Indeed, Karen Lee has nothing to fear. It was Shidao Lee who acted on Chuck Cannon first, not Chuck Cannon. Even if Shidao Lee died with her own hands and she was impeached by the family, Karen Lee would face it calmly.

She has not encountered this kind of scene. When she married Chuck Cannon’s father, almost everyone in the family opposed it because Chuck Cannon’s father had no strength, no background, and no money.

People in the family basically think that he is not worthy of Karen Lee. These things made Karen Lee face them calmly and resist opposition. If you oppose me, I will marry him.

Karen Lee finally got her wish.

Facts have also proved that there has been no conflict with Chuck Cannon’s father for so many years.

If Karen Lee compromised, what would happen?

Karen Lee is so calm, Logan feels relieved. She knows that Karen Lee has experienced too many big winds and waves. Although the matter today is serious, she is very likely to be driven out by the Lee Family, but Logan believes that Karen Lee will get through this incident safely.

However, Logan was also a little worried. After all, the situation in the Lee Family is patriarchal. Karen Lee has been in a low status since she was born in the Lee Family, and was even looked down upon by many members of the family and squeezed out by others in the family.

Because Karen Lee was always excellent since she was a child, especially self-reliant, and especially strong, stronger than many people in the family.

At that time. Karen Lee’s elder brothers each had hundreds of thousands of pocket money, while she only had a few hundred yuan in college. This difference can be said to be as big as a day capsule.

But Karen Lee had no complaints. She was very grateful. She came out to do things on her own and achieved countless wealth today. Her few brothers are far behind her in this respect.

Karen Lee grew up in this situation.

In this case, Karen Lee killed Shidao Lee, the candidate heir of the family, and she could imagine what she would encounter and be besieged by the whole family.

Logan wanted to go back to the United States with Karen Lee.

“Aunt Karen, do you want to tell Chuck now?” Logan worried.

“This is not necessary,” Karen Lee certainly wouldn’t tell Chuck Cannon at this time, how serious this matter is, no matter whether the fatal blow that killed Shidao Lee was Yvette or not, for Karen Lee, Shidao Lee must die today!!

“En,” Logan sighed.

“I’ll go back first, so I won’t talk to Chuck face to face.” Karen Lee boarded the helicopter. She flew to the airport and returned to the United States by private jet that had been prepared a long time ago.

Watching Karen Lee leave, Logan worried, she turned around and saw Chuck Cannon coming out.

Chuck Cannon knew that his mother was leaving, but he didn’t expect to leave so urgently.

“Aunt Logan,” Chuck Cannon felt that something was wrong with his mother. It might be because of Shidao Lee’s death. Overlord Lee would definitely start to retaliate.

“Chuck, you go in first and have a good rest.” Logan feels distressed, how can she say that Chuck Cannon was beaten badly tonight and should rest.

“En, Aunt Logan, you are so kind to me.” Chuck Cannon didn’t know how to express it. Logan appeared. Chuck Cannon was very moved. If she embraced her with gratitude, would she refuse?

Chuck Cannon has to respect Logan more and more in his heart.

“Don’t say that, go and have a good rest.” Logan felt that she wanted to check the physical injuries of tired Chuck Cannon, but Yvette was there, how would she check?

“En.” Chuck Cannon looked at his mother who had left. Chuck Cannon turned around and went down from the top floor with Logan. The Night Hotel was damaged a bit, and people must start to repair it tomorrow, otherwise, it cannot continue to operate.

Chuck Cannon returned to the room and found that Yvette was already asleep because of exhaustion. She was also seriously injured today. Chuck Cannon walked over in distress, lying gently beside Yvette, and kissed her on the cheek.

Chuck Cannon hugged Yvette to sleep and closed his eyes. Yvette felt a little cold. She curled up and got into Chuck Cannon’s arms.

Chuck Cannon felt relieved, did nothing, just put his arms around the tired Yvette to sleep…

When Karen Lee arrived in the United States, she was calm after getting off the plane, because there were more than a dozen black Mercedes-Benz parked at the private airfield in the United States. These were all members of the Lee Family. Karen Lee was silent and fast.

Karen Lee got off the plane, and an old man in head bodyguard’s costume got out of the car. This was Xiao Xian, the housekeeper of the Lee Family.

Some others came out of other cars, they were all uniform clothes.

Karen Lee came over, “Old Xiao.”

“Miss, you are okay today, so let’s go back to the family with me,” Xiao Xian sighed. The whole family went crazy last night. Shidao Lee, the first candidate for the successor of the family, actually died in China, and still died in the hands of his aunt!

The members of the Lee Family are furious!!

“Okay.” Karen Lee did not fluctuate in her heart. When she entered the US region, she knew what she was about to face, but she had no regrets. She knew when she flew back to China from the US.

“Miss, please!” Xiao Xian stretched out his hand, and Karen Lee got into a car, the car of the large group, and brought Karen Lee back to Li’s house.

In the car, the housekeeper Xiao Xian saw that Karen Lee was so calm, he sighed. He has been in Li’s house for decades, and he knows exactly what Karen Lee’s character is. She is very good to the people in the family, but she is always affected. Too many unfair treatments, but Karen Lee didn’t care about it.

It is also a blessing for the Lee Family to have such children, but the rest of the Lee Family do not think so!

Xiao Xian sighed as he thought about it. When Karen lee would go back to the family this time and would look at the people in the family, Karen Lee would definitely not end well.

Karen Lee smiled, “Old Xiao, how is your granddaughter’s illness?”

Xiao Xian sighed, the situation is not so good, but Karen Lee has done too much for this matter, Xiao Xian is grateful, but such a good lady is now oppressed by everyone in the Lee Family.

“Miss, is your son okay?” Xiao Xian was concerned.

“It’s okay, he’s fine, but because of your granddaughter’s disease, our pharmaceutical company has already developed a specific drug, and it is almost ready for clinical trials. Don’t worry,” Karen Lee said.

“Thank you,” Xiao Xian sighed even more.

The Lee Family!

In the super-large villa, all of the Lee Family’s direct family members were present, with more than 30 people, including four of Karen Lee’s elder brothers, her elder brother more than ten children, and Yuancang Lee, the current owner of the Lee Family!

Everyone on the scene was glaring at him. They were so angry. Shidao Lee was the most capable one among the descendants of the Lee Family. He died like this!

And he was killed by the elders in his own home.

Karen Lee’s brothers were heartbroken!!

“It’s too shameful, Karen is too much this time, she actually killed Shidao!” Karen Lee’s second brother was angry!

“That’s right. She knows the rules in the family are absolutely forbidden to fight inwardly, and even if she commits it, she actually kills! Is this what the elders should do? It’s just cold and ruthless, what about our Lee Family? Will there be such descendants? This makes it difficult for the ancestors and ancestors to calm down their anger!” The others blushed!

“I must punish her severely this time!”

“I agree, this nature is too bad, killing Shidao, is this to get his son to the top?”

“It must be!” The Lee Family was very angry.

“Dad, Karen killed my son this time, blatantly violating family rules. She simply didn’t put you in her eyes. Can this family accommodate her?” Overlord Lee’s eyes were blood red and he was heartbroken!!

“Yes, I think I want to drive her out of our Lee Family! Our Lee Family doesn’t have such a cruel son and grandchildren! If we let her stay, is it okay? She thinks her son is also capable. She wants to get her son in charge. Her son will also be killed!”

The Patriarch of the Lee Family looks ugly, this nature is indeed too bad, not severely punished, how will the Lee Family manage in the future?

Isn’t it a mess?

Overlord Lee was gloomy and cold. He told this about it last night. As expected, the whole family was boiling. This is an annoyance!

“Quiet, Xiao Xiao has already picked her up at the airport, and I will deal with it.” The Lee Family Patriarch spoke, and the Lee Family members calmed down. In this case, they want to see Karen Lee be driven out!

“Back to the master, I brought the young lady back.” Xiao Xian ran in. He felt the concentration of the atmosphere on the scene. It was anger. He sighed. Karen Lee must be over today. Alas, such a good person will be expelled from the Lee Family. ?

Then Karen Lee must be sad too!!

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