Chapter 403 – 404: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 403: The Second Presence at Seven-treasure House

Peaceful separation deal?

Kris Chen was startled, and laughed angrily. He didn’t expect that one day he would be divorced by a woman.

That was interesting!

Did anyone really believe that he would stay at Yuan’s house?

Since the so-called young lady was ugly, the separation was not a bad idea.

Kris Chen sneered, his palms turned into swords, directly cutting the agreement into halves!

“Starting from today, I, Kris Chen, will break all ties with Yuan family. There will have no relations between I and people from Yuan family. I divorce my wife today!”

His voice was loud, almost half of the Wuwei City could hear him.

Everyone who heard his words was surprised.

“You… how dare you?”

Chamberlain Mei was angry, because Yuan family was different now, Tiangang Yuan was the City Lord of Wuwei City at that moment, and now Kris Chen said in front of everyone that he was going to divorce Xuefei Yuan, would this slap Tiangang in the face ?

Even if Yuan family hadn’t rise to a high position, Kris Chen shouldn’t do whatever he wanted!

“Why should I be afraid of them!”

Kris Chen took a deep look at Chamberlain Mei, “Mei, she could deceive me, why can’t I do the same thing to her?”

“But you shouldn’t …”

Before he finished saying, Kris Chen interrupted him and took out a crystal-clear sword from his sleeve, which was three feet and seven inches long.

As soon as he took it out, the sharp blade cut holes in the ground, which was shocking.

“Mei, I have been taken good care of these days. This is my gift for you. Please accept it! In the future, if there is danger, this sword can save your life!”

This sword was just an ordinary sword, but Kris Chen had condensed hundreds of Sword Energy in the blade.

It was a pity that the sword itself was too ordinary. If more energy had been condensed into it, the sword would not be able to withstand the energy, and it would break into pieces directly.

After he left the sword to Mei, Kris Chen turned and walked away.

Holding the cold hilt in his hand, Chamberlain Mei was taken aback. When he looked up again, Kris Chen was gone.

Suddenly there was a sense of sorrow in his heart, as if Kris Chen’s leaving was a great loss to Yuan family.

“It wouldn’t be easy in the future!”

Chamberlain Mei put away the sword and hurriedly walked back to report to the master!

In the backyard, Xuefei Yuan also heard Kris Chen’s words, her pretty face becoming cold.

Chamberlain Mei told what had happened just now, and Xuefei Yuan said expressionlessly: “I see, thank you, Chamberlain Mei!”

Chamberlain Mei didn’t say anything and just left.

“Well, Kris Chen, now you just turn back on me easily!”

She felt resentful about his leaving and was also pretty surprised.

She couldn’t help thinking of the night when Kris Chen blatantly dropped his package and ran away. What happened today had changed her view about him.

It was a man of great self-esteem.

However, it was a pity that even if he had been stronger, he was still a weak person!

The self-esteem of the weak was worthless!

Fortunately, he hadn’t kept annoying me, otherwise she would have divorced him .

Yuan Family’s son-in-law was a monk, and it would be nothing if it had been before. After all, Yuan family was on the verge of collapsing at that time, and they only wanted someone to get married with Xuefei Yuan to continue the family.

But now Tiangang Yuan had become the City Lord, with senior masters standing behind him, and the support of military divisions and officers from the City Lord’s Mansion, his status had already been different from then.

A monk son-in-law was not a good reputation. If Kris Chen kept staying here, it was surly a humiliation to the family.

In Wuwei City, Tiangang Yuan was anxious, and when he heard Kris Chen’s words, he became furious after being surprised!

He rushed to send someone to the Yuan Mansion, and when the servant returned to tell him what had happened, he almost died of anger.

How dare Kris Chen divorce his daughter in front of everyone in his mansion.

He was now the City Lord, wouldn’t that slap him in the face?

Tiangang immediately wanted to send soldiers to catch him back, but after thinking, wouldn’t that make the it known to more people?

At that time, Xuefei Yuan sent a letter via a servant. After reading it, Tiangang knew what her meaning. He sighed.

“Speaking of it, it’s my fault!”

Had it not been for Yuan Family’s future generation, he would not have made such a hasty move.

After all, Xuefei Yuan was wronged.

Alright, peaceful separation was not bad, so they wouldn’t owe Kris Chen anything.

“Come back, don’t go.”

Thinking of this, Tiangang Yuan quickly called the servant back.

Now he was the City Lord, and only great heroes could be worthy of his daughter. This time he did not intend to interfere with Xuefei’s marriage. Just let everything go as it was.

After leaving Yuan’s mansion, Kris Chen changed his appearance again and came to Seven-treasure House!

It had been days not seeing Mr. Zhang!

Shopkeeper Wang stood in front of the front desk looking at the people coming in and out, yet couldn’t take any interest.

At this moment, a familiar figure walked in, and Shopkeeper Wang’s face suddenly showed ecstasy.

“Mr. Zhang, you…are here!”

The people around him were surprised. Usually they would not be responded when they came to the shopkeeper, even if they came from a noble family.

But when the masked person in front of them came in today, shopkeeper Wang was just like meeting his father. He looked so enthusiastic!


Kris Chen nodded and followed Shopkeeper Wang to the secret room. This time the secret room was more concealed than before, and the decoration inside was much more luxurious.

Shopkeeper Wang served Kris Chen a cup of spiritual tea, and said: “I haven’t seen you for a few days, the power on Mr. Zhang is stronger!”

“You have good eyesight!”

After practicing Unkown Sword tactic, Kris Chen’s acupoints contained more than fifty-thousand Sword Energy. It would be strange if it didn’t seem to be strong or sharp!

“I come here today for a big business. I don’t know if you can have it!”

Hearing this, the shopkeeper Wang couldn’t help but sit up.

Big business?

Shopkeeper Wang was all excited!

Was it related to the senior alchemist behind Kris Chen who had refined some magical pills.

You know, these advanced magical pills had always been in short supply!

“Mr. Zhang, please tell me, no matter how big the business is, Seven-treasure House can always take!”

Shopkeeper Wang said proudly.

Kris Chen smiled, did not said anything, and directly placed a few Storing Rings on the table.

Shopkeeper Wang was taken aback for a moment, and looked at him somewhat puzzled.

“Shopkeeper Wang, look at what’s inside!”

What can be stored with Storing Rings?

Shopkeeper Wang was a little disappointed, he could already conclude that it would not be magical pills!

Even so, he didn’t show a trace of his thoughts!

When the shopkeeper Wang released his spirit and saw what was in the Storing Rings, he was completely dumbfounded.

This… how was this possible!

“How could there be so many Beast Pill!”

He put down the ring, and then looked at all the rings again, this time he was completely shocked.

Hundreds of thousands of Beast Pills and animal skins!

His heart surged, sitting there, he couldn’t feel his whole body!

Suddenly, he thought of something, and his whole body trembled uncontrollably.

He looked at Kris Chen, eyes full of awe.

Yesterday, an earth-shattering battle broke out in Shiwan Mountain. Some people speculated that it was a war in which the Beast Kings fought for domains.

Seven-treasure House, as a super-large chamber of commerce across the continent, the information Shopkeeper Wang knew was far more detailed than theirs.

That was not the Beast King battle, but the Supreme Beast battle!

Seven-treasure House had spies scattered all over the Yelang Kingdom. The news he received was that a sword cultivator from the Primal Spirit Field killed a monster beast—the Silver Wolf King, also killed hundreds of thousands of beasts with a single sword!

He thought it was not true, but today Kris Chen took out these Beast Pill and animal skins, and he associated the two things together.

He didn’t believe that Kris Chen had nothing to do with the sword cultivator.

The person had the ability to kill the silver wolf emperor of high-level monster beasts was at least a Later-Period Human Almighty.

When did Wuwei City had such an talent?

He became nervous all over, could it be that something earth-shattering was going to happen in Wuwei City?

Shopkeeper Wang’s eyes flickered, and he was too nervous to calm down. But Kris Chen did not urge him.

For Kris Chen, there was no need to hide anything now.

Changing one’s head was just a habit. In this mysterious world, never let others see your face under masks.

“Well, Shopkeeper Wang, can you eat this business?”

Hearing Kris Chen’s words, Shopkeeper Wang came back to his senses, and said as if it was a hard job: “Too many, there are too many. We may not have so many high-grade spiritual stones here for settlement, but we can have them exchanged with the same-level medicinal materials, magic weapons, power techniques, etc.!”

“What do you think, Mr. Zhang?”

Kris Chen nodded, “It’s okay, then estimate the price first and see how much it is worth!”

“Mr. Zhang, please wait a moment.”

After saying, he took away all the Storing Rings.

Kris Chen was not afraid that he would just swallow it. Shopkeeper Wang didn’t have the guts yet.

In fact, the Wang did not dare. Although he was really tempted to see such a large amount of wealth, Seven-treasure House had strict rules.

If he should dare to embezzle the guests’ things, he would be hunted endlessly by Seven-treasure House. For thousands of years, if someone had been wanted by Seven-treasure House, he certainly wouldn’t survive.

Moreover, the things Kris Chen gave him could already enable him to complete this year’s mission targets.

Kris Chen was indeed Wang’s lucky star.

Thinking of this, Wang quickly called a few henchmen to take inventory in the secret room!

Kris Chen was eating snacks and drinking spiritual tea in another secret room.

Chapter 404: Hacked in Pieces

It took a full hour for the Manager Wang to clear the bill.

There were 300,000 Beast Pills from beasts with intelligence, which were equivalent to 30,000 of the Superior Spiritual Stone.

And 10,000 Beast Pill from beasts with greater intelligence, which were equivalent to 100,000 Superior Spiritual Stones, which coupled with animal skins were equivalent to almost 160,000 Superior Spiritual Stones.

Even the Seven-treasures House could not take out so many stones for a while.

Manager Wang knew very well that , it would be too late even if he borrowed from Yaoguang Palace.

He walked into the private room and said respectfully: “Mr. Zhang, all the inventory has been completed, and all the hunted goods total 160,000 Superior Spiritual Stones!”

Kris nodded.

The profit was even higher than his estimation.

If the bodies of the five Beast Kings and the Silver Wolf King were taken out, the profit would double!

However, Kris would keep them as his trump card!

“Our shop can only take out half of the stone at the moment, so…”

“I have heard that there is Supreme Spiritual Stone on top of the Superior Spiritual Stone. Can I exchange the Superior Spiritual Stone for the Supreme Spiritual Stone?”

The aura in the Supreme Spiritual Stone was very so rich that there was almost free of impurities. And it is the first-class material for cultivation.

There were some Supreme Spiritual Stones available in Seven-treasures House, but since it has only one hundred totally, which, equivalent to 10,000 Superior Spiritual Stones, couldn’t not pay the bill completely.

Manager Zhang told him the truth.

Kris nodded and said, “Come and bring here!”

Then Manager Wang took out a sandalwood box from the storage ring and said, “Mr. Zhang, the stone therein is the Supreme spiritual stone.”

Opening the box, Kris found that the aura in the secret chamber was much richer than ever before. Every stone was crystal clear as if there was spiritual fluid flowing in it. This was a phenomenon that aura condenses to the extreme.

Kris picked up one of them and ran the Nameless Sword Technique. The pure aura was continuously gushed into the acupuncture points, and finally digested by the body.

It was said that there was King Spiritual Stone which was better than Supreme Spiritual Stone, Kris did dreamed it at this moment.

Kris feeds his sword fetus with the aura he has absorbed. It was the one who devours aura. If he doesn’t feed it, it would be very troublesome to open acupuncture points later.

To pay off the bill, Manager Zhang had to satisfy Kris’s demand, providing him with hundreds of medicinal materials, which was listed by a piece of paper. All the age of materials should be no less than a hundred years.

Manager Wang smiled bitterly at the list. It might empty the inventory Seven-treasures House to complete his demand!

“Wait a moment please, I will get you what you order!”

He would select these material all by himself to make sure that all the things in the list were correctly picked.


Kris nodded, and then absorbed the aura without distraction.

The best spirit stone available was the Supreme Spiritual Stone, which contained extremely high quality of spiritual energy.

Kris could feel the joy of the sword fetus!

The aura was passed through the acupuncture points to feed back the body and meridians. Once when the aura swept through the body, Kris suddenly felt light like the air.

No wonder it was said in the book that practitioners above the Pill-Condensation Stage needed Supreme Spiritual Stone for cultivation.

This was also the reason why Tianxiong Ning had been unable to improve his cultivation base bfor so long the time.

Twenty minutes later, there was one third of aura left in the stone .

Obviously, Superior Spiritual Stone was not as sustainable as the Supreme Spiritual Stone.

At exactly this time, Manager Wang came in, and he had another storage ring in his hand. It was a medium-grade storage ring.

There were about fifty cubic meters in it, which was also a treasure.

However, with the transaction of hundreds of thousands of Superior Spiritual Stones, the ring was just a gift for Kris.

“Mr. Zhang, all the medicinal materials you want are here, please have a look.”

When Kris took the ring and swept through with the Divine Spiritual Power, he found that all it contained was the elixir of good quality.

“Thanks so much!”

“You are welcome!”

Manager Wang bowed to him and said, “Besides these materials, I still own you 120,000 Superior Spiritual Stone.”

Kris touched his chin and sank into a deep thought. What he really needed was the means of attack, such as first-class exercises. .

When he heard Kris’s demand, Manager Wang thought for a while and said, “OK,Mr. Zhang, come with me!”

Kris did as Manager Wang said.

They walked through a long dark tunnel, and went down to a basement, which was surrounded by walls made of stainless steel and poured with molten iron. There was an inexplicable light flowing on it, and runes could be vaguely seen.

It was a strong array, even Kris could not break it without a full blow.

And no one else in the entire Wuwei City could break it!

When the manager came to the door, he put his palm on it, as if his fingerprint could be identified.

Kris was not surprised, because this array was the most mysterious array in the Gods and Demons Continent.

After opening the door, Manager Wang made a gesture and said, “Mr. Zhang, please come in.”

Kris walked in, and he felt no less than three mysterious auras in the dark corners around him, each of which was no worse than Tianxiong!

Interesting, it turns out that Seven-treasures House was the biggest force in Wuwei City!

“Mr. Zhang, there are a total of three hundred first-class secret scripts here, one hundred middle-class secret scripts, and fifteen god-level lower-level secret scripts, five god-level middle-class secret scripts, and two god-level first-class secret scripts!”

Kris was nearly shocked to see the superb collection of powerful secret scripts.

Kris thought for a while and said, “Are there any spiritual secret scripts?”

He knew that the only shortcomings of his attacking manner was his flying ability and spirit power.

He could easily learn to fly as long as he broke through the period of condensed pill, but in terms of spirit power, he now relied on a cruel way to improve his Divine Spiritual Power. The effect was not as good as he expected.

He had a hunch that if he continued to improve his Divine Spiritual Power, it would bring him unexpected gains!

Manager Wang automatically excluded the earth-level and the heaven-level scripts, because this kind of spiritual secret method was very rare!

H thought for while and nodded to Kris.

“Concentration determination is the lower level skill of God-level. The user can expand three times of his the divine power! This script worth 20,000 Superior Spiritual Stones.”

“Star watcher, a lower-level god-level secret script, with the scripts, you can have seven seven watcher for you to improve the Divine Spiritual Power, but be careful or you will be lost in the vast galaxy forever! This script worth 60,000 Superior Spiritual Stones.”

” Hacked in Piecess, first-class scripture, this is a first class of God-level scripture! As it is a Incomplete one, the script worth 110,000 Superior Spiritual Stones!”

When it comes to Hacked in Piecess, Manager Wang’s face turned a little cold and said,” The creator of this script was very famous in the ancient times, whose name was the Demon King of Pain. There are ten levels in this script. The first level requires you to cut yourself a hundred knives, the second level requires you 1,000 knives, the third 10,000 knives, the fourth 30,000 knives…The last level requires 300,000 knives totally!”


Cut yourself?

Kris was stunned. This manner was too bloody, and even Kris couldn’t help thinking that the creator was a self-masochist.

“That’s right, the user should cut himself. It is said that there are twelve levels of the script and you need to cut yourself one million swords to the eleventh level, and five million swords for the twelfth level!”

Manager Wang showed a hint of horror on his face and said, “It is said that this script can increase the spiritual power by twelve times, and when you finish it successful, you can realize the painful and powerful way of the Demon King of Pain!”

“Twelve times of the spiritual power!”

Kris was surprised to hear that. And now as the Supreme Monster couldn’t be against him, how strong would he be if his spiritual power was increased twelve times,

However, it was too bloody to cut yourself!

Kris suddenly thought that the Nameless Sword Technique he was practicing now. Every time when he got a piece of sword energy into his body, it was equivalent to cut himself with a knife.


here was no pain in practicing the Nameless Sword Technique!

It seemed that this weird script was tailor-made for him!

Now he wanted to see if the script would work as his expectation.

If it didn’t fit him, did him really need to cut himself?

“Mr. Zhang, the first script could provide you with the least spiritual power, but it is the safest. Although the second one has a high risk , it is definitely not a big deal to you!”

“Why do you say that?”

Kris became a little curious, why did him could be free from the danger of the second script?

“This is because…”

Manager Wang guessed that Kris was a senior alchemist, who had a firm mind and strong spiritual power. Although there is a risk of getting lost, the chance would be greatly reduced. .

He swallowed the rest of the sentence, and changed his words, “It’s just my intuition that it will be easy for you to practice this!”


Kris knew this guy was still trying to fishing for his information!

But Kris didn’t care about that.

It’s good to show your strength appropriately.

“Mr. Zhang, will you choose this the Star watcher?”

“No, no!”

Kris shook his head and pointed to the incomplete script.

“I want this one!”


Manager Wang was taken aback and tried to persuade him.

“Mr. Zhang, this one is too risky. Many people tried it before, some of them cut themselves to death before they succeeded in practice, and others went mad for they could not bear the pain while practicing the script.”

Manager Zhang didn’t expect that Kris would choose this one.

However, no matter how many times he persuaded him, he could not move Kris’s decision at all.

Finally, Manager Wang had to give the incomplete book “Hacked in Pieces” to Kris.

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