Karen Lee’s real anger is not something ordinary people can resist!

It turns out to be the same!

Black Rose was first hit by a shot, losing the opportunity, and then in a gun battle with Karen Lee, and was shot again. During the sneak attack, she was seen through and was seriously injured by a kick.

Since Black Rose debuted, today is the worst.

She got up, the blue beautiful eyes were full of amazing revenge, “Karen Lee, I remember today, you and your son will definitely be killed!”

Black Rose said, suddenly she took out something, Karen Lee’s face changed, Black Rose took out a grenade!!

She threw it over, and Karen Lee calmly backed away, looking for cover, with a rumbling, an explosion occurred on the roof!

Black Rose shot an arrow on her arm and hit the wall. There was a rope in the middle, and she immediately jumped off.

She slid down like a movie, very fast. When Karen Lee ran over, Black Rose had already escaped.

Karen Lee’s eyes narrowed, and she sighed. If Black Rose can become the world’s number one female killer. Then her ability is undoubtedly undoubted. She can escape, which happened in an instant, and she can’t stop it, but this time let the tiger go back to the mountain, then it will be difficult to deal with it next because this Black Rose has a super-strong revenge mentality!

Once Black Rose recovers from her injury, then Black Rose will retaliate wildly.

Karen Lee stared downstairs!

“Mom, Sister Li…” Chuck Cannon came over with Yvette in his arms.

Chuck Cannon was sad. Betty had been protecting herself personally during this period. He didn’t expect that Betty was shot to death by Black Rose.

Betty died miserably. She was still protecting herself when she was dying. Chuck Cannon felt sour thinking about it.

Yvette was so close to Karen Lee, she felt more inferior in her heart, she bit her lip and lowered her head.

Karen Lee glanced at Chuck Cannon and Yvette. She immediately walked to Betty who was lying in a pool of blood. She squatted down and stretched out her hand to examine Betty’s wound.

Chuck Cannon came over, “Mom, can sister Li still be saved?”

Chuck Cannon knew that she was no more, because Betty hadn’t moved, and was ruthlessly shot to death. Chuck Cannon had hatred in his heart at this time!

Black Rose, you killed Sister Li who has been protecting me!

Chuck Cannon vowed that he would kill Black Rose miserably !!

“Chuck, call someone over, Betty still has a little breath.” Karen Lee breathed a sigh of relief.

Yes, she just pressed Betty’s body and found that Betty still had a heartbeat, but it was very weak.

Chuck Cannon burst into tears and immediately ran down and called people. Soon, the hotel specialist came up and carried Betty down for emergency treatment.

These people are the most professional, and Betty should be able to survive.

Chuck Cannon is relieved, but what about Aunt Logan? where is she?

Chuck Cannon was about to ask, but the phone left by Black Rose was still there, and Shidao Lee’s face on the screen was ugly!

Black Rose escaped so embarrassedly this time!

The mission failed!

“Karen Lee, you are lucky, but you are over, Black Rose is not dead this time, she will kill you desperately now she doesn’t need money!” Shidao Lee sneered. He just heard what Black Rose said when she escaped. Black Rose’s character, she will definitely kill Karen Lee at all costs!!

“You still worry about yourself!” Karen Lee said.

“Myself? Hehe, interesting, do you know where I am? Are you planning to come and find me now? Hehe, okay! You are here, but can you find me?” Shidao Lee laughed, thinking he heard a big joke.

This place, he found it himself, how could it be found by Karen Lee, who had just returned to China?

This is impossible.

“You didn’t find anyone missing?” Karen Lee’s eyes narrowed.

“One less person? Hehehe, what you are talking about…” Shidao Lee laughed, but his expression suddenly changed because he received a call saying that someone was coming towards the house.

Yes! Logan, who was about to rush up just now, received a call from Karen Lee, saying that she had come to rescue Chuck Cannon and asked her to find Shidao Lee’s location.

Of course, Logan was relieved, after all, it was Karen Lee!

She immediately went downstairs and drove away!

Using her method, she locked Shidao Lee’s position and got closer. After all, she said, to play a game with Shidao Lee!

Now the game officially starts.

Shidao Lee frowned, “Logan came over to me? Haha, that’s fine. I’ll accompany her to have fun!”


There was a gunshot on the phone. This is where Logan shot.

Shidao Lee looks ugly, so fast? He hummed and closed the video. He must play with Logan because Logan is the beauty he especially wants…

“Mom, let’s go quickly,” Chuck Cannon was anxious as Aunt Tang went directly to Shidao Lee. How dangerous?

Chuck Cannon’s heart is beating.

“Well, I’ll take you to take revenge!” Karen Lee said. Logan can contain Shidao Lee at this time, so there is enough time for herself to rush over.

“Good.” Chuck Cannon was anxious and excited.

When Karen Lee looked at Yvette, she still lowered her head. Yvette had too many entanglements in her heart. Karen Lee was too powerful. How could she defeat her? ?

“Yvette, are you going?” Karen Lee asked her.

For Karen Lee, she is also entangled.

“I…” Yvette shook her head, she didn’t want to stay here with Karen Lee, she would definitely not stay in the night hotel when Karen Lee came back!

In this case, Chuck Cannon didn’t know what to say.

“I’m not going, you killed my father.” Yvette raised his head and looked at Karen Lee bravely!

Karen Lee was silent.

“You killed my father to take away my father’s things.” Yvette’s eyes were blood red. There is killing intent.

At this time, she was powerless, killing her father and enemy was right in front of her, but she couldn’t kill herself.

“What did I take away from your dad?” Karen Lee was a little confused.

“You took everything from my dad.” Yvette roared.

Chuck Cannon sighed.

Karen Lee understood, “I killed your dad, but I didn’t…”

“Don’t quibble anymore.” Yvette clenched his fists. If Chuck Cannon was not by her side, she would definitely fight Karen Lee, even if she couldn’t fight.

“I…oh, forget, I don’t have time to talk about this today.” Karen Lee shook his head, “Chuck, follow me on the plane,”

“En.” Chuck Cannon looked back at Yvette, “My wife, I’ll be back when you go,…I, can you go with me?”

“How do you let me go? How do you go?” Yvette suffocated, tearing.

Chuck Cannon sighed, “But I’m afraid you are leaving, come with me, Shidao Lee also hurt you, okay?”

Yvette was pulled by Chuck Cannon’s hand, and he swallowed to the extreme. Chuck Cannon hugged her, feeling her sadness, Chuck Cannon felt it.

In silent tears for a minute, Yvette suffocated, “Husband, I am coming because of you, not because of her,”

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief and hugged Yvette on the plane.

Karen Lee glanced at Yvette again, feeling in her heart, this daughter-in-law is good, but can she be with Chuck Cannon? She had no bottom in her heart, after all, Logan was the best candidate for a wife in her heart.

“Take off.” Karen Lee said.

The helicopter took off and headed towards Shidao Lee. The speed of the plane was very fast, plus the straight-line distance, so it arrived in less than half an hour.

There was the sound of a gun. Karen Lee loaded the bullet and pulled the trigger. A man hiding in the dark screamed and was shot dead!

Karen Lee’s marksmanship is as good as one shot, and Chuck Cannon is watching from above. Yvette feels that the gap is too big, can she kill Karen Lee for the rest of her life?

Yvette stared at her. At this moment, she had an idea to push Karen Lee down so high that she would definitely fall to death.

But when this idea came out, Yvette vetoed it painfully in her heart. It was impossible to do so. First of all, Chuck Cannon was there, and secondly, she was not positive. To kill Karen Lee, she must be positive. If she attacked she would be seen by Chuck Cannon…

“Mom, there is another one over there.” Chuck Cannon saw it.

“Okay, I’ll fight now.” Karen Lee’s eyes were quick, and she screamed when she pulled the trigger!

The helicopter stopped in an open place. Karen Lee took the gun and went out. Chuck Cannon hugged Yvette and came down. Chuck Cannon was excited, Shidao Lee, I am here to avenge you!

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