Chapter 400: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 400 They Were Not Suitable For Each Other

Time passed quickly, during this period, Jingyan changed many poses and when he was about to lose patience and went to knock the door of the emergency room, it was opened from inside.

The bed was just opposite him, Jingyan rushed over. When the bed was sent out, Louis wiped his glasses with the handkerchief.

“How is she?” Jingyan said with his hands trembled.

Louis smiled faintly and answered, “The operation goes well, she just need a few days to recover.”

Hearing this, Jingyan felt relieved and gazed at Yiyao with a warm smile.

Yiyao was sleeping with her eyebrows frowned, she was injected anesthetic so that she could hear nothing now.

Jingyan caressed her hair lightly and turned to ask Louis, “When will she hear?”

Louis took off his glasses and the rubber gloves, then he replied, “If she has enough rest, she can hear a week later. But do remember, don’t make any harsh sound in the following months.”

Jingyan nodded, after sending Louis away, he hurriedly followed the nurse into the ward.

Venus and other people were about to enter as well, however, Jingyan drove them away for the excuse that Yiyao needed to rest.

Then Jingyan sat beside the bed and gazed at Yiyao who was sleeping like a child.

Seeing this, Jingyan felt relieved, as if nothing had happened. The past thing was just a dream.

Yiyao felt someone was tucking her in, so she moved, however, instead of scaring that person, he became more cautious.

Then, She opened her eyes and saw Jingyan’s smile, which made her feel warm.

She knew how torturous he was during the surgery. Since she was fine now, he must be very excited.

After looking around, Yiyao felt numb. She didn’t know where to look at.

Seeing this, Jingyan quickly walked over and said, “What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

He reached out to smooth Yiyao’s frowned brow, “Does it hurt?”

He didn’t know the process of the surgery, but he knew that there must be an incision. Her head was wrapped up with gauze, which made her look dumb.

Yiyao tried hard to raise her head, but her temples were painful, and so did her ears.

“Yiyao, can you hear me? Yiyao?” Jingyan said close to her ears.

Yiyao felt that her ears were about to explode, so she hurriedly pushed Jingyan away. However, she still couldn’t hear Jingyan and shook her head.

“Fine.” Jingyan bowed his head and felt a bit disappointed, however, he comforted Yiyao and said, “It’s okay, you are still in the recovery!”

Yiyao just closed her eyes and lied on the bed calmly. She focused herself on the sounds around her.


Chuxue walked out of the ward, but she didn’t want to leave with Venus. She felt very confused for she was now a bit interested in Zhao, but he didn’t call her.

Although she was arrogant, she still took out her phone and called Zhao, she wanted to know his thought. Only after a while, Zhao answered the phone with surprise.

“Chuxue? What’s wrong?”

Chuxue frowned, he must be drunk or why could he say like that?

“Zhao, where are you?”

“In my home!” As soon as Zhao finished speaking, a scene appeared in Chuxue’s mind, he must be with another woman.

She clenched her fist in anger and said, “Where are you?”

Hearing this, Zhao felt confused, after looking around, Zhao answered, “I’m in my villa.”

“Just wait there!” After saying this, Chuxue directly hung up the phone and took a taxi to his villa.

Zhao felt even more confused, after a while, the phone rang again. This time, Zhao answered the phone quickly and said, “Hello? What’s wrong?”

“Brat, what are you doing?”

Hearing this voice, Zhao quickly became calm for it was from his father.

He quickly apologized, “Sorry, Dad, I didn’t know it was you, what’s the matter?”

“What’s going on between you and Chuxue?” Hao just ignored his words and asked directly to the point.

Hearing this, Zhao felt depressed and answered, “Nothing, it’s all over.”

“I don’t allow you to connect her!”

Zhao smiled bitterly and said, “Well, I won’t do that anymore.”

After sensing his depressed mood, Hao’s voice became soft and said, “Come back today!”

“Now?” Zhao was a little surprised, “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, just come back!”

Then he hung up the phone, Zhao was confused and felt strange. Why did they all acted like this today?

Zhao sensed a smell of alcohol all over his body, so he quickly walked into the bathroom to take a shower so as to avoid Hao’s blame.

After changing clothes and cleaning up the garbage at home, Zhao finally went out.

His car was parking in the underground garage where he could go down from his villa. After dawdling for a while, he finally went to the garage.

While he was driving, a taxi drove by. The next moment, Chuxue saw Zhao who was wearing sunglasses. So she quickly yelled, “Stop!” Then she got off the taxi and chased Zhao’s car.

There was a traffic jam for many people had finished their work now. Thus, Zhao drove into the highway without hesitation.

Chuxue was about to catch up, however, Zhao suddenly sped up and then disappeared.

Chuxue stood at the intersection in a depressed look. She just ignored the honks around her and looked at the direction that Zhao left.

Was this the God’s punishment? Although she liked him, she refused him so many times. And now it was her turn to feel disappointed. She could bear this, but she didn’t know what would happen in the future. Maybe her love would wear off or she would finally give up.

Maybe they were not suitable for each other.


After returning to home, Zhao found the living room was empty. After making sure it was his home, he rubbed his drowsy head and started to ask Hao.

“Dad? Dad?”

However, nobody answered him. Then he sat on the sofa with a puzzled look.

He didn’t know what Hao was going to say. However, if he left now, Hao would ask him to come back again.

Seeing that it was getting darker outside, Zhao believed that he would come back to have a rest.

Then Zhao became relaxed and crossed his legs and played his phone. His fingers accidentally touched the call records where Chuxue’s name accounted for a row.

He felt a bit strange. Why did Chuxue call him?

After waiting for a while, it was dark outside, Zhao got up and patted his clothes, then he was about to leave.

Suddenly, the door was opened, Hao walked in with a young lady beside him. After looking at her for a while, Zhao made sure that he hadn’t seen her before.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao walked over and held Hao, but actually his eyes were focused on the young woman. He murmured in his heart, “When does Hao change his taste? This girl is as young as him and looks pure and innocent.”

Hao was a shrewd man, of course he knew what Zhao was looking at. However, he didn’t point it directly but instead said, “You are such an indifferent man. I know that you won’t come back if I don’t ask you.”

“Well, don’t say that, I’m a kind man and always listen to your order.”

He chatted with Hao for a while and the woman behind kept silent and lowered her head in a shy manner.

Zhao felt a little strange, if she was Hao’s woman, she should have flatter him like all those woman. However, she acted very shy.

“Well.” Hao pushed him away and rolled up his eyes.

“Stop staring at her! You are scaring.”

“Uncle!” The woman finally spoke in the shy manner. However, she addressed Hao respectfully.

“Who is she?” Zhao finally asked.

Then, Hao pulled her in front of Zhao and said, “This is Luoxue, daughter of one of my friend. She just come from abroad, so I want you to take her to dinner. You may have many common topics.”

Hearing this, Zhao was speechless. It turned out that he wanted to introduce the girl to him. He thought that she would be his stepmother.

“No way, I’ve already eaten my dinner.” Zhao directly refused Hao’s proposal, he had no interest in her and it was hard for him to forget Chuxue.

Hearing this, Hao glared at him and said, “She eats nothing, you have to accompany her.”

“Why don’t you go?” Zhao was dissatisfied, “Since you are hungry now, you can eat together. I’m full, do you want me to watch you eating?”

After saying this, Zhao picked up his jacket on the living room, and glanced at Luoxue who was hiding in the corner, then he turned to looked at Hao and said, “If you’ve finished, I’d better go back first!”

“How dare you!” Hao stopped him, “I know what you are thinking about. You are attracted by Chuxue. Ye family won’t agree your marriage, just give up.”

“That’s enough!” Zhao was furious and pushed Hao’s hands away, then he yelled, “I know, if wasn’t for you, I won’t reduced to such situation. Chuxue and I would still be friends now.”

“You ……”

Hao wanted to curse, but thinking about what he had done. It was really his fault.

Zhao wanted to vent his anger and then continued, “Am I right? If I’m Venus, I won’t choose you either!”


Hao couldn’t bear it and gave Zhao a slap. The the fingerprints quickly appeared on his fair skin.

“So you just slapped me?” Zhao looked at Hao incredulously, his eyes were filled with complex emotions.

“I ……”

Hao didn’t answer his question. Zhao’s words had really hurt him, or he wouldn’t do that. He couldn’t control himself.

“Fine.” Zhao didn’t want to listen to his explanation, he just went out and left Hao and Luoxue in the room.

Then, Hao turned back and smiled bitterly, “I’m sorry Luoxue, it’s all my fault.”

“Don’t be polite Uncle. Zhao has his own thought. I really appreciate him.” Luoxue was still shocked by Zhao’s movement! How could he be so emotional? She could even feel his anger and helplessness.

Seeing the direction that Zhao left. Hao felt helpless, Zhao was old enough to get rid of his control.

“Uncle, I’d better go home now.” Luoxue lowered her head and felt shy. She had lied to Zhao, she wasn’t come back from abroad.

After taking a glimpse of Luoxue, Hao said, “Luoxue, sometimes you should seize the opportunity to achieve what you want.”

Hearing this, Luoxue was nervous and asked, “Uncle, what do you mean?”

“You are smart enough to understand that.” Then he patted Luoxue’s head and walked to his room. On the halfway, he added, “Go back if you want.”

Luoxue answered in a low voice and gently opened the door, afraid of disturbing Hao.


Zhao walked out of the house and drove aimlessly when suddenly a phone call came in, he freed one hand and turned on the Bluetooth.

“Hello, who is it?”

The man kept silent for a while and asked, “Where are you?”

Hearing this, Zhao frowned, it was like Yuqi’s voice, however, since he was not familiar with Yuqi, he asked, “Are you Yuqi?”

“It’s me.” Yuqi answered directly.

“Where are you now?”

Yuqi asked again, this time, Zhao finally heard his question and answered, “I’m on the highway.”

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