Chapter 395 – 396: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 395: One hundred and eighty sword energies

He played several sword energies in a row. The attribute of the sword fetus was earth. The strong and thick sword energy of the earth propped up the acupuncture point which was about to collapse.

Pain, this kind of pain was not transient, but continuous superposition.

Fortunately, Kris Chen had survived the thunder robbery, his body had been tempered, and his spiritual power had been transformed into divine spiritual power, and his willpower was incomparably firm.

He separated his mind and continued to temper the divine spiritual power with the Magic Refining Method. However, the supreme secret of the supernatural strategy could not make his divine spiritual power go further.

But with the opportunity of opening the acupuncture point, he might be able to further his divine spiritual power.

After swallowing a Concentration Pill and holding a Divine Spiritual Power, Kris continued to separate sword energy, ten sword energies, twenty sword energies, thirty sword energies… Fifty sword energies, seventy sword energies…

The acupuncture point was cut and stretched by sharp sword energy. With 70 times of pain, Kris felt that every cell in his body was crying bitterly.

His blood, his fascia, his flesh and his bones, were under great pressure in pain.

In the heart, the sleeping little insect seemed to feel the pain of Kris, and the silkworm chrysalis trembled twice.

“Seventy sword energies is nothing. Keep it up!”

Seventy sword energies could only touch the top third-grade acupuncture point. His lowest goal was the first-grade acupuncture point, the highest goal was the divine-grade acupuncture point!

Seventy one sword energies, seventy two sword energies… Eighty eight sword energies… Ninety sword energies…

“It’s not enough. Go on!”

Ninety one sword energies, ninety two… Ninety eighth sword energies… One hundred sword energy…

The sound of “boom” was like piercing a layer of window paper, and his body seemed to have broken some shackles.

The invisible blade was cut in the room. If someone broke in at that time, it would be cut into pieces.

Kris’s body was strong, harder than the spirit of the medium fairy weapon, so he suffered more than a hundred times the pain.

But he didn’t feel like he had reached the limit.

The limit of master Qiu was 108 sword energies. How much could he hold?

Would there be more?

“Go on!”

Kris’s eyes were red, and the sword fetus in his spleen waved again, chopping out a sword energy.

Sword energy, 103, 106… 108

One hundred and first sword energy, one hundred and third, one hundred and sixth, one hundred and eighth…


One hundred and eight sword energies almost filled the acupuncture point, and his body felt full.

Was it the limit?

Was it possible to break this limit?

Kris’s eyes twinkled. At first, he thought that the acupuncture point was no more than the first-grade, but who could have thought that there was a divine-grade.

There was no doubt that the master Qiu was the divine-grade acupuncture point, so was the divine-grade acupuncture point also divided into some different grades?

Have a try!

He urged the sword fetus again and cut out the 109th sword energy.

“Click, click…”

After the sword energy was cut out, there were fine cracks above the acupuncture point, and even his body was chapped.

But this was not the limit. It contained 109 sword energy, and Kris saw the light of hope.

Go further!

Thinking of this, Kris gritted his teeth, took out the “King of Remedies” in the white jade box, opened his mouth and inhaled, swallowed it directly.


The majestic energy exploded in his body, and the cracked acupuncture point instantly made up for it, and the cracked body healed slowly.

Sure enough!

Go on!

There was a flash of light in his eyes, and he constantly urged his sword fetus to wave sword energy.

The 110th sword energy, the 112nd sword energy… The 120th sword energy…

The acupuncture point was constantly cracked and repaired under the power of the “King of Remedies”.

The 130th sword energy, 140th sword energy, 150th sword energy…

Kris’s body soared, and sitting cross legged on the ground was several feet high.

A fierce breath emanated from his body. Mysterious sword shaped runes began to appear on his body, and mysterious breath emanated from his body.

Sitting there was like a sword piercing the sky.

The 160th sword energy, 170th sword energy, 180 sword energy… then acupuncture point could no longer expand, and “King of Remedies” could not heal it!

Kris knew it was the limit!

What does 180 sword energies mean!

Master Qiu used one hundred and eight sword energy to be invincible in the world. He could maneuver and never lose!

After successfully opening up the first acupuncture point, Kris drew the gourd and opened up the other acupuncture points again. This process was doomed to be long.

At that time, Tiangang Yuan had awoke leisurely, relying on the magic effect of Healing pill. His wounds had been healed, and he had changed his clean clothes with the help of his servant girl.

Tu Yan knelt in front of him, crying and saying what happened before.

Tiangang’s face was gloomy and his fists were tightly clenched. When he heard Tieshan’s betrayal and one shot at three brothers, he couldn’t help but scream and smashed the table on one side.

“Tieshan, I believe you so much, how can you do it?”

The top ten futus were recruited by him. They have been with him for more than 20 years. They were not brothers but more than brothers!

Tiangang’s eyes turned red.

“Where’s his corpse? I’ll let him go to dust!”

“Family head, it’s outside!”

Said Chamberlain Mei.

“Bring me my sword!”

Tiangang’s anger were suppressed in his heart. If he didn’t vent it out, he would certainly be mad!

Chamberlain Mei gave a meaningful glance and two servants came with a broadsword which was half the height of a man.

Tiangang held the broadsword and rushed out directly!

He slashed Tieshan’s corpse.

No one knew how many moves he cut, and he directly cut it into mud. In this way, Tiangang did not get rid of his hatred. “Come on, get out and feed the dog. I want him not to be a man for the next life.”

In the Devil Land, there was also the saying of reincarnation of life and death.

“Yes, family head!”

Several servants tried to hold back the vomiting and put them away.

Tiangang sputtered blood all over his body, but he didn’t realize it!

When he entered the main hall again, Prof. Guan and Qi Qi, the commanding general of the City Lord, fell to the ground on one knee, and he came back to his senses.

“What are you doing?”

“Family head, when you served as patrol the city, you actively led the Yuan Family to exterminate the beasts. You have made outstanding contributions. Now, there are no leaders in the city. I hope that you can become the City Lord!”

Prof. Guan never mentioned anything about Kris. Otherwise, it would create a gap in Tiangang’s mind, which would be very bad for him to assist yuan Tiangang in the future.

“But I…”

“I hope the family head will lead the Wuwei City and defeat the tide of beasts!”


The guards in the Hall fell to the ground in unison.

Even Prof. Guan said that. What else could they do?

Could they be the City Lord?

Don’t be kidding. That mysterious elder directly crushed Tianxiong. Were they better than Tianxiong?

No one had the courage!

“Family head, please take over the City Lord. If not, the brothers will die in vain!”

Tu Yan also fell to the ground.

The people who lived must rise up.

Tu Yan was not a noble man. How could he miss such a good opportunity in front of them now?

“You… You… Ah, that’s all. Get up and I’ll take over the City Lord.”

Tiangang sighed, “how can the city Lord be compared to my brothers?”

This word came from the heart, and he said again, “Tu Yan, keep the remains of the brothers together. They died for me, for the friendship between brothers. I will bury them in a good way. From this evening on, your parents will be my parents; your wife and children will be my sister-in-law and my nephew. “

“I, Tiangang, will surely protect them all their lives. If I break my promise, I will have to die, and my body and spirit will be destroyed.”

With that, he cut off the case table together!

All the Yuan Family were grateful.

It’s their luck and honor to meet such a family head.

Tiangang’s words also made the City Lord’s generals feel moved.

Compared with Tianxiong, Tiangang’s strength was weak. But it seemed that there was nothing wrong with this, at least from his attitude towards his subordinates, they could see the character of this person.

“Family head, I, Tu Yan, thank you on behalf of the eight brothers here!”

Tu Yan said hoarsely.

“Get up, don’t do it!”

Tiangang quickly helped him up, then turned his head to look at the people, “everyone, please rise, the future of the Wuwei City, depends on everyone!”

He bowed to the crowd and bowed his hands to the crowd. In a few words, he drew closer the relationship between him and the people.

When the crowd retreated, Tiangang’s expression became dignified. “Tieshan should be buried with them. If his mother knew what he had done, she would be devastated.”

Tieshan did not have a family, only an old woman in the family.

Tu Yan sighed, “Tieshan is so lucky to be able to work for the family head.”

In addition to his disdain for Tieshan, his admiration for Tiangang also deepened.

Chapter 396: The Wild Ambition of the Pang Family

Wuwei City was actually simmering below the peaceful surface tonight.

All the big families in this city were shocked to hear about Tianxiong Ning’s death and Tiangang Yuan’s succession as City Lord.

How could Tiangang take over the City Lord?

Qi family, Di family and Pang family were definitely opposed to his succession! Especially Wei Qi, he hated Kris so much for Kris snatching his position as the son-in-law of City Lord.

“Little monk, I’ll never forgive you!”

In the hall, the head of Qi family sat in the front of the followers of Qi family, who stood neatly.

“What do you think of Tianxiong Ning’s death and Tiangang Yuan’s succession?”

“Father, I don’t think Tiangang Yuan has the power to be the City Lord. “

Wu Qi, the young master of the Qi family stood out and said to his father, “Father is supernatural enough to almost condense the pill, which is far more powerful than his middle period of the Back-to-self stage!”

“What’s more, among the ten futus, as the mainstay of the Yuan family, nine died. And the left one is a reckless man. Without them, the Yuan family is not able to control the City Lord mansion or to suppress the unruly guards. “

“Our Qi family has strong soldiers and talented leaders. The City Lord should belong to father!”

Wu Qi’s words were followed by continual approvals around.

“Young Master is right! Tiangang Yuan is not qualified to be the City Lord!”

“The only one that is qualified to lead Wuwei City and resist the beast wave must be our family head!”

“Please declare war on the Yuan family and enter the City Lord mansion!”

In the crowd, Wei Qi shouted the most aloud. Unfortunately, he was just a son of a concubine with low status. No one paid any attention to him at all!

Shiming Qi stroked his long beard with a proud smile.

At the same time, the head of Di family, Yingxiong Di, also planned to seize this rare opportunity to spend much money on making the truth of the matter clear from the information told by a soldier of the City Lord Mansion as soon as he heard the news, who acted more quickly than Shiming. Qi.

Tianxiong Ning, in the middle period, was crushed by an unknown mask man with the magic state of the world.

As a experienced man,even Yingxiong Di himself thought it was a terrible thing.

He is not someone who has never seen the world.

When he was young as an disciple, he once saw the elders displaying the magic state of the world. Its power was so amazing! He still remembered that so far.

However, his poor talent didn’t support him to stay there for long, who was finally expelled from that sect. His vagabondage life didn’t ended until he started the Di Family in Wuwei City!

The mysterious mask man openly supported Tiangang Yuan, which was indeed telling something!

The mysterious man was either one of his friends or a master employed by him at a high price!

No matter who the mask man was, he couldn’t take action at this time.

The best way was to stand by, waiting for someone who couldn’t wait to move.

As a result, the first one to react was not the Qi family, but the top five, Pang family!

Though the Pang Family was not powerful in Wuwei City, its network was the best because the Pang Family was started by reselling medicinal materials, which had supported dozens of alchemist apprentices!

After all, apprentices also mattered.

Not every practitioner could be allowed to Seven-treasures House to buy magical pills.

The medicine made by these alchemist apprentices was of course their best choice.

Due to the interpersonal network and the power of the Pang Family, it had won over 500 innate-power stage practitioners, 300 return-to-nature stage practitioners and 10 back-to-self stage masters!

The family head, Zhengde Pang looked so proud.

That’s the fruit of decades of hard work by the Pang Family.

After secret development for so long, how could the Pang Family miss such a good opportunity?

“Start off!”

Under his order, the practitioner army marched towards the Yuan family, located in Chang’an Avenue, Wuwei City, which should be the busiest street. But now, it was so quiet.

A servant of the Yuan family rushed in anxiously, “The Pang Family is here!”

Tiangang took a deep breath. He knew they would be here sooner or later. So he didn’t pick up Xuefei Yuan back last night!

“Everyone, wear your martial robe, take your weapon!”

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone in the martial venue shouted in chorus with heartshaking voice.

Even Butler Mei also put on his armor. Although he was old, he could still hold the weapon!

As long as the Yuan family could recover from it, they would get honor with high status!

Yantu led the Yuan family out to fight with two big axes in his hands, wearing the thick armor.

On the Chang’an Avenue, the Yuan family and the Pang family stood face to face.

Zhengde Pang shouted to Tiangang Yuan arrogantly, “Brother Yuan, you’d better hand over the City Lord, lest you hurt the harmony between us. There is no need cause casualty.”

Tiangang said icily, “Nonsense! Let’s battle!”

“You will pay for it!”

Zhengde snorted coldly, waving his hand, “Start!”

The leader of the Pang Family was a tall and strong man full of muscles, who held a long knife with his eyes glaring.

He took a step of over ten meters away. After exerting force with his feet, he leaped high, swinging his long knife downward Yantu sharply.

However, his body suddenly stiffened onto the ground. The long knife in his hand plunged into the ground.


As his heavy body fell to the ground, the dust was flying everywhere in an instant!

What happened on earth?

Zhengde was dumbfounded.

However, what shocked him more was not just that!

The army rushing forward all fell down almost at the same time.

The most frightening thing was that these people couldn’t stand up any more, dead.

Everyone looked at the Yuan family in horror, wondering what happened just now.

Before they began to fight, they had lost so many people. No one dared to step forward now.

Zhengde was also frightened by such a strange scene.

“What did you do?” Zhengde suppressed the fear in his heart and asked sharply.


That’s the supernatural power of that master!

Yantu sneered.

Tiangang pretended to be calm while a storm boiling in his heart. Yantu said he didn’t think the mysterious man was terrible at all last night.

He himself was shocked by the falling soldiers one by one.

What the hell?

It had completely subverted Tiangang’s cognition!

“There are masters in Yuan family. If you move forward, I have to do something to all of you.” Tiangang narrowed his eyes.

“Nonsense! You must poison nearby!”

“Exactly, everyone cover your mouth and nose! He poisoned!”

The men spoke just now in the crowd fell down to the ground suddenly, dead!

In this case, people were all shocked. No matter whether there were masters or he had poisoned, they didn’t dare to approach them any more.

“Why didn’t you tell us that there are masters in the Yuan family?”

“Don’t you think the Condensation Pills and some magical stones are too cheap to buy our life?”

They thought it would be an easy battle to besiege the Yuan family even if there was casualty!

But now, the fact was that so many peoplep had been killed before they approached the opponents.

Practitioners were not fools!

They were just blinded by the benefits promised by the Pang Family.

“I’m afraid I have to leave!”

“Let’s go! I will never cooperate with the Pang Family!”

In a few minutes, dozens of people left, causing the team formed by the Pang Family to collapse in an instant!

Zhengde trembled with his face paled, who roared out, “Come back! I’ll double your reward!”

Hearing this, the practitioners stopped!

Tiangang snorted coldly, “You’d better not to follow the Pang Family. Otherwise, you will die!”

Meanwhile, a group of cavalry rushed over to Chang’an Avenue, behind who there were well-equipped soldiers from the City Lord.

The cross-knife collided with the armor, making serious sounds.

Hundreds of cavalry and thousands of infantry immediately surrounded Zhengde!

All of people present including Zhengde himself were frightened!

Why did the soldiers from the City Lord surround him?

Did they really intend to respect Tiangang as the City Lord?

That’s impossible! Zhengde couldn’t believe his eyes until a middle-aged man with a horoscope came out from the encirclement, who ordered with a sharp light in his eyes, “Dare you offend the City Lord? Kill him!”

Under his order, the cavalry rushed forward on their horses and the infantry set the battle in array against them!

The ten back-to-self stage masters invited by Zhengde at a high price were about to flee, only to be pierced by the sharp weapon, dead!

They were killed by Prof. Guan!

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