Chapter 401: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 401 When The Two Rivals Meet

“There will be a ball in a few days. Are you going?”

Zhao Nangong frowned. He was not that close to Yuqi Mu to talk about such a personal thing. Besides, he was surprised that he’s the last one to know the ball.

He dodged a car driving toward him skillfully and asked, “Anything special about that ball?”

“Not really, but it’s Chuxue’s matchmaking party. You can choose not to go.”

When hearing Chuxue Ye’s name, Zhao’s heart started to ache. He tried to act calm, “I’m not going, as I have nothing on me to compete against others.”

“Well, it’s none of my business. I’ve delivered the news. It’s up to you,” Mu then hang up the phone.

Zhao pulled over by the roadside because he felt hard to breathe. The words were said in a moment of anger. As a matter of fact, he’s not sure of the real reason why Chuxue turned him down-was it because of family enmity or was it because she had no feelings for him at all?

he thought she actually liked him but she had to turn him down because of what had happened between the parents of the two families years ago. So he was thinking about handling the family enmity first, but what if she still said no?

The morning, Zhao was awaken by the doorbell. He was so irritated. He rubbed his hair and went off the bed to open the door.

“Who’s that?”

Zhao saw Luoxue Lin smiling at him. He was confused and rubbed his sleepy eyes.

“Girl, you’ve got to the wrong door.”

Luoxue raised the meal box in her hands and waved in front of him, “No. I’ve brought breakfast for you. What, won’t let me in?”

Zhao was still a bit stupefied and stepped aside to let her in.

Seeing the messy living room, Luoxue frowned, “The living room is at sixs and sevens!”

“I’ve been too busy to clean it up.” Zhao was a bit awkward when being seen like this. Has a man of dignity after all.

“Well, have your breakfast first, brother Zhao. I’ll clean it up for you later.”

Luoxue managed to make space out of the mess on the table and put the meal box down.

Zhao sat by the table as she instructed. He asked while sipping the porridge, “How do you know where I live?”

“Huh?” Luoxue got panicked but soon calmed herself down.

“Uncle told me. He’s worried about you, so he asked me to bring breakfast over.”

“He did?”” Zhao laughed coldly. “He would care about whether I have my breakfast or not?” Zhao thought to himself.

Thinking of what had happened the night before, Zhao felt a bit embarrassed, “Do not mention his name again in front of me, or you don’t have to come to my house any more.”

“Got it!” Luoxue answered quickly, blaming herself for how stupid she was to mention the person that ruined brother Zhao’s mood.

Zhao is a careless man. He totally forgot what he had said and started to enjoy his breakfast.

After breakfast, Zhao threw himself on the sofa. But Luoxue was still there fulfilling her words that she would help clean the house.

Seeing her working here and there in the house busily, Zhao had no idea of walking up to help her. Instead, he started to compare Luoxue with Chuxue in his heart secretly.

Chuxue would never do the cleaning for him. She would make him clean.

Love is blind. People get crazy about the person who is bad tempered-which they consider cute, but turn a blind eye to the one who’s got many merits.

“Brother Zhao?”

Zhao pulled himself back from his thoughts then he realized a pair of big eyes were staring at him. He asked, “Done cleaning?”


Luoxue moved her face away so that Zhao could have a whole view of the house. Hmm, the living room is so organized and clean. The wine bottles and shoes on the floor were all put away.

All the dirty clothes had been washed and at the moment were hanging to dry on the balcony. The whole house was full of the smell of sunshine. The floor was as clean as a mirror. Zhao looked around and saw everything in order.

He nodded with satisfaction, “Hmm, nice!”

Luoxue showed a happy smile and waited for more compliments, but without saying another word, Zhao just sat back on the sofa with his legs crossed and started to play with his phone.

“Brother Zhao…” Luoxue said with a tone that sounded like complaining.

Zhao looked up from his phone and asked, “What? Anything else?”

Luoxue stared at him feeling unhappy. She did not know what to say and just stood there. Finally, Zhao ran out of his patience took some cash out of the drawer. He handed the money to her and said, “Here you are. You brought breakfast for me. Consider this as my gratitude.”

Luoxue bit her lip and stared at him, not saying anything or taking the money.

“What on earth do you want?” Zhao asked impatiently.

“Brother Zhao, I don’t want the money. I just hope you can see me as a friend.”

It finally caught Zhao’s attention and he looked Luoxue in the eye, “You have to know, my heart is occupied by someone else.”

“I know! I don’t care!”

“But I do!”

Zhao tucked the money into her purse, “I don’t want her to get me wrong. Take the money and we are even. Do not play with love any more.”

Luoxue looked at Zhao and her eyes were teary.

Zhao turned around and said, “Do not give me that poor look. It does no good to you or me.”

“But brother Zhao, she doesn’t like you!”

“It’s none of your business! Even if she doesn’t like me, I am willing to give up all the women for her,” it was his choice and it had nothing to do with anyone else.

“Off you go…”

Zhao then went upstairs without saying anything else, leaving Luoxue standing alone downstairs want watching him close the bedroom door. She then clenched her fist.

“Chuxue Ye! Let’s wait and see! I will make brother Zhao like me!” Luoxue took her handbag and left the villa. Seeing her leave, Zhao sighed in relief-women are so annoying! Lucky that she had left. He decided to leave the villa too, just in case Luoxue would come back again.

After making up his mind, Zhao started to pack his things up. He was going to his apartment in downtown-smaller but should be enough for him.

The opening time of the ball was drawing near but Chuxue was still getting prepared. She let Venus Mu do whatever she wanted and finally her hair was done.

Vnus touched her chin and observed Chuxue for a while, like enjoying a piece of work of art.

She nodded with satisfaction, “Hmm, that’s my daughter! You are born beautiful and with my skills, you will shine tonight!”

Chuxue rolled her eyes secretly and answered, “Yes yes, you have good skills! Thanks mom!”

“Hmm, you grateful little thing.”

Venus felt that Chuxue’s no longer absent-minded these days, but there’s still something strange. She seemed to lack interest in the things around her.

Chuxue had been laughing and playing with people these days and it’s a relief to Venus. But when Venus walked into her bedroom to bring her some fruits, she found Chuxue looking out of the window sadly.

“Come on, quit talking nonsense. It’s time that we left!”

Chuxue nodded and held Venus on the wrist, “finally! I am starving!”

“You starving little thing!” Venus tapped her nose, with her eyes filled with love.

Chuxue stuck her tongue out and made faces at her.

At the ball…

The ball organized by parents was way much better than that by the young people. The ballroom was decorated to be so luxury and the food looked so delicious.

Chuxue was enjoying the food with her both hands when suddenly some patted her on the shoulder. She got startled and dropped the food in her hands.

“Am I that scary?”

Chuxue looked up and saw a pair of clear eyes. She felt the person familiar. After thinking for a while, she asked, “Xiu Yan?”

“Finally you remember my name!” Xiu squinted and smiled gently.

Chuxue was embarrassed and said, “I always have a good memory.”

“Are you alone?”

Chuxue nodded and looked at him with confusion, “Why?”

“Will you save a dance for me later?” Xiu took out a pack of tissue and handed it to her. He pointed at his own mouth and Chuxue immediately got what he meant. She hurriedly wiped her mouth.

“Okay, I will.”

Xiu considered her every move to be cute. In his eyes, she’s unlike the other girls who are so pretentious.

Zhao was sound asleep when suddenly a phone call came in.

“Be in the ball in half another, you filthy thing, or you are not my son any longer!”

Zhao was startled by Hao Nangong’s shout and got clear at once, “Okay I’ll go! Do you have to shout? Give me the address!”

Then he closed his eyes angrily. A minute later, he jumped out of the bed and started to look for a suitable clothes. Finally he found a formal suit.

He looked at himself in front of mirror then tapped the dust off his shoulder with satisfaction, then he snapped his fingers and set off.

He arrived one minute earlier.

The waiters saw him and recognized that he was the star in the magazine. They bowed to him with respect and one of them led Zhao inside.

Zhao looked around and, the next second, what he saw stung his eyes.

It was no one else. It was Chuxue, with a man by her side. If he remembered right, that man’s name was Yanxiu, who wanted to take her away the other day.

Chuxue looked up at Xiu and smiled once in a while. Xiu’s body was bent low enough to touch Chuxue’s body, which, in Zhao’s eyes, was way much across the line!

Zhao cursed and was about to walk over to them, with his fists tight clenched. But suddenly, he got stopped by Luoxue.

“Brother Zhao, hi! What a coincidence!”

“There’s nothing to be surprised at!”

Zhao said impatiently and when he looked at Chuxue and Xiu again, they were no where to be found. He trembled because of anger-they have just met and they left together?

“Brother Zhao, who are you looking for?” Luoxue noticed his change of look and asked him.

Zhao gritted his teeth angrily. This annoying woman just caused him to lose track of Chuxue! He said angrily, “Get out of my way, please, will you?”

“Brother Zhao…”

Luoxue had never seen Zhao like this-his eyes were full of coldness. She was so scared that she had to step backwards. Zhao ignored her and walked past her directly.

Chuxue and Xiu went to the kitchen, where there’s small room. As soon as Chuxue stepped into the small room, she got so thrilled on seeing all kinds of food.

“Awesome! You did not lie to me!”

Xiu had told her earlier that there’s a small room in the kitchen for the guests to taste the food first. She didn’t buy it, thinking that he made up the story to please her, so she smiled politely.

As he kept pleading, she finally agreed to come and have a look. It turned out that he was telling the truth!

“Enjoy! No one will see you!” Xiu smiled when seeing her happy face.

Chuxue’s eyes glittered and then she rushed to the food, “Thank you so much!”

Usually she had enough sweets to eat because there were leftovers from her dessert shop. She never got obsessed with the sweets until this moment.

When Chuxue had enough, she patted her belly and walked to Xiu. Suddenly she got tripped and was about to fall on the ground. Xiu hurriedly came up and held her on the waist, and Chuxue, who was startled, put her arms around Xiu’s neck tightly. The two thus hugged leach each other like this.

Zhao asked around and finally was told that the two were in the kitchen. But when he opened the door, he saw Chuxue and Xiu holding each other. He wanted to leave but he felt it hard to move, as if there was something heavy tied to his legs.

Chuxue and Xiu heard the noise of the door too. When Chuxue saw the shadow by the door, she got stupefied.

“Why are you here?” Chuxue asked first. Her voice was trembling but fortunately no one seemed to have noticed it.

Zhao lowered his head and showed a bitter smile, “I was just passing by.”


The three looked at each other with embarrassed. Zhao clenched his fists, “I…I have to go. You can get back to what you were doing.”

“Brother Zhao!”

Luoxue showed up and wrapped her arms around Zhao’s arm. “Where’s the macaroon you promised to get me? What took you so long?”

Zhao looked at Chuxue and noticed that she was looking back at him with sarcasm. Her hands were tightly held in Xiu’s hand.

He started to laugh at himself. Then he put his hand around Luoxue’s wait, “I am coming. Be patient.”

“You know I love eating macaroon. Someone has eaten up all the macaroons out there…” Louxue pouted.

Zhao tapped her nose, “I’ll give you enough to eat later.”

“Don’t tease me!” Luoxue seemed to have thought of something and lowered her head with a red face.

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