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Chapter 40: Five million dollars – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

After Kris Chen and Xiaorou Xu entered the safe room, backed by Xiaorou, Kris put the box and the Longevity Painting on the table.

Xiaorou took out the camera. She was gasping in admiration while taking the pictures.

From Kris’s point of view, her profile is almost perfect.

Especially her graceful figure, it makes others unable to move their eyes.

While he was still appreciating, Xiaorou finished taking her pictures, she smiled and said to Kris: “Okay, it’s done. Thank you so much.”

Kris put the painting into the box and said, “My pleasure. It’s not a problem, really. If you want to see it again, just call me at any time.”

Hearing Kris said that Xiaorou couldn’t help but show a sweet smile, she was kind of curious, so she asked: “how did you get the box and the painting?”

She wanted to ask this question since they were at the old lady’s birthday party, but she didn’t find the chance to do that.

She was so surprised that a low-status man in the Su Family who can just do some housework without any sources of income during these two years, but he had the Longevity Painting and the wooden box carved by Youxiao Zhu. It’s really confusing.

Kris smiled and said, “One of my best friends gave it to me.”

Realized that Kris didn’t want to talk about this, Xiaorou also didn’t ask more. The first thing you need to learn in an antique business is reading others’ faces.

Just when the atmosphere got a little bit tensed, Jun Yang knocked on the door of the safe room.

Xiaorou stood up and opened the door slightly, she asked: “What’s wrong?”

Jun respectfully said: “Young lady, there is a person outside said that he has a piece of ancient jade to sell. I can’t decide myself, I need you to help me…”

Xiaorou was a little bit surprised. Jun always served as an experienced man in the shop. He has worked in this industry for decades. If there’s something he doesn’t know, it must be treasured.

“Mr.Chen, you can rest yourself here. I need to go out.” While saying this, Xiaorou opened the door and went out.

Kris didn’t speak. He put away the things and followed her out.

On the first floor of the Treasure Court, there was a young man in a T-shirt holding a small box tightly in his hand.

The young man was from Dongyue City. His name was Zhengjiang Fang. His mother had cancer, so he wanted to sell his family heirloom for money so that he could give his mother treatment.

Next to the young man stood a few other people. They were all the owners of other antique shops who were called here by Jun for antique appreciation.

After Jun explained the situation of a young man, he introduced Xiaorou: “Young man, this is the young master of our shop, Xiaorou Xu.”

Zhengjiang nodded and said hurriedly: “I’ll tell you, if your master doesn’t like it, I’ll go to other shops.”

With these words, he opened the box in his hand.

It was a jade pendant with a blood-red body.

The jade pendant was quaint and round. What’s magic is when it’s placed under the light, it seemed as if there’s blood flowing in it.

“Hiss, this is Phoenix Blood Jade!”

Xiaorou glanced at the jade, and her eyes showed her great shock. She could not help but shout.

The owners of other antique shops were also stunned. They were gasping in shock.

“It is… the Phoenix Blood Jade!”

“What a surprise!”

“I was so surprised. I thought it was just some kind of red jade.”

The antique shop owners started to talk about the jade.

Zhengjiang’s eyes were bright, he gave a thumbs-up gesture and said: “Impressive. You just need a glance to say it is the Phoenix Blood Jade, right? Did you see the inscription on it? It’s from The Three Kingdoms Period.”

This Phoenix Blood Jade is actually one kind of blood jade, but blood jade also includes the artificial type and congenital type. This one is congenital, of course.

The artificial blood jade is generally formed after the death of the ancients when their blood flowing into the jade, and this kind of jade is generally dug out of the earth, also known as Ming Ware. Although its price is expensive, few people dare to wear it.

So the congenital kind of Phoenix Blood Jade is extremely rare in the world.

“I told you, this jade must be the product of The Three Kingdoms period.”

“Yes, look at the pattern carved on the jade. It’s from that period.”

Several antique shop owners nodded in agreement with What Zhengjiang said.

“How much do you want for this jade?” Xiaorou asks directly after watching it for a while.

Although it was the first time for her to see the real Phoenix Blood Jade, she had read a lot of information about this kind of jade before. The jade Zhengjiang brought here is almost the same as the one she saw on books, so she affirmed that this must be the real Phoenix Blood Jade.

While Xiaorou was bargaining, Kris, who was standing aside, shook his head.

Others don’t know much about Phoenix Blood Jade, but how could he not know it?

Kris’s grandfather had a piece of jade years ago, which he used to play with when he was a child. So he could tell at a glance that the jade in Zhengjiang’s hand was a fake one.

Cheating at someone from the Xu family, the boy is really young and rash.

Xiaorou is so young, it’s reasonable that she will be deceived with little experience, but those ancient shop owners who have been in this industry for so many years also agreed with what Zhengjiang said. It is really ridiculous.

However, Kris didn’t intend to expose the fraud. He just stood by the side quietly.

“I don’t want more, I just need three million dollars!” Zhengjiang thought for a moment and said it.

Xiaorou expression was calm but was surprised in the heart.

Last year one piece of Phoenix Blood Jade has been sold out for $2.8 million on Caltex Auction House. This piece of jade obviously has a longer history than that.

It seemed that Zhengjiang had done some preparations before he came. But an auction is an auction, and a sale is a sale. It’s totally different.

“Too expensive!” Xiaorou shook her head with a smile.

Zhengjiang was disgruntled: “It’s not expensive, ok? This is our family heirloom. If my mother didn’t get cancer, I’d never sell it.”

Seeing him insist, Xiaorou hesitated again. The owner of a few antique shops nearby also shook their heads secretly. They thought the master of the Xu family was too young and too simple.

As they know, the treasure like Phoenix Blood Jade is really rare to see. That’s a really good deal. If you lose the money, you can earn it in the future. But if you lose the jade, it will never come back again.

Although others are also engaged in the antique business, they are doing small business. They really can not take out a few hundred million dollars. Otherwise, they would have taken it.

Just when Xiaorou was hesitating, a man in a suit and wearing gold silk glasses middle-aged man came in.

Jun rushed up to him and said, “Sir, can I help you?”

The middle-aged man nodded with a smile: “My name is De Qiu. I come to Westriver City on business. I like antiques very much in my spare time. I heard the Treasure Court is famous, so I came here.”

Then he said, “This time I have brought enough money, just wondered if there are some treasures here.”

Jun hurriedly said, “Sir, you have come to the right place. We don’t have other things except for treasures!”

De smiled and didn’t speak, at this moment, he suddenly caught sight of the jade in the hands of Zhengjiang, his eyes flashed: “Isn’t… Isn’t it a blood jade?”

He came closer to have a look, and then gasped: “This, this is not ordinary blood jade, this is Phoenix Blood Jade!”

“Bro, your taste is so good, this is Phoenix Blood Jade as you said.” Zhengjiang gave a thumbs-up to De and praised.

“Hey, hold it tight, don’t break it.”

De laughed: “Take it easy. I’ll pay for it.”

After holding it in his hand and appreciating it for a long time, he said, “Young man, is this jade yours? How much are you going to sell it?”

Zhengjiang outstretched his hand: “Five million dollars!”

“Wow! Isn’t he crazy? How could he ask for five million dollars? It’s impossible!”

The owners of several antique shops all shook their heads. The young man asked for too much. They don’t think it’s going to be a good deal.

But they also can’t talk. It’s the rule. Breaking this rule means to destroy their industry.

Just when they thought the deal is off, De patted his thigh and said cheerfully: “Ok, five million dollars, I’ll take it!”

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