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Chapter 398: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 398 Knowing My Inner Thought

Yuqi Mu waved his hand and hurriedly explained, “No, no, auntie, you should leave this matter alone. Anyway, it’s not a bad thing!”

After saying that, Yuqi, who was afraid that Venus Mu would ask more questions, hung up the phone at once, and Venus became more confused, hearing the beep of the phone.

Then she thought: Not a bad thing? How could it not be bad now that Chuxue Ye is so sad?

She looked up at Chuxue’s bedroom door in confusion and shook her head helplessly, thinking: Am I too old to figure out the things of those young people?

On the other hand, Yulin Xiao looked worriedly at Zhao Nangong, who kept drinking wine at the bar counter, then he came closer to Yuqi and asked him after he saw him walking in: “Who called you just now?”

“It was auntie, who asked me something about last night.”

Yulin, not caring what Venus called Yuqi for, pointed at Zhao, who was collapsed at the bar counter.

“What should we do with him?”

Since Chuxue rejected him, it didn’t take long for him to come to the bar to get drunk, in the meantime, he had been sober for a few times, but each time, as soon as he was sober, he looked for alcohol to get drunk at once and nobody could stop him.

Yuqi shrugged his shoulder indifferently, saying: “Just let him drink, and when he really was completely drunk, we can just take him away.”

“But what if he looks for death when he is sober?”

But Yulin still felt quite sympathized for him, and although he didn’t understand how horrible the pain of love was, he felt he could not be involved in love after seeing Zhao’s extremely painful look, as if he felt that death was better than life.

“Chuxue is also really ironhearted, turning him down so cruelly.” Speaking of this, Yulin said after thinking for a moment, “But it’s also alright, for people you don’t like, you should indeed reject them earlier, otherwise they will only be more painful later.”

“That’s not necessarily true.”

Yuqi walked over and took the glass of wine away from Zhao’s hand, asking the person standing beside him to help him walk into the box.

“What do you mean?” Yulin didn’t understand him and caught up with Yuqi, wanting to ask for clarification.

“Guess who just called me?”

“Auntie! You just told me!” Yulin looked at him with contempt, as if he was looking at a fool.

But Yuqi didn’t mind, saying: “It’s not strange for auntie to call me, but what she just said was about the situation of Chuxue after she came home.”

“What happened?” Yulin kicked him and said, “I hate people like you the most, who keep people guessing. Tell me, what happened when Chuxue came home?”

“She came home not long ago, with scratches on her body, and most of all ……”

Yuqi drawled deliberately to make Yulin feel quite curious.

And Yulin couldn’t help but push him, “Finish your words now, or else I will punch you!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll tell you!”

Yuqi had been hit by Yulin for many times, which made him quite scared, so he hurriedly told him, “The main thing is that her mind is somewhat unhinged!”

“You mean she likes Zhao too?” Yulin also came back to his senses and hurriedly asked.

Seeing Yuqi nodding affirmatively to him, Yulin felt puzzled again, “Then I can’t understand. If she likes Zhao, why did she reject him?”

Yuqi sighed, “This is probably not what she truly thinks, perhaps she doesn’t even know her true inner thoughts.”

And it might also be because that Venus and Kerry stood in the way of their relationship, and Chuxue had to reject Zhao, whom she didn’t hate, or even somewhat liked, in order to stop the arguments.

Yuqi took one last look at the direction Zhao left and sighed, although they had already known that Chuxue’s feelings for him.

But they both did not knew that Chuxue and Zhao were also quite confused about their relationship, and they could not figure out what happened, or whether the two would end up together.


Louis arrived at the place where Jingyan Ye and Yiyao Duan were, then he waited at the entrance of the hospital after giving Jingyan another call.

The nurses coming in and out curiously looked at the foreign man. And although they were not young, they still could not help but whisper because of their natural curiosity about other matters.

When Jingyan came out from inside, he saw many people staring either directly or implicitly at the foreign man in front of him.

“Mr. Ye, you’ve finally come out!” Louis sighed with relief and walked to him with his own suitcase.

Jingyan smiled at him apologetically, took his case and walked into the hospital, saying: “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Louis was quite careless, and he quickly waved his hand after hearing Jingyan’s words, “Never mind, can I take a look at Ms. Duan and check her situation?”

Jingyan then answered: “ Yes, come with me.”

Yiyao had just fallen asleep, and after she couldn’t hear the sound, she could sleep until night with the curtains drawn.

This was good, because she wouldn’t think about many things after she fell asleep, and all Jingyan needed to do was just waking her up at dinner time. When other people came in, they did not even have to deliberately open the door gently because she could not hear any sounds.

Louis walked in and saw Yiyao be asleep with a pale face, who could not help but frown after looking at her for a while.

“How is she?” Jingyan looked at her, being quite worried. He kept watching her in these days, and he also fed her many food every day, but she still lost weight.

Louis shook his head, saying: “She can’t have operation in these two days, it’s better for her to take a few days to recuperate.”

Jingyan didn’t say anything when he got the answer. It was supposed to be their decision anyway, and now they could just watch her more carefully.

Then he sent Louis away from the ward and arranged him to work in the office which was not far from the ward, asking him to be specifically in charge of their medical care.

While Yiyao knew nothing at all. And it was not that Jingyan deliberately hid everything from her, but she was oblivious of the outside world and could not notice anything.


It had been a few days since she rejected Zhao, but Chuxue still hadn’t calmed down, and all she could think about was Zhao, his smile, his tenderness, which all kept appearing in her mind.

“Chuxue, why don’t you eat any food?” Venus had been keeping an eye on her for the past few days, who got better today. A few days ago, when she just came back, she did not care anything no matter what other people said, being quite absent-minded.

After hearing her words, Chuxue looked up and smiled at her, saying: “I’m full.”

“So soon?” Venus was quite suspicious and stopped her from getting off the table, “Shouldn’t you tell me what happened that day?”

Venus really wanted to go to the scene and have a look at the party immediately since her daughter had changed a lot after going to the party of those young people.

“Mom, don’t ask me about it!” Chuxue forced a smile, trying to make Venus not worry too much.

However, she did not know that this would only make Venus be more suspicious.

Venus and Kerry Ye looked at each other and they both saw the suspicion in each other’s eyes.

Then Venus asked her seriously, “Are you going to tell me or not?”

“I ……” Chuxue didn’t know how to say about that, so she stood beside the chair with her head bowed, stammering.

“Why can’t you just tell me?” Venus got up aggressively and approached Chuxue.

While Chuxue took a few steps back and raised her head, clenching her teeth, “Do you really want me to tell you?”

Venus replied at once, “Of course.”

“It’s because of you!”

“Huh?” Venus couldn’t believe it, “You’re upset because of us? But we didn’t even go to that party!”

“Yes, you indeed didn’t go, but it was more frightening than your going.”

Chuxue suddenly raised her head and looked directly into Venus’s eyes with anger: “On the one hand, you asked me to do something you want, on the other hand, you asked me not to do something that you don’t want, while I have been careful to do exactly what you asked, in order not to disappoint you, but ……”

“But I am a human being too, I have my own feelings, and you have overruled me with a single word, making the matter be completely impossible!”

“What is the matter you are referring to?” Venus had been young as well, so she could certainly see that Chuxue had fallen in love.

“It’s not that I won’t let you do what you want, it’s just that you’re too young and we’re afraid you don’t have the ability to make the judgement for yourself!”

Chuxue closed her eyes, who was about to cry: “I’m not young anymore, and I have my own judgement, so I don’t need you to worry about me all the time.”

“Who is that man?”

Then Venus stopped beating around the bush and asked directly: “Who is the man that made you so sad?”

Chuxue opened her lips and said a name after a long time, “Zhao Nangong.”

“It’s him?” Venus had actually guessed that it was Zhao and she just hadn’t confirmed it yet, so she wasn’t very surprised after Chuxue said his name.

“I have told you that he is not good! Look at you! He caused you to lose your mind in just a few hours!”

But Chuxue shook her head and said, who felt very guilty now: “I am so sad, not because he did something bad, but because I rejected him.”

“You like him!” Venus’s words was an affirmation. And from all indications, it seemed that Chuxue already liked Zhao, but she might still not know her own feelings.

Chuxue looked at Venus in shock and shook her head in a hurry, “I just feel guilty ……”

Seeing her desperately trying to defend herself, Venus sighed helplessly and turned around to look at Kerry, who was sitting at the dining table and still did not get up.

Then she asked him, “What exactly should we do?”

Kerry had heard the conversation between Venus and Chuxue just now, and though he was very reluctant for Zhao to marry Chuxue, he thought that they could still not separate them since she had fallen in love with him!

Thinking of this, he waved his hand and said: “Let the young people manage their own affairs!”

After seeing Chuxue’s sad expression, Venus had to stop saying anything though she still wanted to speak.

Chuxue was quite annoyed with Venus’s words. And she thought: I am clearly guilty about him! As for liking him, how could Venus think so now that Zhao does not meet my criteria for liking at all.

But she could not forget the thought no matter how, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt worried, besides, she had no friend around to help her in this regard.

Then Chuxue suddenly thought of Jingyan, who was in the hospital taking care of Yiyao, thinking: He is so good to Yiyao, so he must know how it feels to like someone.

Thinking of this, Chuxue took out her mobile phone and called him.

“Hello?” A low, magnetic voice came through the phone.

Chuxue was a little dazed and didn’t respond for a long time, then Jingyan frowned and asked, “What are you calling me for?”

“Brother ……”


Chuxue then was determined and asked him, “Do you like Yiyao?”

“Why do you ask me this all of a sudden?”

“Just answer me!” Chuxue was suddenly quite stern, and she was not shy to ask this kind of question through the phone.

“My feelings to Yiyao is not called liking her.” Jingyan replied calmly.

Chuxue could not believe his words, “But you are so good to her! If it is not called liking her, then what are your feelings for her?”

“It’s love!”

Chuxue rolled her eyes, imitating Jingyan bombastically, who opened his mouth and said the words: It is hard to judge if you like someone, but it is easy to judge if you love someone.

“Then you must have liked her before you love her! Can you tell me how it feels to like someone?”

“How does it feel?” Chuxue knew that Jingyan was definitely frowning, needing not to guess.

“Why are you suddenly asking me about this?”

“Well ……”

“Is it because you like someone? Hmm……do you want to talk about it?”

Chuxue had wanted to make up an excuse to put it off, but when she heard Jingyan say that, she had to tell him the truth.

“Yes, and I want to know if I really like him.”

Jingyan thought for a while before he answered: “When she’s sad, I am sad as well, and when she’s happy, I’m happy too.”

“Besides, I want to see her everyday, and I keep wondering what she’s doing, whether she’s sad or happy.”

“I see……” Chuxue’s heart was beating fast, because what Jingyan said was just what she had been going through these days, though she still could not quite understand his words.

“You still haven’t told me who exactly is that man!”

“It’s not important!” Chuxue hung up the phone immediately after she finished the words, being quite diffident.

She then covered her thumping heart in disbelief, thinking: Am I …… am I really in love with Zhao?

How is it possible? There is no sign at all! Is liking so inexplicable?

She then hesitated and thought about it in her room for a long time, and she called Zhao after she knew her feelings for him.

She held the phone, being quite panic, and thought about what she was going to say later, then she finally dialed the number after hesitating for a long time.

After waiting for a while, she didn’t hear anyone speaking, and a cold, mechanical female voice came through the phone: Sorry, the number you have called is temporarily unanswered, please call again later.

Chuxue put the phone down in disappointment and did not call him again. She had worked hard to muster up the courage to call him, but Zhao did not answer the phone, which made her feel quite disappointed.

So she would not call him again, because she thought that if she was important for him, then he would definitely call back when he saw the missed call, but if she was not important……

Then Chuxue shook her head, thinking: If I am not important to him, then I will not be shameless to keep calling him.

She just sat quietly in the bedroom and waited for a long time, feeling more and more desperate because he still did not call back.

Everyone now holds the phone all day and can be reached anytime, so how could it be possible that Zhao still did not know that she had called him? If that was really the case, there would only be one reason——Zhao didn’t want to talk to her.

Chuxue began to be confused again, thinking: Could it be that he wants to take the opportunity to retaliate me since I have rejected him last time, making him be quite awkward?

What should I do then?

What am I going to do?

I should wait for him…… or ……

Chuxue sighed, not knowing what she should do now……

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