Chapter 399 – 400: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 399: The Battle

“Don‘t you know?”

Ironhead looked at Kris Chen with a little surprise, “Have you never heard of the deal signed between the Human Almighty and the Monster God?”

“You’re just wasting my time!”

Kris Chen glared at it, “Hurry up and tell me!”

It had only been ten days since he came to the Devil Land, and he didn’t know so much!

Ironhead’s tiny eyes were full of contempt, “You don’t even know this?”

“Fine, let me tell you.”

Looking at Kris Chen’s glaring eyes, Ironhead shrank his head, “This is how it happened. Many years ago, there was a great battle between the Human Race and the Monster Race, and that battle had lasted hundreds of years. No one knows how many people had died, and how many monsters died…”

“Say things important!”

Kris Chen said, resisting the idea of extinguishing the soul source of Ironhead.

“Because of the heavy casualties, both the human and the monster race couldn’t bear the unintended consequences, and they finally signed an agreement. Human Practitioners cannot enter Shiwan Mountain for slaughtering the beasts. And the Supreme Monster also shouldn’t attack human cities, let alone killing the Practitioners under the human primal spirit.”

So that was what it was!

To put it bluntly, it meant both sides wanted to store up enegy?

For practitioners like him, no matter how many beasts and beasts with intelligence, and even beasts with greater intelligence come, they could beat all of them.

Similarly, if a monster beast at the level of the Supreme Monster come to attack the city, none of them in Wuwei City would survive!

But he also had questions!

“Hadn’t they sighed an agreement, then why is there always a wave of beasts to Wuwei City year after year?”

“The low-level beasts and beasts with intelligence breed every year with a large number of young. The resources of Shiwan Mountain are limited, meaning some of the beasts have to be eliminated, or the mountains would have nothing left sooner or later!”

“Moreover, the agreement only restricts the human Practitioner, the Monster Beast and Supreme Monster, but not the Beast King and the low-level beasts under it.”

“It is simply the competition among the beasts, so can you understand what I said? If either party dares to break the deal, both the human race and the monster race will punish it!”

Ironhead shook his head and said, “Besides, human practitioners are a great tonic for them. Eating humans can help speed up their evolution!”

Ironhead felt a cold in his neck, and quickly explained: “I’m just talking about them, I have never eaten any people, even my family group do not eat people!”

After saying that, the feeling of frightening was gone.

Kris Chen probably understood that the Human Almighty and the Monster God who signed this agreement did not want to completely reconcile, nor did they want to bring about catastrophic results to both sides.

Instead, they followed the rule of natural selection and survival of the fittest.

Humans killed beasts for their meat, used beast skins to make runes, used beast bones, claws and teeth to make weapons, and used Beast Pill to refine medicine.

Then why could’t beasts eat people?

This was not on the earth where human beings were at the top of the food chain.

Kris Chen sighed. This would block his way to hunt down beasts to obtain resources!

“Then why didn’t you tell me this when I wanted to kill you before?”

Ironhead said honestly: “At that time I thought you were just an ordinary Practitioner, who would have thought that you were a Human Almighty!”

In fact, Kris Chen didn’t show his talents at all at that time. And Ironhead was severely injured at that time. The only thing that made him impressive about Kris was his alchemy ability.

However, now that he has known the strength of Kris Chen, it felt much better!

At the very least, being a pet of the Almighty was nothing shameful!

“Practitioner, do you want to break the deal?”

The Silver Wolf King asked again.

“Don’t talk bullshit. I was flying in the sky. It was you who blocked my way for no reason. Now you’re asking me if I want to break the deal. That’s just nonsense!”

Kris Chen snorted, thinking no one can frighten him.

He had already had a understanding of the Silver Wolf King’s strength, even if he couldn’t beat it, he could run away!

Besides, he might not lose!

The deal signed by the two races did not say that the Practitioner could not kill the Supreme Monster!

The Silver Wolf King was speechless for a while, and didn’t know what to say!

Kris Chen didn’t stop, “Silver Wolf King, there are a large number of Practitioners ahead. It’s better for you to go back, in case you hurt the human Practitioners.”

A hint of killing intent flashed in the eyes of the Silver Wolf King, “I am out looking for my son. If I find him, I will certainly go back!”

He smelled a sense of crisis in Kris Chen, and the instinct of the monster told him that the human Practitioner in front of him was not easy to cope with!

Kris Chen also sniffed a strong bloody smell from the Silver Wolf King, and it was all human blood!

“You mean you don’t plan to return?”

Kris Chen said, his eyes sharp as a blade, the pressure of the early stage of the Back-to-self stage radiating from him.

Feeling his air, Ironhead was stunned, “Hey, do you want to provoke him?”

There was also a trace of doubt in the eyes of the Silver Wolf King!

How come, such a weak breath?

That was impossible, the Wolf King Cannon that I just fired was not a Back-to-self stage Practitioner could bear.

Did he go numb?

Damn human Practitioner!

My son was lost, and he was just wasting my time.

The murderous air on his body became more and more intense, and the silver-white hair stood up like needles.

Kris Chen prepared to do it!

The Sword Intent on his body was extremely sharp, and the three hundred and sixty acupuncture points all over his body were like black holes, continuously incorporating the aura of heaven and earth into the acupuncture points.

One hundred Sword Energy, two hundred Sword Energy, three hundred Sword Energy, in the blink of an eye, it broke through a thousand Sword Energy.

A ten-feet-long sword was condensed in the void, and the body of the sword was still getting bigger and gradually solidified, reflecting the brilliance under the sunshine.

One thousand five hundred Sword Energy, two thousand Sword Energy, three thousand Sword Energy…

In the blink of an eye, the great sword rose to hundreds of meters long, with a wide blade that covered the sky and sun.

The Sword Energy vented from above and cut the ground at will, making Ironhead feel shocked.

Theoretically, he can gather all the Sword Energy in the acupuncture orifice, but it depends on the caster’s physical body.

Three thousand Sword Energy, his physical body was faintly bloated, but he has not reached the limit!

“Wolf King, you just gave me a big gift, and I also gave you one!”

“Sword of the Earth, go ahead!”

The Sword Energy in Kris Chen’s acupuncture orifice was almost entirely cut out of the Sword Fetus. The Sword Fetus belonged to the element of earth, so Kris Chen named the Unknown Sword such a name. It sounded silly, but it was very powerful and scary!

The blade of the Sword of the Earth trembled, stirring the aura, and then severely cut it towards the Wolf King.

” Shiiiiing “

A hundred-meter-long Sword Energy slashed out, and in the blink of an eye, it came to the front of the Silver Wolf King.

“Wolf King Cannon!”

The Silver Wolf King opened his mouth and spewed out the Wolf King Cannon, which was far larger than the previous attack on Kris Chen!

However, what it didn’t expect was that the Wolf King Cannon encountered the Sword Energy and was directly cut away!

Seeing the Sword Energy flying over, the Silver Wolf King moved and flashed hundreds of meters away.


The Sword Energy flew across, killing countless beasts were along the way, and millions of beast legions were cut into two parts from the middle!

There was a deep gully several meters wide and bottomless!

The beasts were directly turned into ashes!

Sword Energy pushed horizontally for dozens of miles before it dissipated!


This sword move was mighty!

Looking at the Void Great Sword, two more Sword Energy like this should be released!

The Sword Energy was powerful. Looking at the Silver Wolf King who just moved away, Kris Chen was surprised. Was that a Diversion?

How could I deal with that?

As long as the opponent was fast enough, no matter how strong his Sword Energy was, he would not be able to hit the opponent.

“Damn human beings, you completely infuriate me!”

The Silver Wolf King was extremely angry. He didn’t expect that Kris Chen would sneak attack on him. They had just started the fight!

It looked up to the sky and howled, its body shrank and turned into a werewolf with a wolf head.

Human beings were weak and could never be his opponents.

Kris Chen was dumbfounded, what fuck, he turned into a scream by just howling?

Could it be that he was shouting a transformation spell?

Just as Kris Chen was thinking about it, the Silver Wolf King rushed over and flew halfway through the distance of three kilometers in the blink of an eye.

Damn, this guy wants to fight himself, right?

Kris Chen sneered, then just come!

Seeing Kris Chen standing still on the spot, Ironhead thought he was too frightened to move, “Hey, he is coming to kill you!”

“Are you just telling me how to fight?”

Kris Chen snorted, and the Void Great Sword successively chopped out dozens of a little weaker Sword Energy, and then the Great Sword shattered.

The ten Sword Energy was almost at its extreme, blocking the Wolf King’s way behind him.

“Small tricks, get out of here!”

The Silver Wolf King was furious, and he waved his sharp claws and collided with the Sword Energy, making a sharp sound.

‘Bang’ a huge explosion broke out.

It was hard to know how many big trees have been blown off by the invisible air wave.

“Hit… hit it!”

Ironhead was overjoyed, thinking that the Silver Monster King would be injured by this, he rushed out of the explosion unscathed.

Using a Diversion, the Wolf King came to in front of Kris Chen, “Go die, Practitioner!”

Even if the Silver Wolf King turned into a half-human and half-monster form, his body was still several feet tall. Compared with 1.8-metre-tall Kris Chen, he was definitely a giant.

Moreover, the monster race was inherently strong in flesh, and his could definitely kill humans with his claws.

The Wolf King wondered how much tonic the physical body of Practitioner at the level of Primal Spirit Field had!

He was going to swallow Kris Chen’s flesh and blood, sucked his soul, and turned his soul into a ghost servant. The ghost servant of Primal Spirit Field would definitely be a great help for him!

Chapter 400: Both Body and Soul Perish in Hell


At this moment, Kris Chen raised his hand to ward off the Silver Wolf King’s claws, and the collision between the two sides produced the sound of metal clashing against metal.

The claws failed to cut through Kris Chen’s flesh, leaving only light white marks that were quickly dissipated by Kris Chen’s powerful recovery.

Thanks to the Nameless Sword Technique, Kris Chen had suffered more than 50,000 strokes of sword charge attack, and thus his flesh was further strengthened, he didn’t even know how strong his body was now.

Anyway, even if he stabbed hard with The dagger: Kill Qin, it would only pierce his skin.

The dagger: Kill Qin was an inferior Daoist tool, and the grievances it had secretly absorbed these days had even given it the momentum to improve its own quality.

“How is this possible?”

The Silver Wolf King’s eyes were filled with shock!

“Give me the break!”

He didn’t believe all this, opened his bloody mouth and bit right down!

Kris Chen had tested the strength of his flesh and was very satisfied to see the Silver Wolf King open his mouth to bite, and he directly cut out a sword charge attack!

He must be just kidding who doesn’t know that the strongest thing a wolf can do is bite!

One bite from a Demon King Realm beast would probably be enough for a Taoist weapon !


In a hurry, only hundreds of sword energies were condensed, and this strike also cut off the hairs on the Silver Wolf King’s neck, piercing through his flesh.

This strike was equivalent to the power of the early stage of Dan Condensation, and with the added effect of the Sword Fetus , its power skyrocketed even more.

Senior Sword Seeker must have never imagined that his own sword technique would soar in the hands of Kris Chen!

But if another person practiced the Nameless Sword Technique, they definitely wouldn’t be able to reach the power of Kris Chen.

First of all, they do not have a Sword Fetus, and secondly, their Stage limits the power of their sword charge.

It was like a Practitioner in his Acquired Stage, who had condensed a hundred sword energies, but even if he was powerful, his power would not be as great as that of the Acquired Stage’s Later Period!

Thirdly, they don’t have that many resources to pile up, and fourthly, Kris Chen’s acupoints possess a full 180 sword energies, so the power is naturally extraordinary!

Fifthly, and most importantly, Kris Chen is a Primordial Practitioner in his own right, so his practice is naturally twice as effective!

The Silver Wolf King was wildly irritated that that a lowly human Practitioner dared to hurt him!

You want to die!

Wolf and Moon!

The Silver Wolf King opened his mouth to roar, invisible sound waves spread out all around, and Iron Head was hit by them, instantly foaming at the mouth and falling to the ground in a dead faint!

The first to bear the brunt was Kris Chen, who only felt a whirl of heaven and earth, and his soul was being forced out of his body!

Down below, half the herd of millions of beasts fell straight down, not unconscious, but dead!

The ten beast kings below were anxiously stomping, and in a manic and frantic way.

This was the Wolf King’s natural prowess, striking straight at the soul.

Good chance!

The Silver Wolf King took advantage of this and opened his mouth to have a bite at Kris Chen’s head.

And then, in a twinkling, a small blood-red sword flew out, it was The dagger: Kill Qin!

Boundless bloody grievances were released to protect Kris Chen.

“How dare even a little toy for spirits stop me!” roared the Silver Wolf King , his mouth once again emitting invisible sound waves.

Just after that, the grievances surrounding The dagger: Kill Qin were halved, and the sword trembled and the spirits inside howled.

The dagger: Kill Qin was only strong because of Jing Ke’s spirit, and if Jing Ke’s spirit was destroyed, The dagger: Kill Qin would be useless.

Seeing that the spirit was about to collapse, the Silver Wolf King was ready to follow it up with another attack. Right at this very moment, all the hairs on his body stood on end.

A great sense of crisis was rising like bile in his throat.

Retreat now!

His instincts were honed via countless fights, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with them.

If he didn’t leave right now, his life would definitely be in danger!

With a manoeuvre, he fell back towards somewhere a hundred meters away, and at that moment, The dagger: Kill Qin scattered its bloody grievances, revealing Kris Chen’s true body.

Kris Chen, keeping an expressionless face, looked at the Silver Wolf King and said, “Want to escape? No way!”

The Blade of Divine Thought!

Inside the Mud Pill Palace (Mud Pill Palace), the Little Man of Divine Thought cupped his hand in mysterious magic, an invisible Blade of Divine Thought rose in the air, and wherever the thought went, everything could be cut down!

The Silver Wolf King’s sense of crisis was growing stronger in his heart, the alarm bells were ringing, and he couldn’t tell how terrified he was.

He wondered where the hell the danger came from, with his feeling of being spied on getting stronger and stronger!

It was as if there was a knife hanging over his head that could fall at any moment.

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

Maneuvering dozens of times in a row, the Silver Wolf King escaped to somewhere several kilometers away, and just when he thought he was safe, Kris Chen’s shout came from far away, “Cut! Cut! Cut!”

In the sky, an invisible blade was flying directly at the Silver Wolf King.

With a ‘poof’ sound, the invisible dagger seemed to cut through a membrane and plunged into the Silver Wolf King’s body.

But when it cut in deeper, Kris Chen felt a great hindrance.

It was as if there was a force preventing the great blade from reaching its target!

Obviously there were no wounds on his body, but the Silver Wolf King let out a miserable scream, “Ah… How is it possible, the Divine Thought Attack, how can you possibly know the Divine Thought Attack…”

The words were tainted with fear.

The Blade of Divine Thought kept cutting, and the Silver Wolf King was still screaming, and at that moment, he opened his mouth and exhaled a stream of smoke.

The smoke was extremely cold and filled with resentment.

Hundreds of ghosts with different gestures were then hovering in the air, staring at Kris Chen with resentful eyes.


At the Wolf King’s command, the ghost minions let out a sharp cry and rushed right over!

Kris Chen sneered as hundreds of sword energies slashed out!

“Extinguish it!”

But there were too many ghost minions, and these sword energies, piercing their bodies, merely diluted their existence.

“Huge-crowd strategy, huh? Well, let’s see if I have more swords or you have more demons!”

Suddenly Kris Chen’s body enlarged, rising from something like 1.8 meters in height to a giant several feet tall, with silver sword runes appearing all over his body.

The sword energies in his acupoints surged out, overwhelmingly enveloping him, to say the least, tens of thousands of swords!


The sword energies swept across the space, covering the sky and shattering even the clouds there.

The scattering sword energies even cut and wreaked havoc on the earth below.

One after another, the ghost minions were scattered by the aura of the sword, fleeing in all directions like arrows.

The aura of the sword was much too powerful, these ghost minions only had to resist for a few breaths of time before they were completely dead.

The Wolf King was terrified and scared to death, how could this human being unleash sword energies without limit!

Those sword energies that didn’t disperse were regathered by Kris Chen to form a great sword that was several miles long, hanging over the heads of the beasts, like a world-destroying divine sword.

This… How is this possible!

This human Practitioner’s strength was obviously not too strong who, at the most, was at the early stage of Primordial cultivation. But the Silver Wolf King was a senior demon king, who had claimed to be afraid of nothing, even a human Practitioner in his later period of Primordial cultivation.

But now, this human’s endless methods of beating him back, even the demons had been cut in half by his Divine Spiritual Power attack, and if it weren’t for the Heavenly Wolf Clan’s special natural talent of condensing the demon souls, he would have had his soul smashed and shattered and died from that strike just now.

“Behead it!”

The Silver Wolf King was firmly locked in by Kris Chen’s aura, and with the Blade of Divine Thought still firmly stuck within his soul, there was nowhere for him to escape!

Seeing the great sword about to fall, the Silver Wolf King was full of fear, and he could feel the power of the cut, which was definitely far beyond what he could bear.

He hurriedly said, “Wait, Taoist shall never kill Taoist, spare my life, I am willing to surrender my soul origin, offer my loyalty, and become your mount.”

In order to save his life, at this moment, whatever dignity of the demon race and the majesty of a demon king were all thrown away, he only wanted to stay alive!

It had taken him two hundred years to achieve this level of cultivation, and he knew well the truth that a bad life was better than a good death .

“Want to be my mount?”

Kris Chen sneered, “You’re not good enough for that!”

With the words, the great sword cut down, and this cut directly severed his body, decapitated his demon soul, and his ghost being was split in two!

The diffusing sword aura completely cut out a heavenly gully of dozens of miles long and hundreds of meters wide, and more than a decade later, this place became the famous Sword Lake, and numerous people ran to the lake to comprehend the sword aura!

Of course all this comes later!

Bad luck befell the beast kings who came with the Silver Wolf King, whose millions-strong legions were completely destroyed by the sword, sparing only tens of thousands.

With a wave of his hand, Kris Chen directly condensed the diffusing demon soul of the Silver Wolf King and summoned The dagger: Kill Qin to strike it into the sword body.

The demon soul of the demon king is a great tonic for The dagger: Kill Qin!

The dagger: Kill Qin will be upgraded to a higher power level, which should be a safe bet!

“You have three seconds, if you don’t wake up, you’ll be sent on the same way to hell with the Silver Wolf King!”

With the words, Iron Head, originally lying unconscious on the ground, awoke with a stir and a slow turn!

He gulped for air, the Silver Wolf King’s soul was extinguished, even the demon soul was eaten, what a cruel master he had been serving!

But on the other hand, it also demonstrated how powerful Kris Chen was, who, as a Supreme Beast King, apart from the Demon God and the other nine Supreme Beast Kings, was definitely the supreme ruler of the Lakh Mountains.

Now that even the Silver Wolf King had died at his master’s hands, wouldn’t that mean… He would be able to walk everywhere with a swagger in the Lakh Mountains in the future?

Thinking of this, he even revealed a flattering smile, “Master killed the Silver Wolf King, Your divine might is so great that Iron Head is going to grovel at your feet!”

Kris Chen had a fleeting glimpse of Iron Head, and said to himself, ”Oh, a cowardly acrophobe is learning how to flatter, I may have taken a fake honey badger as a pet! ”

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