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Chapter 403: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 403 I Only Like You

“You jerk!” said Chuxue angrily.

“Yeah, I’m a jerk!” Zhao Nangong hastily admitted.

But when Chuxue Ye heard him say that, she got even angrier, “Leave me alone!”

After saying that, she was about to leave. But Zhao directly tugged her wrist, holding her in his arms.

“Chuxue, please don’t leave me again, okay?” begged Zhao.

“You let go of me! Let me go.” Chuxue shouted.

“I won’t let you go. I can’t let go of you anymore!” Zhao said. “I know you like Xiu Yan. Even if you rejected me, I still like you. Chuxue … I like you so much.”

Chuxue was touched by his confession, but she was jealous when she thought of the many women surrounding him just now. “Then why were you just hugging that woman?”

“I don’t like her. She’s the one pestering me. I only like you.”


Zhao nodded firmly, and then kissed Chuxue’s lips again.

Chuxue didn’t push him away this time. Only when she was almost out of breath from the kiss did Zhao let her go.

“Ahem ……”

Yuqi Mu covered his lips and deliberately coughed a few times. He had waited inside the restroom for too long. He had thought that they would leave soon after just a hug. But he didn’t expect them to kiss each other for a long time. He really couldn’t stand in the restroom, so he had no choice but to make a sound to remind them.

“Why are you here?” Chuxue complained.

Muyuqi gave her a blank look. “I did remind you guys. It’s just that you guys didn’t hear it!”

“You ……” Chuxue pointed her finger at him for a long time, but did not say anything. He finally put down her hand.

“You guys continue. I’ll leave here immediately.”Yulin Mu hurriedly explained. Then he left quickly.

Once he left, Zhao and Chuxue fell into silence. The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

“That …… I’ll go back. My mom is probably looking for me.” Chuxue turned around to leave.

“Please wait, I…..” Zhao called out to her.

Chuxue immediately stopped and turned back, “Is there anything else?”

“Nothing …… just now ……”


“I was drunk just now, so I’m sorry I ……” He explained. He thought she didn’t like him, so he hurried to explain why he kissed her.

“Zhao, you…!” Chuxue was furious. She didn’t expect in that he would apologize to her for kissing her.

“In that case, I don’t want to see you again.” said Chuxue. She turned to leave. Zhao wanted to beg her to stay, but he was already sober and didn’t have the courage to do so.

“Guys….” Yuqi Mu suddenly came out from the corner. “What are you guys doing? Both of you like each other, but why are you still ignoring each other?”

“What do you say? Are you serious?” Zhao looked at Yuqi incredulously, “You mean Chuxue also likes me?”

Yuqi was angry. “You’re so stupid.”

Thhen Zhao immediately ran out and took Chuxue’s hand, “Chuxue, I was wrong. Please don’t go!”

Chuxue was immersed in grief. Now that she was suddenly tugged by Zhao, the tears she had been holding back flowed down at once.

“I’m sorry!” Zhao’s heart immediately softened. He hugged Chuxue and kept apologizing to her.

Chuxue also did not speak, shedding tears. She didn’t know why the moment she was pulled by him, her tears came out.

“You jerk!” She scolded again

“I was wrong. I’m sorry I don’t know you loved me until now.” Zhao stroked Chuxue’s hair.

“You guys ……!” Luoxue Lin was surprised to see the two of them embracing each other.

“You two!” she suddenly shouted again, drawing the attention of many people around.

They were all curious as to what was going on. Soon they saw Zhao and Chuxue hugging each other.

They seemed to have seen something extraordinary and wanted to speak up, but didn’t dare to. They were afraid Kerry would come out and saw them talking about Chuxue.

“What’s going on?” Kerry heard the noise and came out from inside the room.

When Chuxue saw her father coming out, she hurriedly pushed Zhao away and walked out by herself.

“What happened?” Kerry asked.

Kerry’s face darkened, causing Chuxue, who had been about to step forward, to take a few steps back.

“What have you done?” Kerry stared at Chuxue.

“Nothing … I just….” Chuxue stammered.

Zhao felt very useless hiding in the crowd, so he stepped forward and calmly said, ” She didn’t do anything wrong.”

Chuxue gave him a cold stare. She could hide her relationship with him by lying to her father, but she didn’t expect him to come out suddenly.

“So it was you who did something wrong?” Kerry sneered.

Zhao held his head up, looking fearless, but didn’t dare to speak again.

Kerry glanced at Chuxue and turned to Yuqi Mu.

“You tell me what happened between them.” said Kerry coldly.

Yuqi took a step back apprehensively. He knew that it was not possible for him not to say anything, but if he did, Chuxue and Zhao might cut off their relationship with him.

“Tell me quickly. I don’t have the patience to wait that long.” Kerry narrowed his eyes.

Yuqi smiled awkwardly, “Uncle, I ……”

“Say it quickly!” Kerry stared at him.

“I can just say their relationship is what you think it is.” Yuqi said nervously. He looked up and glanced at Kerry.

“I still have things to do, I’ll go first.” He hurriedly said, then left quickly.

“Explain it.” Kerry said loudly to Chuxue.

“Dad, I ….” Chuxue’s face immediately changed.

Kerry stared at her, wanting to hear exactly how she was going to explain.

“I ……” Chuxue thought for a while, but couldn’t think of a reason. She looked at Zhao, so Zhao immediately stepped forward.

“We love each other, so we want to be together.” said Zhao.

Chuxue originally wanted Zhao’s help, but didn’t expect the more he helped the more trouble things became.

Venus, who had just come down the stairs, happened to hear his words in shock. She ran down from the stairs and stood next to Kerry.

Then she pointed at Zhao and said angrily, “I don’t approve of you and my daughter being together. You can’t take my daughter away.”

Zhao was just about to explain. Chuxue suddenly shouted. “Mom, you just leave my business alone.”

At once, the people around talked about Chuxue being in a relationship with two men at the same time.

Hearing the people next to him talking, Kerry became even more furious. He slapped Chuxue in the face. “I have warned you not to get involved with him anymore.”

Chuxue covered her face in disbelief. “You …… you slap me!”

Kerry loved his daughter very much. He had never slapped her before.

Without waiting for Kerry to say anything, Chuxue ran out of the party.

Kerry stared blankly at his hand. For a moment, he didn’t even react to what he had just done.

After Chuxue ran out, she dried her tears and ran straight towards the main road.

“Chuxue!” Zhao followed closely behind her.

Hearing Zhao’s voice, Chuxue stood in the middle of the road and turned back. There were many cars on the road. Suddenly, a fast-moving truck was coming head-on. She didn’t have time to dodge and was knocked straight into the ground.

Venus, who followed her out, was wide-eyed. She only saw Chuxue falling in a pool of blood.

Zhao called Chuxue’s name over and over again, but eventually did not see her open her eyes. How he wished she would wake up and say, “I wasn’t hit by a car. I faked my fainting.”

Kerry stared at his hand that he had just slapped Chuxue with.

If his daughter had died in a car accident, he would never forgive himself in his life.

They all stood quietly, and no one argued. All they could hope for was that Chuxue would wake up soon.

Zhao kept leaning against the wall. He thought about many things from when he first met Chuxue to just now when she admitted that she liked him.

“Why did Chuxue just admit that she likes me and everything turned out to be like this now?” Zhao thought bitterly.

Earlier he had sympathized with Jingyan Ye and Yiyao Duan, while he only laughed bitterly now. “Do people who love each other have to go through bad things to achieve happiness?” he thought.

Kerry was waiting outside the door with Venus in her arms. Jingyan received the news and hurried over from Yiyao’s ward.

He saw that his parents were depressed and Zhao was also heartbroken. He didn’t ask them what Chuxue had happened, but stood at the door.

The door to the emergency room was opened. They all gathered around. Chuxue was lying in a hospital bed, bloodless.

Zhao hurriedly took a few steps forward, but was stopped outside by Kerry.

“Doctor, how is she?” Zhao asked the doctor who hadn’t left yet.

The attending surgeon looked fatigued. There were always many major surgeries recently. He had worked dozens of hours.

“The patient is out of danger. We won’t know her condition until she wakes up.” said he, rubbing his forehead and heading for his office.

Zhao finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In the ward, Chuxue was still unconscious. Venus sat at the bedside and called for her several times, but Chuxue didn’t wake up.

Kerry kept standing in the ward. He seemed to be tireless and could not feel that his legs were numb.

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