Chapter 394: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 394 Even If It’ s a Lie

Zhao Nangong got disappointed and fell silent, but Chuxue Ye laughed out loud when she heard this voice from him.

“Chuxue, you lied to me!” Zhao Nangong was sensitive and when he heard Chuxue’ s laughter, he immediately reacted.

Chuxue stopped laughing, “Yes, what’s wrong with me lying to you?”

“Eh…” Nangong Zhao sighed. What could he do? He could only endure.

“Seriously, are you free tonight, Chuxue?”

“What exactly do you want?” Chuxue looked up and saw Venus Mu looking at her, so she lowered her voice.

“That…” Nangong Zhao was still considering. After a few seconds, he invited, “There is a banquet tonight . You can have a lot of fun there, so do you want to come?”

“No.” Without thinking, she just refused. She had just cancelled the wedding, but if she still went out for fun, it’s not proper.

Zhao Nangong got lost, for she actually refused him, “Why?”

“There are too many people.”

“No, no, no. Not at all. Just my friends.”

Afraid of Chuxue didn’t believe him, he tried the last attempt, “I promise. Yulin and his brother will come and you can ask them.”

“What? Banquet? Yulin and his brother also go there?” Seeing Venus moving to her, Chuxue didn’t hang up the phone, but raised the voice to let her hear.

Zhao Nangong did not feel her weirdness, and said, “Yeah, yeah!”

“All right, I won’t go. That’s it!” After saying that, without waiting for Zhao Nangong to reply, she hung up the phone without any hesitation.

At this time, Venus was coming to Chuxue’ s side. Hearing what she just said, she asked, “Who called you?”

Chuxue made an indifferent look, “No, my friend told me that there is a party at night. But I do not want to go. Yulin, however, they are very keen on this kind of thing.”

“Banquet?” Venus thought about it, but she didn’t know there was any formal banquet, “Is it held by your young friends?”

“Probably.” Chuxue shrugged. Even she didn’t know whether it’s held by themselves or not.

“Any boys?”

Venus just looked into Chuxue, making her get all goose bumps. She scratched her arms, “Maybe. Why?”

Venus held her wrist, asking with concern, “Then why don’t you go?”

“It’s not very attracting. Why should I go there?”

“You…” Venus knew she couldn’t be persuaded, so she just and poked her forehead.

“How do you know it’s not interesting if you don’t go? How can you meet men if you stay at home all day? Do you want to marry or not?”

“Mom…” Chuxue pouted. How old was she now? She actually didn’t need to worry about this.

“I’m telling the truth!”

Venus didn’t feel she did something wrong, so she turned her head to ask Kerry Ye, “Do you agree with me?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Kerry dotingly rubbed her hair and didn’t even took a look at Chuxue.

“You… you…” Chuxue felt insulted, so she grunted and turned around to leave.

But Venus grabbed her hand, “Wait, you must go today!”

“Ah! Mom, I really don’t want to go!”

But Venus did not listen to her. when she walked out of the ward, she felt strongly that she should find her a boyfriend, otherwise she wouldn’t understand anything.

Now Yulin sent the address, but Chuxue didn’t want to go. Soon, the black Rolls Royce that took her here disappeared. She could still see Venus waving at her.

In the end, she was dragged by Venus to buy a dress and get her hair done.

According to Venus, her daughter couldn’t lose face, for she represented not herself, but the whole Ye family.

Although Chuxue didn’t agree such words, she couldn’t resist her, so she followed Venus and helped.

The banquet was not held in a usual auditorium, but facing the sea, a bit like the place that they went on vacation before, but compared to the previous simple decoration, this one was very grand.

The snow-white veil was everywhere, which she liked a lot. The person who decorated this had a very good taste.

When she went in, only several people were inside, and she did not see Yulin. She had to sit alone on the edge of the long table, drinking juice.

She shouldn’t listen to her mom. Now, she knew no one and she had to sit here like an idiot.

Chuxue took out her phone and read the news. Although it was all gossip about people around her, it was something that could amuse her when she was bored, seeing it as a joke.

One piece of the news was about the love triangle among Jingyan, Yiyao and Ziying.

It was written that Ziying was originally Jingyan’ s girlfriend, but they were ruined by Yiyao at her wedding. Then Yiyao and Jingyan fell in love and were ready to get married.

Later, because of the return of Ziying, the wedding was postponed, and the news predicted boldly that Yiyao and Jingyan wouldn’t have a happy end.

After reading it, Chuxue snickered. She then put her phone back to her pocket. The news was a total bullshit.

After a while, more and more people showed up. Chuxue’ s neck hurt, so she raised her head and moved her neck and wrist.


A voice with surprise behind her interrupted her. She frowned and turned back, only to see Zhao Nangong was giggling at her.

“Why are you here?” Zhao Nangong ran over to try to hold her hand, but when he saw Chuxue’ s look, he stopped.

“What? I can’t come?” Zhao Nangong’s question made Chuxue very upset, which was quite fierce.

Zhao Nangong knew that she had misunderstood him and waved his hands, “No… I am so happy that I accidentally say the wrong thing!”

“Of course you can come. This is held for you!”

A voice interrupted them. This time she knew who was saying without looking up. Of course, it was Yulin, not a good talker.

But she still looked up and wanted to ask what was going on, “For me? You want to find a chance to get together, do not get me involved, OK? I do not want to come, if not…”

“If what?” Yulin wondered.

Chuxue shook her head, “Nothing. What do you mean by saying that?”

“Well…” Yulin looked at Zhao Nangong who cast a prayerful gaze at himself, hoping him to stop, “Don’t tell her!”

Chuxue glared at him. She didn’t want to know the reason, for she thought he was joking.

“Hey, Chuxue, there are not so many people here. Let’s go over there!” Zhao Nangong was afraid that she would continue to ask, so he changed the topic.

Looking at the direction he pointed at, where were indeed many people. Handsome men and beautiful women were talking, harmonious.

She shook her head, “I don’t want to go there. You guys go.”

She actually didn’t like places with too many people. Although she could always stand out, she didn’t like that kind of feeling.

“Don’t, Chuxue, you will be bored here alone. We can go together!”

Zhao Nangong glanced at Yuqi and gave him a look, who immediately understood and echoed, “Chuxue, there is much more delicious food over there. Are you willing to eat such simple food here?”

“Do you think I’m you?” Chuxue rolled her eyes at him, “Delicious? Don’t I know what delicious is?”


Yuqi was confident, “There is a dessert store in the north of the city and that’s delicious. Every day, the queues are hard to imagine. It closes after selling out. No matter how much you pay, you can’t get the dessert without waiting in line. If it’s not Zhao Nangong who queued from four o’clock in the morning, how can we see the dessert here?”

“Even if it’s true, there is already none since I came so late.”

Chuxue watched at the crowded place. She had heard about this store, which opened not long ago and it received great popularity. Although she also wanted to buy some, four or five o’clock was exactly the time when she was dreaming, so she never tried it.

“No. I put it in the car over there and I have not taken it out yet, so no one knows!” Chuxue was disappointed, so Zhao Nangong added.

Seeing he was too eager to make Chuxue happy, Yulin sighed inside. How could he be such a fool? Chuxue was just testing him and he really told her all.

Sure enough, once Ye Chuxue heard it, she immediately smiled, “Then go get it for me. There are too many people there and if I eat there alone, I will be condemned.”

“Huh?” Zhao Nangong scratched his head, for he never expected to be set up by her.

“Hurry up!” Chuxue winked at him. Delicious food would make everyone happy, right?

Zhao Nangong slowly turned his head to look at Yuqi, who was shrugging, so he had to admit his failure, “Okay then. Chuxue, wait for me here!”

Ye Chuxue nodded repeatedly, like a well-behaved catty.

“Ah…” Yuqi sighed, “You clearly know his love for you, but why do you deliberately pretend to be ignorant?”

“Hey, me?” Chuxue raised her head and glared at Yuqi.

“Yes. You.”

“You…” Chuxue pointed at him, so angry that she could not speak.

Yulin, who was a little far from them, was ready to come to make them in peace when he saw Chuxue was in anger.

“What are you guys doing here? The event over there is about to start. Why not go over there?”

“Hum!” Chuxue needed a way out, so she rolled her eyes at Yuqi, and then affectionately held Yulin, “My dear cousin, let’s go!”

“Eh?” Yuqi saw that she deliberately tried to piss him off and he found what he did was useless. He was the one who did his best to make her and Zhao Nangong be together. But in the end, he became a sinner?

Zhao Nangong ran over with several boxes, stopping right in front of Chuxue and Yulin.

“Chuxue, how do you…”

“What? Can’t I come over?” Before Zhao Nangong finished speaking, Chuxue had already guessed what he was going to say and hastily cut him off and asked rhetorically.

“No, no, no, I don’t mean that…” Zhao Nangong scratched his ears in anxiety, making Chuxue, opposite him, laugh out.

“Okay, show me the dessert, OK?”

Chuxue changed the topic, reaching out to pick up the paper boxes in his hand. Just now, she was arguing with Yuqi, so she came over here. But when she got here, she realized she shouldn’t be here. But if she came back now, it would be too embarrassed. Therefore, she took the initiative to ask.

After getting the desserts, she couldn’t resist the urge to find a place to go and unwrap them all and taste them one by one.

“There are a lot of people here. Do you want to eat them all right here, don’t you?” Yulin stopped Chuxue and asked.

Chuxue looked up with confuse, “Why can’t I?”

“There is a hotel over there and you can sit and eat in the chairs in the lobby.”

“Why do I have to go there?” Chuxue always felt that everyone was strange today, as if they were trying to chase her away to do something bad.

“You see, so many people are here, and most of them are women. Do you really think it’s a good place?” Yulin didn’t want to say more, “The older you get, the more foolish you get!”

Chuxue thought about it again, and it seemed that he was right, “Okay. But just me?”

Then she glanced at Zhao Nangong. It was normal for Yuqi and Yulin not to accompany her. After all, there were so many women and there was a high chance that they could find her a sister-in-law. But Zhao Nangong, who looked like the one made a movement on her, shouldn’t leave her alone.

“Ah! That…” Zhao Nangong saw Chuxue gazing at him and he wanted to find an excuse to go, but he didn’t find a proper one.

“You really don’t want to go over with me?”

Although it was a rhetorical question, Chuxue was already a bit angry. She was offering him such a good opportunity, but he didn’t cherish it, even wanting to find an excuse to refuse her.

Zhao Nangong waved his hand. Of course, he wanted to go, but there were many things waiting for him to do. The banquet couldn’t be without him.

At this time, Yuqi showed up and patted Chuxue’ s shoulder, “Yo, really got it! Give me a look! Let me see.”

“What are you doing?” Chuxue was like a pissed off hedgehog, defending and shielding the dessert behind her.

“Hey, don’t be. Let’s go, let’s go and see how delicious it is!”

Saying that, Yuqi took Chuxue towards the hotel. After walking a few steps, he turned back and gave Zhao Nangong another look.

“Hey, what are you doing!” Chuxue angrily shook off his hand. She was still angry with him just now and she never thought about getting back together.

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