Overlord Lee was really irritated by Karen Lee. I didn’t expect this woman to leave like this, and there would be such a slight impact on the Lee family!

What does she want to do? Want the Lee family to regret driving her out??

Is this possible? It’s just wishful thinking!

You, Karen Lee, are not qualified to influence the Lee family!

“Dad, I will kill Karen Lee to avenge my son and your grandson. Dad, will you object?” Overlord Lee tentatively.

He knew that the Lee family owner hated Karen Lee since she was a child.

Patriarch Lee glanced at him and said indifferently, “Do whatever you want, but do it cleanly, and do it for me along with her son!”

This time Karen Lee didn’t give him much face, but he was the head of the Lee family, and his daughter turned back to the stage!

What is the use of such a daughter? She’d rather die!

He had always been thinking this way. Seeing Karen Lee look more and more like her mother, the Patriarch Lee himself had long wanted to do that.

“Yes, Dad, I know how to do it,” Overlord Lee appeared coldly on his face!

This time, what Karen Lee has struggled for so many years is her own!!

However, Overlord Lee hesitated, “Dad, what strength is Karen Lee anyway?”

Patriarch Lee’s face was gloomy, “It’s hard to say, according to the world fighting rankings, you must be in the top 30, but she can knock you back with one punch, and her strength should be close to the top 20 to 15. between.”

This is almost the same as Overlord Lee’s own calculation. The whole world is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but the Lee family is the base of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. His younger brothers can all be in the top 50, which is impossible in other families.

But Overlord Lee was very angry. He knew that Karen Lee was only forty years old. How could she surpass him?

“She has been very talented in this aspect since she was a child, and she has worked hard enough,” said the head of the Lee family.

“What about working hard? She is a woman after all. When she is fifty or sixty, and when she is older, she will be vulnerable. After all, men’s physique is different from women!” Overlord Lee sneered, very simple The reason is that women are inherently less powerful than men. Once they pass a hurdle, they will plummet.

“Have you seen her son?” Patriarch Lee had such a little interest.

“No, but according to the world, it’s rubbish! He’s nineteen years old, and he can barely beat a few ordinary people! Sure enough, that man of Karen Lee’s genes are too bad, and that kind of rubbish has come out,” Overlord Lee disdain and annoyed. My son is so good and dead, but her son is still alive as trash! Is it a waste of food!

“Dad, it’s too right to drive Karen Lee out of the Lee family. You can’t let her trash son insult our Lee family’s perfect gene!”

“Okay, if you say her son is rubbish, I don’t bother to listen to it, you go and deal with it! I know your temper, you will not let go of her son, her man, you also deal with it cleanly, that man is my first sightseeing him is very annoying!” Patriarch Lee said, lying on the recliner, drinking tea leisurely.

“That is, Karen Lee has such a bad vision, what good man can he find? Her kind of person is too selfish. Looking for that kind of man has made our Lee family shame for so many years…” Overlord Lee said viciously.

“Okay, go to the solution, I don’t want to hear anything about her.” Patriarch Lee closed his eyes.

“Then Dad, I’m going, but Karen Lee is frantic and proficient in assassinations, will she come to you frantically…” Overlord Lee stopped.

Patriarch Lee opened his eyes suddenly, and there was a cold light in his cloudy eyes.

“I got the news before. Now Black Rose ranks first in the killer list, but Black Rose has only made her debut for five or six years. The number one killer before Black Rose seems to be a woman named Night Sky. I checked this woman. , It’s a bit like Karen Lee, did you say that Karen Lee was carrying our Lee family before and did the kind of thing that made our Lee family shameful?? So grandiose Miss Li Jia didn’t do it, she actually went to be a killer!!” Overlord Lee mocked, I even hate that iron is not steel!

“Is this news reliable?” Patriarch Lee asked.

“There should be a 50% chance. I heard that when the night sky was still a killer before, the starting price was US$50 million. As long as you give the money, she can do everything, kill people and arson, kill both old men and children. This kind of person, I worry about her. She will come over to assassinate you, Dad!” Overlord Lee was a little anxious, but he sneered in his heart.

He had heard of this news a long time ago, but there has been no evidence. The night sky has been the killer for the first ten years. Based on a one-time calculation of 50 million U.S. dollars, at least as a killer, she has made money for ten years. Millions to Billions of dollars!

But fortunately, this kind of work has not been exposed, otherwise, the Lee family’s face would have been lost by her. The Lee family is one of the four largest families in the world!

This time he was beaten by Karen Lee by chance, and he confirmed the news in his heart! Shameful news.

“Assassin me?” Patriarch Lee snorted coldly, “She dare!”

He came down again, “I taught her fighting, and I know all the weaknesses clearly, is she coming over to assassinate me?”

“Yes, Dad, just pay attention. After all, she killed my son, isn’t she just to get her son in charge? This kind of thing has to be done, what else can’t be done?” Overlord Lee was concerned, he was thinking in his heart, Karen Lee, hurry up and kill this old immortal. How long do you still want to occupy the position of Patriarch if you can’t still live for so long?

“Well, I will pay attention, she really came here, I don’t mind taking back the one given to her by myself!” Patriarch Lee closed his eyes.

Overlord Lee went out…

Here, Logan called Karen Lee. Karen Lee did not conceal anything in this regard. She said that she had come out of the Lee family. Logan was very sorry that the Lee family was one of the four largest families in the world, but it has been able to develop till today. For more than 20 years, it was all because of Karen Lee’s help, or else relying on the old things in the Lee family? The Lee family was afraid of decaying long ago.

One day, the Lee family will know what a wrong decision to drive away Karen Lee!

The two had called and chatted for a long time, and Logan heard it, and Karen Lee was still unspeakable in his words, but fortunately, Karen Lee would come out by herself.

Karen Lee still has to deal with matters in the United States and monitor Overlord Lee’s every move. She is not going back to China, for the time being, so she told Logan to continue to protect Chuck Cannon secretly, and at the same time began to increase her strength and train Chuck Cannon!

Logan agreed, she originally planned to stay here!

All her own industries are under her remote control, and there is no problem. At other times, she can teach Chuck Cannon.

“Logan, what’s your strategy now?” Karen Lee asked here. She was more concerned about the issue. Her initial idea was to let Logan and Chuck Cannon be together, but it didn’t work.

However, Karen Lee was surprised by herself. She saw that Logan seemed to have a little interest in Chuck Cannon. Is this a fairy that moved Fan’s heart? You know that Karen Lee knows that Logan has always been out of touch with men.

“I…I only hope that Chuck will be able to grow old peacefully. Others, no.” Logan said, yes, she was like that.

She herself was thinking this time, how does she feel about Chuck Cannon?

The first child? Yes, Logan looks at Chuck Cannon that way, but, after a long time, Logan thinks, with Chuck Cannon, it’s so interesting, not boring, how good?

She analyzed it carefully by herself, yes, she analyzed the fact that she couldn’t believe it, she seemed to like him.

Well, Logan confirmed this idea.

She really wants to hang out with him. When he doesn’t call her, she feels lost. So what is this like?

Yes, just like it. Thirty-year-old Logan was moved.

But she is super confident in everything she does, but only one thing is that she is sad and a little inferior. That is her age. She is eleven years old. Is this appropriate?

The more Logan thought about it, the more sad.

The age is irreversible!

Unless there is another life, but in the next life, Will two people probably know each other?

“You like Chuck, right?” Karen Lee wanted to ask, so she would like to see if she could make some arrangements.

“Well, I like it,” Logan bit her lip.

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