Chapter 395: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 395 A Mysterious Party

Chuxue Ye wanted to turned away, but Yuqi Mu put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around. “Let’s share it. Don’t be so mean.” Yuqi said. Then he babbled all the way into the hotel.

Zhao Nangong breathed a sigh of relief and met Yulin Xiao’s gaze. “I am terrified to death. I thought I would give myself away.”

Yulin patted Zhao on the shoulder and said, “Well, if you succeed this time, you should treat I and my brother for dinner.”

“OK.” Zhao said.

Taking another look at the direction Chuxue had left, Zhao walked away with Yulin in the opposite direction.


When Yiyao Duan woke up, Jingyan Ye’s sitting by the window in a daze. Moonlight penetrated through his hair and silvered his whole body.

Yiyao looked at Jingyan in silence for a long time without moving, and Jingyan remained in the same position all the time. Had it not been for the occasional flutter of the lashes of Jingyan’s eyes, Yiyao would have thought Jingyan was going to sleep.

Not knowing how long it took, Jingyan turned back to meet Yiyao’s eyes as if he felt Yiyao’s looking at him.

“Yiyao.” Jingyan said suddenly in a husky voice.

Yiyao moved her head in bed in response. In fact, she did not know what Jingyan said, but she thought it would not be wrong to nod.

Jingyan didn’t care whether Yiyao heard or not. He went on to saying, “Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, you’re going to have operation. As you are so weak now, I am afraid…”

“I know you’re really upset. It’s just that you always suppress your inner feelings in front of others. You should have a good cry, like you did that day. There’s no shame in that.” Jingyan said.

Yiyao stared at Jingyan’s mouth, opening and shutting. But there was no light in the room, and Yiyao’s eyes couldn’t keep up with the frequency of Jingyan’s words.

Yiyao roughly knew what Jingyan said as he looked more and more distressed. When Yiyao touched the bandage on her stomach with her hand, she couldn’t help groan.

Jingyan gritted his teeth painfully and hurriedly turned his back to Yiyao, because he was afraid that his ferocious look would frighten Yiyao, who’s still in grief.

When Jingyan calmed down finally, he came to Yiyao’s side and helped her to cover her with the quilt that has slipped off.

Yiyao looked at up and managed to smile at Jingyan. She could not speak, but she tried to comfort him. “The man in front of me should be confident and happy. There should not be grief in his eyes.” Yiyao thought.

Seeing Yiyao like that, Jingyan felt much better. He reached out and stroked Yiyao ‘s hair, saying, “Rest early. The operation is scheduled for tomorrow.”

Yiyao didn’t understand what Jingyan was saying and she looked puzzled. Then Jingyan did the sign of sleep and Yiyao quickly caught on. She closed her eyes obediently.


After finishing the final step, Zhao clapped his hands. He looked at the roses in the car with satisfaction and couldn’t help smile.

“Do you think Chuxue will like it?” Zhao turned round to ask Yulin, who’s bored aside.

Yulin shook his head and said, “As she is quick-witted, it’s hard to know what she likes. One minute it’s something she really likes and the next minute it’s not.”

“Then what should I do?” Zhao looked at Yulin unhappily and said. “Why didn’t he say anything when I was preparing the roses? Now everything is ready, and he comes to give me a blow.” Zhao thought.

“Will you stop preparing it if I tell you ahead of time? Obviously you won’t.” Yulin said helplessly.

“So should I just propose or…” Zhao asked.

“What? You want to propose? Don’t even think about it. It’s impossible.” Yulin said. Yulin reacted more strongly this time. He patted Zhao on the shoulder and shook his head.

“Then what should I do?” Zhao asked.

“Just let off all the fireworks. If she can be moved, you succeed.” Yulin said.

“OK.” Zhao said.

Zhao touched his nose unconfidently, but he could do no better than that.

Gong and Yulin turned and walked towards the hotel. They saw Chuxue quarrelling with Yuqi from a distance through the window.

The two of them were quarrelling bitterly about the last cake and they neither gave way to the other. The cake was pulled back and forth by them.

“You are a man, and it’s shameless for you to vie for me for the cake.” Chuxue shouted.

As soon as Zhao entered the door of the hotel, he heard Chuxue’s furious roar. Zhao stopped immediately and didn’t know whether to walk forward or backward.

As Yulin was only one step behind Zhao, he heard what Chuxue said.

Yulin stretched out his hand and pushed Zhao’s back, saying, “Are you holding back now? Will you follow through on the rest of your plan?”

After hearing what Yulin said, Zhao thought for a while and thought Yulin’s right. Determinedly, Zhao walked to the seat where Chuxue’s.

As the fight for the cake was heating up, neither Chuxue nor Yuqi noticed Zhao’s arrival.

Then Zhao, standing behind them, coughed.

Without even looking up, Chuxue said, “We don’t need your service.”

Zhao was embarrassed as Chuxue mistook him for a waiter.

“Well, Chuxue…” Zhao said.

After hearing Zhao’s voice, Chuxue looked up at him. Then she frowned and said, “Don’t you have something to do? Why you are here?”

“Well, I’m here to see you.” Zhao said.

“What do you want with me?” Chuxue looked at Zhao curiously and asked.

“Does he have anything else for me to eat?” Chuxue thought.

Just when Chuxue was distracted, Yuqi hurriedly grabbed the cake in her hand over. Without giving Chuxue any time to react, Yuqi took a bite of the cake.

“Yuqi Mu,” Chuxue clenched her fists angrily and said, “You’ve gone too far.”

Yuqi didn’t care how angry Chuxue was. He just shook his head at Chuxue proudly with arrogant facial expression.

Chuxue rose from her chair and pinched Yuqi’s face, ignoring how she appeared. “Spit it out!” Chuxue said.

As Yuqi was chewing the cake, he couldn’t speak after being pinched by Chuxue on the face.

When Yulin saw the fight was raging, he walked to draw Chuxue back and said, “Stop!”

Seeing that Chuxue making threatened gestures and is about to grab Yuqi again, Yulin said, “That’s just a cake. Why you behave like a shrew? You are making a fool of yourself. If you like the cake, you can ask Zhao to buy some more tomorrow.”

“Really?” Chuxue said. After hearing Yulin say that she could have some more tomorrow, Chuxue turned to look at Zhao immediately.

Chuxue took a dim view of the dessert at first, but she fell love with it at the first bite. She loves the hits of the taste buds.

After seeing Chuxue is looking at him, Zhao nodded firmly and said, “Yes.”

Then Chuxue let off Yuqi. “You are lucky today, or I will let you throw up all the dessert in your stomach.” Chuxue said.

After hearing what Chuxue said, Yuqi couldn’t help shudder. “Are you a woman? You are shrewish. Who dares marry you?” Yuqi said.

“It’s none of your business.” Chuxue snorted and said. Then she turned her back on Yuqi.

Seeing Zhao is hesitating in speech, Chuxue said, “Didn’t you say you want to see me? What’s up?”

“Yes, I want to see you. Well, The party outside has already started. Do you want to go out and have a look?” Zhao said.

“Me?” Chuxue asked doubtfully. “I’m just a guest. Does it matter if I am there or not?” Chuxue thought.

Yuqi crossed his legs and said, “Just go. I don’t want to be in the same space with you.”

“Hum! I will go there. I don’t want to stay with you.” Chuxue said.

As Chuxue was in a fit of anger, she followed Zhao to walk out of the lobby of the hotel without thinking.

Zhao smiled secretly. Out of sight of Chuxue, Zhao gave Yuqi a thumbs-up.

As Yuqi took Chuxue to the places where they wanted her to go twice, Yuqi is indeed amazing.

When Chuxue walked out of the glass door of the hotel, she saw bonfires burning in the distance and a crowd dancing round them crazily.

Then Chuxue glanced back at Zhao and Zhao knew what she meant by that immediately. Zhao ran up to Chuxue and said, “It looks like a fun place. Shall we go there?”

Chuxue wanted to refuse him first, but when she thought that she had been refusing him for the whole day, she didn’t do that. Chuxue nodded her head and said, “You walk on ahead.”

As the bonfires are not far from the hotel, it took little time for them to walk there. Then Chuxue felt something’s wrong and she looked back, but there was no sign of Yuqi and Yulin.

After seeing Chuxue was absent-minded as soon as she was on the beach, Zhao asked, “Chuxue, what are you looking for?”

After hearing what Zhao said, Chuxue came to her senses and asked, “Where are they?”

Of course Zhao knew who Chuxue’s looking for. Daring not look Chuxue in the eyes, Zhao said, “They could be in the crowd.”

“Oh.” Chuxue said. Chuxue thought it’s probably that they were in the crowd, as they are both the kind of people who can’t resist talking to a beautiful woman.

Because there were so many people, there were several bonfires. As Chuxue and Zhao were in the bonfire in the middle, there were a lot of people there.

Zhao was pestered by a group of people to talk and he and Chuxue were separated for a few minutes, during when several men walked up to Chuxue to accost her.

The temperament of Chuxue is quite different from that of the people around her. She has a natural nobility. Coupled with her delicate face, people cannot help but want to close to her.

Some of the men Chuxue had seen at certain parties, and some were total strangers who wanted to know her.

Chuxue refused the men politely. She glanced wearily at Zhao, who was inundated with people. Chuxue knew it’s going to be a while before he gets free.

Standing alone in the crowd, she looked quite out of place. At that time, a man came up to Chuxue

“Chuxue, do you still remember me?” The man said.

After hearing that, Chuxue frowned and looked at the direction where the voice came. She had no impression on the man in front of her.

“I’m sorry.” Chuxue said.

“I know you don’t remember me.” The mad said remorsefully. The warm smile on the man’s face, however, made Chuxue feel comfortable.

“We met at a party.” The man said.

Chuxue then thought for a long time following his cue. She has been to so many parties since childhood that she could not remember him.

The man looked at Chuxue for a while. Seeing she’s still puzzled, the man said, “It doesn’t matter that you don’t remember me. Let’s get to know each other from now on.”

Then the man reached out his hand and said, “Hello, Chuxue. I am Xiu Yan.”

After being stunned for a while, Chuxue also reached out her hand and shook hands with Xiu. “Hello.” Chuxue said.

At the moment of shaking hands, Chuxue felt a warm current in her palm. Xiu looks like a gentle childe, completely differently from others. She felt no dislike for him.

During this period, there were several more men who wanted to accost Chuxue. Chuxue felt a headache and wanted to leave.

When Xiu saw Chuxue’s about to leave, he kept pace with her and said, “It’s getting a little hot here. Let’s go there and bath in the breeze.”

Xiu pointed to a quiet beach not far from where they were. Chuxue wanted to refuse at first, but when she thought she would be questioned closely by Venus if she comes back so early, she nodded in agreement.

As soon as Zhao poked his head in the crowd, he saw Chuxue walking with a strange man and he was furious. Without caring how many people were in front of him, he reached out and pushed them away.

“Chuxue!” Zhao said.

Zhao called out to Chuxue as they walked farther and farther away.

After hearing someone’s calling her, Chuxue turned around and saw Zhao running towards them. Inexplicably, Chuxue could sense Zhao’s anxiety from his footsteps.

Chuxue and Xiu stopped. When Zhao finally caught up with them, he was sweating profusely.

“What do you want me to do?” Chuxue said. Chuxue wanted to be gentle, but when she opened my mouth, the words popped out.

Zhao took a look at Xiu with eyes as sharp as sharpened blades. Then he asked Chuxue, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going over there for a breeze.” Chuxue said. Chuxue didn’t know why Zhao asked that, so she answered frankly.

“Going there for a breeze? As I plan this laboriously, he can’t take advantage of it.” Zhao looked at Xiu vigilantly and thought.

“I’m not doing anything, so why don’t I go with you?” Zhao said.

After hearing that, Chuxue was speechless. “How can you be free when there were so many people around you just now?” Chuxue thought. Instead of saying what’s in her mind, Chuxue said, “OK.”

Seeing Xiu has no intention of leaving and follows Chuxue, Zhao said, “Well, wait!”

After hearing that, Chuxue was amused, but she still acted like she didn’t know anything. “What’s up?” Chuxue said.

Zhao gave Xiu a ferocious stare and said, “Who is he?”

Chuxue did not speak, waiting for Xiu to answer himself.

Xiu smiled at Zhao gently and politely. He said what he had said to Chuxue to Zhao, “Hello. I am Xiu Yan.”

“I know from his name that he is very old-fashioned. What’s wrong with Chuxue? Why she stays with such a dreary man?” Zhao thought.

Zhao gave Xiu an earful in his heart. Then he said with a smile on his face, “Hello, I am Zhao Nangong.”

Then the three fell silent. At last, Zhao couldn’t stand it and said to Chuxue, “Chuxue, let’s not go there. As everyone is around the bonfires, it’s not good for us to go to the beach.”

“Really?” Chuxue said.

“Yes.” Zhao said sincerely.

At the same time, Zhao thought, “As I am the one who have prepared the surprise for her, I can’t tolerate there is another man by her side. I have to put him off.”

When Zhao’s thinking how to put Xiu off, Chuxue was tired of waiting. She nudged her elbow against Xiu and said, “Leave him alone. Let’s go on ahead.”

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