Karen Lee walked in front, guarding Chuck and Yvette behind him. There was a mother in front of him. Chuck was too relieved. Karen Lee shot one by one. This is almost the same as the sharpshooter who made the movie.

Chuck couldn’t help but envy his mother’s strength. When would he be able to reach his mother’s fighting strength? Then there is no need to be afraid of wherever you go.

“Mom, when will I be like you?” Chuck lowered his voice.

Yvette also listened carefully. Chuck’s current strength is about the same as hers. Karen Lee’s answer can give her a reference.

“You are too young now. If you continue to study and exercise every day, you will be like me. The specific time depends on you.” Karen Lee said.

Fighting this kind of thing requires daily exercise and learning. Karen Lee now has a bracelet on her wrist, but this bracelet is made of special metal and is very heavy. She does not take it off even when she sleeps. How much this weighs? At the time, from half a catty until now, it has slowly increased to a few dozen catties. After a while, Karen Lee will increase the weight again, because she is used to this kind of weight, if she removes it, she will be as light as a swallow.

Then her punching power will be greater, so Karen Lee is strengthening her body all the time, making her body stronger against fights.

This requires persistence. After all, there are no gods in this world. The only way to become stronger is to keep exercising every day, strengthen your physical fitness, and learn to solve your opponent’s fighting as quickly as possible.

This is what Karen Lee has been insisting on for 40 years, creating her top strength, even the number one female killer Black Rose cannot kill her.

Chuck understands that there are no shortcuts to this kind of thing, but he also has a little hope, “Mom, are there any Dali pills or like that through which I can be very strong after eating?”

“Yes, there is,” Karen Lee said.

“Really?” Chuck was pleasantly surprised. With this kind of thing, didn’t he can become stronger?

Yvette was fully absorbed, is there such a thing?

“Yes, it’s true, but this kind of thing is like poison. You can be a little stronger if you take it, but everything is relative. If the strength is greater, then people will not live for long, just like a tonic. Not to be compensated.” Karen Lee mentioned this more seriously.

She did research on this in a technology company in the United States. It can cut or numb people’s pain nerves without feeling pain. She even wants to study what serum, but technology is limited and there is no breakthrough for the time being, but Karen Lee feels that there is no value. We will temporarily stop the research and development in this area, after all, people can’t withstand such torture! People are too fragile.

It seems that exercise is the only way to keep up.

Chuck made up his mind, he will definitely make himself stronger!

“Well, mom, I know.” Chuck nodded.

Karen Lee is gratified that she only has a son like Chuck. Now it seems that Chuck can still save her worry. He has a career and fighting skills, but it is more chaotic on the female side. She doesn’t think the same as a mother. She wanted to instil in Chuck the idea of liking only one woman. This is a respect for women, but now it seems that it may not work.

Karen Lee, who was a mother, was helpless at this point. Being loyal to a person is love. This is what she thinks, but her precious son Chuck doesn’t understand, and she can’t interfere too much.

Among Karen Lee’s helplessness, she was the most helpless.

Yvette heard Karen Lee’s words clearly, which motivated her to learn to fight every day. She must be stronger than Karen Lee in order to avenge her father!

Karen Lee took Chuck and Yvette into the villa. Some of the previous obstacles had been cleared by Logan. After all, Logan came here, but she was very angry!

“Chuck, be careful, this Shidao Lee still has strength.” Karen Lee said.

“Mom, will you hit him, how will you solve him?” Chuck is more curious. Shidao Lee is seven or eight years older than him, so he should not be as strong as his mother, right?

“How many tricks?” Karen Lee smiled slightly, “Well… the more you reach the top of the fighting, life and death are often instantaneous. I may be killed by him, and he may be killed by me.”

Chuck understands that her mother means that people who learn to fight must solve the enemy as quickly as possible without wasting their strength. After all, the longer the fight, the higher the chance of death. Everyone has the same body. One head, who can guarantee that he will never be caught?

Karen Lee’s mentality is to remain vigilant at all times.

“Logan, where are you?” Karen Lee began to contact Logan.

At the very least, Logan should have solved a lot of people here, so Logan should be the opposite of Shidao Lee.

“I’m in front.” Logan’s voice came.

Chuck feels relieved, Aunt Logan is fine.

But suddenly, there was gunfire, and Chuck was nervous, “Mom, Aunt Logan, she…”

“Let’s go.” Karen Lee continued to lead the way while protecting Chuck and Yvette. The gunshots continued, and Chuck became more and more nervous, worried that something would happen to Logan.

At this time, Karen Lee suddenly pushed Chuck and Yvette to the side, and someone was shooting a secret gun on this side.

“Karen Lee, you came very fast! So you want to avenge your son? Do you dare to avenge?” Shidao Lee has always been calm.

He is also like a god of marksmanship, and at the same time, he is able to deal with Logan and Karen Lee with ease. More importantly, how dare Karen Lee treat himself? My father is Karen Lee’s brother!

Besides, the big deal is to leave here, it’s nothing, coming back will only make this game more interesting.

“Mom…” Chuck knew that he was embarrassed by his mother, Shidao Lee’s father, but Karen Lee’s brother.

“It’s okay, whoever he is, dare to kill my son, I won’t let anyone go!” Karen Lee said coldly.

Chuck was moved, his mother moved to kill.

Shidao Lee sneered and continued to shoot, but Karen Lee had a good cover and he couldn’t shoot at all.

Logan blocked Shidao Lee on the other side, preventing him from leaving there.

It quickly turned into a stalemate. After all, this is Shidao Lee’s place. He knew the most offensive and defensive place in the house according to local conditions.

There was constant gunfire in this room, and Chuck was quite excited because Shidao Lee was about to die.


A bullet shot out and hit a place next to Shidao Lee, making Shidao Lee angry. He looked up and it was Logan.

“I said, I want to play a game with you!” Logan’s beautiful eyes were full of anger!

“Do you dare to play games with me? My dad will kill you, leaving you no place in this world!” Shidao Lee snorted coldly, he didn’t believe that Logan really dared to shoot him. She dares!


Logan did not hesitate and pulled the trigger!

Karen Lee cooperated at the same time, and the bullets kept hitting Shidao Lee’s hiding place, making him deafening and mad.

Rumble, the gunfire gradually stopped abruptly.

“Karen Lee, you did a good job this time, but see you next time, I’m leaving, haha!” Shidao Lee laughed grimly. The villa was too big, but it was worthless in his eyes. You can give up at any time.

He went out, but a fist came. Shidao Lee sneered. This was Logan’s shot. Shidao Lee felt that Logan was not his opponent, but when he shot back, a cold muzzle was facing him!

Shidao Lee glanced at Karen Lee who was facing him, smiled slightly, and walked over, “Come, hit me here, come.”

Chuck was stunned. Why was Shidao Lee so sure that his mother would not shoot?

Logan stopped.

“Why do you still dare not shoot? Oh, put down your gun if you dare.” Shidao Lee’s gun was also facing Karen Lee at the same time.

Karen Lee stared at him, hand forcefully, and knocked out Shidao Lee’s gun, her muzzle was still facing Shidao Lee’s brow!!

“Haha, don’t you dare? You are too useless. If you dare to move me today, my dad will kill you! You know, your strength is vulnerable to my dad!” Shidao Lee laughed.

Karen Lee was silent, she put down the gun in her hand, and Shidao Lee smiled even more sarcastically, “Look at you, if you dare, then you can go away.”

But before he could finish his sentence, Karen Lee attacked and Shidao Lee laughed loudly, “Okay, I will see what your strength is today!”

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