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Chapter 397: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 397 We Do Not Fit

Chuxue Ye tried to refrain from shivering with fear. She did not dare to move, letting Zhao Nangong hold her.

In the distance, other yachts surrounded around them are much smaller than theirs. Chuxue expected them to pose in a novel and special shape, but they only stayed on the lake for a while. After changing positions several times, they all finally drove off.

“What do you want to do?” Chuxue asked.

Holding Chuxue in his arms, Zhao shushed her, indicating her to look at the lake quietly.

Chuxue didn’t say anything more, because she wanted to see what he was up to.

Then lights lit up where the yachts had been parked. As the waves came closer and closer to them, their yacht was circled with shinning lights.

Chuxue looked at Zhao doubtfully, waiting for his next move. But nothing happened after they stood in the bow for a full quarter of an hour.

Zhao couldn’t help talking dirty in his heart. “What games Yuqi Mu is playing? He was pulling my leg a moment ago, and now he’s playing the same trick.” Zhao thought.

Just when Chuxue lost her patience, a drone flew over the horizon.

“Uh-huh…” Chuxue said.

Seeing Zhao take out a thing from the drone, Chuxue had an idea of what was about to come. She looked at Zhao with amusement.

Chuxue stared at him until he was embarrassed, and then she turned away her eyes.

Zhao touched his nose in embarrassment. “Why I am so timid? Why I freak out when she looks at me like that?” Zhao thought.

Without further hesitation, he knelt directly in front of Chuxue and lifted up what he had just secretively taken from the drone.

“Chuxue, I like you. I like you very much. Can you be my girlfriend?” Zhao said.

Chuxue didn’t pay attention to what Zhao was saying, but when she saw what he was holding, she was suddenly enlightened. Sure enough, she guessed it right.

Seeing that she did not move, Zhao could not help calling out to her, “Chuxue.”

Chuxue came to her senses as if she were waking from a dream. “Ah? Uh…” Chuxue said.

Zhao looked at Chuxue wishfully and said, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Well…” Chuxue said. She did not dislike Zhao, but the thought of her parents’ attitude made her head ache. “As there is no one in my family agree me to be with Zhao, how can I agree to be his girlfriend?” Chuxue thought.

Just as she hesitated, the lights on the sea began to change and the sky was full of fireworks again. A group of trained pigeons circled above them, holding petals in their mouths. The petals swirled and fell.

As the scene suddenly became so romantic, Chuxue was like a fish out of water. She awkwardly stretched out her hand. Just when her hand was halfway out, she hesitated again.

“Chuxue!” Zhao said.

Zhao looked at Chuxue piteously, with a hint of supplication in his eyes besides hope.

“I am sorry…” Chuxue said.

“There’s no need to say anything. I know what you mean.” Zhao said. He withdrew what he was holding and knelt before her. But his head, like a defeated cock, lowered in his heart.

As the full moon by the sea shone on him, he looked nothing but lonely.

“Well, you know that before I even tell you?” Chuxue said somewhat embarrassedly.

“I knew it. I knew it from the start.” Zhao said in a bitter sound. At last he lay on his back on the deck, with the back of his right hand over his eyes.

After being left alone, Chuxue held on to the bars, not daring to move. After a long pause, Zhao added, “When the boat docks, you go down first. I want to stay here for some more time.”

Zhao voice was hoarse, and Chuxue was somewhat sad after hearing that.

“Are you OK?” Chuxue asked.

“I’m fine, Chuxue.” Zhao said. Without being flippant, Zhao was somewhat attractive. “I’m just a little tired from the day and I’d like to lie down and sleep for a while.” Zhao added.

Zhao’s been busy since morning. There were only a few tasks, but he did put a lot of effort into them. He hid and rehearsed it again and again. In the end he was jammed for time and got such a result.

Zhao was really tired. The moment Chuxue rejected him, he could not even speak. He could control himself only because he was afraid she would worry about him.

Standing in the yacht, Chuxue had not spoken. Her heart was filled with guilt, but more with heartache.

“Zhao, get up. I have not denied you.” Chuxue said.

Zhao smiled wryly and said, “Chuxue, I know you don’t like me, no matter in the past or now. I have been afraid to recognize the truth, so there are so many actions later. I’m not stupid. I just pretend to be stupid. I thought this would make you like me, but I was wrong. As you don’t like me, nothing I do is of any use. So I don’t blame you, but only myself… ”

The moonlight passed through Zhao’s fingers and he felt somewhat dazzling, like the most intense sun at noon, making him have the urge to shed tears.

The ship soon docked. Sure enough, Zhao did not get up, but raised his other hand and waved to Chuxue.

“Chuxue, you can go now. I won’t bother you any more.” Zhao said.

Chuxue suddenly stopped steps and froze on the deck. It was a long time before she nodded and said, “That’s good.”

After saying that, Chuxue walked down the deck and left the beach without looking back. She walked down the street by herself. She didn’t know where to go. She just felt suffocated and wanted to find a place to vent.

As Chuxue stepped down the last staircase, a tear finally slipped from the corner of Zhao’s eye. Just now when Chuxue was with him, he had been covering his eyes, just to avoid letting her see the tears in his eyes.

“Chuxue, goodbye…” Zhao said.


Yiyao Duan was awakened by the dazzling sunshine. She turned her head and sure enough saw the back of a familiar head. Then the flash of her eyes was soft as water.

She reached out her hand and touched Jingyan Ye’s head. He had been with Yiyao all these days, and his hair had grown a lot. It was no longer as prickled as it had been when he cut it short, but rather supple.

Jingyan actually woke up when Yiyao turned around, but he wanted to know what Yiyao would do next, so he remained motionless for a long time. Yiyao did exactly what he had thought.

In fact, it was the first thing he did when he woke up in the morning, because he thought the caressing is a very intimate act.

Jingyan did not want to pretend to be asleep any more. He moved his body, looked up and stretched. Yiyao lay back quickly, but her eyes met Jingyan’s before she could close them.

“Good morning!” Jingyan greeted her calmly.

“Good, good morning!” Yiyao said. As Yiyao had a bad conscience, she said that uneasy.

Jingyan moved close to her immediately and said, “What’s wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable?”

“No.” Yiyao said.

Seeing Yiyao’s shyness, Jingyan couldn’t help smiling.

Jingyan touched the top of Yiyao’s head and said, “You don’t need to be sneaky when you do this next time. I am all yours.”

After saying that, Jingyan saw Yiyao’s looking at him confusedly. Then he suddenly remembered that her ear had not been cured, and could not help sighing.

“I hope you can get well soon. I am still not used to your present self…” Jingyan thought.

Yiyao yawned and rubbed her eyes. When she put her hand down, her eyes were full of tears

Jingyan took a look at his watch and pulled Yiyao’s quilt up a bit, saying, “You can sleep for some more time.”

Yiyao knew what Jingyan said by looking at Jingyan’s mouth. She nodded and obediently closed her eyes. After a while, she felt Ye Jingyan rise from her side.

Yiyao didn’t want him to leave. She cracked open an eye and saw Jingyan left hurriedly with the mobile phone vibrating in his hand.

She lay in bed, never wanting to sleep again. She kept guessing in her mind who’s calling Jingyan.

Jingyan quietly closed the door of the ward and peered inside through the glass in the door. Seeing Yiyao quietly lying on the bed, Jingyan answered the phone relievedly.

“Hello, Louis?” Jingyan said.

“It’s me, Mr Ye.” Louis said in broken Chinese.

Jingyan frowned and said, “Did you get off the plane?”

“Yes. I’m on my way to the hospital.” Louis said.

“When can the operation begin?” Jingyan asked. Jingyan thought of the daily conversation with Yiyao just now and he couldn’t wait for her to be operated on immediately.

“If need be, we can start right away.” Louis said.

At last, there was a sign of relaxation on Jingyan’s face, but it only lasted for a moment. He could not help but worry when he thought of Yiyao’s physical condition. “She is very weak now.” Jingyan said.

“There is always a risk in this operation. There are too many nerves and it is easy to make mistakes if we are not careful. Therefore, I suggest we wait until our team has a rest.” Louis said.

Jingyan knew he shouldn’t be so anxious. Although he was very eager to hear Yiyao speak, but since the child was aborted, Yiyao had been in low mood. It’s not a good time for the operation.

“OK. I will arrange it in this hospital and try my best to cooperate with you.” Jingyan said.

Louis said “OK” and hung up the phone. Looking out of the window at the passing scenery, Louis could not help feeling sorry for Jingyan and Yiyao.

Jingyan and Yiyao have experienced a lot of things, but when they were really about to be together, such a tragedy happened.

Eye surgery is fraught with uncertainty, and even Louis wasn’t 100 percent sure it wouldn’t be dangerous. The slightest margin of error is a source of endless danger.

That’s why Louis suggested Jingyan to choose Yiyao rather than the child. Anesthesia itself has a side effect on the fetus. The risks in the operation are so uncertain that no one can afford them.

After hanging up the phone, Jingyan leaned against on the wall behind him. Staring at the ceiling, his mind went blank gradually. He had no idea that Yiyao got out of the bed.

As Yiyao was a soldier before, it’s nothing difficult for her to endure the pain. But she had been so weak lately that when she got to the door with gritted teeth, she was all feeble.

When Yiyao fell to the ground, she saw Jingyan leaning against the wall. She longed to go out and hug him, but she did not have the strength to open the door before her.


Chuxue went back to Ye’s villa in a state of utter stupefaction. Blood oozed from her arm and there was a bruise around. She was grazed by a speeding motorbike on the street a few hours ago.

The attitude of the motorbike owners was bad. In the old days, she wouldn’t have let the owner go and would have given him a lesson.

But at that day she was in no mood of doing that. She felt distressed without knowing why when she thought of the look in Zhao’s eyes.

It was her choice to refuse Zhao. How could she have such a strange mood as if it were Zhao who refused her?

She walked aimlessly and unconsciously in the street for the whole evening. It was only when she was hit that she came to her senses and started on her way home.

Chuxue felt a little inconceivable that she didn’t feel tired after walking for such a long time. She just felt she’s so painful that she couldn’t breathe. She didn’t know what was going on.

“Perhaps I am guilty, because I hurt a man who loves me deeply. Everyone will be sad by doing that.” Chuxue thought. Then she nodded her head positively to herself.

“Yes. I just feel guilty about that guy. I do not like him at all.” Chuxue said to herself.

Chuxue was stunned when the word “like” came to her mind.

“No. Why the word “like” came to my mind?” Chuxue thought. Then she came to her senses and shook her head desperately, trying to get the word out of her mind.

When Venus opened the door, she saw Chuxue shaking her head desperately. Venus was at a loss for a while. “Chuxue, what’s wrong with you? Come in.” Venus said.

After Chuxue entered the villa, Venus found Chuxue was in a trance. When Venus saw Chuxue’s hair was unkempt and her body was scarred, Venus was more surprised. “What’s wrong with you? Are you being bullied?” Venus said.

Chuxue got rid of Venus’s hands and waved her hand, saying, “I am fine. Leave me alone for a while.”

After saying that, Chuxue staggered to the stairs, leaving Venus stand in situ. “She just went to a party. How did she end up like this?” Venus thought.

Venus couldn’t figure it out, so she called Yuqi Mu.

“Hello, aunt.” Yuqi said.

After hearing Yuqi say that in a pretended calm way, Venus’s heart skipped a beat. “What on earth happened to you last night? Why did Chuxue come back now, with all her wounds?” Venus said.

“What did you say? Chuxue left early last night.” Yuqi said.

Then there came a noise on the phone and Venus frowned. After a few minutes, there was no sound.

Venus held back her anger and asked, “What on earth did you say?”

“I said Chuxue left early last night.” Yuqi said.

A bold conjecture flashed through Venus’s mind, and she stopped in the middle of the sentence, “The why she…”

After waiting for a long time, Yuqi didn’t hear Venus say the following words. Venus knew she was mistaken, and explained quickly, “No. That’s impossible. Chuxue is smart…”

Venus thought carefully what Chuxue looked like just now. Chuxue was dispirited, but there was no sign showing that she has been raped. Venus was relieved gradually.

“What the hell happened to you? Why Chuxue is so sad? She is not her usual self and I am worried about her.” Venus said. Chuxue was completely out of her mind, as if she had lost her soul.

Instead answering Venus’s questions, Yuqi asked in a cheerful tone, “You said she is sad?”

“You’re so happy she’s upset?” Venus asked with a frown. “Though you and Chuxue are not in a very good relationship, you don’t have to hit her when she is down. You are a bad boy.” Venus thought.

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