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Chapter 393: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 393 Who the Hell Did This?

The guests were silent, afraid that Jingyan would notice them. After all, they were all involved in the discussion. If Jingyan held a grudge against them, Kerry Ye would definitely retaliate against them for his son, even though they were friends of Ye family.

Looking at these people, Kerry couldn’t help but frown. It was already noon, and he couldn’t possibly tell them to leave now. However, when he heard them talking, he became disgusted with them.


Jingyan held his phone and walked out of the ward. He was so anxious earlier that he didn’t notice that his phone was out of battery. It wasn’t until he remembered what day it was that he realized he had forgotten to notify his family. He tried to call Kerry. As soon as he turned on the phone, there were several missed calls inside.

In addition to his parents’, there was an unfamiliar foreign number among them. He took a faint glance at it, thinking it was a scam call, so he didn’t think much of it.

He called Kerry, but Kerry didn’t answer the phone immediately. Just as he was about to put the phone down, Kerry’s icy voice came through the receiver.

“Where are you?”

“At the hospital.” Jingyan said.

“The hospital?” Kerry frowned. His words were heard by Venus.

“What happened? What hospital are you in?” asked Venus nervously.

“Take it easy.” Kerry wrapped Venus in his arms as soon as he could.

“Which hospital?” Kerry asked.

Jingyan told him. Then Kerry hung up the phone just as soon as he finished.

Jingyan stood in place a bit lost in thought. Soon his phone vibrated again.

He received an email that said, “The surgery is ready. Why haven’t you come yet?

Jingyan then called the number.


“Mr. Ye.”

Hearing the broken Chinese, Jingyan frowned. He asked tentatively, “Are you Louis?”


Louis didn’t wait for Jingyan to speak before continuing to ask, “All the equipment is ready. When can you come to the hospital?”

“I have a situation here. I’m afraid we won’t be able to go there soon.” Jingyan said.

“But her surgery must be done as soon as possible.” Louis stood up from his off chair. He realized that he seemed more anxious than Jingyan and then hurriedly sat down.

“If it is delayed longer, it will only increase the risk of the operation.” He said worriedly

Jingyan certainly knew this, but the current situation really didn’t allow them to go abroad.

He sighed. “She really can’t walk around now. Can you come to China?”

Louis was silent for a few moments. Such a request was a little too much for him. If not for the fact that they were good friends, Louis would not remind him about the operation.

Jingyan heard him not speak and cleared his throat. “Her hearing aid was lost. She can’t hear me clearly now, so you …… better come over.”

Louis hesitated for a long time, and then said, “Okay, I’ll go to China in the next two days.”

After hanging up the phone, he glanced at the time, then hurriedly turned around and walked into the ward. Since the last incident, he didn’t dare to leave the ward for more than ten minutes.

Pushing the door open, he saw Yiyao staring blankly at the ceiling.

Jingyan did not disturb her. He sat on the side and peeled an apple for her. Such a quiet atmosphere made him feel uncomfortable. But no matter what he said, Yiyao couldn’t hear him clearly, let alone answer him.

Then the door was soon pushed open from the outside again. Jingyan looked up when he heard the movement. He saw Kerry and Venus standing in the doorway of the ward.

Venus let out a deep breath when she saw Yiyao lying in the hospital bed.

“What’s going on?” Kerry walked in. The people behind him also followed him in. Yiyao was still staring at the ceiling, ignoring them.

“There was an accident.” Jingyan faintly returned.

“What’s it?”

Venus wanted to walk over to check on Yiyao, but Jingyan wouldn’t let her do so. She looked at Jingyan with a puzzled look.

“She’s injured and needs to rest.” Jingyan explained.

Soon Venus understood what he meant from the look in his eyes. She turned to Chuxue and Yulin Mu and said, “You guys go back first.”

“Mom ……” Chuxue called reluctantly. She also wanted to stay here.

Venus saw her reluctance and was afraid that she would make a noise to disturb Yiyao’s rest, so she hurriedly said.

“You stay.”

“You guys better leave first.” She said to Yulin and Yuqi.

Yulin wanted to say something, but he held back when he glanced at Jingyan. He nodded to Venus, and then left with his brother.

“What the hell happened?” Venus frowned.

“It’s complicated. Anyway, now Yiyao can’t hear us clearly!” Jingyan said.

“Why can’t she hear us?” Venus was shocked. She didn’t understand why Yiyao wouldn’t even be able to hear her overnight.

Jingyan smiled bitterly, “Do you still remember the time when Yiyao left?”

Venus definitely remembered it. At that time, Jingyan was depressed all day long. Fortunately, he met Ziying Duan, otherwise Venus couldn’t even imagine what Jingyan would be like now.

“Why are you suddenly talking about this?” Venus asked.

“At that time Yiyao was injured. In order to save her comrades, her hearing was damaged.”

“Then why is it that she can’t hear us until now?” She asked.

“Earlier she had been wearing a hearing aid. Yesterday she was kidnapped and she lost the hearing aid.”

Jingyan’s heart ached at the mention of yesterday’s incident. He was choking on his words.

Venus and Kerry didn’t understand why Jingyan was so sad when she just lost her hearing aid.

Jingyan didn’t notice their puzzled look and remained immersed in his own grief.

Kerry was confused. “Just buy another hearing aid for her. No need to be so sad.”

Jingyan looked up, his voice hoarse, “My baby is gone.”

“What?” Venus was shocked.

“During the kidnapping, she had a miscarriage.”

After Jingyan finished, he felt like he had a fish spike in his throat, making him uncomfortable.

“Who the hell did this?” Venus was also shaking with anger when she heard the news.

Jingyan bowed his head and smiled bitterly, “It’s all my fault. I should have drawn a line with Ziying Duan before.”

A cheerful and lively Ziyoung came to Venus’ mind. She couldn’t believe Ziying would do such a thing.

“She kidnapped Yiyo!” Jingyan pounded his fist on the wall in anger. A few days before his wedding Ziying followed her father to talk business in Ye family. He regretted that he hadn’t been wary of Ziying then.

Venus still didn’t get it and kept asking Jingyan, wanting to make sense of everything that happened.

“So she’s at the police station now?” Venus asked.

Jingyan shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Ever since Yiyao went into the hospital, he had never asked about anything else, nor did he have the mood to ask.

Venus sighed. Her son’s road to happiness was as rocky as theirs.

“How is Yiyao now?” Venus asked.

Jingyan was silent and looked at Yiyao who was lying on the bed. Her wound was stitched up, but she was very pale

After learning what happened to Yiyao, Chuxue was already shocked beyond words.

Yiyao lying on the hospital bed moaned, Jingyan immediately went to her bedside and asked, “Yiyao, how do you feel?”

Yiyao turned her head and stared at Jingyan, but the expression on her face was very painful. Since she had slept for too long, she felt soreness all over her body and wanted to move. When she moved, her wound in her belly hurt.

Jingyan hurriedly reached out to put a soft pillow on her back.

“Are you feeling better now?” Jingyan tenderly ran a hand through her hair and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Venus watched Jingyan’s every move and couldn’t help but be sad.

She didn’t want to stay any longer and disturb them, so she made a gesture to Kerry and Chuxue, signaling them to leave with her.

“Mom, why do we have to go?” Chuxue reluctantly followed behind Venus.

Venus reached out and poked her on the forehead, “You silly girl. Won’t we disturb them by being here?”

huxue looked confused.

Venus shook his head, exchanged a glance with Kerry, and they left.

Chuxue’s cell phone suddenly rang. She took it out and found that it was Zhao Nangong calling.

She glanced at Venus and Kerry who were walking ahead before picking up the phone. “What’s up?”

“Chuxue, are you …… you free tonight?” Zhao stammered.

Chuxue could imagine his cautious look even without seeing him, and she couldn’t help but laugh. She wanted to tease him, so she returned seriously, “No. I’m busy.”

“Then when are you available?” asked Zhao tentatively.

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