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Chuck Cannon woke up. Yvette was lying beside him. It had been several days. The two of them slept together like this. Yvette did not say that he would leave, because Chuck Cannon said that his mother had already returned to the United States.

Chuck Cannon kissed Yvette. She opened her eyes and slept soundly last night, “Husband, are you going to school today?”

After killing Shidao Lee, plus those few days, and these few days, Chuck Cannon has not gone to school for nearly ten days. How can this work?

This is just the beginning of the sophomore year, and he was absent. Yvette is very worried about Chuck Cannon’s studies.

Chuck Cannon was considering that his mother called yesterday and asked him to learn to fight, so Chuck Cannon had to temporarily stop the course because if Overlord Lee came to China, he would definitely die if he did not improve.

“Husband, you are too young to give up your studies. I’ll make up for you. Are you willing?” Yvette was more serious. She is a university teacher and has excellent grades since childhood. As long as Chuck Cannon is willing to learn, she can graduate him with the best grade in the school.

Chuck Cannon said in Yvette’s ear.

After Yvette listened, her ears became red, “My husband, be more serious, I won’t teach you that, and I won’t, you know.”

“Then I will teach you.” Chuck Cannon hugged her.

“No more, be serious.” Yvette sat up, but Chuck Cannon was unwilling, so she took the initiative to kiss Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon just let go.

This trick is really a hundred times.

“Get out of bed, get ready, I will teach your college courses today, I am now your teacher,… Yeah, no, um…”

Yvette blushed, her eyes became gentle, and she had nothing to do with Chuck Cannon, but fortunately, no matter what Chuck Cannon did, Yvette always retained the last line of defence.

Chuck Cannon and Yvette got up. Yvette taught Chuck Cannon University courses. At noon, Chuck Cannon received a call from Zelda Maine and asked if he could help her?

Zelda Maine has been tortured by her mother for so long, so she couldn’t help calling Chuck Cannon. After all, Chuck Cannon had been missing for so long.

Chuck Cannon has been struggling for a long time, and his mother said that although he is temporarily safe, he is still in danger, but Chuck Cannon knows that Zelda Maine’s character is not the last resort, and she would not call to ask for him if it was in her hands.

Chuck Cannon agreed, but how will he tell Yvette?

This is a difficult problem, but Chuck Cannon didn’t know that Yvette slapped Zelda Maine before.

Chuck Cannon can only tell her that he will go out. When Yvette was worried, her mobile phone rang, it was her mother Yan Li’s call.

The two separated, Chuck Cannon went to find Zelda Maine and came back tonight, while Yvette went to find her mother. On the phone, her mother asked Yvette to pass.

Yvette went to find her mother. In a ruined place, besides her mother Yan Li and her bodyguard, there was also a woman who was still charming and very strange.

Yvette was subconsciously wary and walked to her mother’s side.

“This is Phoenix, a member of the International Killer Organization. I have already signed up for you and my daughter has been admitted. You don’t have any ranking in the world now. The killer is divided into three stages, unknown and famous. Fear to hear the wind!” Yan Li said.

She has been thinking about it these days, and the best way for Yvette to improve is this.

Being a killer, you can make money and improve your abilities. This is the best of both worlds!

Yan Li did it for a period of time without Yvette. It was very poor, only five thousand dollars at a time, and only thirty thousand dollars when she did her best. It was more than 30 years ago, but she was able to Let Yan Li contact the killer organization.

Can she also make Yvette a killer!

It’s just that at this stage, no guests will order it in person, and there is no reputation. Who will look for you?

So at this stage, Yvette can only get some jobs that others don’t want, such as killing ordinary people.

About fifty thousand Chinese currency.

Very cheap.

Yvette is silent, being a killer? She hesitated a little.

“You can make your own rules, such as what not to kill.” The strange woman reminded.

Yvette considered that she had only this kind of compromise at this time. Be a killer and exercise yourself, otherwise she can’t regain her property from her cousin!

After all, it is very simple, fighting requires practice!

The killer is the best practice!

“Now the number one female killer Black Rose has a starting price of 10 million U.S. dollars. It is a dream of many people to achieve this level. But she is not the peak. The most powerful thing is that there was the number one killer before. The starting price was 50 million U.S. dollars. The rule of this night sky is not to kill the old and the young, not the sick, not the good people,” the strange woman said.

Yvette was silent for a few seconds and agreed, “Okay. I agree to be a killer, and my rules are the same as the night sky you said!”

Yvette has never been in contact with the killer industry. She must have never heard of the night sky, but she costs 50 million dollars a time. Yvette does not deny that she is moved, and this is called the night sky killer, the rules are very humane, Yvette Feeling similar to herself, she decided in her heart to take this night sky as her ultimate goal!!

“Yes, you can make a code name yourself. Killers have code names.”

“Blood Leopard!” Yvette’s eyes were cold.

“Okay.” The strange woman, according to this name, entered the name into the list of the killer organization. She is now at the lowest stage of the killer, and it is also the stage where 96% of the killers are still unknown.

At this time, Yvette had no fame, and the name Blood Leopard had just entered the system.

“Is there a job now?” Yvette said.

The woman glanced at Yvette, “Are you short of money?”

“I…” Yvette couldn’t answer, short of money? As long as Yvette mentions Chuck Cannon, then her account will be at least several hundred thousand in the account, and she is not short of money, but Yvette doesn’t want Chuck Cannon to support her, what is that?

She must support herself.

Yan Li also looked at Yvette.

“No shortage, but I want to work,” Yvette finally said. With this kind of work, you can hone yourself!

Woman, “Let me see, your current price, in terms of reputation, is less than 30,000. If it is 30,000, you need to give the organization 20%. Do you understand?”

“Understood.” Yvette must understand that such an organization is not for public welfare, and there will definitely be a commission!

“Okay, there is a killer mission. According to your rules, there is a suitable one, a boss.”

“What’s the name?”

“I will send you the information, but I want to remind you that if you die while performing a task, it has nothing to do with the organization, do you understand this?”


“Okay, the information has been sent to your mobile phone, you can check it, you can contact me if you have anything, I told you in advance that the killer does not only kill people, we also protect people.” The strange woman left.

“Where is Black Rose now?” Yvette’s eyes were fierce!

The black rose has not appeared and is seriously injured.

“Do you know Black Rose?” The strange woman was a little surprised.

Black Rose is the top card of the killer organization. There are too many murders from her. Her work is too busy. But Black Rose really does everything, killing men, women, children, good or bad, as long as they have money.

But Black Rose only takes one order a month, and it depends on the mood.

“Yes, tell me where she is now?”

“We don’t know, and even if it is clear, we will not disclose it. Similarly, if Black Rose asks you through the organization, we will not answer.” The strange woman said this is the rule, otherwise, if there is no such rule, the killer organization would have been a mess.

Yvette was silent, so it was good.

“I personally advise you, Black Rose is the number one female killer in the world today, don’t look for her, because you will die in her hands,” said the strange woman.

Yvette will definitely find her because she tortured Chuck Cannon so badly! Revenge must be given to Chuck Cannon!

The woman leaves.

Yvette looked at the phone. There were photos and detailed addresses on it. This person did meet her requirements.

“Daughter.” Yan Li was relieved, as her daughter was capable of this.

“Well, mom, you two hide for a while, I’m starting to perform the task,” Yvette said, this person is not too far away from her, if all goes well, there will be results within these two days.

For the first time as a killer, Yvette cheered and cheered for herself. Her price will definitely exceed 50 million US dollars! Beyond the night sky!

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