Chapter 404: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 404 The Truth in the Dessert Shop

Only in this way would he feel that he was punished, and only by doing this could Chuxue forgive him. He didn’t want Chuxue to feel sad when she woke up.

Venus knew what he was thinking about, if wasn’t for the slap, everything would be different.

Thinking like this, Venus gently held his hand and comforted, “It’s not your fault. Nobody expects to see this.”

Kerry forced a smile and kept staring at Chuxue.

The anesthetic should have lost its effects, why didn’t Chuexue wake up? After waiting for a while, Venus found that Chuxue was still in the coma.

“What happened?” Venus said in a tremble voice, what if Chuxue kept acting like this? She couldn’t accept that!

Jingyan was standing in the ward, seeing that Venus became anxious, he comforted, “Calm down, I’ll ask the doctor now.” Then he ran out before Venus answered him. However, he met Zhao in the corridor. He just stopped and frowned, “Why are you here?”

“Is Chuxue okay?” Zhao didn’t dare to go forward for he was afraid of hearing bad news. He just stared at Jingyan sincerely.

Jingyan looked at Zhao and said, “She is fine.”

Hearing this, Zhao felt relined, however, when glancing into the ward, he saw no one.

“You’d better go back first.” Jingyan sighed, he had just experienced such things, of course he understood Zhao’s feelings.

However, since Venus and Kerry were in the ward, Zhao couldn’t enter the ward or they would definitely quarrel.

Zhao shook his head with a bitter smile, “Well, that’s my fate.”

“I want you to do me a favor, please.”

Jingyan frowned and asked, “What is it?”

“I hope you can call me once Chuxue wakes up.” Then he stopped, Jingyan knew what he was going to say and nodded, “Just go back first, I will inform you if anything happens!”

After hesitating for a while, Zhao only replied, “Thank you!” Then he looked at the ward and turned to leave. This was the fate, if Chuxue really lost her memory, then there was no chance for them to be together. If Chuxue could stand before him again, this was also their fate!


After returning to his apartment, Zhao felt depressed. He had a horrible feeling for the door was slightly opened, then he peeped through the door.

The man in it had a beer belly and the woman was dressed finely. They were exactly his father and Luoxue. So he pushed the door and asked, “Why are you here?”

Seeing that Zhao looked anxious, Hao felt a bit angry and yelled, “Come in right now!”

“Of course I’ll come in, but you’d better leave here.” Hearing this, Hao was even more furious and said, “How dare you to drive us away?”

“I’m just telling the truth!” Zhao took off his shoes and continued, “This is my house, you have no right to come in without my permission.”

“Your house?”

Hao sneered, “It’s my property.”

Hearing this, Zhao said nothing, he just put on the shoes again and prepared to leave. Just at this moment, Hao grabbed his wrist and said, “Where are you going?”

“This is your property, I’ll leave here.”

Then he stared at Hao and wanted to shake off his hand, however, he didn’t expect Hao to be so powerful that he couldn’t get rid of his hand.

“What do you want?” Zhao said impatiently. He had suppressed his anger since he saw Hao, and now he couldn’t bear it anymore.

If wasn’t for Hao, Venus and Kerry wouldn’t ban him to see Chuxue. He had lost his patience!

“I think you have failed in the trap set by Chuxue. Luoxue is also a good girl, why don’t you like her?”

Zhao turned back and said coldly, “Ridiculous! Then just tell me why do you like Venus?”

“You ……” Hao pointed at Zhao’s nose but he couldn’t rebut him. Finally he could only put down his hands.

“You are still young, when you get older, you will know that your love toward that woman will finally fade away. Only the one who loves you deeply can accompany you the whole life.”

Hearing this, Zhao sneered, “That’s because you can’t get what you want. If there’s a choice, everyone will choose the one that he likes.”

Hao turned to look at Luoxue and felt somewhat helpless.

To be honest, he didn’t want to interfere Zhao’s choice. He even supported him for there was no chance between he and Venus. If Zhao could marry Chuxue, then they would at least had some relations.

Compared to himself, he envied Zhao very much.

His son was similar to himself except the quality of plainness. However, he was not that smart due to his mother. However, even if he was not smart, he could has his lover which was really a wonderful thing.

Hao envied this very much.

Seeing that Hao had lost his thought. Zhao quickly got rid of his control and yelled, “What happened to you?”

Actually, he concerned Hao, he could get rid of his hands, however, he didn’t do that for Hao looked very tired now.

Hao pushed away his hand and said, “Well, just stop talking this, Luoxue cares you so much these days, and she is about to go back to Canada, can’t you just accompany her for a while?”

Zhao glanced at the woman in the living room, then the woman quickly sat straight and behaved perfectly. Then Zhao sneered, “Why do you trust her? I think she is a prostitute, do you believe me?”

“You ……”

Hao raised his hand, then Zhao raised his head as well and then said, “What? Do you want to hit me? Just do it!”

“Humph!” Hao put down his hand indignantly, “I know you don’t like her, but you can’t insult her.”

“You don’t know well about her, so how do you know I’m lying?” Zhao pouted and answered in a disdainful manner.

“You ……”

Hao was speechless, he wanted to say more but was stopped by Zhao, “Well, just stop speaking for her. She is a famous woman among those playboys.”

“What do you mean?”


Zhao laughed mockingly, “She is good at flirting with those playboys. She is really thick-skinned.”

“Dad, how dare you to introduce her to me? Don’t you afraid that your grandson will be others’ child?”

“Stop kidding!” Hearing this, Hao immediately became serious and looked at Zhao in confusion.

“I’m just telling the truth, you can just investigate yourself.”

Then Hao turned to look at Luoxue who was sitting on the sofa casually, after sensing their gaze, she quickly sat straight and acted kindly.

“Do you believe it now?” Zhao said disdainfully, this kind of people could only make him feel disgusted. How could he be with her?

“Maybe she is just different from others, you may like her after you get to know her more.”

In fact, Hao was convinced by Zhao’s words. He couldn’t persuade himself, not to mention his son who was such a shrewd man.

“Dad, I thought that you like pure and innocent women, now it seems that you prefer such slut. Just stay with her if you want.” After saying this, Zhao waved his hands and said, “Enjoy your time, I’ll go first!”

“You ……” Hao wanted to chase him, but just as he went out, the elevator closed, he could only turned back to the apartment.

“Uncle, what happened?”

Seeing that Hao looked depressed, Luoxue quickly stood up and pretended to be kind.

“Nothing!” Hao felt weird when she touched him. However, he was an experienced man and quickly calmed down, then he said, “It’s fine, you know Zhao is stubborn, What about you go home first? I’ll persuade him.”

“This ……” Luoxue hesitated for a while and asked, “Where did he go?”

“I don’t know either, he won’t tell me. Just go back, I’ll inform you as soon as I get his news.”

Hearing this, Luoxue felt a bit strange, she thought that Hao became indifferent.

“Then …… okay, I’ll wait for your call!”

As soon as she let go of his hand, Hao felt relieved, however, when she walked at the door, she turned back to look at him, which made him feel disgusted. He didn’t like such a slot!


After leaving the apartment, Zhao didn’t know where to go, he randomly walked into Chuxue’s dessert store, which was decorated as usual. He had come here several times secretly before, sitting in corner and staring at Chuxue.

Now, he finally dared to sit in the middle, but Chuxue was not there.

“Sir, may I ask …… Huh? It’s you.” The waiter felt surprised when seeing Zhao.

“Another cup of Blue Mountain coffee?”

Hearing this, Zhao was stunned. Did he come so frequent that even the waiter remembered his preferences?

The waiter smiled at him mysteriously and turned to prepare the coffee. Soon the coffee was served.

Zhao was dumbfounded and he knew nothing. He drank the coffee in front of the waiter and felt something was wrong. Then he asked, “Excuse me, I would like to ask ……”

“I know you want to know that why the taste is different.”

“Yes ……” Zhao felt even more confused, why did she know his thought? Could she be a mind reader?

The waiter knew his thought and said with a smile, “Because people who make this coffee is different.”

“What!” Zhao felt shock, although the shop was popular, except Chuxue there was only one waiter. Could it be that ……

Zhao felt nervous, if he was right, then the one who made coffee for him before was Chuexue!

Thinking like this, he was really very excited, however, after a while he calmed down.

This shop had so many customers, except the waiter, Chuxue was the only helper, maybe she just made it by hand and didn’t know him at all.

“Really?” Zhao smiled bitterly, “Your shopkeeper is really diligent, she must love this shop a lot.”

“No!” The waiter was a bit strange and continued, “She only did this for you.”

“What do you mean?” Zhao suddenly raised his head and asked in surprise.

“You must like Chuxue!”

The waiter smiled happily, which made Zhao a bit embarrassed, he lowered his head, nodded slightly and asked, “How do you know?”

“It’s so obvious, only she……” Then the waiter stopped deliberately, Zhao was very anxious and asked, “Only what?”

Seeing that he was anxious, the waiter smile playfully, “I think that Chuxue likes you too, but she just doesn’t aware of this. Every time she sees you, her eyes shine. Although she pretends to hate you, she makes coffee for you every time.”

“What did you say?” Zhao was confused, he was very cautious every time he entered the shop, and was nervous when noticing that she was walking toward his direction, however she never stopped beside him.

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