Chapter 402: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 402 What Do You Like About Chuxue?

“I’m full. I have to leave here. Some people here make me sick.” she said to Xiu Yan. And she was ready to go out with him.

Zhao put his arm around Luoxue Lin, downcast. When Chuxue left, he stopped holding her waist and turned around to leave.

Luoxue did not react for a moment.

“Zhao, where are you going?” asked she.

“You don’t need to know.” said Zhao. He walked a few steps. Luoxue hurriedly followed him, but he stopped her and pointed at her, “Don’t follow me!”

Luoxue blinked her eyes and looked at Zhao supplicatingly.

Zhao, however, walked straight out of the doorway, ignoring her.

There were many people inside chatting happily, while Zhao found it tedious. He had a few drinks with people he knew, but didn’t see Chuxue and Xiu again.

Maybe they went somewhere else for intimate time. Zhao thought bitterly. When he looked up, someone handed him a glass of wine.

“Do you wanna a drink?” Yuqi Mu was smiling at him.

“No, I drank too much. Now my head is a little dizzy.”

“You only drank a few. The other night you drank six bottles of whiskey at the bar and didn’t get dizzy.”

Zhao remembered that night. He had been half-drunk at that time, but the heartache kept reminding him of what he had suffered, so the more he drank, the more sober he became.

Now, he was sober. There was no way Chuxue would stay with him. If it was just family reasons, he could fight for it, but the scene just now had made him know that Chuxue liked someone else.

When Yuqi saw that he was less talkative today, he thought it was because he hadn’t seen Chuxue. He patted him on the shoulder and said soothingly, “Chuxue is also here, you ……”

“I know.” Zhao interrupted him, “I saw her.”

Yuqi looked at him, puzzled. Since he was still so unhappy when he saw her, it meant that what he saw was not something good.

“There are quite a lot of beautiful girls here.” He hurriedly changed the topic.

Zhao’s attention was not on this at all. He intended to leave, while Yuqi pulled him and wouldn’t let him go.

“Since you’ve come, don’t leave here so early.”

Then he pulled Zhao towards the crowd. “Come on, let’s drink!”

Zhao followed behind him reluctantly. “I’m not interested in other women anymore. Can you leave me alone for a while?”

“Really?” Yuqi turned his head to look at Zhao. “But someone is interested in you.”

“What do you mean?” Zhao was puzzled.

Yuqi knew he shouldn’t say this, so he explained perfunctorily. “I mean the woman over there would really like to talk to you.”

Zhao didn’t care about his words and followed him over.

As soon as the two of them walked into those women, some girls gathered around them.

After Yulin Xiao came out of the crowd, he took a deep breath and said, “I can finally know that passionate women are crazy.”

“A few women frighten you?” Yuqi Mu gave him a contemptuous look and turned around to flirt with the group of women.

Zhao avoided a few women with wine, and then he found a place to chat with Yulin.

“Is he always like this?” Zhao looked at Yuqi who was flirting with a woman.

He drank a glass of wine. If he knew that loving someone would be so painful, he would never have liked anyone. He would rather be happy with a different woman like Yuqi.

At this time, there was a sudden noise at the door, Zhao looked up and Yulin hurriedly pulled him up from his seat. Then he pushed Zhao into the group of women, “We’d better have a drink with others together.”

When Zhao looked up again, He heard people praising a couple for being a good match. He became even more curious as to who would be getting so many compliments.

“Come on, Zhao, let’s have a drink!” Before he could see who that person was, Yulin handed him a glass of wine.

He didn’t say anything, tilted his head and drank it all in one go.

In the center of the hall, Chuxue glanced toward Zhao.

“Chuxue, what are you looking at?” Xiu followed her gaze and saw Zhao. If he could pretend he didn’t know the relationship between the two of them before, but now he really understood that Chuxue liked Zhao.

He let go of Chuxue’s hand and hesitated for a long time.

“If you want to go to him, go ahead!” said he.

Chuxue stubbornly turned her head. “Whoever he’s drinking and talking with is none of my business. I don’t want to go to him!”

Xiu wasn’t asking her to go to Zhao either, and he took her hand. “Then let’s go.”

Just now Chuxue was suddenly sad, so she ran out. Xiu found her in the garden and comforted her for a while. They didn’t expect to run into Chuxue’s parents at the door.

In the room on the second floor, Venus and Kerry were sitting inside. Xiu stood not far from the doorway.

Venus stroked Chuxue’s hair and asked Xiu casualy, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Xiu Yan.” he replied.

“How do you know Chuxue?” Venus stared at him.

Xiu glanced at Chuxue and smiled, “A few days ago, I met with Chuxue at a party.”

In fact, they had met long before. At that time she followed Jingyan and always held snacks in her hand. She also cried for a long time because she dropped a piece of candy. When Xiu bought her a bag of candy, she stopped crying.

Venus didn’t believe his words because they seemed to know each other well.

“What do you like about Chuxue?” She suddenly asked.

“Mom, why do you suddenly ask this?” Chuxue felt embarrassed. “Dad, can you let mom not to ask strange questions?”

Kerry blew the tea in his hand to cool it and said lightly, “Why? I don’t think your mother is asking strange questions.”

Chuxue was speechless. She already knew that her father would not help her.

Xiu wanted to tease her, so he replied, “Chuxue is so cute. She is as innocent as a child. I like her naivety.”

Chuxue also did not expect Xiu to treat her like a child, so she became a little angry.

Xiu was also a little embarrassed. He had never confessed his love to a girl in front of so many people. It wasn’t until he finished that he let out a sigh of relief.

Kerry finally put down the teacup in his hand and looked up at Xiu seriously. “You like Chuxue?”

Looking at Kerry’s serious expression, Xiu nodded his head firmly.

“Chuxue is our most beloved daughter. You must be good to her or ……” Venus said.

“I will!” Xiu immediately replied seriously. “I will love her very much.”

Then they quickly decided on Chuxue and Xiu’s marriage.

When Chuxue saw that her parents didn’t care about her opinion, she ran out without looking back.

She had just reached the stairway when she bumped into Zhao. But Zhao walked right past her.

“Hey!” Chuxue was angry that he just ignored her. She immediately ran after him.

She followed him all the way to the bathroom. Actually, Zhao had already spotted Chuxue, but he was afraid she wasn’t calling for him, so he kept walking forward. But when he reached the door of the bathroom, he was sure that Chuxue was calling him through the glass.

“Zhao, Stop!” Chuxue saw that he was about to walk into the men’s room and immediately ran to him and stopped him.

Before she could react, Zhao pushed her against the wall, and then came close to her lips.

Chuxue tried to speak, but as soon as she opened her mouth Zhao already kissed her on the lips.

Chuxue tried to push him away, but she quickly became addicted to his kiss.

She hurriedly calmed down and pushed Zhao away with all her strength.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao looked confused and saw Chuxue’s face was red.

“Chuxue, I’m sorry, I …… I didn’t mean to, I ……” he hurriedly apologized to her.

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