Karen Lee stared at Shidao Lee, who was picked up by one of her hands. Her eyes were extremely cold. She tried hard, and there was a creaking sound of bones.

“Ah, Dad, she wants to… kill me.” Shidao Lee was so frightened that he was so scared that this time he was close to death.

He struggled, but couldn’t struggle, he was scared.

“Don’t kill me, aunt, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, don’t kill me.” Shidao Lee was scared, and his fear made him panic.

Karen Lee stared at him, “Do you still know that I am your aunt? Do you still know that you still want to kill my precious son?”

“I was wrong, I really know, I was wrong.” Shidao Lee begged.

At this moment, he knew the gap with Karen Lee.

“Karen Lee, I’ll say it again, let go of my son!” In the phone, it was Overlord Lee’s solemn voice!

He heard his son’s struggle, and his heart aches to the extreme. How does Karen Lee compare her son with my son? If he dies, let him die!

“Dad, Auntie wants to kill me!” Shidao Lee was scared to pee.

When Yvette saw it, she felt shocked, and the angry Karen Lee was daunting!

She remembers the last time she took poison to kill Karen Lee, she was gentle and lifeless, but there was a big difference from the present!

“Karen Lee, did you hear what I said? If you kill my son today, today I will kill your man, and tomorrow I will kill your son, and the day after tomorrow I will kill you myself! I have already made it clear to you, and I will give you a chance. , You have to catch it!” Overlord Lee’s voice burst into flames.

“I won’t let him go, I’m going to kill him today!!” Karen Lee pressed his fingers hard, click!!

“Dad.” Shidao Lee was in pain and felt weak.

“Okay, Karen Lee, you forced me, you forced me,” Overlord Lee was furious!

“You forced me. I told you many times, don’t mess with my son, don’t mess with him, I already gave you a chance, if couldn’t catch it, don’t blame me!” Blood red appeared in Karen Lee’s eyes!

“I will kill your man, torture him, and then torture your son to death, break his bones, and I will watch him die…” Overlord Lee is hideous!

“Ah!!” Shidao Lee suddenly screamed.

“Shidao!!” Overlord Lee was furious, his voice full of grief and anger!

The blood in Karen Lee’s eyes disappeared. She was surprised because she hadn’t killed Shidao Lee yet, but Yvette suddenly rushed over and stabbed Shidao Lee with a dagger!

Chuck was stunned, and Logan was also a little surprised.

“Yvette, Yvette…” Shidao Lee was dying. He didn’t expect that he would eventually die in the hands of a woman he fancied.

“Who, who, the world…” Overlord Lee roared.

“I hate you for saying you want to kill Chuck. He is my husband. You are not allowed to kill him!” Yvette’s eyes were blood red. Just now, when she heard that Batian Lee will torture Chuck, she couldn’t help it anymore.

She took out the dagger, just stabbed it crazy!

“It’s you who killed my son? It’s you!” Overlord Lee’s voice seemed to pierce the phone.

“Find me, don’t move my husband.” Yvette drew out the dagger, Shidao Lee screamed and lowered his head still.

Yvette stabbed him to death!

Karen Lee glanced at Yvette again and let him go. Shidao Lee’s body fell to the ground with a motionless expression of horror…

“Okay, Yvette, I will find you, torture you, and let you die!! And Karen Lee, me, Overlord Lee broke with you today! You are not my sister anymore, I want to kill your family, including you!” Overlord Lee roared ferociously. Vent anger.


“Then you come to me!” Yvette stepped on the phone and broke. There is no sound inside.

Chuck was stunned, what did Yvette do? Involved herself?

Here, Quiet, Chuck, Karen Lee, Logan are all looking at Yvette…

Because of her actions, none of the three people thought of it!

Karen Lee was the most surprised. Yvette came here suddenly, without any fear, and the ruthlessness in her eyes, at that moment, surpassed herself, and given her time, it is not difficult to surpass herself.

At that time… Karen Lee looked at Chuck, she was thinking, between Chuck and Yvette, the biggest obstacle is she herself…

In the United States, in a super large ocean view villa, a middle-aged man in a suit and about fifty years old raised his hand and patted the table. The table broke and was in a mess!

“Dare to kill my son, I want you all to die!!” The middle-aged man was terrifying!

“Come here!!” Overlord Lee scolded!

“Master!” A slender beauty came over, and she knelt down. “What’s the master’s order?”

“Go to Huaxia immediately and bring me the young master’s body intact!” Overlord Lee was sad and angry, his eyes were blood red, and today, his son died!

“What? Master him…” The woman was horrified, and the young master actually died in China? Who did this? Who?

“Bring the young master back! Go!” Overlord Lee said.

“It’s the master, do you need to avenge the young master?” The woman was horrified.

“I will personally report this grudge! Find out a person named Chuck Cannon and find out all the people he knows!!”

“Yes, Master, I’m going to Huaxia now!” The woman quit, and she came out in horror, feeling too terrible, how could anyone in this world dare to kill Young Master? What’s happening here?

If it hadn’t been said by the owner herself, she would definitely not believe it!!

When she goes out, she must reach China at the fastest speed!

Overlord Lee was grieved and indignant, “Shidao, rest in peace, your hatred, Dad will give you back!”

Karen Lee brought Chuck out, and Logan followed Yvette.

Everyone got on the helicopter, Logan came to drive, she called someone to come and deal with it, she drove off.

“Mom, are you okay?” Chuck felt that his mother must have been under a lot of pressure just now, after all, Shidao Lee is her brother’s son.

“It’s okay,” Karen Lee sighed. She didn’t sigh anything else but sighed that Chuck was safe.

“Your dad and I met when we were in college. He was a gentleman and attracted me. I was with him. He didn’t say anything about his family, but I believe him. I always believe that he is not me. Your uncle, Overlord Lee said he is useless, it’s not that, your father is very good in many ways,” Karen Lee said.

She had to say that, she was worried that Chuck would think bad about him, and it would be useless to think that about his father.

This will definitely not work.

Chuck, listening to this means that the poor boy has chased a rich girl, but he did not expect his father to have good abilities.

“It’s not allowed to say that to your dad, let’s not take that as an example, he is not poor,” Karen Lee was more serious.

Chuck felt relieved, but he thought of Overlord Lee’s revenge. How would such a person retaliate against himself? Chuck can think of it.

“Don’t worry, you are my son, no one can kill you, don’t worry.” Karen Lee was going to return to the U.S. overnight.

Chuck is not worried about this, only that he has too little time.

One can’t improve one’s strength in so short time, otherwise, when facing Overlord Lee alone, the result will definitely be death, unless his mother is by his side.

But how can she always be there?

The plane flew to the top floor of the night hotel. Chuck took Yvette down. Chuck really wanted to hug Yvette. What she did just now moved Chuck very much.

Chuck hugged her, Yvette did not resist, she did not regret what she did just now, she would be angry if anyone wanted to kill Chuck!

Logan saw it and felt a little lost in her heart.

Karen Lee was the one who came over and caught Logan’s expression. Did Logan like Chuck?

Karen Lee is happy, when did this happen? She remembered that Logan didn’t have this idea last time! !

But does Chuck know? He should not know.

“Logan, I have to go back overnight. For Chuck’s safety, please help me, watch him.” Karen Lee must go back and face Overlord Lee.

He also had to face the family trial, because it was the Lee family who actually killed each other.

Karen Lee will face these!

“I will.” Logan would definitely do it. She came here for this, not to mention that Black Rose is not dead yet.

“Sister Karen, Karen…” Logan stopped talking.

“Call me auntie,” Karen Lee said with deep meaning.

Logan bit her lip, “I… Aunt Karen, you will face everyone in the Lee family when you go back this time!”

This is what Logan is worried about. No matter how great Karen Lee is, she is also a junior.

This cannot be changed.

“Yes, but there is nothing to be afraid of, I am not wrong.” Karen Lee said.

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