Chapter 397 – 398: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 397: Super Power

Everyone was shocked by him!

It’s believed that Prof. Guan is a scholar who has no power for he has never been seen to strut his stuff.

But today, not only did he make a move, but he made such a fierce move!

It’s unveiled that at least he has reached to the Back-to-self stage!

There was no sign of complacency on his face after killing dozens of Back-to-self stage masters, but the disdainful words, “A group of weak chickens dare to make trouble. You really don’t know how to write the word ‘die’!”

He wouldn’t bother to come over but for helping his master to build authority!

Soon, all the people brought by Zhengde Pang were slaughtered, blood flowing like a river on Chang’an Street, with floating corpses here and there.

Stupefied, Zhengde was full of blood. His clansmen, his son, and brothers all lost their lives in this battle.

Tiangang Yuan walked over and looked at Zhengde coldly, “Do you really think that you can become the lord of Wuwei City by killing me? Naive!”

“Without the support of the soldiers of the City Lord’s Mansion, would I dare to claim myself the City Lord?”

Zhengde reacted with an agitated spirit, kneeling on the ground, “Family head Yuan…No, my City Lord, forgive me, we used to have a good relationship. Our Pang Family is willing to be affiliated to you. We can pledge our loyalty with the heart-evil vow that any betrayal will lead to death!”

It’s a pity that Tiangang doesn’t take it at all. “If no one helped me, for example, Prof. Guan didn’t bring the city lord’s mansion soldiers, would you let me off?”

“Are you really going to kill us all? Don’t you be afraid their collective resistance?”

“They are doomed to be killed in my plan even if they don’t come. Now that they came just right, which makes things easy!” Prof. Guan bowed to Tiangang, “My Lord, I have overstepped, please punish me!”

How could Tiangang punish him, “You are dedicated to defending me, there’s nothing wrong of you!”

“Thank you, Lord!” Prof. Guan said respectfully.

“Tu Yan, kill Family head Pang!”

“Yes, Lord!”

With a murderous look, Tu Yan slashed at him with his big axe.

The two fought for dozens of rounds, Zhengde was directly split in half for he was not good at fighting.

The smell of blood pervaded half of Wuwei City.

At this moment, Shiming Qi rushed over with his clansmen, fully armed.

Only to see Zhengde being split in half by Tu Yan. Bloody stumps,broken arms, and viscera scattered here and there.

Some timid clansmen of Qi even had teetered.

The soldiers of city lord’s mansion and clansmen of Yuan all turned to the Qi Family.

Tu Yan sneered, “You dare to come here, not afraid of death!”

“All the soldiers, kill them!”said Prof. Guan directly, ordered them to rush over.

Shiming was astounded, hurriedly shouting, “Hold on, there must be misunderstandings, all misunderstandings…”

However, his words didn’t take any effect, and the war was still about to start!

Soldiers for support were also provided by clansmen of Yuan under his order.

Half an hour later, Shiming Qi, Wu Qi, Wei Qi and others knelt on the ground, ragged and covered in blood.

“My Lord, shall we kill them directly or else?” asked Prof. Guan with a step forward.

“Don’t worry!”

If he really wanted to kill them, he would have them killed just now. The reason why Prof. Guan asked this was to consolidate Yuan’s authority.

Killing the Pang Family was to frighten others. Since the Qi Family came, it was a good opportunity for Qi to help propagate what he did today.

And they are absolutely capable of this task.

“Give you a chance, I can spare your life if you explain clearly to others, or you will go to the hell with Zhengde!

Tiangang was never benevolent, otherwise how could it be possible for him to occupy a place in the perilous Wuwei City.

“I will say, I will say!” Shiming said quickly, “Family head Yuan*…”

“Slap!” whipped on the face, “Call the City Lord!” said a soldier next to him.

“City…City Lord!”

Dignity was nothing. What happened just now has proved everything!

“We are innocent. As we heard Pang’s unruly plot, we worried about your safety, hurriedly assembling troops to come to help.” Shiming even choked up, which stunned everyone.

This man is shameless to the extreme!

Wu Qi and Wei Qi were a lot more dumbfounded!

“Yes, yes, Lord, don’t kill wrongly. We are certainly come to help you.”

Wu Qi also regained his consciousness and quickly followed.

“Oh, so it’s my mistake!”

Tiangang looked at them and others, couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Since it is a misunderstanding, then you can go!”

As he said, he winked, and the soldiers who had detained them quickly let them go!

Shiming was taken aback, just let him go so easily?

He thought it was incredible!

“City Lord, I…”

“Go away!”

Tu Yan wielded two big axes with a vicious look.

“I am going right now!”

Shiming nodded, leaving with his two sons and clansmen.

As he left, Tiangang’s reputation gradually spreads.

Those who were ready to challenge the Yuan Family were all shocked, and never dared to come up again!

When Yingxiong Di heard about it, he thought he was fortunate for he was not impulsive and didn’t rush forward.

Otherwise, the consequence of their Di Family would not be better than the Pang Family.

He calmly analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the Yuan Family as a superior!

The good thing is that the Yuan Family has a great relationship with them. Based on his acquaintance to Tiangang, as long as he doesn’t oppose him, their family will be safe and sound.

The disadvantage is actually nothing but the change of Yuan’s status from their counterpart to superior, which is just a matter of losing dignity.

It was the Professor that support the Yuan Family was a threat to them.

It was reported that the Professor was able to display the magic state of the world and kill people silently. Yingxiong stroked his beard and believed it was a bit like a spell.

In any case, they can’t afford to offend the Professor.

In Yuan’s Mansion, Kris has condensed hundreds of acupuncture points, and with another 30 or 40 acupuncture points, he can break through the Back-to-self stage.

At this time, the Sword Energy in his acupuncture point is as many as tens of thousands. Once fight against the enemy, these tens of thousands of Sword Energy can be released instantly, which could destroy the world!

Moreover, once he breaks through to the condensed pill, the Sword Energy in his acupuncture point will be further promoted and become Sword Vital Energy!

Sword Vital Energy is a higher level of Sword Energy, just like the change from Genuine Energy to Genuine Vital Energy, its power can be increased at least ten times.

What Kris opened up was divine-grade acupuncture points, which were originally stronger than ordinary people, and then promoted to Sword Vital Energy, it absolutely would be invincible.

So the only thing he wants to do now is to try his best to test his own strength.

Thinking of this, he flew out of Yuan Mansion, heading for Shiwan Mountain!

He can sense the approximate position of Ironhead because of the soul source.

After flying for hundreds of miles to east, he found Ironhead in a cave, still smelly, but with many superb elixirs as well!

Seeing Kris, Ironhead was taken aback by his unmatched sword intent with his scorching eyes, which makes people frightened.

What a big change on Kris just for a single night, which was too scary!

Kris put the medicinal materials from Ironhead into his storage ring without saying anything.

“Can’t I keep a little bit of them?” mumbled Ironhead.

Kris glanced at him and threw two magical pills.

As he opened the mouth and swallowed, Ironhead suddenly narrowed his small eyes with exaltation.

“This feeling is really wonderful.”

With the power of pills dissolving in the body, his demon power is steadily improving!

“Master, where are we going today?”

“Don’t worry, let me try the power of my new trick!”

With a flick of his finger, a Sword Energy of several feet long blew out, pushing all the way horizontally, cutting off tremendous luxuriant trees.

The originally dim woods were instantly filled with bright sunlight when trees down. And the cuts of trees were extremely smooth.

Is this the power of Sword Energy nourished by divine-grade acupuncture points?

In addition, this Sword Energy is from the sword fetus, and every of it pairs to a full blow of Back-to-self stage master.

Afterwards, Kris condensed the two Sword Energy to one for a test, which proved to generate doubled power!

Hiss! This power is too terrifying, isn’t it?

A casual blow is a full blow from a master of fulfilled period Back-to-self stage.

And there are more than 50,000 Sword Energy of this kind in his acupuncture point, imaging the superposition of them. How terrifying the power will be!

However, these 50,000 Sword Energy did not come easily with the exhaustion of all the super spiritual stones and super medicinal materials he had harvested these days.

These Sword Energy are conspicuously based on a great deal of money.

It takes thousands of acupuncture points to break through to primal spirit, which is a headache.

Chapter 398: Silver Wolf King

Kris Chen must find a way to collect more spiritual stones and medicinal materials!

It was impossible for the Sword Fetus to cut out the Sword Energy indefinitely. It must be supplemented with energy or rely on Kris Chen’s own supply.

Otherwise it would damage the Sword Fetus, so the gain wouldn’t worth the loss!

“Go and get me all the elixir you hid!”

As he said, he took out the Storing Ring he used before and erased his mark, “Do you know how to use this?”

“Isn’t it a Storing Ring!”

Ironhead’s small eyes were full of disdain, “I have too many such rings!”

When he stopped talking, Kris Chen’s eyes lit up instantly.

There was an ominous premonition in Ironhead’s heart, and then he heard Kris Chen say: “Oh, is it? Then just take them out and let me see how many Storing Rings you’ve got!”

“I’m just kidding, how could I have any Storing Ring!”

Ironhead averted his eyes.

“How about that, if you hand over the Storing Rings, I will give you another magical pills?”

Kris Chen tried to hook him.

Hearing this, Ironhead’s felt flipped, with hesitations appeared on his furry face, “I will not exchange If you offer ten magical pills.!”

Open his mouth wide?

This motherfucker was grasping!

“No, two the most I can offer!”

“No, these Storing Rings are what I have accumulated over the years! At least eight pills!”

Ironhead had always lived in the depths of the Shiwan Mountain before, and no one dared to enter there. he also slowly reached the edge of the Shiwan Mountain after breaking through the level of Beast King.

For thousands of years, nobody knew how many people died tragically in the Shiwan Mountain with their Storing Rings left behind. Ironhead had natural and magical powers, and he sometimes picked up Storing Rings just by walking. For the last two years, he had saved a lot of them!

It was a pity that he had the treasure mountain, yet there was no way to open these Storing Rings. It would be better to change them for magical pills!


“No, seven!”

“Four, and there is no more!”

“No…at least…”

When Ironhead said this, he saw Kris Chen’s glare, and finally lowered his arrogant head under the other’s glare, “Then…well, deal. But I still want the Demon Pill of the rock snake, that will be of great benefit to me!”

After saying this, he looked up at the sky at a forty-five degree angle, not letting his tears flow down.

As the most powerful king of the Gold-swallowing Beast, how was he reduced to conceding to a human?

Without Kris Chen, that rock snake would have already been swallowed into his stomach.

Regretting for a while, Ironhead hurriedly ran into the cave, dug a deep hole in the ground, and said with an unhappy face, “It’s all here, go get it by yourself!”

Damn, how could this guy bury things in the ground like a dog!

He walked over and saw that there were a lot of rings inside. Some of them might be old, and even the lines on the rings had been worn away.

When his Divine Spiritual Power moved, all the rings inside floated up.

There were at least hundreds of them!

Kris Chen’s eyes brightened, thinking that this Ironhead was really his good beast. What a treasure beast!

Seeing Ironhead lying on the side with an uninteresting look, Kris Chen threw out four magical pills again, then took out the rock snake body from the Storing Ring, digging out its Demon Pill. Ironhead opened his mouth and ate the pills. He was satisfying with his eyes squinted.

At this speed, he would soon reach the Fulfilled period of Beast King. At that time, he could make Kris Chen give him the Qibaoluo mushroom. It would definitely break through the Supreme Beast!

After Collecting hundreds of Storing Rings, Kris Chen squinted his eyes and said, “Ironhead, are these all your treasures?”

“Of course!”

Ironhead answered without a second thought, but his eyes flickered, and Kris Chen knew that he must not be telling the truth.

However, Kris Chen did not want to squeeze too hard. If Ironhead was told to take out all the rings in one breath, it would be unsurprising!

“Go, follow me to the south!”

Kris Chen said: “I will take you to kill the monsters!”

“Go south?”

Ironhead shook his head, “No, I can’t go!”


Kris Chen asked.

“Anyway, you can’t go. If you go there, you will die!”

Ironhead said: “There is a Silver Wolf King to the south. His beloved son was killed by someone. Now he is looking for the murderer!”

Silver Wolf King?

Kris Chen couldn’t help but thinking of the silver-white hungry wolf who was at the level of beasts with greater intelligence he killed yesterday. Was there a relationship between the two?

“That beast is the Supreme Beast. If he is crazy, the beasts of its kind will suffer too. Don’t go there!”

Ironhead was fierce and enthusiastic over fighting, but he was not stupid. The Silver Wolf King ranked very high in the Shiwan Mountain, and anyone who dared to fight aganist him would definitely die!

“So you are not going with me?”

Kris Chen had no opponents to try. The Supreme Beast was similar to the Practitioner of the human Primal Spirit Field’s Later period.

Even if I can’t beat it, I can always run away, right?


Ironhead lay on his stomach on the ground very unambiguously, with his feet upside down, like a dead dog.

“Damn, honey badger, aren’t you aggressive. Now you act like a kitty?”

“I won’t go anyway!”

It seemed that Ironhead had made up his mind.

“Don’t go?”

Kris Chen sneered, “That’s not up to you!”

With a thought of Kris, Ironhead jumped up from the ground and began to scream.

“I will go, I will go…”

“Just do what I say!”

Kris Chen snorted, and Divine Spiritual Power wrapped the Ironhead and flew away directly with him.

“Ah… I am flying… Ouch, let me go down, I’m afraid of heights, I’m afraid of heights…”

Kris Chen was full of anger. It was okay to have fear of death. Why the honey badger he encountered was also afraid of heights? What was wrong with it?

“Shut up, or I’ll just throw you down!”

It was hundreds of meters above the ground, and if anyone fell from here, even the Beast King would be crippled!

“Don’t… I won’t be yelling, I won’t!”

As he said, it quickly covered its eyes with its paws, and Kris Chen felt angry and funny at the same time.

What a coward!

Kris Chen was so angry and he began laughing.

He flew all the way south for hundreds of miles, and when his acupuncture points broke through the Concertation Pill, he could fly with the sword, and the speed would be much faster than this by then!

Three kilometers ahead, smoke and dust billowed, releasing the Divine Spiritual Power, millions of beasts rushed through the woods.

Hiss… this scene was simply spectacular.

Dozens of giant beasts galloped in the herd, knocking down countless trees.

The leader among them was a huge white wolf with a length of tens of feet and shiny white hair. That must be the Silver Wolf King Ironhead said!

At this moment, the huge white wolf suddenly stopped and let out a long roar to the sky.

He was howling.

The sound spread all over through the land, and millions of beasts, beasts with greater intelligence and beasts with greater intelligence stopped one after another, as if who pressed the pause button.

Dozens of Beast Kings looked around with vigilant eyes. The silver wolf king said, “Who dares to look at the king, roll out quickly.”

The billowing sound, like thunder, the trees swayed within a kilometer, and the leaves fell rustling.

I have been found!

Kris Chen was taken aback. The invincible Divine Spiritual Power was discovered by the Silver Wolf King!

The hair on the back of his neck stood up instantly, and a great sense of crisis surged into his heart.

“Run away, it will be too late if you don’t run at once!”

Ironhead was no longer afraid of heights at this time, he could feel a strong sense of suppression, making him instinctively pose an attacking posture with exploded hair.

At this moment, a wind under the Silver Wolf King sent him into the air. He opened his mouth and sucked, and the aura of heaven and earth within a few kilometers was stirred by him, and a Demon Energy Bomb full of explosive power was ejected from his mouth. .


An air force locked him firmly, and the Demon Energy Bomb reached its extreme speed. In the blink of an eye, it broke through a distance of several kilometers and arrived in front of Kris Chen.

Damn, Kris Chen’s expression changed drastically.

If someone was hit by it, he must be disabled or dead!

However, it was too late to dodge at this time. Kris Chen hurriedly condensed hundreds of sword energy, casting a large sword measuring several feet long in the air.

Still it was not enough to cut away the Silver Wolf King’s Demon Energy Bomb!

Thinking of this, Kris Chen once again condensed nine hundred Sword Energy!


The big sword became more solid, and even the lines on the blade were clear. It just stood in the void, even a slight leak of the sharp Sword Energy would cut the forest below a hundreds-meter-long gully.

“Cut down!”

With Kris Chen’s thought, the Void Great Sword was raised high and cut down severely.

The process seemed to be slow, but in fact it almost reached the extreme speed!

Everything was done in the a lightning speed.


The big sword and the Demon Energy Bomb collided, and the powerful energy vented outward. The invisible shock wave directly snapped trees with a radius of 100 meters.


In the air, making a harsh sound, and the Void Great Sword body was full of cracks.

However, the Demon Energy Bomb was not much better, it has been cut in half by the big sword!

“Cut off!”

Kris Chen yelled, and when the Void Great Sword was about to collapse, he cut off the Demon Energy Bomb.

The sword shattered, and thousands of fragmented Sword Energy tortured everything in the air, cutting the earth like plowing the ground, making it a mess.

This was the power of Unknown Sword Tactic. Amazing!

Kris Chen stood proudly in the air with Ironhead. Three kilometers away, the giant silver wolf had his pupils shrunk. He did not expect that he could meet such a tyrannical human Practitioner here!

There was a solemn color on his face, and a trace of sullenness appeared in the silver wolf eyes, “Practitioner, do you want to openly tear up the deal?”


What deal?

Kris Chen frowned, not knowing what he was talking about!

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