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Chapter 399: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 399 The surgery, Resonance Between Two Lovers

As for Zhao Nangong, who had slept for days, finally woke up after being hit by Yuqi Mu.

“What are you doing? Why are you hitting me?” Zhao wiped down the blood stains at the corner of his mouth, being full of bewilderment and quite displeased.

Yuqi couldn’t stand his look and sneered, “Zhao, now that she can’t see you like this, what the use of leading a befuddled life? It’s just a breaking up, which everyone has experienced, and in the end, we will pull ourselves together! But look at you, what are you doing now?”

Zhao felt quite faint, so he rubbed and shook his head. He also felt strange about his look now, but he was really very painful because that he indeed loved her, so he couldn’t find any other better way than to numb himself with alcohol.

He looked up and saw his own unkempt appearance in the mirror, with his beard covering his mouth and the dark circles under the eyes, which were as heavy as a panda’s.

The thought of loathing himself suddenly appeared in his mind, then he thought: No wonder Chuxue Ye doesn’t like me, I am indeed too unkempt. And if I were her, I wouldn’t like someone as messy as me as well.

“Is she …… okay?” Zhao gazed at Yuqi and hesitated for a moment before asking.

Yuqi sneered, “Of course she’s fine, who is still living a good life.”

He was actually unaware of Chuxue’s current situation, having not seen her since the last time they parted. But he had to make up a lie in order to make Zhao pull himself together.

“Really?” Zhao bowed his head despondently, thinking: What am I expecting now that this is how it is supposed to be?

Hoping that she will be upset and guilty because of me?

No! Zhao shook his head as he thought: I won’t take such mercy!

He patted the folds of his clothes and staggered to his feet, holding onto the wall, who felt quite dizzy and could not stand still, but he tugged at the handrail with his full strength and he soon had himself under control.

“Thank you, Yuqi!” He patted Yuqi on the shoulder with one of his hands.

Although they were not close friends, Zhao still felt quite grateful that Yuqi had done so much to help him.

Although he had been punched today, he became quite sober now, so he should express his thanks for that, and strictly speaking, simply saying“ thank you” could not fully express his gratitude at all.

Yuqi also just passed by and came in to see him, and he walked straight through the main door into the inner room because Zhao did not close the door.

Then he looked at Zhao meaningfully, saying, “You take care of yourself!”

After saying that, he left without looking back and drove the car which was parked at the door, leaving Zhao alone, who was half-drunk and half-awake.

But since he had been quite sober now, he knew what he was doing. The red wine bottles all over the floor made him feel quite whiny, and every time he stood up and took a step, he would tumble, making it even harder for him to take a firm stand, who was walking wobbly.

He then managed to walk to the window, made a place that was not too big and sat on the floor, waiting for the sun to shine through the French window, while he squinted, being somewhat unable to adjust to the strong light.

As soon as he calmed himself down, all he thought about was Chuxue Ye and he tried hard to not think about her. But as soon as he really stopped thinking about her, he became a little panic instead.

This emotion kept making him feel tortured, making it impossible for him to think about anything else.

“Ah!” Zhao punched the opposite French window, which broke a crack.

Then he put down his hand and he was so terribly numb inside that he could not feel the pain on his hand anymore, thinking: Nothing will ever hurt me again after I go through this thing!

He could not help but laugh when he thought about it: So it seems that I do not lose anything, at least I have no soft spot and do not need to do everything carefully, like what Jingyan Ye does.


But he really fucking wanted to have a soft spot, though it could do him a lot of harm, he still felt quite happy to have such a soft spot, or say, someone he loved deeply, instead of being far away from her and unable to do anything.

He didn’t know what kind of men Chuxue liked, but as long as he saw her be so close with other men, he just felt quite jealous and painful in his heart.

All the images of making out without him made him feel sick, but there was no way for him to do anything, because he couldn’t get her love anyway ……

She wouldn’t belong to him no matter how ……


In the house of the Ye family.

Chuxue was sitting in front of the window, being in a daze, then she raised her hands, who felt quite warm because of the sunlight shining through her fingertips.

Chuxue was quite calm now, after being surprised and doubtful for a long time, and she no longer made all kinds of reasons and excuses for Zhao, but instead, what remained in her heart was disappointment.

She thought: He is probably blaming me, after all, I refused him cruelly at that time. Well, I am to blame, if I knew my feeling towards him earlier……

I should have not been so cruel to him, but God knows when I can know my feelings towards him. If I had given him hope at that time, he would not have been so sad, and perhaps I would have understood it even later.

There’s a reason he’s not answering my calls now, so I shouldn’t blame him!

But …… but why do I feel somewhat painful and sad?

Could it be that after I left that night, something else have happened? And did he be with that women after they prepared the scene, whom he saw at the scene?

The more she thought about it, the more likely she thought it was, and she held her phone, not knowing what to do.

The string of numbers on the screen made her feel quite confused, which she stared at for a long time before she finally turn off her phone.

She then thought: If we can not be together at last, then I would rather not know about his life, and it was good to leave myself a fantasy.

Chuxue was quite sad in her thoughts, and she sat by the bay window by herself, with a exuding melancholy temperament.

Venus Mu pushed open the door and saw Chuxue sitting by the window with her messy hair, being battered out of her senses.

“What’s wrong?” Venus approached her and touched her hair.

Not shying away from her, Chuxue was sitting on the windowsill and didn’t answer Venus’s question because she didn’t know why she was upset at all, and she was just having a bee in her head with no proof of her imagination.

Venus felt quite sad after looking at her, saying: “We will hold a dinner party for you in a couple of days, why don’t you cheer up and go to the party?”

“I don’t want to go.” When she heard about this kind of event, she refused at once, without even thinking about it, because all she thought about was completely another person, and there was no way for her to go to the party to enjoy herself.

“You should go, you’re always sad when you stay at home, maybe you’ll be happier when you go.” Venus persuaded her attentively, “Besides, basically all the young talents in the city will be there, so you can pick one of them to be your boyfriend.”

“All of them will come?” Chuxue only cared about this thing though her mother had said so many words.

Then Chuxue thought: Will he…… come?

“Okay, I’ll go.” Chuxue said, thinking: Anyway, when I go to the party, I’ll know whether he’s coming or not.

Hearing her say so, Venus sighed with relief and accompanied her to sit by the bay window. Then they talked for a while, and Venus left after she made sure that Chuxue was not upset anymore.


Jingyan then put his arm around Yiyao Duan’s waist to help her slowly get out of bed. In these days, her wounds had been slowly healing up, and at least the blood no longer oozed from the wound.

As Yiyao took one step, her abdomen twitched because of the pain, but she gritted her teeth and didn’t scream out.

“If you are really painful, you should lie on the bed and rest for another few days.” Seeing her sweat a lot on her forehead in just a short time, Jingyan took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on her forehead.

Yiyao raised her head and managed to smile at Jingyan, expressing her determination with her eyes, “I can do it!”

But Jingyan was still quite worried, thinking: A healed wound also means that she is going to have a surgery, but I’m really afraid that something bad will happen……

Yiyao also sensed that Jingyan had something on his mind, so she found a place to sit down and looked at him with confusion.

Jingyan was quite embarrassed by her staring and he began to look somewhere else. But Yiyao held his hand and wrote those words on his hand with her finger, not letting him avoid her eyes:

Do you have something on your mind?

Jingyan had been fully concentrating on his hand since she took it in hers.

Probably having guessed the words she wrote, Jingyan held her hand as well to suggest her: There is one thing I want to tell you.

Then Yiyao didn’t write any words with her finger on his hand, but gave him a wink to hint him to tell her what it was.

After hesitating for a moment, Jingyan found a piece of paper and a pen, then wrote a few words on the paper at once:

In the next two days, you might have an surgery.

Yiyao was quite puzzled, because she didn’t know why she still needed an surgery now that the baby had been miscarried?

Jingyan held his pen and thought for a moment before writing the words down: Your ear may need to be examined.

She understood what he meant at once. Now that there was something wrong with her ear, of course she was happy to have an surgery, but she just could not understand why Jingyan was so upset.

Jingyan thought for a while before telling her the risk of the surgery, after seeing her nod gently.

He quickly finished writing the words on the paper, and then he handed it to Yiyao.

What he wanted to tell her was: The risk of the surgery is very high, and though she will be operated by the best ophthalmologist in the city, he can still not guarantee that nothing bad can happen during the surgery.

Yiyao was in a bit of a trance after seeing the words on the paper, thinking: Though I do not know what kind of accident might happen, it is probably very scary now that even Jingyan is quite worried now.

Then she wrote down a few words on the paper to make a response to Jingyan’s worry: Life and death are decreed by fate, I still will have the surgery because I want to hear the voices, otherwise I will be more lonely than being dead.

Jingyan looked meaningfully at Yiyao and nodded after a long time. Of course he knew that she wanted to hear the voices, because he would look at the sleeping Yiyao every day before going to bed.

And he often saw her secretly open her eyes and be in a daze. And for several days, she was quite silent.

On the day of the surgery, it was a sunny day. As soon as Venus got a call from Jingyan, she went to the hospital with the people of the Ye family.

When they entered in the ward, Jingyan was pouring water for Yiyao. He then glanced at them and saw a group of people standing at the door, which did not make him feel surprised because he had already thought of this scene when he received the call from Venus in the morning.

But Yiyao was a little overwhelmed, bowing her head in fear.

She couldn’t hear them, only occasionally saw someone’s lips closing and opening. She felt like a useless person, and this thought tortured her so much that made her no longer be afraid of any of the following surgerys.

“Jingyan, have you made up your mind?” Venus said with full of concern, who knew the high risk of this kind of surgery.

Jingyan glanced at Yiyao, who happened to look up, being full of anticipation.

“Yiyao wants to hear the voices.” That was all he said, and Venus stopped asking any questions after hearing that.

Love someone is to not bear to see her sad……

Louis then walked to the door of the ward, and he thought that he had went to the wrong room after seeing a group of people blocking the door. Then he withdrew to have a look at the room number, which was indeed the one that he had memorized.

Then he was a little confused and spoke in Chinese, being not very fluent: “Excuse me, excuse me.”

Yuqi and Yulin Xiao, who were standing by the door, pushed him out impatiently after turning around and seeing an old foreign man pushing his way inside the door.

“We are having a family reunion here, what are you, an old foreigner doing here?”

Louis was even more confused after hearing the words, then he asked, “May I ask if Jingyan is in here?”

Jingyan smiled warmly at Yiyao after he heard someone at the door call his name, and then he walked out from the place given up by Yuqi and Yulin.

When he saw Louis, who was sweating a lot, turn around and prepare to leave, Jingyan hurriedly took a few steps forward and stopped him, asking, “Are you ready?”

When Louis saw that it was Jingyan, he became relieved, “Mr. Ye, you’ve finally come out. Everything is ready, and the only thing we need to do now is just to send Ms. Duan to the operating room.”

Jingyan nodded, “Have the nurses come over.”

After Louis left, Jingyan bowed his head and sighed, and not long afterwards many nurses came over.

When the people in the ward saw this, they all retreated, and the nurses then put Yiyao’s bed in place and pushed her out of the ward together.

Jingyan hurriedly followed them, but stopped near the operating room. This time was different from the last time, he would only disturb the doctor’s surgery if he went in the room, so instead, That he was outside the operating room would help Louis concentrate on the surgery.

He watched Yiyao disappear in front of his eyes, and surprisingly, he began to feel panic. Every time he parted with her in the hospital, he felt as if she was about to leave him.

The risk was not so high that it was fatal, but he could not help but shiver.

Yuqi turned back and saw Jingyan trembling, then he walked over and patted his shoulder without saying anything.

Yuqi understood that usually at this time, a man does not want his vulnerability to be seen, yet he still wants someone to share it with him.

Yulin, of course, was about to walk over to them after seeing them, but he was stopped by the expression in Yuqi’s eyes. Then he sat down on the chair behind him and waited in silence.

Venus and Kerry also did not go over, knowing that verbal comfort was of little use and that only the result of the successful surgery would reassure Jingyan.

For a while, although there were many people in the corridor, no one said anything, and only the clock on the wall could be heard ticking.

Chuxue had been already absent-minded, and only when she heard that the surgery was very risky did she run over here. Now that she had sat for a long time and thought of Zhao, she felt more and more emotional about such a scene.

She thought: Only people who are in love with each other can be like this……

As for Zhao and me, I’m afraid that we will not experience such a thing.

Chuxue then shook her head repeatedly as she thought: How could I remember that man at such a time, anyway, now that we have been out of touch, then I don’t need to care what he will be like.

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