Chapter 401 – 402: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 401: The Monster Soul that was Robbed

He got back onto the ground, and put the body of the Wolf King into his ring. He felt lucky to have a ring with a big storing space.

Then, he took Ironhead and flew forward, leaving a huge amount of Sword Energy behind, which destroyed everything it touched. If a human or a practitioner got into this area, they would also get killed by the Sword Energy left by Kris.

Kris arrived at the place where the bodies of the beasts were all piled up, and found there were at least two hundred thousand dead bodies of the beasts, and five bodies of Monster Kings. He began taking the Beast Pills and the skin of the beasts with great intelligence.

“Master, could you please give these Demon Pills to me?” Ironhead said eagerly. Because as a monster beast, he has two methods to reach a higher stage. The first is to eat human beings, and the second is to eat the other monster beasts or some very rare and valuable materials on earth. Ironhead didn’t want to eat the bodies of these five Monster Kings. He only wanted their Monster Pills.

“What else can he do other than eating?” Kris thought to himself. But these Monster Pills were useless to him. He could use these pills to make elixirs, but he didn’t know how. So he decided to give these pills to Ironhead so that he can be more powerful and become a Supreme Monster soon.

“Fine, but you need to help me to take all the Beast Pills!” Kris said. Then he gave these five Monster Pills to Ironhead. After eating these pills, Ironhead’s body expanded rapidly. Soon, he was a few meters tall. Obviously, these pills gave him too much energy.

“There are so many bodies! It will take too much time to find all the beasts pills.” Ironhead said. Then he raised his head and gave out a deafening roar.

Soon, Kris heard rapid steps running towards him from the forest.

“Is this another wave of beasts? Is this wave leaded by another Supreme Monster?” Kris thought to himself.

But unexpectedly, it was a herd of Gold-swallowing Beasts, just like Ironhead.

So many honey badgers of various colors rushed out of the forest. Their small eyes were full of fear when they saw so many dead beasts lying on the ground, but their fear was dispelled when they saw Ironhead.

Ironhead shouted at them, and thousands of Gold-swallowing Beasts ran towards him and knelt in front of him respectfully. But Ironhead looked at them condescendingly. Some Gold-swallowing Beasts surrounded Ironhead and sniffed him lovingly, but Ironhead only pushed them away with contempt.

Kris was numb with shock. He had never seen so many honey badgers before.

“Do you see, this is how powerful I am.” Ironhead said to Kris proudly.

At that time, an old Gold-swallowing Beast stumbled out of the crowd and said something to Ironhead, and Ironhead said something back to him. All of a sudden, all the Gold-swallowing Beasts gasped in surprise. They looked at Ironhead with awe! And they jumped around excitedly.

Kris used Divine Spiritual Power and understood what were they saying. Turned out, the old Gold-swallowing Beast just asked Ironhead what happened here, and Ironhead told him that a devastating war just occurred and it was him who killed all the beasts. He also said he did it with Kris’s little assistance.

Obviously Ironhead had forgotten that Kris could understand what were they saying with his Divine Spiritual Power.

Ironhead then said: “This practitioner is my new pet. Now you should take the Beast Pills out of these dead bodies and give the pills to me, and as for the bodies, drag them back and feed them to our youngsters.”

These Gold-swallowing Beasts roared excitedly. Most of them had no intelligence, but they could roughly understand what Ironhead just said. And they knew these dead bodies lying on the ground were all their food. There was enough food to make their herd much stronger.

Then they scattered and began digging Beast Pills excitedly.

When they were busy with looking for the pills, Ironhead ran to Kris and said so many nice and sweet things to make Kris give the bodies of the beasts to them. But Kris didn’t agree, which made Ironhead very nervous. He would be so humiliated if he couldn’t get the bodies, and how could he lead this herd in the future?

Then, Ironhead knelt in front of Kris. Tears brimmed in his eyes. He said: “My master, please. Life is really hard for Gold-swallowing Beasts, and now there are not many of us left. Please give us these bodies, and I will forever remember your kindness.”

Kris cast a sideways glance at him. He knew what Ironhead was thinking. He hated Ironhead for making two different stories when talking to his herd and when talking to him. He would be fooled by Ironhead if he didn’t have Divine Spiritual Power.

To be honest, these average beasts have no value for him, but he needed the skins of these beasts with great intelligence, which could be sold at a great price.

“You have already eaten five monster pills, and you should be satisfied.” Kris laughed coldly and continued: “You are very smart, aren’t you. You are getting so many good things from me without giving me any help.”

Ironhead blushed in an instant, but no one could see his blush because of his thick fur covered his face completely.

Kris continued: “Besides, I’m your master, and you are only a pet to me. I can give you things if I want to. I can also kill you if that pleases me.”

Kris’s words were with violent implications, and Ironhead felt a chill was sent down his spine. He remembered vividly the way Kris killed Wolf King, and he knew he posed no threat to Kris when even a Supreme Beast wasn’t a match for Kris.

But what Ironhead said just now was true. Gold-swallowing Beasts were having a very tough time. There were two reasons. First, the nature of Gold-swallowing Beast is violent and aggressive, and they made many enemies in Shiwan Mountain. And second, there were many new born Gold-swallowing Beasts that year, and they needed many food.

“You are right!” Ironhead clenched his teeth and knelt on the ground again. He said: “Please forgive me, master. I am willing to give you everything valuable I have found. And I will keep searching valuable things for you. If I break my words, I should be punished by God!!”

The moment Ironhead finished himself, a deafening thunder was heard. As if the God was saying that his oath was heard and remembered.

Kris knew Ironhead was serious. Because on this Devil Land, one must uphold his oath, or he would never gain any development, and he would be tortured by heart devil. Kris knew Ironhead had also helped him a lot these days, and so he decided to give the bodies to him. After all, there were still hundreds of rings in his storing ring.

“Fine. You can have them. Get up.” Kris said. “But, you must leave the skins of these beasts with great intelligence to me.”

Ironhead was so happy. He kowtowed to Kris and said: “Thank you, my master.”

Then, Ironhead let out a loud roar, and the other Gold-swallowing Beasts all roared back.

Half an hour later, Kris gained hundreds of thousands of Beast Pills. These Gold-swallowing Beasts gained tons of meat. And Ironhead won his herd’s respect and awe. Because now they had enough meat to get through this year.

“My king, are you coming back with us?” That old Gold-swallowing Beast asked.

“No. I need to keep searing for a better habitat for us. Shiwan Mountain doesn’t suit us anymore.”

The old Gold-swallowing Beast was so touched by what Ironhead said. He replied: “Our herd is so lucky to have you as our king!!” The other Gold-swallowing Beasts all nodded.

“Go. Take them back.” Ironhead said proudly.

Kris listened to their conversation attentively. The old Gold-swallowing Beast was not a Beast King, but his words were so well organized. And he was even more sensible than Ironhead.

“Sure. I will protect this herd until you come back with good news.” He said. Then he took the herd and left.

When they were leaving, these Gold-swallowing Beasts with colorful fur kept looking back at Ironhead. They were obviously finding it hard to say goodbye to Ironhead, because they were actually Ironhead’s wives. And since Ironhead reached a high stage, he hardly ever visited them. Then how could they get pregnant and give birth to princes?

Soon, the herd disappeared from view.

Kris asked curiously: “This old Gold-swallowing Beast is not an average beast, is he?”

After a moment’s silence, Ironhead said: “He is Lord Jin. He was once the king of our herd, but his Monster Soul was robbed by a practitioner.”

Monster Soul is as important to a beast as Primal Spirit is to a human. If it is taken away, the beast’s stage will fall, and he will never be able to practice again.

Kris was surprised. Because it was not an easy task to take a beast’s soul without killing him.

“Do you know who did that?”

Ironhead shook his head. “I asked Lord Jin about it. But he wouldn’t say. He just told me that we should stay far away from that person, and I can’t take revenge against him even though I become a Supreme Beast one day.”

Then, Ironhead looked determined and said: “But I don’t care. I must find Lord Jin’s soul back, and take revenge!!”

Chapter 402: The divorce paper

“What is on the other side of Shiwan mountain?”

Kris Chen asked curiously.

“According to Lord Jin, there is the boundless sea!”

The boundless sea?

“Well, Lord Jin also said that there are many Immortal Mountains over the boundless sea, where there are many immortal sects. Every September, these immortals go out to sea to recruit disciples!”


It’s already June now. That’s to say, in three months’ time, those immortals would come out to recruit disciples?

What Kris needed at the moment was a systematic study of the practicing system of the Devil Land.

Instead of the broken pieces.

In the war against the Silver Wolf King, Kris deeply felt that his status was not enough.

If he hadn’t practiced the unknown sword formula, he would only have to escape from the fight today.

Or maybe he couldn’t escape at all, their speed could be much faster than his.

No matter how physically strong he was, he might not be able to endure the fangs of his opponent.

“How long does it take to cross the Shiwan Mountain?”

Ironhead thought seriously, “When Lord Jin broke through the Supreme Beast, he spent about two months marching eastward. It was almost hundreds of thousands of miles.”

The mountain was so big?

Kris was surprised that the Devil Land was really big.

Yelang Country was just a small remote country in northern Luzhou, and the Wuwei city was just a small border town. But even the enemy countries were not willing to occupy it just because of the Shiwan Mountains.

He calculated his speed of flying and the speed that the Divine Spiritual Power consumed. He had to stop and rest because he could only fly at most 2000 miles a day.

At this speed, he needed 50 days at the fastest!

What’s more, there might be some monsters and beasts on the way. It would take two months indeed!

So he still had one month to prepare for it. If he could practice the skill of flying on a sword, he could easily travel ten thousand miles a day!

Thinking of this, Kris threw the Qibaoluo Mushroom to Ironhead. He had swallowed so many Beast Pills. Plus the mushroom, he should be able to defeat the Supreme Beast!

“I’ll give you one month, can you defeat the Supreme Beast?”

Chewing the mushroom, Ironhead nodded hard, “Yes, absolutely, no problem!”

He was full of power at the moment. His demon power was growing explosively, and the demon pill inside his body had been covered with cracks. It would take seven days to two weeks for the demon pill to be broken, then it would trigger the sky thunder.

After thinking about that, Kris gave him a lot of Healing Pills. Of course, all of them were top-level Healing pills with seven propitious clouds!!

He also left a few Vitality Pills. On the day when he was going through the Judgement, he was taking too few of them. If it hadn’t been for the little insect inside his body and The dagger: kill Qin, he would have already been dead.

“Keep these. They should be of great use in time.”

Kris was so generous and Ironhead was deeply moved.

Ironhead only wanted to make use of Kris before, but at the moment sincerity was growing in his heart.

In fact, it’s nice to have such a generous master.

What he didn’t know was that the medicinal materials and Storing Rings he had given to Kris were enough for him to refine thousands and tens of thousands of magical pills. What Kris gave him was a drop in the bucket.

Kris gave Ironhead these pills as a gratitude.

With the hundreds of thousands of beast pills in the Storing Ring, he could easily turn them into money!

Wasn’t it exciting!

Then he talked for a while and flew away.

This time, he would make a lot of money.

He couldn’t wait to count his harvest.

After Kris left, Ironhead rushed to the deep forest as well.

When they both disappeared, a rogue monster came out of the ground and looked at the fierce sword energy, the blood on the ground, and the deep ravines like the scourge. It took a cold breath!

What kind of war was it? It sniffed in the air and smelled something .


This… This was the breath of the Silver Wolf King. All the dead beasts here were its herds, and the ground was stained with its blood!

It lurks over, greedily swallowing the earth soaked with blood on the ground. The blood of the Supreme Beast could be a powerful tonic!

But then again, where was the Silver Wolf King?

It turned its eyes, and there was a glimmer of horror in them.

No, something big had happened! Need to report to the Bear King quickly!

Then he went straight into the ground and disappeared.

This earth shaking war spread to tens of miles around the city. The human Practitioners who came out of the city to hunt animals were directly scared away.

Just the waves of the battle made some practitioners who had low accomplishments pass out directly. It was impossible to imagine what the battle center would be like.

And the deafening roar was definitely from the Beast King level monsters. If anyone was unfortunate enough to meet them, they would surely die!

The news soon spread that there was a great war in Shiwan Mountain and there were Beast King level monsters involved. Wuwei City was shocked!

Beast king was around. Was it going to be a big Beast Tide this year?

For thousands of year Wuwei City had seen numerous Beast Tides. Every time, the city suffered heavy casualties and for several times the city was almost wiped out.

When the news came to Tiangang Yuan’s ears, he was immediately unable to remain calm.

He could almost be sure that this year was indeed a big Beast Tide!

It had been hundreds of years since the last big Beast Tide broke out. It was really unfair for the people of Wuwei City, because they just barely recovered from the disaster last time.

The most terrible thing was that the Supreme Monster was likely to appear!

Even the humans of the Primal Spirit Field found it hard to deal with.

The highest combat power of Wuwei City was Tianxiong Ning and he died in the hands of the mysterious and unpredictable Senior.

Oh, Senior!

It’s not unknown if the Senior would help when the Beast Tide should come. If he could help, Wuwei City would be safer.

But this Senior came and went without a trace. Tiangang could not find him at all.

Sitting in the hall of the City Lord, Tiangang didn’t know what to do.

At the same time, in Yuan Mansion!

Xuefei had been taken back by housekeeper Mei. She and Yujie had been really scared for two days.

Fortunately, everything was over.

With her cute hands holding her cheek, Yujie said with admiration, “Who do you think that Senior was? Was he as handsome as our Sir Kris?”

“Shut up, how could you compare that rubbish with this Senior!”

Xuefei looked serious. Even Tianxiong died in his hands, this Senior was not someone they could presume.

This time, if he hadn’t helped, the Yuan Family would be doomed.

Thinking of this, Xuefei couldn’t help thinking of Dong Zhang, the plain looking but mysterious man.

She wondered where he was now!

“Well, I’ll shut up!”

Yujie curled her lips and said, “My Lady, where do you think he is now?”

“I have no idea.”

Xuefei felt a little upset, “Don’t mention him!”

Just at this time, a servant came running anxiously, “Miss… Sir Kris is back!”


Xuefei stood up directly, “Where is he”

“Just outside the gate of the mansion.”

“This man just keeps haunting me!”

Xuefei agreed to let Kris step into the Yuan Mansion that day just because he was easy to control. And he did indeed stay inside the mansion in the past two days.

She was happier without him.

But today, Kris suddenly returned; it made her feel something must have gone wrong.

Why did he come back?

Did he know that her father became the Lord of Wuwei City?

No, he couldn’t be allowed in anyway.

“Go and tell housekeeper Mei to ask Kris to sign the divorce paper, and give him some Spiritual Stones and send him away!”

“Yes, my lady!”

The servant nodded and rushed to find housekeeper Mei!

“My lady, what did you say? You want to divorce him?”

Yujie was in puzzlement. She had always known that her lady hated Kris, but did she hate him that much to divorce him?

If the master knew about this, she would surely be punished!

“How can I, the daughter of the city Lord, bow down and marry a monk? Isn’t it funny?”

When saying this, Xuefei sighed in her heart, “I’m sorry, for my happiness, I have no choice!”


Outside Yuan Mansion, Kris was stopped by several servants.

Kris frowned. “What do you mean?”

“What do we mean? You have the face to say it!”

One of the servants spat and said, “What! Seeing that the Yuan Family was in trouble, you abandoned Lady Yuan and left. Now we Yuan Family is blooming, and you come back? I despise people like you!

“Now get out of here. Don’t make me do it!”

While speaking, several other servants rolled up their sleeves and rubbed their hands. They couldn’t help trying to teach Kris a lesson.

As soon as Kris heard the words, he sneered. He knew what was going on.

It’s probably because the ugly Lady Yuan was talking nonsense behind his back!

“Do you want to fight?”

“Come on, I would like to see how you do it!”

Kris had done all the things that should be done. Without him, what would become of them?

“Arrogant! Brothers, beat him!”

With that, they were about to rush over.

“Stop it!”

At this time, housekeeper Mei arrived and stopped the servants.

However, his didn’t look happy, especially when he saw Kris. His face turned as dark as the bottom of the pot.

He didn’t expect that he was so kind to Kris but in the end he still abandoned her.

What a mean lover, a heartless man.

“Uncle Mei!”

Seeing housekeeper Mei, Kris’s face brightened a little. When he came to this Devil Land, Mei was the first to treat him sincerely.

“Don’t call me uncle!”

Housekeeper Mei came over with a cold face and directly patted a piece of paper in front of him, “Sign this, and get out of here!”

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