s safe at present!”

Hearing this, Mr. Mei finally felt relieved, “Then what about the Big Futu…”

“Don’t mention that son of a bitch.”

Tu gritted his teeth, “Our brothers were slaughtered by him, if that master didn’t show up and saved me at a critical time, I would have died too!”

“How is this possible…”

Mr. Mei was dumbfounded.

“It’s a long story, let’s settle the Family Head down first.”

Tu ran into the Yuan’s Mansion, carrying Tiangang. Only when the soldiers came over with nine corpses on their backs did Mr. Mei realize: The ten futu monks of the Yuan family which enjoyed immense popularity, now had only one still alive.

“Get out of the way and let me in!”

A middle-aged man with mustache stepped out from behind, “Where is City Lord? Mr. Yuan? Let me get in to see him!”

Mr. Mei immediately recognized this man. He was Prof. Guan who had been with Tianxiong Ning, hence he looked at him with a hostile look.

“You can’t!”

“You old bastard, get out of my way. I’m the private assistant of City Lord, from now on, Mr. Yuan is the new City Lord of Wuwei City. Of course I have to go in there and accompany him!”

Prof. Guan’s words shocked everyone on the spot… What the hell was going on?

Tiangang was the New City Lord of Wuwei City? How was that possible?

What about Tianxiong Ning? What happened to him?

“Don’t talk nonsense, the City Lord of Wuwei City is Tianxiong Ning!”

“You know nothing, Tianxiong has already been killed by my Lor…”

Prof. Guan gave a violent shudder, he immediately changed what he was planning to say, “Tianxiong had committed so many evils and was already killed by a senior master. Mr. Yuan was exactly promoted by that master.”


Tianxiong was dead?

That tyrant who had controlled Wuwei City for decades was dead!

Prof. Guan was a henchman of Tianxiong, so naturally what he said should be true.

Moreover, he was standing next to the soldiers of the City Lord’s Mansion. None of them had refuted what he said, so it must be true!

“Now you should have believed me.”

Saying this, Prof. Guan was about to get into the Yuan’s Mansion.

“You can’t!”

Mr. Mei promptly stopped him, “No one can enter the mansion without the approval of our Family Head!”

“You… you old bastard. Why are you so stubborn?”

Prof. Guan was annoyed by Mr. Mei. If it wasn’t for Kris’s repeated warnings, he would have rushed into the mansion without anyone’s approval. “A chamberlain on the return-to-nature stage, how dares he stop me? Does he know who I am?” Prof. Guan snorted in his heart.

Although he was afraid of death, he still had the inborn fierceness.

“I have said that you can’t go inside, then you can’t!”

Mr. Mei wasn’t afraid of Prof. Guan at all, with his men behind him all aiming their spears at Prof. Guan.

Just as Prof. Guan was about to break out, feeling ashamed and angry, a voice suddenly emerged in his mind.

Hearing this voice, Prof. Guan’s emotions changed a lot.

Suddenly the anger on his face disappeared. He walked up to Mr. Mei and apologized sincerely, cupping his hand in the other before his chest, “Mr. Mei, I’m sorry for being rude just now, don’t take it personally. I’m also worried about Mr. Yuan. That’s why I’m so anxious, I hope you can understand and forgive me!”

Hearing this, everyone on the spot was stunned, not only the members of the Yuan family, but also the soldiers of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Chapter 394: Nameless sword tactic book

Prof. Guan’s attitude had changed from arrogance to respect.

“The elder told us to help the family head well, so you don’t have to worry that we will do harm to the family head!”

Prof. Guan was right.

The guards and soldiers of Wuwei City all nodded in agreement.

“Prof. Guan is right. That’s exactly what the elder said!”

“With that elder, we will certainly assist the family head wholeheartedly!”

Reluctantly, but under the deterrence of Kris Chen, who dared to act recklessly?

Wasn’t that asking for a death?

With these words, the soldiers behind him spontaneously guarded the Yuan Family.

People in the Yuan Family were stunned.

So, the Yuan family would be the first big family of Wuwei City?

Could we do whatever we want in Wuwei City?

Several servants in the Yuan Family couldn’t help saying.

Chamberlain Mei couldn’t believe it, but that’s what it was. If they wanted to force them, they would have done it and would not have told him so much with a benign countenance.

About what Tu Yan said before, he just understood now and woke up like a dream.

For a moment, he was in tears.

The Yuan Family is OK!

And young lady needn’t hide anymore!

He wiped his tears and said, “let’s make a way.”

Immediately, he said to Prof. Guan and the general, “please come in, sir.”

Prof. Guan bowed his hand in a gentle manner. Just now, Kris gave him a message. It seemed that he really paid attention to the Yuan Family. He had put out some unnecessary careful thoughts. If he annoyed Kris, he would lose his life.

Chamberlain Mei waved away the womenfolk of a family and took Prof. Guan and others to the main hall, where they were served tea.

At the backyard of Yuan’s house, Kris Chen returned to his room and started liquidating his booty.

Tianxiong Ning’s storage room was very large, and there were a lot of things in it. It could be said that Tianxiong’s harvest for decades was all here, but all belonged to Kris now.

There were hundreds of Di level first class techniques, more than 20 Tian level lower level techniques, dozens of Tian level middle class techniques, five Tian level first class techniques, and one nameless sword tactic.

Seeing this sword tactic, Kris became interested.

This book of sword tactic was divided into two volumes, the first volume was inner power technique, and the second volume was the secret script.

However, there seemed to be some defects in this unknown sword tactic. Only 6000 acupuncture points were recorded on it. He looked at the catalog of sword tactic. There should be eight volumes in the first volume. Now there were only six, and the sixth volume was even incomplete.

The six volumes were only enough for him to practice to the middle period. But what should he do with the two and a half incomplete volumes?

Kris was a little awkward. This unknown sword tactic had a new way. Unlike other techniques, it used the sword energy to get through the acupuncture points instead of the so-called genuine energy.

The lower third grade acupuncture points could hold 10 to 33 sword energy, the middle third grade acupuncture points could hold 34 to 66 sword energy, and the upper third grade acupuncture points could hold 67 to 99 sword energy!

On top of upper grade acupuncture points, there was also divine-grade acupuncture points.


Divine-grade acupuncture points!

The first grade acupuncture points were nine times as much as the ninth grade acupuncture points. How many times was the divine-grade acupuncture points?

Kris ‘s heart was beating wildly, and he held his temper and continued to read.

It was said that there were many special constitutions in the Devil Land, which could break the shackles of the human body and make people extraordinary.

For example, the master who created this unknown sword tactic was a special sword body. One of its acupuncture points could hold 108 sword energy. The innate-power stage could challenge the return-to-nature stage. After the return-to-nature stage, he could even challenge a lot of Back-to-self stage and became unbeaten!

The book simply narrated some of the master’s deeds.

Kris was very passionate. The master was too strong to be defeated.

The predecessor who created this nameless sword tactic was called Qiujian. Kris kept the name in his mind.

After the deeds, it described the cultivation method of sword tactic.

If you practiced this sword tactic, you would feel the pain of ten thousand swords penetrating the heart.

Every time you condensed a sword energy, you had to feel the sword energy entering the body and the pain of being cut by sword energy.


Was this inner power technique or self mutilation? It’s too cruel!

For a moment, Kris couldn’t make up his mind. Knowing that he had seen Tianxiong’s training letters, he made up his mind.

It turned out that Tianxiong mistakenly entered the sword tomb more than ten years ago and obtained this unknown sword tactic. At that time, Tianxiong, who had just entered Pill formation, saw this unknown sword tactic and regretted that he did not get it earlier.

Because, at that time, he had already opened up more than 1000 acupuncture points. Unless he repaired them again, he would not be able to practice successfully.

It’s impossible for him to renew his cultivation after breaking through Pill formation. It’s even more impossible for him to give up decades of hard cultivation!

He wanted to give it to his son, Kang Ning, to practice this sword tactic, but when the boy tried to contain a sword energy, he was so hurt that he said he would not practice anymore.

However, Tianxiong had to give up.

However, he learned a sword move from the second volume of the nameless sword tactic, and took it as a the final card.

It’s the Aurora Sword that he formed when he played against Kris.

To be exact, Tianxiong’s Aurora Sword had only its surface but no spirit.

He just used a tricky way to force the Genuine Energy in the acupuncture point into a big sword, which was not very powerful!

In theory, as long as sword energy was enough, this move could be infinitely powerful.

At that time, he used this method to cross two small stages and kill the strong ones in the later period of Pill formation.

Later, he thought of a way to drive the sword body to condense the sword energy, so that even if it could not restore the full power of the sword move, it could reach at least half of it.

In the early stage of Pill formation, he could kill the strong ones in later period. With the sword fetus, and now he had broken through to the middle period of Pill formation, maybe even the primal spirit could be cut down.

After putting down his letter, Kris felt that Tianxiong was really smart. clever.

If they played again today and he had refined his sword fetus, it would not be so easy to win this battle.

There were too many ways of the practitioners in the Devil Land, and Kris wanted to do everything possible to increase his knowledge and means.

He thought for a while and finally made a decision that he would practice this sword tactic.

Although he had accomplishments, he didn’t know anything about it. He had to practice such a powerful sword tactic. Moreover, in Tianxiong’s letters, he also recorded the location of the sword tomb on Tianjian mountain hundreds of thousands of miles away from Wuwei City.

Maybe there were two and a half volumes left in the sword tomb. When Kris had dealt with the affairs of Wuwei City, he must go to the sword tomb.

Putting away the nameless sword tactic, Kris continued to wind up.

There were also a number of fairy weapons in it, which were much worse than The dagger: Kill Qin of Kris!

There were also some low-grade magical pills that Kris didn’t like!

However, Tianxiong had a lot of elixirs in store. There were thousands of excellent elixirs from 100 to 300 years old, and even more than 500 years old precious medicines.

In a white jade box, there was a thousand year old ginseng which was full of red. When it was opened, the aura around it was stirred.

He quickly closed the box, medicinal herbs grow for thousands of years could be called the “King of Remedies”!

The “King of Remedies” could save the dead. If he swallowed this “King of Remedies”, Kris could increase his life by at least 100 years!

But it’s too cruel to swallow it directly. Only when it was used to refine pills could the efficacy of this “King of Remedies” be maximized!

He didn’t expect Tianxiong to give him such a big surprise. His letter said that he got the “King of Remedies” from the sword tomb. He thought Tianxiong had swallowed it, but he didn’t expect that he could keep it well.

It was a surprise.

Kris couldn’t help laughing.

Alchemy, alchemy!

Kris quickly took out the medicinal materials and made pills.

He refined two heats of magic pills, Stablizer Pill and Concentration Pill.

The effect of refining the elixir for hundreds of years was excellent. The spirit in the elixir field of Kris had not only recovered to the peak, but also expanded a lot, with a hint of mystery all over his body.

The divine spiritual power in Mud Hill Palace had also recovered to its peak. Not only that, the mysterious lines on his body were more complex, and his body was further consolidated. At this time, he released the divine spiritual power, and any trace of wind and grass within a radius of 10000 meters could not escape his eyes.

He was now more powerful than ever before, one step closer to the middle period of primal spirit.

The next step was to cultivate the unknown sword tactic.

A glimmer of light flashed in Kris’s eyes, holding the sword formula in both hands, and the spirit in the elixir field also followed.

A mysterious feeling came to my heart, and the sword fetus in the spleen also resonated.

The mysterious sword energy was emitted from the sword fetus!

If ordinary people practiced, it must be very difficult to get started, because sword energy was not so easy to condense.

But Kris had a sword fetus, which was ten times easier than ordinary people!

According to the Pithy formula of inducing energy in the first volume, he induced the first sword energy into the acupuncture points.

It’s a mysterious feeling.

The sound of “boom” seemed to pierce a bubble. Sword energy created a small space in the body, which seemed to collapse at any time.

At the moment when sword energy enters the acupuncture points, he seemed to be stabbed with a sword. The feeling was like being swept by a sword energy and cutting his body.


It’s too painful for Kris to take a breath!

This was the first sword energy, and his goal was the lowest the first grade acupuncture points, that is, ninety-nine sword energy. There were more than 6000 acupuncture points in the sword tactic, which meant that he had to sweep the sword energy for 600000 times at least?

Thinking of this, Kris gritted his teeth and went on!

If he wanted to be the strongest, it’s not so easy!

He should work hard to practice, and then break the barriers of the two worlds and take over the family members.


Just when the acupuncture point was about to collapse, the second sword energy was included by him again!

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