Chapter 405 – 406: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 405: The Tactic of the Magic Weapons

Most of the Superior Spiritual Stones were spent on purchasing medical materials, with the rest of them exchanged for money.

Kris Chen came out of the Seven-treasures House and then left without leaving a figure.

Shopkeeper Wang sighed with emotion. He had thought Kris would continue dumping magic pills, but the reality was far from his thought.

But he was still content with this. After all, it was a deal that has made up seventy percent of his annual selling goal. He could definitely overfill his quota this year!

He has already been in the position of a shopkeeper for five years in the Wuwei City, and within this year, he bet to get a promotion soon.

Thinking of this, he rushed to take out a piece of Voice Passing Paper charm (a sort of spells written on paper to pass voice) to let the colleagues in the headquarter in Yaoguang Mansion to deliver goods to him.

After getting out of the Seven-treasures House, Kris didn’t go to check in an inn; instead, he headed directly to an Intermediary Agent to rent a set of secluded residence.

He managed to rent the residence for half a year with ten Medium Spiritual Stones.

Although the price of the residence was a little high, he didn’t care at all.

The house was not very big, but it was quiet, and the courtyard was full of seasonal flowers.

Prior to Kris, there had lived a scholar. Because of his success in the Civil Service Election, he had been promoted to be a candidate in the imperial working the Yaoguang Mansion.

Kris glimpsed around with Divine Spiritual Power, only to find nothing unusual.

Inside the room, he put the stack of Storing Rings from the Ironhead onto the table.

There were hundreds of Storaging Rings on the table, which could be exchanged for a big fortune.

Next came the most exciting process for Kris.

He took one of the Storing Rings, noticing its Spiritual Imprint almost vanished.

It was clear that the owner of the ring had died already!

But the ring was somewhat anew, it could be judged that the owner just died.

There was not much space inside, with only some broken pieces of Stone and just some weapons and clothes.

What a poor guy!

He then picked up another ring which was better than the previous one. Inside the ring, there were hundreds of the Medium Spiritual Stones, some Elementary Practicing Method Books, as well as a little medical powder!

He kept opening dozens of the rings, only to harvest some Primary and Medium Spiritual Stones and the Elementary Practicing Method Books.

In fact, those who went to Shiwan Mountain for hunting were less than rich men. They were all struggle for a living by disregarding their own lives!

From the thrill to the dullness, Kris glared around by letting out his Divine Spiritual Power.

Suddenly, in one of the rings, he found two books called ” the Tactic of the Magic Weapons “. When he took them out, he found that they were the first and the second volumes, but the last volume was missing.

Shit! Why did he get the incomplete Practicing Method Books recently?

When picking up the two books, he was energized to find they were the Books of Tactics.

No. More precisely, it was a book about the Books of Holy Tactics!

The first volume was about how to arrange the Tactics, the middle to refine the weapons. Looked at the content, the last volume was the most important, it should be about how to engraved the Tactic Patterns into the magic weapons to enhance their power!

Kris was astonished to find the Tactics could be carved into the weapons.

That was kind of refreshing.

He couldn’t wait to open the books. One hour later, he finished reading them.

In his present Stage, he was absolutely unforgettable, and has imprinted two books in his mind with the help of the Divine Spiritual Power.

In the Mud Pill Palace, the little Divine Spiritual Power kept mumbling mysterious phrases while he was shining his blinking eyes, as if the birth and death of the universe were contained in it.

Kris was overwhelmed by a sense of magic feeling, and he quickly understood what he had read before.

He was wholly immersed in a sense of mystery!

It was wonderfully terrific!

When he came to his consciousness, it was already dark.

What a figure this Divine Power was! He could even analyze and understand only by himself, which was quite interesting.

He was just like an intelligent computer that could compute automatically.

He was the extraordinary exception in the universe who could learn what others might learn in a month!

The first volume recorded hundreds of Tactics, from simple to sophisticated and from defense to attack, serving very useful!

The second volume mainly recorded the life of the author of this book called Zhenqi Wu, who was a genius in Tactics and refining weapons.

He had been addicted to Tactics in the first hundred years, while he had shifted his interest to refining weapons in the following hundred years Then, he had come out of a shocking idea—why not combine the Tactics and Refining Weapons.

Then he had been considered a heresy, for people had thought it impossible to achieve!

Bearing a completely different idea, he had resolutely left his Sect. He had been touring around, and finally found his lifelong interest when he had found himself soon to die.

Feeling himself soon to die, he had recorded what he had learned, containing plenty of understandings on the Refining Weapons and Tactics.

Kris was indulged in reading the books. Nothing else could distract him from learning new knowledge!

He was just like a sponge absorbing the knowledge in the books tirelessly.

He looked at the ring carefully at every nook and cranny, but he couldn’t find the last volume.

Even though, Kris was still content and couldn’t be happier.

It was enough to learn the lifelong lessons of the Master of Tactics and weapon refining!

With these two books stored in his ring, Kris continued his search for something useful!

Half an hour later, Kris finished searching.

This time he harvested a total of over tens of thousands of Inferior Spiritual Stones, thirty thousand Medium Spiritual Stones, eight thousand Superior Spiritual Stones, some precious wares, some medicinal herbs, three hundred books of the human practicing methods, eighty hundred local practicing methods, as well as three books of the heavenly level.

Besides, there were tens of thousands of Beasts with Intelligence, three thousand Beasts with Greater Intelligence, as well as some beast fur and bones!

The biggest harvest were the two books called the Tactics of the Magic Weapons.

He took out a few pieces of Inferior Spiritual Stones, trying to carve inside them with Tactic Patterns. It was the most basic, but also the most difficult!

Only when the Tactic Patterns were successfully tattooed on the Stones, could the Tactic be set then.

Thirty lines of Tactic Patterns were needed in the Elementary Tactic, one hundred and twenty the middle class, and three hundred and sixty the first class.

On top of these Tactics, there was even holy Tactic, needing tens of thousands of Tactic Patterns.

For Zhenqi’s Sect, their main Tactic belonged to the holy level, containing three thousand and six hundred Tactic Patterns in it, with both defense and attack at the same tune, which was even hard for the God of Plague to break through.

Three thousand six hundred lines of Tactic Patterns were really fascinating!

This kind of sophisticated Tactics was a fantasy for Kris. He was just a green hand in this field and there was still a long way to go to achieve the status of a holy Tactician.

Now that he was standing on the shoulder of a giant, he could probably succeed one day!

One line of Tactic Patterns, two lines and three…

Was that easy?

Kris was in great ecstasy, but before he could have insisted for three seconds, the Spiritual Stone in his hand began to burn like fire as if it were going to explode inside.

Without consideration, he threw it away onto the courtyard.


The Inferior Spiritual Stone exploded all of a sudden, just like a grenade blowing all the plants in the ground into pieces.

Fuck! How shrilling it was!

He had just made a slight mistake to draw on the wrong place and it exploded?

Kris gulped in astonishment, and thought to himself, “It’s now reasonable why Tacticians are far less but enjoy higher fame than Pharmacists and Weapon Refiners. Because it’s too dangerous for them to upgrade from an apprentice to an Elementary Tactician.”

Kris himself was the one mainly to blame, because he hadn’t known those apprentices began to draw an Tactic Patterns on something like wooden plates.

They were nothing like him who began to draw a Patterns on an Inferior Spiritual Stone!

“Stop being distracted this time,” Kris thought to himself.

Again, he took out an Inferior Stone.

This time, he performed seriously and drew intensively on the Stone.

His extraordinary Divine Spiritual Power soon left streaks in the Inferior Stone easily.

Three minutes later, inside the first Stone was successfully engraved with thirty-six lines of Tactic Patterns.

The Stone glared dazzling brilliance at the last line of Tactic Patterns carved inside.

Didn’t be afraid. It wouldn’t explode this time!

He managed to do that even though the Tactic Patterns were twisted in there!

He was so excited that he almost jumped up.

Taking a deep breath and suppressing his inner excitement, he began to reflect on what he had done imperfectly in drawing the Patterns.

With the first success, he began to do it again on a new Stone. But unluckily, he failed again!

Finally, he succeeded in drawing thirty-six Patterns inside ten Stones after a tenth explosion.

This successively engraved Spiritual Stone, serving as the foundation of Tactics, was located in a certain place.

Then, another ten Spiritual Stones began to ignite. A simple Sheltering Tactic was therefore arranged.

This time, no one outside the room would hear even it exploded again inside the room!

To prove he had succeeded, he deliberately drew wrong this time, but he had quickly withdrawn outside the room two seconds before it began to explode.


The explosion was enormously stunning inside, but no one outside the room heard!

“I’ve made it! I’m a fucking genius!”

Kris exclaimed as he burst out laughing!

Chapter 406: Kill the demon

At the same time, Yaoguang Mansion, inside the government office!

The official of Ministry of People’s Livelihood wrote that Wuwei city should not be without its owner for a day. He hoped that the Lord Prefect could send a new City Lord to take charge of the overall situation.

Several days ago, the Adviser was still delaying the report, but these days, many other ministries expressed the same concern.

The Adviser couldn’t take the pressure any more. He came to the study in a hurry, but he didn’t go in!

Because he heard that the Lord Prefect and his mistress were making out inside. He stepped back three steps, waiting for the sound to stop and wait for half a quarter before he finally knocked on the door.

After a while, a majestic voice came from inside, “Come in!”

When he pushed the door, he saw Jin Xue sitting at the desk with his clothes half untied. Behind him stood a beautiful young woman with a rosy face. She was helping him massage his shoulders.

Jin kept his eyes closed and said, “What’s the matter?”

“Your honor, the Ministry of People’s Livelihood, the Ministry of Morality, and the Ministry of Criminal Law have all reported. Please have a look!”

The Adviser took a memorial from his sleeve and put it respectfully in front of Lord Prefect’s desk.

Jin opened his eyes, and the beautiful young woman in the back left, swinging her hips.

He picked up the memorial, looked at it in a hurry, and then sneered, “Well, they can’t wait any longer?”

“My Lord, they are waiting outside at the moment!”

The Adviser knelt on the ground, and his body trembled. As Jin’s Adviser, he was sure at Jin’s side, but he knew exactly what was hidden in Jin’s elegant appearance.

He is Jin’s Adviser yes, but everyone knew that in Yaoguang Mansion, the most dangerous thing is not being a member of the Ministry of Demon Hunting, but being the Adviser of Jin!

Having been in charge of Yaoguang Mansion for ten years, Jin had changed dozens of Advisers, with him being the 100th one!

If they were only dismissed, it would be fine, but those Advisers who were replaced were either killed with sticks, or were put to death by Jin for being charged with an unwarranted crime.

The people of the best case was driven crazy.

Every day, he reminded himself not to make Jin angry.

“Why are you so afraid? Will I eat you?”

A trace of inexplicable red light flashed through Jin’s eyes.

“No… no, I just feel that I’m useless and can’t share the burden with you!”

The Adviser knelt on the ground and tried to make his voice sound calm.

“You are very clever.”

Jin laughed, tied up his clothes, and put on a blue robe, and then went out.

After Jin left, the Adviser’s whole body was soaked with sweat, and he looked as if he was dragged out of the water.


In the side hall. Generally all the important matters would be discussed in the main hall, and little things were in the side hall.

At this time, the Ministers of the four major Ministries, namely, the Ministry of People’s Livelihood, the Ministry of Demon Hunting, the Ministry of Criminal Law and the Ministry of Morality, all sat down there, waiting for Jin to come.

Usually the four Ministers were in peace and each performed his or her own duties.

Now that the city Lord of Wuwei City was dead, everyone of them was excited, wasn’t he?

Although Wuwei city was remote, there were a lot of Demon Pills and Divine Herbs.

Why was there annual subsidy but the tax was never enough?

They knew it clearly in their hearts that all the money went into Jin’s pocket!

“I’ve kept you waiting for so long, pardon me.”

Jin came in, arched his hands to them, and then sat down in the head chair.

Jin seemed to be the biggest official of Yaoguang Mansion. However, in fact, the four Ministers were not afraid of him and even split and weakened his power.

Although he had the right to mobilize them, there’s nothing he could do if they refused to listen to him.

“Lord Prefect!”

The four stood up and worshiped Jin.


The four Ministers sat down. Jin then stroked his beautiful beard, “I saw the reports from you. Do you have anyone in mind?”

“My Lord, we Ministry of Criminal Law can take on this responsibility.”

It was Gongpu Li, Minister of Criminal Law who was speaking. Hearing his words, the rest three showed disdain in the eyes.

Shameless, who didn’t know that Officer Li was his brother?

“Mr. Li, that’s not true.”

The Minister of Morality Zhidao Zhou stood out and said, “My principle can take on this ability. He’s talented in both intelligent and Marital Arts and became a Practioner of early Pill Formation Stage at the age of Thirty. I am sure he would lead the citizens of Wuwei City to survive this Beast Tide safely and soundly!

Oh crap! This man was even more shameless!

There were nine principles in the Ministry of Morality, among which eight of them were his adoptive sons. The one of Pill Formation was his own son, Lue Zhou!

“I say, the City Lord of Wuwei City, should be one of us Ministry of Demon Hunting!”

Tian Xiong, Minister of Demon Hunting, said, “We have been hunting demons all year round, and we know the habits of these animals. Wuwei city is now facing a Beast Tide, so the leader should be one of us!”

“And my Lord, I, Jiang Qi, think we Ministry of Demon Hunting can do a great job!”

The Minister of People’s Livelihood was without an ability. His right was way smaller than that of the other three, so he directly said, “Please give us a chance!”

He had no choice. He was the Minister with the least sense of existence in the government.

Looking at the four people below, Jin stroked his beard and his eyes twinkled. Obviously he was thinking.

As a matter of fact, smart people all knew that he should choose the Ministry of Demon Hunting. But to everyone’s surprise, Jin gave the position to the Ministry of People’s Livelihood.

When the Minister of People’s Livelihood, Ming Ying heard this, he was overjoyed.

“Thank you, Lord Prefect!”

In fact, he didn’t hold any hope for this. He just came to make an appearance this time.

Because the four Ministries in the government were bond together. They would prosper and die together.

Gongpu and Zhidao both looked at Jin in disbelief, but only Tian Xiong’s eyes flickered.

“My Lord, what is this?”

Gongpu was the first to stand out and said, “The highest level of the Ministry of People’s Livelihood is of the Fulfilled Period of Back-to-self stage. How can they convince the people of Wuwei city that they could lead them through the Beast Tide?”

Even if Jin chose the Minister of Criminal Law, he would have nothing to say, because except for the Ministry of People’s Livelihood, the other three Ministries were capable of fighting battles.

Even if Officer Li, his younger brother, was a Master of the Middle Period of the Pill Formation Stage!

And he himself was a Master of the Primal Spirit Stage!

“Yes, your honor, please take it back!”

Zhidao also nodded. wasn’t it a joke? Ministry of People’s Livelihood would never be able to protect the Wuwei City!

“What, my words don’t count?”

Jin took a glance at them, and they were suddenly terrified.

“Do I have to ask for your permission before I make decisions?”

“We dare not!”

Gongpu and Zhidao looked at each other and said at the same time.

“Well, so be it. Director Ying, select a proper man as soon as possible, and he shall take office in a short time. At that time, you just need to report me!”

As he was saying, he was about to leave!

But just at the moment, a golden axe flew from below.

Jin’s felt cold in his back, and then he turned his body to the side. The axe flew past him.


The axe made a hole in the wall behind him.

Everyone was surprised!

They were all staring at Tian.

“Are you crazy? That’s the Lord Prefect!”

“Tian, are you crazy?”

“How dare you offend your upper leader! Do you want to rebel? “

The three people scolded.

“Lord Prefect?”

Tian sneered, “I’m afraid you’re wrong. The one sitting over there is no longer the Lord Prefect, but a demon!”



Gongpu scolded, “Did killing demons damage your brain? This is Lord Prefect. How can he be a demon?”

“The whole mansion is covered by array, and there is also a monster-revealing mirror. There is not even a mouse, not to mention a demon!”

Zhidao frowned, “Besides, what demon can hide from our eyes?”

“That’s right!”

Ming also said weakly on the side. It was normal for him to talk like this. He was only of the Fulfilled Period of the Back-to-self Stage, after all!

“I don’t want to explain it to you!”

Tian snorted, “You can hide from others, but don’t think you can hide from me. I’m a demon hunter. I’m very sensitive to the smell of demons. Before this, I could always smell a faint demon aura. I thought it was the smell that got on us when we were hunting.”

“But some strange things happened one after another in the government, which attracted my attention!”

“What strange things?”

Jin said coldly.

“As far as I know, Lord Prefect is never addicted to women, but you have been taking in mistress recently and prostituting in the daytime. The Lord Prefect I used to be familiar with wouldn’t do such things! Can you explain it?”

“Explain? Why should I explain?”

Jin gave him a cold smile, “The sexual relationship between men and women is natural. It’s in line with the rules of human relations. I have no sons or daughters. Isn’t it normal for me to have children in a hurry?”

Yeah, wasn’t that normal?

They all looked at Tian.

“Don’t make a fuss. Now, apologize to the Lord Prefect.”

Gongpu said.

“Apologize my ass. Let me cut off his dog’s head first.”

Tian called out, “Come here, axe!”

Then the golden axe rushed to Jin with the momentum of thunder, and directly chopped at Jin.

“Stop it!”

“Stop it, Tian!”

How could Jing of the Fulfilled Period of Pill Formation Stage resist the attack of Tian of the Middle Period of the Primal Spirit Stage! Because Tian was so quick, it was too late for them to save Jin!

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