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Chapter 396: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 396 A Refusal

“Ah?” Xiu Yan said in surprise. Xiu thought Zhao Nangong is acquainted with Chuxue Ye and he wondered what he should do. After seeing Chuxue gave Zhao the cold shoulder, Xiu felt at a loss.

Zhao was lost in thought for a while and then he gathered his wits. When Zhao looked up and saw Chuxue and Xiu have already gone far, he quickened his pace at once and followed them, saying, “Er…Chuxue!”

The three of them were getting closer and closer to the place where Zhao had prepared the surprise, and the sweat on Zhao’s forehead grew more and more. Zhao couldn’t help but look at Chuxue with every step he took.

After put up with the way Zhao walked for a long time, Chuxue finally asked, “Will you ever walk properly?”

Though Chuxue kept talking to Xiu, she could see Zhao out of the corner of her eye. “Your movements are so overt. Why don’t you try to make them not so overt?” Chuxue thought.

Seeing that Chuxue noticed his strange behavior, Zhao immediately turned his head in panic and said, “Yes…yes….”

Seeing Zhao looked timid, Chuxue was unable to vent her accumulated anger.

Chuxue felt something’s wrong with the party. The people around her who she are familiar with behaved strangely, but they acted as if nothing was wrong.

“Do they really think I am stupid or do they think they’re doing a good job of hiding it?” Chuxue thought.

Finally, Zhao could not help but call her, “Chuxue, wait!”

“What do you want from me?” Chuxue turned her head impatiently and said. “Why are you so troublesome? We are always stopping from time to time. We have been walking for almost half an hour for such a short distance.” Chuxue thought.

Zhao thought fast but he couldn’t find a reason to be able to stop Chuxue. “Well, well…” Zhao said.

Seeing Chuxue’s patience is wearing thin, Zhao was very anxious and helpless. He sighed silently to himself. “It looks like it’s not a good day for me to fulfill my plan.” Zhao thought.

At that moment, Yuqi Mu, who finally got free, saw the three of them are in confrontation in the seaside. Yuqi looked up and rolled his eyes, and then ran to them in silence.

“I play all sorts of roles today. I will admire myself if Zhao succeeds today. Then I will leave the company alone and open a matchmaking company. My company will specialize in undertaking a variety of difficult cases in which the two people’s relationship is more intimate than friendship, but less than love.” Yuqi thought.

Yuqi ran up from behind Zhao and put a hand on Zhao’s shoulder naturally, making a relaxed look. “Here you guys are. I have been looking for you.” Yuqi said.

Seeing Chuxue standing close to Xiu, Yuqi frowned and said, “Who is he?”

“Hello, I am Xiu Yan.” Xiu reached out his hand and greeted Yuqi tirelessly.

Yuqi then reached out his hand and shook hands with Xiu, saying, “Hello, I am Yuqi Mu, Chuxue’s cousin.”

After hearing Yuqi said he is Chuxue’s cousin, Xiu, who had been on guard, immediately relaxed. “Luckily, he is not my rival in love, or it’s will be harder for me to be with Chuxue. Since the man in front of me is the Chuxue’s cousin, I don’t have to be so nervous of guard against him” Xiu thought.

“I’m sorry, but my cousin is too young to flirt with strange men.” Yuqi said. Yuqi knew how wronged Xiu was without looking at him.

Then Yuqi shouldered Xiu aside and stood beside Chuxue.

Xiu was confused and stood by awkwardly. Xiu, who had been relieved a moment before, was nervous again. “Does he have sister complex? But he doesn’t look like a man of such kind.” Xiu thought.

Yuqi paid no attention to Xiu’s weird look and winked at Zhao with his back to Chuxue. Then Yuqi nodded when he got the affirmative answer.

Yuqi made a very intimate gesture by embracing Chuxue’s shoulder and said, “Chuxue, walk with me there.”

“I can walk with you there, but can you let go of your hand first?” Chuxue stared at Yuqi mercilessly and said through gritted teeth.

Yuqi, however, embraced Chuxue tighter shamelessly. “Ha, ha, you’re at odds with me again. You are not well-behaved.” Yuqi said.

“Let me go.” Chuxue said. Then she tried to take Yuqi’s hand away impatiently, but she had no idea that his strength was so great, like an iron grip on her.

Yuqi laughed and left with Chuxue, leaving the confused Xiu where he was.

Zhao was pleased secretly. “As you didn’t pay and you are not in a good relationship with Yuqi and Yulin Xiao, there is no way for you to compete with me.” Zhao thought.

Zhao concealed his ecstasy and asked Xiu, who stood where he was, “Do you want to go there?”

“No.” Xiu said. As soon as Xiu thought that Chuxue’s with her cousin who has sister complex, he felt it’s not appropriate for him to go there, so he turned and was ready to go back to where he came.

Zhao couldn’t cover up the smile on his face, which is evil in the eyes of Xiu. After taking two steps, Zhao said, “Well, please make your way for me.”

“OK.” Xiu said and took two steps back to let Zhao pass. When Zhao came up to Xiu, he gave Xiu a defiant look.

Even though Xiu is good-natured, he was somewhat angry. “As we are in the beach, he can step aside to pass. I am out of his way. And the look in his eyes when he just walked by made me really angry!” Xiu thought.

Seeing Zhao walk to Chuxue so leisurely without being afraid of Yuqi at all, Xiu was somewhat indecisive. “I saw Yuqi wink at Zhao just now and Yuqi and Zhao may know each other well. Would it be wrong of me to go there like this?” Xiu thought.

Xiu hesitated for a long time on the spot. It was not until someone came to call him that he looked at where Chuxue’s and turned to leave.

After arriving at the destination, Chuxue couldn’t help but pull Yuqi’s arm from her shoulder mercilessly. “What’s wrong with you?” Chuxue said.

Of course, it’s because Yuqi loosened up a little bit when he saw there’s no threat that Chuxue pulled his arm down so easily.

“I just think I haven’t cared about my sister for so long, so I want to make it up for you.” Yuqi said.

Yuqi rubbed his fingers. “I didn’t expect her nails to be so long. She pinched my finger all the way. If I let go of her any later, my fingers will probably b broken.” Yuqi thought.

“I don’t buy your story.” Chuxue said. “If you really care about me, the last cake wouldn’t have been eaten by you.” Chuxue thought.

Yuqi knew Chuxue still held a grudge against him about the cake, so he shrugged and said, “I ate that cake because you ate too much sweet food. Eating too much sweet food is not good for your health. But you should know that I don’t like sweets.”

Chuxue gave Yuqi an angry stare and said, “Bullshit!”

Chuxue knew Yuqi doesn’t like sweets, so she wondered why he fought her over the last cake. “He only ate a few bits and the rest was wasted. If he had given the cake to me, I would have eaten it up.” Chuxue thought.

When they two were in a terrible argument, Zhao came from behind Chuxue and said, “Chuxue, here I am.”

“What are you doing here?” Chuxue gave Zhao a sullen glare and said.

“I’ll keep you company.” Zhao said.


While Zhao and Chuxue were talking, Yuqi slipped away from the other side. When he was almost out of sight of Zhao and Chuxue, he glanced back at Zhao.

Yuqi’s eyes met Zhao’s hesitant ones. Yuqi nodded firmly to Zhao, and then indicated with his eyes that he would do his utmost to help. Zhao nodded affirmatively in response.

Chuxue couldn’t help be exasperated after getting no answer, saying, “Why don’t you answer me?” Then she looked up at the direction where Zhao looked at and saw Yuqi had left.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” Chuxue said. She felt she was on the verge of breaking down.

No matter how she asked, there was no answer. “What exactly is this party about? Why don’t they let me sit in the hall? Why they ask me to watch the guests dance? They put me off with all kinds of excuses, and lead me to various places. I can’t figure out why they do this.” Chuxue thought.

“Chuxue, don’t be angry. I just want to give you a surprise.” Zhao said.

“Surprise?” Chuxue stared at Zhao and said, “Those desserts?”

“No,” Zhao said.

Out of anxiety, Zhao moved uneasily and pulled Chuxue, saying, “Come here.”

Chuxue was stunned by his sudden move and forgot to respond. Chuxue was taken to the beach, but nothing happened after she waited for a while.

“What the hell are you doing?” Chuxue said. She has completely lost patience. She shook off Zhao’s hand angrily and walked towards the crowded place.

“There was no point in staying here. I must go home now. When my mother questions me, I will tell her the truth.” Chuxue thought.

“Chuxue! Chuxue!” Zhao said. Seeing Chuxue leave like this, Zhao was sweating with anxiety. “Why Yuqi and Yulin are unreliable at the critical moment?” Zhao thought.

Chuxue paid no attention to Zhao and went straight ahead, but Zhao held her hand and didn’t let her go. After they were in a stalemate for a while, the sky shone with the light from the fireworks.

“Ping! Bang!”

After hearing the sound, Chuxue looked up and happened to see the fireworks scatter and fall down like meteors.

As a young girl, her eyes were caught and she stopped walking though she sees fireworks frequently.

Then came a few more sounds. The fireworks in the sky were no longer scattered, but formed a flower, which stayed in the air for a long time before falling down.

Not far away, men and women around the bonfires stopped dancing, looking up at the sky. With time went by, the fireworks became more and more gorgeous. All kinds of creative patterns showed one after another.

Chuxue was too surprised to speak, because she saw a constellation pattern hanging in the sky. After a careful look, she found it’s the pattern of her constellation. Fireworks were finely connected, looking like stars.

Chuxue was too excited to speak. In addition to Zhao in front of her, she couldn’t think of who else did this. “Zhao, did you do this?” Chuxue said.

Zhao was a little shy and he scratched his hair. He bowed his head and said nothing, but nodded slightly.

Chuxue patted Zhao on the shoulder, making Zhao wince and nearly lose his footing. “Then why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Chuxue said.

Chuxue cast a scornful glance at Zhao and said, “Why are you so timorous? As you have done it, why you daren’t admit it?”

Zhao looked up and knew that the most important finale was about to begin, saying, “Chuxue, hold your tongue first.”

Chuxue was very obedient this time. She just looked up at the sky. After about a minute, there was a loud noise, and then she saw her name in the sky.

There were simple decorations around her name and nothing else. After waiting for a long time, Chuxue didn’t see the words “I love you” nor Zhao’s name next to hers.

It was some time before Chuxue lowered her head and looked at Zhao expressionlessly. “Did you do this?” Chuxue asked.

After seeing Chuxue ‘s facial expression, Zhao didn’t know what he should do, so he kept avoid meeting her eyes. “Well…” Zhao said.

Chuxue looked at Zhao doubtfully. Zhao felt a rare sense of pressure and was too frightened to open his mouth to speak.

“Just tell me if you did this.” Chuxue said coldly and expressionlessly.

Zhao flinched, finding no one to consult with. He just looked at Chuxue dully.

Then Chuxue turned and said, “I will leave if you don’t tell me.”

“Wait!” Zhao said.

After hearing that, there was a tiny smile on her lips, which she quickly hid. “What’s up?” Chuxue asked.

“I did this.” Zhao said. Then he lowered his head, not daring to look into Chuxue’s eyes. His forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me just now?” Chuxue asked.

“I was afraid…” Zhao said.

“What were you afraid of?” Chuxue stared at Zhao’s eyelashes and asked. Zhao’s eyelashes fluttered with nervousness.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t like it.” Zhao said.

After hearing that, Chuxue couldn’t help but smile. Seeing Zhao’s facial expression, Chuxue wanted to play a joke on him. “How can I know if you did this or not? What if you take credit for someone else’s efforts? As I have no proof, how can I make sure of it?” Chuxue said.

After hearing what Chuxue said, Zhao was worried. “It’s really me who did it. Chuxue, you must believe me.” Zhao said.

“Where is the proof?” Chuxue said. Without looking at Zhao, Chuxue already had a picture of how he looked like, so she could not help sniggering.

“It’s really me! The proof…” Zhao said. “What proof can I have for that? Should I show her the invoice? She will think I am mean if I do that.” Zhao thought.

Zhao looked back and saw Yulin waving to him from the crowd. Yulin was too far away to know what had happened to them. Yulin wanted to ask Zhao if the following arrangements should go on as scheduled. After hesitating for a while and taking a look at Chuxue, Zhao gritted his teeth and nodded.

“As I have spent so much time preparing it, it’s a great lose if I don’t show all the plan.” Zhao thought.

Before long, there were white yachts floating in the water, one after another…

The yachts came nearer and nearer to Chuxue and Zhao, and the lights on the yachts attracted the attention of everyone, including Chuxue of course. She stared at the yachts coming nearer and nearer to her, full of doubts.

The leading yacht stopped in front of Chuxue. Zhao held Chuxue’s hand frightenedly. Before Chuxue knew it, she was already on the yacht.

“Where are we going?” Chuxue turned to look at Zhao and asked. As she can’t swim, she is afraid of the sea. She felt it’s OK when she was on the shore just now, but when she was on the swaying yacht, she trembled with fear though she clung to the bars.

Sensing Chuxue’s fear, Zhao took her hand and said, “It’s right ahead and won’t be far. Take it easy.”

“I am not afraid.” Chuxue said. Though Chuxue was trembling, she talked back.

Zhao Knew Chuxue was hiding her fear and he didn’t uncover her lie. Zhao just held Chuxue’s little body in his arms.

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