Lee family live!

Karen Lee walked in under everyone’s gaze. Everyone glared at her as if they didn’t want her to enter Lee’s house any more.

Especially Overlord Lee, his sinister eyes stared at Karen Lee like this!

This is ruthless! This is hate!!

There was no sound, only the sound of Karen Lee coming in.


The door was closed, the place was very empty but very depressing.

Karen Lee has always thought so since she was a child.

In fact, she was also a little sad in her heart. She didn’t pick it up from outside. How could she be so depressed in her own home? And it has always been like this?

Karen Lee sighed, “Dad, I…”

“Don’t call me that, I can’t bear it!” Patriarch Lee said coldly, unceremoniously!

Karen Lee was silent, with sadness in her eyes.

The housekeeper Xiao Xian sighed. Today Karen Lee is not good. When Karen Lee called Patriarch’s dad, although he was expressionless, he would nod his head, but he said that today, which is not good.

“I ask you, did you return to China the day before yesterday?” Patriarch Lee asked coldly!

“Yes, I am back to China.”

“Then what did you do?? Say the same thing clearly!” Patriarch Lee stood up.

Others are staring at Karen Lee!

Especially Karen Lee’s brothers, Karen Lee is so good that they have been completely faceless from childhood to most of them. They feel that they have been stepped on by Karen Lee, so they have also instilled this idea in their children. Don’t call Karen Lee.

If you have the chance, you must kick Karen Lee out!!

Today is a particularly big opportunity!

“I saved my son.” Karen Lee said after being silent.

“Saved your son? So you killed Shidao, right?” Patriarch Lee’s voice was thunderous!

“Well, killed.” Karen Lee said.

The audience was in an uproar!!

“She’s still so calm, without any repentance. How could there be such a cold and ruthless person in our Lee family? How did she succeed?” The others were heartbroken!

Is she your own relative?

Overlord Lee was cold, with a grim face. If his son Shidao Lee became the head of the Lee family, then he would be emperor too. Then he could let the entire Lee family do whatever he wanted, but this dream was broken by Karen Lee.

“Let me ask you, is your son dead?” Patriarch Lee asked.

“He would have died if I would have reached a little later,”

“In other words, your son was not dead at all. In this case, you killed Shidao!!” The Lee Family Patriarch stared at Karen Lee, his cloudy eyes shot out cold.

“My son was…”

“Just answer me, yes or no!!” Patriarch Lee’s eyes are hazy!

“Yes.” Karen Lee said.

“Well, he was going to deal with your son, he was wrong, but he will never kill your son, but you did, and you killed your junior. The hope of our Lee family, you are unforgivable!! “The Lee Family Patriarch’s face is red and he is almost angry.

“Dad, can you stop this, Shidao Lee wanted to kill my son and he found the black…” Karen Lee sighed, as it turned out to be like this, he would load himself by mistake indiscriminately.

Maybe what I did was wrong and I shouldn’t be born here.

“Karen Lee, you be silent!” Overlord Lee scolded, “Everyone knows the character of my son. He will not violate family rules. It is you! killing my son aggressively was by you!”

Karen Lee stared at him.

“Don’t you know what’s wrong? Don’t you know?” Patriarch Lee walked step by step.

“I was not wrong, it was his son who did it, and I was not wrong.” Karen Lee’s eyes were red, and the sadness appeared in her heart.

“Shut up! No matter how you quibble, you have violated the family rules. Tell me, what are the consequences of killing the family members! Say, tell me out loud!” said the Lee Family Patriarch coldly.

“Say!!” The other members of the Lee family scolded likewise.

Karen Lee was silent, “Dad, you mean there is no right or wrong, right?”

“You are wrong to kill people in the family!” Patriarch Lee snarled, “For so many years, only you dare to do this, no one else dares, you are so different?”

“I do not have.”

“Not yet, say, what are the consequences!”

“Expelled from Lee’s house!” Karen Lee sighed.

Xiao Xian was sad, such a good lady would be besieged by so many people.

“Okay, since you said it, then starting today, you are no longer a member of the Lee family!” Patriarch Lee said coldly.

Karen Lee felt that her heart was stabbed by a knife. From childhood to adulthood, this has always been the case. She has never done one thing right, even if she has not done one thing, it has always been wrong.

“Yes,” Karen Lee turned her head and walked outside.

At this moment, the other members of the Lee family sneered, she finally left, she should have gone by herself long ago.

Overlord Lee was cold, “Stop!!”

Karen Lee stopped and looked back at him, “What else?”

“It seems that you don’t understand what is expelled from the Lee family. You are no longer a member of the Lee family. Please put down all the things in your Lee family! Because they don’t belong to a person who is not a member of the Lee family anymore! You are not worthy to have them! Take them out!!” Overlord Lee said coldly.

All the members of the Lee family stared at Karen Lee.

“Nothing in me belongs to the Lee family.” Karen Lee sighed.

“No? Just kidding, everything you have now belongs to the Lee family!”

“No, I went out to earn money by myself, I earn everything by myself now,” Karen Lee sighed. After graduating from university, she didn’t find a home to ask for a penny, all of which is was of herself. After the accumulation, the first pot of gold was earned, and then it was out of control. Today, the country is rich!!

Karen Lee is a fighting genius as well as a business genius!

“It’s ridiculous, without the Lee family, what would you make money for? Without the Lee family, you would have died a long time ago. What chance do you have to make money? You borrowed the power of our Lee family and made today’s money. Now all your things are Lee family’s because your life was given by the Lee family! Hand over the things of the Lee family!” Overlord Lee walked over, and the other members of the Lee family surrounded.

Everyone glared at her, including Patriarch Lee!

His son, Overlord Lee, is right. Everything Karen Lee has now belongs to the Lee family. Without the foundation of the Lee family and the reputation of the Lee family, someone will cooperate with you? How could she make so much money in such a short time? ?

Karen Lee shook her head, “No, this is my own income. The money belongs to my son, and no one else can take it away!”

“Asshole thing! Is it yours? You say it again!!” Patriarch Lee scolded!

The thunderous sound seemed to break through the house.

“It’s mine. I have already paid back what I owe you. For so many years, I have given the Lee family more than 100 billion US dollars. That’s enough,” Karen Lee was stared at by her father, and she was sad.

When Karen Lee first made money, she gave it to the Lee family and returned it to the Lee family. Over the years, after giving so much, it was over long ago.

“Asshole!!” The Lee Patriarch raised his hand to hit Karen Lee.

Karen Lee just stood like this, “You can hit me because you are my dad.”

“Dad hit her!!” Overlord Lee scolded. The slap of the Lee Family Patriarch, weighing several hundred catties, could definitely severely wound Karen Lee!

Patriarch Lee stared at Karen Lee, “I have never beaten you, I regret, I should have beaten you to death when you were young!”

Karen Lee sighed. She remembered Xiao Xian telling her that when she was one year old, he slapped her. She fainted when she was one year old. Fortunately, Karen Lee’s mother rescued her. They’re all dead, how does it mean that they have never been beaten?

This was what Xiao Xian told Karen Lee secretly that the Lee family’s patriarchy was too serious. The Lee family’s head finally wanted a son but gave birth to a daughter, Karen Lee.

But Overlord Lee took the opportunity to kick Karen Lee. This kick was too heavy. Karen Lee flew out four or five meters but did not fall. There was blood on the corner of her mouth. She stared at Overlord Lee, “From today, you are not me. Brother,”

“I’m not your brother anymore, you’re a terrible thing!”

“Neither am I, I will kill you!”

The four elder brothers rushed up and kicked Karen Lee, each one kicked, but they didn’t kick Karen Lee down, and she didn’t groan, so she endured it.

She wiped off the blood herself, and she felt sadness in her heart. She was no longer a member of the Lee family.

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