When Yvette left, Yan Li was silent. She didn’t know if it was right or wrong to let her daughter go this way.

But if Yvette is allowed to see more cruelty, then she will become more and more indifferent because there is blood in her hands, then she may be so cold that she is more and more distant from Chuck Cannon.

So this is the best way to separate from Chuck Cannon, because two people who cannot be together, why bother to be together again?

“Daughter, be up for it!” Yan Li said.

With too much blood in her hands, then one day Karen Lee can definitely be killed!!

“Go, let’s go back.” Yan Li said.

They walked out of the ruins, and when they reached the side of the road, Yan Li suddenly saw a car passing by.

It was Chuck Cannon who was driving.

Yan Li’s eyes immediately cooled down.

“Um, you seem to be very angry.” Her bodyguard was a little strange.

How to say? She has followed Yan Li for too long and feels that her personality has changed a little since the last time the anaesthesia was planted, and she seems to be more irritable.

One day she actually saw Yan Li crying in the toilet as if thinking of something that particularly annoyed her.

It was…

“No, why would I be angry?” Yan Li scolded.

But Chuck Cannon suddenly passed by, reminding her of Chuck Cannon’s seeing her body. Although it was not intentional, Yan Li couldn’t help being angry!

After all, she has been guarding her body like a jade. For so many years, Yvette’s father has been dead for so long, and she hasn’t done anything extraordinary.

This was something that existed in her bones, but it was accidentally broken by Chuck Cannon.

Her bodyguard was stunned. Isn’t she angry?

This seems to be going to kill people!

“Did he do something?” The bodyguard couldn’t help asking, too curious. Yan Li used to be very arrogant and seldom got angry at all because she looked down on many people. Can those people who look down on be worthy of making her angry?

“No, let’s go.” Yan Li scolded, this bodyguard can only nod her head, which is strange!

Yan Li stared at Chuck Cannon who was going away, getting colder and colder. If my daughter knew about that, I would kill you myself! …

Zelda Maine was very anxious. She was speechless. Her mother kept calling and said she wanted to come directly, but Chuck Cannon was missing and never showed up. Fortunately, Zelda Maine mustered up the courage to call Chuck Cannon. , And it’s connected.

“Sister Zelda.” Chuck Cannon drove over in the parking lot of the square.

He decided to go up and look at Yolanda and ask her what was going on in the land, a few minutes later.

“En.” Zelda Maine was delighted and relieved. It has been a long time since she saw Chuck Cannon. This time, there is no change, but Zelda Maine is at ease.

Chuck Cannon got out of the car and told Zelda Maine to go up and take a look, Zelda Maine agreed.

Chuck Cannon went upstairs, and she was also happy to see him, after all, Chuck Cannon hasn’t appeared recently!

Chuck Cannon asked about the situation and was very satisfied. Yolanda’s work efficiency is very good. The construction of that piece of land has started, and the progress is fast.

“I may have come very rarely recently, you watch and deal with it,” Chuck Cannon said about this. After helping Zelda Maine this time, Chuck Cannon would ask Logan to train him as the devil!

“Okay, are you okay?” Yolanda cared.

“I’m okay,” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly. Today, Yolanda was very beautiful. Wearing professional clothes, she outlines a perfect figure. Chuck have to say that Yolanda, who has been in the workplace for a few months, already has the temperament of a strong woman. People have the desire to conquer.

“I’m leaving, is something wrong,”

“it is good.”

Chuck Cannon came out and thought it was seductive. I don’t know what kind of boyfriend Yolanda would look for. After all, she is so good!

“Chuck Cannon,” Chuck Cannon heard someone calling himself as soon as he came out. Chuck Cannon saw that it was Lara.

Lara was pleasantly surprised. Chuck Cannon has been missing for ten days. She missed Chuck Cannon.

Lara ran over and hugged Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, “What are you doing?”

This is a kind of torture, not to mention other things. Lara wore denim shorts today. These perfect legs were exposed, with sexy suspenders on them, and Chuck Cannon would collapse when she hugged him.

Chuck Cannon pushed her away.

Lara was a bit wronged, it’s been a long time since she saw him, so can’t she hug it!

“Chuck Cannon, why don’t you go to school these days, your classmates say you won’t study anymore,”

Chuck Cannon was thinking, how would he study in this situation? He said, “Well, I won’t study for now,”

“Why?” Lara was particularly anxious. She was the least willing to hear Chuck Cannon’s words. What if he didn’t study?


“Because you are annoying,” Chuck Cannon joked.

Lara’s eyes were red, pitifully, “I’m not annoying, then I won’t speak anymore, can you come to school?”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Okay, let me think about it.”

Lara breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I will wait for you and I won’t bother you anymore.”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and went downstairs. Lara was wronged to the extreme. When did she bother him?

Lara sighed.

Chuck Cannon went downstairs and didn’t plan to drive. He got into Zelda Maine’s car. Zelda Maine didn’t dress sexy at all today. After all, she was going back to see her parents!

Must be conservative. Zelda Maine was a little disappointed at Chuck Cannon. She was a little surprised, “Chuck Cannon, what are you looking at?”

“It’s nothing, sister Zelda, you can drive.” Chuck Cannon leaned back.

Zelda Maine unfastened the seat belt and leaned over to kiss Chuck Cannon, but Chuck Cannon was stunned.

“Don’t think too much, thank you for helping me,” Zelda Maine said.

How can this keep Chuck Cannon from thinking? “Sister Zelda, my wife had…”

“I know, but I should have someplace in your heart, right?”

Chuck Cannon felt that it was true. After all, Zelda Maine gave it to him for the first time. How could this be forgotten?

“So, what do you want to see? Am I not wearing the right clothes?” Zelda Maine asked.

Chuck Cannon is more embarrassed. Zelda Maine has a good figure. In addition, she is usually sexy, and her figure is not stingy at all. Especially when she is exercising and running, she wears yoga pants, which is really indescribable. , Very straight, perfect to the extreme.

“Tell me, I will dress according to you,” Zelda Maine mustered up the courage. She was originally bolder and her personality was like this, otherwise, she wouldn’t give Chuck Cannon what to do in the car.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, “Farewell, Sister Zelda, please drive, I am afraid of you.”

Zelda Maine smiled slightly, “What are you afraid of? Is there anything you haven’t seen?”

Chuck Cannon coughed, and he didn’t speak at all. Zelda Maine smiled slightly, thinking that she was molesting Chuck Cannon?

Kind of cute!

Zelda Maine drove, Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief and went to sleep with his eyes closed, but Zelda Maine said, “You and I are the only ones in the car. You can do what you want, as long as it doesn’t delay my driving, because I have to guarantee your security.”

“Sister Zelda, don’t say anything,” Chuck Cannon collapsed, understanding what Zelda Maine meant.

After ten days of absence, Zelda Maine is even bolder.

Zelda Maine smiled, and Chuck Cannon did nothing while driving. Zelda Maine was a little bit disappointed, but fortunately, at least he kept looking at her. He was restraining, indicating that she was attractive to him, just because of Yvette he was restrained for reasons.

“Here.” Zelda Maine drove Chuck Cannon to a hotel. This is her father’s company. Some of the recent receptions were held in this hotel. As a daughter, she would definitely join in.

Chuck Cannon got out of the car. The inside of the car was really “uncomfortable”. Fortunately, Yvette is now a little open and can meet Chuck Cannon’s requirements, otherwise Chuck Cannon… After all, Zelda Maine is also a superb beauty.

Zelda Maine is calling and asking.

Chuck Cannon looked at the door of the hotel, suddenly a Maybach drove over, a luxurious car compared all the cars in the hotel parking lot. The driver was a beautiful woman, and Chuck Cannon actually knew her.

This is Du Xinye’s sister, Du Peixin!

She also came to the reception? But there is a handsome man next to him, is this her boyfriend?

Du Peixin did not see Chuck Cannon, but the man next to her did. He hit the car window and threw out a stack of money. “Let your woman move the parking space!”

You actually drove a small BMW, and the car with 700,000 to 800,000 yuan came over? Don’t you feel ashamed?

The man sneered, Chuck Cannon was dumbfounded, what’s the situation?

At this time, Du Peixin saw Chuck Cannon, and she was also stunned.

The man opened the door and pointed at Chuck Cannon, “Do you hear me, garbage trucks like yours park a little farther, here are cars worth more than five million parked here, don’t you feel inferior? If you bump into it, you will lose. Are you up?”

The man sneered, this man has no eyesight!

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